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11-01-2005, 02:57 PM
Today I started thinking about a new way to train for cardio.

Skelooth just made a thread about how succesful fat losers usually love weight training. Actually pretty much anybody who starts weight training generally likes it. Usually you cant wait until your next session.

But when it comes to cardio, this isnt true. Generally, the hate of cardio is inversely proportional to the love of weight training. Most people would eat a piece of dog **** if it would get them out of their cardio session. Why is this?

I think the reason is that cardio is thought about and went about in the completely wrong way. Have you ever noticed how long 30 minutes on a treadmill feels so long, but 1 hour of weight lifting flies by?

Today when I got to school I sat down to work on an assignment. The assignment wasn't due for a couple days, but I decided to get a jump start on it. Well, I started working on it, then *poof*, two hours flew by like nothing. I was doing work, but I hardly even noticed the time.
This got me thinking about ****ty jobs ive had where time drags.. I just want my shift to be over so I can go home.

What does this random mumbling have to do with cardio? Well, it points out 2 useful pieces of information:
1) When you are watching the clock, time drags
2) When you focus on completing something, time flies

This is why cardio sucks.
When you do cardio, you say "ok, I will do 30 minutes on the treadmill." So, you run and watch the clock and hate it just wanting it to be over.

So, basically it is a bad idea to base cardio on the time it takes. What you want to do is give yourself a goal and try to complete it.

Now, in weight training you also have goals... right now I really want to squat 315lbs. I look forward to squatting because I know that I am getting closer to this everytime I squat. I dont think "****, I have to waste like 15 minutes today to do squats."

So for example , instead of 'running for 30 minutes', maybe try running 5k
If you run on the treadmill at 6mph, it is about the same thing, but doesnt running 5k sound more appealing? It sounds like you accomplished something.
Now, when you go the gym the next time to run 5k, try to beat your time. This is like lifting more weight. It will motivate you to keep doing it. Try get your 5k down to 28 minutes, then 25, then 20.. Or maybe try a long 10k run, or a short 1000m... Basically, keep track of your times on differant runs the same way you keep track of how much weight you lift on your lifts. If you lift weights, you should already know how much beating your old best times will motivate you.

Just a side note: running is only an example, but if you do choose to use it, try not to use the treadmill. Use a track if you can, or follow a street and use the odometer of your car to measure the distance. This is because you set the speed on a treadmill and then 'wait out' the time, which basically puts you back where you started. If you have use of an indoor track, use it. Get a cheap stop watch (I got one for under $5 at walmart).

Now, the next thing that kills cardio is the lack of variety. Usually someone will use only the bike (or whatever) and do the same time everytime.

To put this in prospective, what if your workout program looked like this:
mon - squats
tue - squats
wed - squats
thur - squats
fri - squats

Like I said, I currently look forward to doing squats. However, if the above was my program, I would come to loathe squats quite quickly. (try saying that 10 times fast)

So variety is good.
Maybe try this as an example:
mon - 5km run (~30 min)
tue - 2km rowing machine (~10 min)
wed - 20 km bike
thur - 10-200m sprints on rowing machine (1 min break between sprints)
fri - 10km run

Of course, make your own schedule, if you only do cardio 3 times a week, adjust accordingly.
Also, you may notice there is long, medium, short and hiit sessions in here too. I figure that they all have their advatages.

So, now, instead of running 30 minutes everyday, you run 5k only one time a week, which gives you lots of time to get pumped up to beat your old time.

On the rowing machine sprints: The concept 2 rowing machines at the gym are a god send. They are great for doing sprints.
On the screen, press the metres button. Set the distance to 200m, then press the rest button and set the time to 1 minute. Then hit the OK button. You are ready to roll.
The best thing is that after you are done all your sprints, you can use the memory button to see the time, measured to .1 of a second, of every sprint. Great for keeping track of your progress.

So, I know I just typed a lot of stuff here, but I think if this helps even one person it will be worth it.
Basically, it is a mental thing. Instead of thinking "damn, I have to do cardio today," you want to think "Im gonna fu*king destroy my 10k time!"

Now go move your ass!

11-01-2005, 08:06 PM
I noticed this also. When im on the tredmill time drags, and thats usually why i hate running, its quite boring. On the other hand weight lifting is much more fun. Knowing that you can get a good pump going, looking huge, and feeling great. I totally ditched running on the tredmil now, I converted to usuing a jump rope. To me its much more exciting and its kinda like weight lifting in a way (thinking about how many you need to complete a set....how fast of a pace to go...etc) I also get winded far more then I did on a tredmill using the jump rope. :D

11-01-2005, 08:09 PM
Good post. And yeah i have noticed that. I started doing HIIT running though a while back, which makes that kinda stuff less noticeable. And what i used to find helpful on the slow cardio days was music. I would grab one of my fav cds and the whole time i was running i would be in awe of Radiohead or Anberlin or whoever, but thats probably just me haha =0

11-01-2005, 08:22 PM
thtas why i like to do some time on various peices of cardio equipment. when i get bored with one, i just head to another. when all else fails, go do some 100m sprints on a track or soccer field or whatever. keeps things exciting.