View Full Version : How To Use N-large 2???

09-30-2002, 11:49 AM
ok guys i'm only 16 and i weight only 128 i want to gain weight couse i'm working out very hard so i need someone how to use n-large2 10lb that i just bought. what can i mix it with how many spoons all that when to use it. thX!!!!!

09-30-2002, 10:06 PM
you need to use the search button or read the directions

just incorporate it into your diet... if your skinny and you want more weight; do a good workout 3 or 4 times a week (no more, no less)

then supplement your diet (3 or 4 meals a day) with a Nlarge2 serving once or twice a day... it REALLY depends on how much food you need...

i'd start out with 1.5 servings per day... one serving is 4 scoops mixed with lots of water (just put it in a blender)...

so 1/2 serving would be 2 scoops ;)

just have one full serving at one point; then a half serving later on... do this in between meals...

all info is on the back of the jug... nlarge is good because it has a lot of protein and not too many carbs...

if you decide to mix in milk with it instead of some water; count the calories with the milk too on the milk carton

there's a scooper in the jug; you may have to dig a little to find it; just stick a spoon or knife in there and move it around the top; there's a plastic scooper in there somewhere... i know because i just received a jug from bb.com :)

10-01-2002, 01:47 AM
Great post-workout shake as the sugars will help with the whey protein uptake. Just add 5 grams of both creatine and glutamine aswell and you're set.