View Full Version : Pyro goes SE Asian! Easy Appetizer and EASY Chicken Taco meal

12-13-2007, 03:31 PM
A South East Asian Appetizer and Meal:

Pyro's Tofu:

Extra Firm Tofu, sliced
Coconut oil to cover pan
A touch of basil, and a touch of mint
A touch of fish oil

Sear, then serve:


Pyro's Hot Chopped Chicken:

Chopped Chicken Thighs (I used 1.75 pounds)
1 Habanero
3 Tbl. Butter
.5 cup sliced portabello shrooms
1-2oz. beef stock
1 big fat cabbage leaf
A few licks of Frank's Red Hot or Srirarcha

Cover the pan lightly with coconut oil and sear the habanero until it seems pretty well cooked. Remove it then throw it away. Put in the butter and shrooms. When the shrooms get cooked a little, put in the chicken and beef stock. I put a few good licks of Frank's Red Hot in.

Simmer, covered, until chicken is done. Scoop onto Cabbage leaf and then put some more hot sauce on. I used Srirarcha here. All the flavors blended awesomely and in complete harmony. Even both hot sauces.