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Alpha Zulu
10-26-2005, 08:08 PM
OK, so I've been bulking since early July. I did a lot of research initially to get my diet down and immediately I noticed more strength and way better recovery.

I still started to add a little more fat than I wanted, so I reevaluated things and cut my calories a little bit and starting doing some carb cutoffs last week.

Here's the latest incarnation of this diet. Please let me know what you think. I'm about 155lbs at around 13-14% BF. I'm doing 5x5 right now which is lifting 2-3 days a week depending on the phase and I do HIIT cardio once a week, but I may be increasing that depending on fat levels.


9:30 AM Breakfast
.5 cup OF oats
10 blueberries
.5 banana
.5 serving Micellar Matrix (blended protein)
8 oz skim milk
5 g BCAA
5 g L-glutamine
.5 apple
2 poached eggs
1 tbsp ketchup
3 fish oil pills
2 flax oil pills

Carbs: 74
Protein: 48
kcal: 645

12:30 PM Snack
Varies, I usually have to eat this in between classes or at the library
Try for:

Carbs: 40
Protein: 20
kcal: 300

3:30 PM Pre-Pre Workout (1.5 hours pre)
2 slices WW bread
2 pickle slices
5 leaves lettuce
4 slices turkey

Fat: 3
Carbs: 44
Protein: 26
kcal: 305

4:30 PM Pre-Workout (30 min pre)
.25 serving ON whey
8 oz milk
.5 cup OF oats
10 blueberries
5 g BCAA
5 g L-glutamine

Fat: 3
Carbs: 42
Protein: 28
kcal: 310

1 serving Gatorade (14 g carbs, 56kcal)

6:30 PM Post-Workout
1 cup OF oats
8 oz skim milk
.67 serving ON whey
.33 serving ON casein
10 blueberries
.25 banana
5 g L-glutamine
5 g BCAA

Fat: 7
Carbs: 79
Protein: 52
kcal: 590

8:00 PM Post-Post-Workout
Varies depending on whatever is for dinner
Try to make it
Fat: 10
Carbs: 40
Protein: 20
kcal: 330

11:00 PM Snack
Fat: 5 plus 2 grams each of fish oil and flax seed oil
Carbs: 10
Protein: 20
kcal: 200

2:00 AM Pre-Bed Meal
.5 serving ON casein
5 g L-glutamine
5 g BCAA
1 tbsp natural PB
4 oz skim milk

Fat: 8
Carbs: 11
Protein: 30
kcal: 235

Whenever I wake to pee I have some cottage cheese and low-carb milk
Fat: 2.5
Carbs: 4.5
Protein: 12
kcal: 90

Grand Totals
Fat: 68
Carbs: 358
Protein: 256
kcal: 3067

Look about the exact same as training, but I reduce my pre- and post-workout shakes to:
Fat: 3
Carbs: 34
Protein: 25
kcal: 265

Fat: 3.5
Protein: 31
kcal: 300

This reduces the total for the day to:
Fat: 76
Carbs: 323
Protein: 232
kcal: 2820

I eat the same breakfast, pre-bed, and midnight piss meals, the rest looks like this

Two afternoon snacks of 7 fat, 40 carbs, 20 protein, and about 300 kcal
Dinner try to make it: 15, 65, 35, and 535 kcal plus some BCAA and glutamine
Another snack of about 10, 10, 20 and 200 kcal at night

Goals for those days are:
Fat: 67
Carbs: 244
Protein: 200
kcal: 2380

That's about it. Sorry for the long post, I just want to make sure my diet is as good as it can be.

I also take Vit. C, Vit. E, multi-vitamin, calcium, and CEE.

Plase let me know what you guys think, I would really appreciate the input.

Alpha Zulu
10-26-2005, 08:16 PM
Also, for the meals that I just listed as varies, here are a few examples of common stuff. I am in college so resources are a little scarce:

Afternoon snacks:
Usually I am not at home so a sandwich or protein bar.
If I am at home, some pork and beans or a can of chili or something

This varies widely but includes a lot of pasta, ribs, chicken, steak, some fish every now and then, pork chops, etc... usually with a salad, bread, and maybe another side like green beans or a baked potato. I always try to get some vegetables here.

Night Snack with minimal carbs:
I am usually studying at the library at night because I have a friggin hard load this semester so I bring jerky, string cheese, chicken strips, etc.. with me. If I am at home I may snack on some canned tuna or salmon.

Thanks again.

Alpha Zulu
10-26-2005, 11:03 PM
Guess I gotta bump this up

10-27-2005, 02:33 AM
Looks ok to me with the exception of the milk that you have post workout.

Post workout is a time where most people reccomend to stay away from fats as it slows down protein absorbtion. You want all your nutrients to get absorbed into your body as fast as possible because your body is starving and is looking to replenish itself off of any source it can....

hope this helps.

10-27-2005, 03:38 AM
why the 700 cal difference on off days?? i'd try to keep it around 200 max.

Alpha Zulu
10-30-2005, 12:22 AM
The milk post-workout is skim, so there is not far to slow down the gastric emptying.

The 700 kcal difference on off days is something I was wondering about. I think I may need to raise calories there and then take some off on my lifting days because I think my daily average over the week would be too high if I just rose the off days while keeping lifting days the same.

Alpha Zulu
10-31-2005, 10:47 PM
bump again