View Full Version : Seriously! Coconut Shrimp!!

12-28-2007, 10:49 PM
This is my latest keto culinary creation:)

Flaxseed Meal ? 3 tbsp
Egg, beaten ? 1
Jumbo Raw Tail-on Shrimp ? 8 oz
Certified Organic Coconut Shredded ?4 tbsp
Cooking oil?

Mix the flax seed meal with the shredded coconut. Dip each shrimp into egg and then into flax/coconut mix. Drop in hot oil and cook til brown. Enjoy!

Macros might be off, but assuming 3 tbsp of oil is trapped in those yummy treats, and that you get all of the coconut/flax on it, heres what I came up with....

972 cals
90g fats
13g carbs
9g fiber
60g fat