View Full Version : Need Help With Diet!!

01-18-2008, 11:41 AM
Here's the deal. I just had shoulder surgery and i'm in recovery mode until at least mid March. At that time I plan on hittling the gym like a mad man. I was starting to get on a real good roll before my injury. My biggest problem is and always has been my nutrition. I'm 322 lbs right now, I want to get down to around 250-260 to start with and see how I look at that point. I do not want to be a toothpick, I'd like to be pretty muscular. I guess what I'm asking is for advice on what to eat when. now problem # 2313 I'm kind of on a budget with my food and especially my supplemnts, so lobster and filet are out..... Any ideas would be appreciated. Just trying to get ready for when I get hit the gym again...........