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10-03-2005, 09:58 AM
schroeder84: Green Bulge + White Blood

I wanted to give a full 24 hours of feedback. Here's what I noticed:

1.) The stack took failry long to kick in. It seemed like it was roughly an hour before the pumps/hardness really started. (the bottle advises 45-60 mins prior to working out....so this is about right)

2.) My triceps felt rock hard. I don't think I've ever felt this much of a pump in my arms (from similar products). It wasn't quite painful, but definitely the best I've felt from creatine/arginine-based products so far. It made no-xplode, Superpump250, and straight arginine/ornithine feel like a sugar pill.

3.) Not much of a pump while working traps (which i suppose is a good thing if you want to move your neck). Granted, my trap sets are higher volume/less reps than my tricep sets...so i guess that could explain why the pump wasn't that impressive.

4.) The initial pump wore off 30-45 minutes after my workout.

5.) The hardness factor stayed all night. My triceps felt like rocks (and i assume they looked the same) all night at work. It really helps in my line of work."

dtrain13: Green Bulge/White Blood

"Final Review

IMO this is the best creatine/NO stack I have ever used. My strength is up on all major lifts and I set a few personal records. I will say that muscle memory and Max ot training has something to do with this but the products are AWSOME! IMO. Had my diet been condusive for it I would have gained weight but I have had a visible reduction in BF% while maintaining my weight and I look bigger as I have gotten quite a few comments on this lately. So in conclusion congrats to Tank and Controlled Labs on two outstanding products that I will have no problem recommending in the future."

Keyhawk: Green Bulge

"I just used the last dose and I can say that this product works great!!! The only thing I would change is add other creatine to take again after your workout so you have some before and after workout. I gain 3 pounds of muscle in a month which is pretty good for just creatine. I would highly recommend this product."

The Pope: White Blood

"Well, this isn't an in-depth reveiw on White Blood or anything, I'm just over two weeks into it and couldn't judge it completely. But today, while I was sweeping the floor, 2 or so hours after taking white blood (it's an off day), I noticed a strange phenominon. I got a pump. That's right, I gut a bulging bicep pump SWEEPING. I never expected something like that to happen. Congratulations on having such an effective product, I can't wait for my next workout, now that I know it's fully kicked in."

"Update: 9/23

I worked out biceps+forearms today, the pump was ridiculous, to the point where during my shower, an hour and a half after my workout, it was difficult to bend my arms up to wash my hair. I've never felt a pump that intense before."

Krzna: Green Bulge

"Again, I would like to thank Tank and the controlled labs team for releasing such a solid "COST EFFECTIVE" stack.
Both green bulge and white blood are great standalone products which are even better while stacked.
This comes from me, being a total creatine non responder.

Things I learned about this product
>Empty stomach is a must, give atleast a 60 min break after a light meal or a 90 after a heavy meal.
>Preworkout carbs must be 45-1hr after the stack.
>Glycerol and Pyruviate is great preworkout
>Bulk CEE is AWESOME! post workout for this stack.

GB would make a great combo with Omega's Nitro Evolution
WB would also make a combo with Omega's Cre ethyl Thunder

If cost is a problem you can take bulk CEE the days you are taking it off.
After week 3 throwing in some taurine would be very effective.
This is great while coming off a cutting cycle,esp while ur gly. stores are depleted.
If you got your training and meal timing set , you can and WILL grow with these products.

Comparision with other Creatine products:
GB takes the :cool: position
Marginally better endurance - possibly due to white blood.
Cost effectiveness
Cell volumization is much better.

GB vs Mono
I do not need to get into it. GB blows it away atleast for me.
GB, no upset stomachs, no taste issues.

GB vs Bulk CEE
Hard to tell, CEE is defenitely cost effective.
GB defenitely gives better pumps standalone
Better cell volumization
If I start talking about the CEE taste issue I'd puke

GB vs Thunder
Gb gave me defenitely more volumization
Thunder gave me more pumps.
Both products of high caliber."

Gymratluke: White Blood + CEE Pro

"Im currently coming off of a 2 week break from lifting due to a pinched nerve in my neck. I have lifted 3 days so far this week. I felt strong as an ox, my endurance was through the roof, had pumps from hell. I dont know if this is all because my muscles are fresh, because of the Cee Pro, or the White Blood, but something is working. I dont usually have so much energy and endurnce when cutting."

"I tried the Pump Tech, its ok. White Blood is much better!"

"White Blood is off the hook!"

"Just so you know, I am taking White Blood and CEE Pro(because it was free), and I am currently cutting, and in the past 2.5 weeks since I started the CEE Pro and WB I have gain 3lbs and tons of strength and endurance. I am sure that Omega Thunder is way better than the CEE Pro"

"Well, I had one of the best workouts every yesterday. I did 32 sets in a little over an hour. I had the best pump kickin ever, strength was great."

"Today, was a great day! My strength was incredible. Hows an added 10-20lbs on everything, including DB's. I even did more sets and reps than last week, so my endurance has increased also. I am very pleased as of right now!"

"Good News! Im cutting and Im up 4lbs, but I look leaner. People also say I look a little more muscular, who knows maybe I put on a little lean mass. Im not going to say its all muscle, cause I am the first person to laugh in your face if you try to tell me your gained 4lbs of muscle in 2.5 weeks. Anyway, I was a bit tired today. I have been getting up at 6:00 and hitting up 45 mins of cardio before work. Anyway I still had a good workout, all weights went up again, I also did more reps with higher weights, so endurance is great as well as strength. I am please to be a lean 190 right now, hopefully I can just keep losing fat and building muscle, staying around the same weight."

