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10-03-2005, 09:52 PM
thought this might interest some peopel since there is a write up going on about how great sesathin is during on cycle, im a person who stores basicly all their fat around their gut (very anoying) so usually by the end of a cycle it looks like im 6 months pregnant :). Im hoping sesathin can do something about that

stuff about me
weight 200 pounds
bodyfat approx 17% i do not know tho
height 5'9
1 rep max's are in my signiture

my goal is to loose or maintain my bf and gain some muscle

creating a log for my 6 week cycle i plan to do something like this

week 1 - emax 20mg, nolva 10mg, 1.5g sesathin
week 2 - emax 20mg, nolva 10mg, 1.5g sesathin
week 3 - emax 20mg, nolva 10mg, 1.5g sesathin
week 4 - emax 20mg, nolva 10mg, 1.5g sesathin
week 5 - emax 30mg, nolva 10mg, 1.5g sesathin
week 6 - emax 30mg, nolva 10mg, 1.5g sesathin

pct - other sups - zma , tribulus , milk thisle 1g

week 7 - nolva 20mg, atd 75mg, 1.5g sesathin, 6oxo 300mg
week 8 - nolva 20mg, atd 75 mg, 1.5g sesathin, 6oxo 300mg
week 9 - nolva 10mg, atd 50mg, 1.5g sesathin, 6oxo 300mg
week 10 - nolva 10mg atd 50mg, 1.5g sesathin
week 11 - atd 25mg

other support sups during cycle
red yeast rice extract 1.2g
hawthorn berry 3grams hawthorn berry
6 grams of celery seed extract
12 grams of fish oil
whey, casein protein
multi vitamin

or perhaps i will drop the emax at week 4 and pick up superdrol, i have both so i can decied when it comes to the time, training is 3 times a week

monday back, wensday chest, friday legs
heres my workout using max ot principles

deadlifts 4 sets
lat pulldown 4sets
bent over rows 4 sets
flies for the back 4 sets
machine bicep curl 2 sets
standing bicep curl 2 sets
static holds 3 sets

tuesday cardio
medium intensity 30 mins xtrainer

flat db bench 4 sets
clean and press 4 sets
tricep push down 4 sets
hammer strenght inclinebench 2 sets
hammer strength military press 2 sets
tricep push down with rope 4 sets
forearm curls 4 sets

thursday cardio
medium intensity 30 mins rower

squats 3 sets
weighted situp 3 sets
lunge with barbell 2 sets
bicep curls horizontal bar using cable 2 sets
more forearm curls if i have recovered from wensday 4 sets

now for the most important diet

3000 calories a day
with about 500 calories a meal
ill just write what i eat everyday and try to improve my diet from day to day, im not good at sticking to a diet that eats teh same food over and over. ill try and get the usual lots of chicken tuna lean beef fish, oats, multigrain bread, pasta, pennut butter etc

i have a bunch of protein bars that are 600 cals each which is great for when i need to eat and dont have a meal setup

10-03-2005, 10:39 PM
I wouldnt do nolva during cycle unless your prone to gyno. It will hinder gains.
Also for first 3 days after cycle bump nolva up to 40mg. Everything else looks good.

10-03-2005, 11:29 PM
thanks for the info, can you tell me how it wil hinder gains ?

10-04-2005, 07:01 AM
day 1

9am - bowl of oats 2 scoops whey 57/30/7/400

12:17 - protein bar 600 cals
- ergomax 10mg
- sesathin 1.25ml (500mg sesamin)

2:17 - 2 chicken pies - 67/24.6/49.7/813
- red yeast rice 600mg
- celery seed xtract 1 gram

2:50 - 6 grams of fish oil - 0/0/6/54

4:11 - 35 grams of chicken - 0/10.8/1/3/58
- sesathin 1.25ml (500mg sesamin)

6pm - 2 slices of multi gran bread 66/8/2/220
- 3 eggs 2/18/20/350

9pm - post workout 1/2 cup of oats - 27/5/3/150
- 3 scoops of protein powder - 3.5/40/1.25/196

10pm - post post workout - 40grams of whey - 3/32/1/157
- 10 grams of milo - 7/1.3/1/44
- 500 ml of low fat milk - 24 16 7 230

12pm - 2 scoops of casein 0/30/0/120
- 250 ml of low fat milk - 12 8 3.5 115
- 6grams of fish oil - 0/0/6/54
calories 3441

deadlifts 105x9 105x8 105x6
lat pulldown 84x8 84x8 84x4
bent over rows 40x5 40x5 40x5
medx bicep curl machine 120x10 140x5
standing bicep curls 12x8 12x10
wrist curls 10x10 10x10
forearm curls 20x10 20x10

40-Yard Dash_2
10-04-2005, 07:44 AM
I am the exact same way in terms of putting on fat around the midsection, so your log will definitely garner my interest. Good luck, bro!

10-05-2005, 10:44 PM
some things have come up and i cant do the cycle, ill proble start this log again in about a month

40-Yard Dash_2
10-06-2005, 03:21 AM
some things have come up and i cant do the cycle, ill proble start this log again in about a month
Oh well, best of luck.