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12-19-2007, 11:37 PM
Hi all,

Im currently about 2 weeks into my cut at the moment, as im really trying to get my abs in for when uni starts in february in 2008. I was 185lbs about half way through this year, and i slowly cut some weight with carb restrictions and more exercise. Im currently following this plan, with supps: I will post a picture later tonite as my digital cameras batteries are dead.

Current Weight - 178lbs or 81kg approx
Bodyfat - ?, can sorta see my top 4 abs when i flex them.
Height - 5,10
Age - 22
Sex - Male (incase u were wondering lol)

CLA - 4g per day (1g caplets), taken with meals 1,2,4,5
High Potency Green Tea Extract - 1 tablet a day, which contains: equiv 10g dry leaf, catechins 240mg, EGCG 120mg, caffeine 40mg
Caffeine - 1 cup of regular instant coffee
Creatine - 5g pre-workout, 5g post-workout. (non workout days, 5g taken with breakfast)
L-Carnitine - 1.5g per day (500mg tablets): breakfast (500mg), pre-workout (500mg), post-workout (500mg). (only used the last couple of days as i just ordered it)
MRM Whey Protein: usually about 3 shakes per day, sometimes 2.

I take the green tea extract and coffee at the same time, usually about 1-1.5 hours before workout.

Cardio/Ab spot reduction: (taken from Muscle & Fitness Australia August 2007 issue):
Cardio: MHR 198
30 minutes: 2 mintues (50% MHR), 13 minutes (85% MHR), 13 mintues (60% MHR), 2 mintues (50% MHR).

Ab Spot reduction:
Week 1 - 15 minutes of giant setting, 4 abs exercises, with no breaks. (10 reps)
Week 2 - 20 minutes of giant setting, 5 abs exercises, with no breaks. (12 reps)
Week 3 & 4 - 25 minutes of giant setting, 6 abs excersises, with no breaks. (15 reps)
Week 5 & 6 - 30 mintues of giant setting, 7 abs exervises, with no breaks. (20 reps)

NOTE: Cardio and Abs performed 3 times a week at the end of regular day bodypart workout to maximise fat burn, on a stationary bike. Also i seem to only be able to maintain a 150 approx heatrate at the highest for any periods of time anymore than that and I cant maintain.

Maintenance Calories: 2500 per day approx
Cutting Calories: 2284 per day approx
Each meal : 380 cal approx.
Protein: 200- 240g per day, from protein shakes, chicken breast, steak, tuna.
Carbs: varies, try to change up with a few low carb days, and a few higher ones, depening on what calories allow for. According one of my FLEX mags a 180lbs bodybuilder should consider 180g of carbs as a low-carb day. Carbs mostly from bread, potatoes and some pasta, and some simple carbs from milk sugar.
Fat: only good fats from avocadoes, olive oil during cooking, small amount of saturated fats from steak on the occasion and low fat milk.

How does all this look, i done a fair bit of reading from my brothers magazines and such. Ive been training for almost 2 years properly. Any views, I know my cutting calories is a little less than most but according to FLEX magazine a 10% cut in calories is all that is needed to cut without loosing muscle mass. I wil have to alter calories as i loose weight though. Can anyone critique this or something as i would like to know how this should pan out.

Thanks if you read it all, cheers from Australia.

12-19-2007, 11:49 PM
Hi mate,

Good thing is, you have time on your hands. Uni starts late feb?

Looks pretty good. However, there is no such thing as spot reduction so I would start concentrating on building some lean muscle. I suggest continuing to train heavy, with cardio sessions 8-12 hours before/after your weight training. Follow your diet for a few weeks and if your not seeing any weight loss, drop the cal intake by 200-300 per day.

12-20-2007, 12:00 AM
Ditto on dropping the spot reduction. There has been studies show that it works to some extent, but until I see real hardcore evidence, I would avoid wasting the time.

Try something that will really get the engine revving if you're near a halt. Introducing new stimulus always works. Try something like weight lifting circuits (like Advanced German Body Comp or Thibs Destroy the Fat) or Don Alessi's Melt down. Maybe do a strongman workout. Maybe do some athletic conditioning. I don't know. Something new and high in intensity. I would drop the body part split for a bit if you've been doing it for a while. Again it's to do with new stimulus. Only can do the same thing for so long.

I would personally clean up your carbs a bit. Incorporate more veggies and fruits. They'll help out a ton.

12-20-2007, 03:09 AM
Haha yer, back to uni on February, been on hols since early Decemeber. its a good long break perfect for reaching some goals. gotta love QLD universities.

I just took this photo then, comments welcome so voice those critisisims. I am a ectomorph (the hard gainer type one with fast metab) or I think thats which one it is and i have always been very thin and have worked hard to get some muscle on my frame, I always get ecto and endo mixed up lol. The pic looked fine on my pc but on my folks its a little dark so if it is tell me and ill brighten it up a bit.

I have been working on bringin up my chest as Ive always had tennis ball court pecs, so im working it twice a week heavy to try and give it a boost. I followed the Scivation Tri-Phase Training program this year (it is available at bodybuilding.com, although i cannot seem to find the link anymore as when I downloaded the pdf program it was on the front page.

But now I have moved onto the chest specialisation section, and just supplementing my other body parts depending how i feel they are looking. Sticking to mostly compound movements so my muscles keep working at 100%; so the body should be less inclined to eat muscle tissue during the dieting. However it is designed to be a hypertrophy program and thus im doing a ronnie coleman and doing off season heavy training during a calorie defiecit which is challenging but i havent seemed to have lost much strength if any, however on lower carb days i have noticed ive had to work a little harder to push the same weight.

Also yer I forgot to mention I do eat lots of veges, I beleive most of them arnt really calorie rich so i neglected to mention them. Carb intake is still my difficult area as Im always trying the weigh up, more protein this meal or more carbs n such. The spot reduction thing, I know is very suss but the program is only for 6 weeks and im already 2 into it so I think ill ride it out and see how it goes, atm im pretty happy with it and the burn im getting.

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12-20-2007, 03:59 PM
Great base. Just eat about 300-400 calories below maintenance and add in another 300-400 calories worth of cardio, time your starchy carbs during breakfast, pre, and post workout, hit the weights 3-4 times a week, cardio 5 or so times a week, and you'll get there quickly. It's not magic, it just takes patience and a good diet. :)

12-20-2007, 04:11 PM
why u care about being cut for uni?? dont they wear shirts in qld?? :p
take in the advice given from everyone and youll be fine, 2 months is enough time to see some good results if you stick with it.