View Full Version : Ricotta Cheese

12-07-2007, 08:07 PM
Easily made at home incase you cant get to the market.

? 1 Litre (4 cups) of milk of your choice (Whole Cow Milk, Goats Milk, etc.)
? 4 tsp of vinegar
? Salt to taste (Approx 0.5-1tsp I believe)
? Food-safe thermometer

1. Heat the milk until it reaches a temperature of approximately 180-185F. Stir occasionally
2. Add in the vinegar. Stir briefly and gently.
3. Reduce heat to as low as it can get and allow the curds to form. The former milk will be a clear liquid color similar to a diluted skim milk. It is at this point when curds will stop forming.
4. Pour and strain into a cheesecloth or a colander or something else thats relatively fine, and refrigerate while allowing it to drain. I did this by tying the cheesecloth to a rack in the fridge and a small bowl underneath it to catch whatever drips. 1-3 hours.
5. Eat or refrigerate up to 1 week max

If you want something more creamy, add in 35% cream (2tbsp to start, add more next time if more creaminess is desired)