View Full Version : newbie needs help

09-28-2002, 09:00 PM
Need help nutritionally wise getting to 170lbs.

Right now I am 5 9", barely touching 160lbs, lean with the atheletic look. For the last 5 months I have been doing plenty of cardio to prep for a half marathon in Oct. After that I want to concentrate go back to 170-175lb.

My weight for the last 2 yrs have ranged from 165-180 and to get to that top end I had to eat A LOT!. I have never taken any supplements but slowly want to start trying them. I got tonnes of advice and tips from guys at the gym, buddies and all but its all overwhelming. I am looking for something nice and simple, maybe to blend up in a "shake" in the evenings. Your suggestions plz. Thanks

09-28-2002, 09:37 PM
If you are serious about bulking up you have to have more than a shake bro, Shakes are good and supps are good but the whole food and good old fashoned training is the only thing thats going to help man, (unless you try steroids) They could help too, But you need to concentrate on eating more maybe 6-7 times a day every two to three hrs and training hard in the gym, Eat the majority of your high carbohydrate meals around your workout and at breakfast and include a shake right after your workout too. I recommend trying to bulk up as clean as possiable meaning no cheat days, or no junk food. Get rid of all simple carbs (except for within your postworkout shake) and you will have to become less active during the day. Rest is another important factor man. you have to eat, train, and rest, I know what you are going through because i am the same way, i weighed 178 and went all theway down to 147 and now i am trying to get back up to at least 175 man I have been bulking for about a month now and am back to 157-158 so keep it clean and you will not regret it.