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01-16-2008, 01:07 PM
I've just switched over to eating six meals a day and tracking everything I consume in a log that I update daily. I'm trying to shock my metabolism and lose about 20 pounds in the process. I started this one week ago. I'm going to post and update my food log on this thread. I will also update my weight loss/gain...if any. I'm always open to advice on my diet and lifting in general. When I started this one week ago I weighed in at 250lbs. This last Monday I weighed in at 241.

I hope that this log helps other people looking to shed some weight by giving you some ideas of what you could be eating.

Here is the food log so far:

Tuesday, January 8

8:15 Meal #1: Bowl of Special K red Berries w/ Soy Milk

11:00 Meal #2: Four egg whites
Two whole eggs scrambled
One Banana
One Grapefruit

1:00 Meal #3: 8oz slice of meatloaf
One serving O? Soy yogurt
Eight raw baby carrots
Can of V-8
Serving of Muscle Milk

6:00 Meal #4: 1 Chicken Breast
Zucchini and summer squash
Potato w/ small amount of sour cream, veggie cheese shred and bacon bits

8:00 Meal #5: 8oz slice of meat loaf
Baby carrots
Small can of v-8
One banana

10:00 Snack: 100 calorie package of Cheetos.

Wednesday, January 9

8:10 Meal #1 Bowl of Special K red Berries w/ soy milk

11:00 Meal #2 Four egg whites
One whole egg scrambled
? cup of Quaker Oats
1 Banana

1:00 Meal #3 6 ounces of tuna fish
Handful of baby carrots
One O? Soy yogurt
Five crackers

2:45 Meal #4 12 ounce Muscle Milk

5:30 Meal #5

Thursday, January 10

#1 Special K w/ soy milk

#2 5 egg white
1 whole egg scrambled

# 3: Hamburger
Roasted Asparagus 10
2 pickles
Banana peppers

#4 1 Banana
8oz cottage cheese (non-fat)
3oz tuna

#5 Cucumbers light dressing

Friday January 11

Meal #1: Special K with Soy Milk

Meal #2: 5 egg whites I whole egg scrambled
1 banana
Veggie cheese sprinkle

Meal#3: Muscle Milk

Meal #4: Steak

Meal #5: Tuna
5 crackers
Soy Yogurt
1 Banana

Snack: Gelato

Saturday, January 12

Meal #1: Special K with soy milk

Meal #2 Quaker Oats
Meal #3 5 egg whites I whole egg
? grapefruit

Snack: Slice of cheese pizza

Meal #4 Steak

5 slices pepperoni pizza
Bleu cheese dressing
Tortilla chips

Sunday, January 13

Meal #1 Special K w/ soy milk

Meal #2 Quaker oats
Soy yogurt

Meal #3 6oz tuna
6 crackers

Meal #4 Meatloaf
Mixed vegetables

Tuesday, January 15

Meal #1 Special K w/ soy milk

Meal #2 4 egg whites I whole egg scrambled
1 banana

Meal #3 Meatloaf
? grapefruit

Meal #4 Muscle Milk
3oz tuna
2 pickles
6 crackers

Meal #5 Tortellini pasta w/ light Italian dressing
Large salad w/ light Italian dressing

Meal #6 ? Sirloin steak

Wednesday, January 16

Meal #1 Special K w/ soy milk

Meal #2 5 egg whites
1 whole egg scrambled
? cup cottage cheese (non-fat)
Glass of soy milk

Meal #3 Steak
Muscle Milk