10-03-2005, 10:01 AM
Actual Size: Green Bulge

"Well yesterday was my frist official workout with Green Bulge I must say Im very impressed with this product so far. No complains for me. I Had energy in all my sets and felt strong throughout the entire workout. I felt like the "pumps" were average and although they weren't NO type pumps I was satisfed with them enough. I look forward to havin even more energy by the end of this week or next week. Thanks for the ur time guys or girls if you read this."

"back and bicep day. Energy levels high again. I had the same intensity as the frist workout. Diet was in check so I can defanitely say that I can noticed a little difference in this product then regular Cee. Perhaps a little more energy then usual. Ya thats it. Green bulge is looking good so far."

"Fridays workout was good. I got stronger on all my lifts. Still no serious pumps to speak of."

"Well yesterday was another excting intense workout. Despite the fact the fact yesterday was the frist day of college. Defentily noticed much better pumps in the gym and a good incearse in energy. I feel like this has to do with the fact that its the second week on green bulge so I beleive the product is starting to kick in full effect. I increase my poundages on all my weights. Ofcourse I was happy about that."

"Today was a okay workout. My triceps were still kinda of sore form Mondays Workout SO i had trouble having as much intenstiy As I would like. However I
still forced my self to do it and I did. I was able to move up on all my weights or at least some reps on that same weight. Green bulge is fine. Nothing
really new to report."

"Same oh Same oh. Another good workout training under Westside. Went up 10 pounds on Decline BP, and all my other exercises more reps or weight. Green bulge was taken 45 mintues before the workout. Good energy and intensity. Iam impressed so far with Green Bulge's consisentisy. I feel ready for my workout. Thats all for today."

"Mondays workout was fine. Had to do Rack Bench presses. Which of course is apart of the West Side training system. I found them fun defiantely alot
different then wut im used to doing. Iam finding that green bulge is a good supplement. I say this because soon my bottle will be out and it has defanitely yielded some good results."

GeordieArtois: Green Bulge

"Ok, so I have come to the conclusion that I won't really see many gains with this product. I have mentally been comparing this Green Bulge log to my Omega Thunder log. With this product, I'm just going to concentrate on trying to keep the gains I made on Thunder.
I have noticed that for me, the litmus test with a creatine product is my bicep routine. Today, I had to drop a set again in order to lift my heaviest weight which was really a struggle. The last 2 reps were done in bad form. I also notice that my arms are pretty sore during my bi workout.

However, I am having excellent pumps with this product. Strangely enough, I think the pumps from Green Bulge are stronger than the pumps I experienced with White Blood. The pumps today were so strong that my forearms were almost numb. Also, In the mirror I have definately seen a fuller appearance to my body, particularly my arms."

EricTheRed: Green Bulge

"well that conculdes my Green Buldge log, my size is noticly bigger and strenght is much better (still wish for better bench tho) over a great creatine product for the money and i feel its abit better then Thunder but its still another great product. my final weigh in is at about 195lbs"

"i did gain about 3lbs, probalby would have been more without contantly loseing water weight on the weekends from marching, usually lost about 2lbs every time if not more"

Colinballin23: Green Bulge

"9/12 Final Review

Well my Green Bulge is officially gone on friday I got my last workout in and I hit bi's and tri's and I had a great workout/unreal pump/good strength and overall great endurance. I will now take this time to breakdown this product, what it did for me/results, pro's/con's, my recommendations etc.


I started weighing in at 188 and now that I'm completed I ended at 192 which is right in the range that I was expecting. Thats 4 pounds in a month and I may add clean pounds which is what I shoot for most. Creatine for me has been hit or miss I'll get into that next but quite frankly Green Bulge worked for me. I mostly see results in my upper body since I started Green Bulge my shirts have gotten tighter my arms appear bigger and more defined. I judge mainly by the mirror and what people tell me mainly my girlfriend. She told me should could see that I made progress and that I look bigger. Considering I know her opinion is objective I use the mirror as another source and from what I see I've definately add some mass. My abs are just as tight as they were before and my arms mainly my biceps are poking out more it seems. My arms aren't totally huge probably about 15.5-16" so any progress I make in there I can usually tell. My chest and back look wider too. I'm happy with the results I got I saw noticeable changes that I'm pleased with.


Strength gains weren't quite as good as results but in some areas I improved. Barbell Curls I added reps and 5 pounds which I'm really pleased with considering I had been plateued for awhile on that exercise. Dumbell bench I added about 5 pounds as well which is always nice. I made small strides in a lot of areas. Considering I endured some injuries while on this strength gains in some areas specfically shoulders weren't judged. Chest/Arms/Legs I made strides in while back/shoulders I didn't make as much. I got more to learn about exercises and such which is what I'm going to be spending time on researching in the coming weeks. Overall though my strength gains I made were in the areas I needed most legs/chest so I'm happy with that and hopefully I can continue climbing in the strength department.


I was talking to DTrain on MSN last week and we both admitted that were surprised how well Green Bulge has worked for us. Quite frankly it's the best Cell Volumizer I've tried. Xpand worked well for me, as did Swole, while San V12 didn't do much but Green Bulge surpassed all these in terms of the results I got from it. The pumps I got on Green Bulge were solid as well not White Blood good but pretty damn good. Bulk CEE and Crea. Mono didn't do much of anything for me so I think I need to stick to cell volumizers like Green Bulge if I want to get results from CEE/Mono based products.


The pros definately outweigh the cons on this product here are some of the pros...

-increased endurance/stamina
-great pumps
-noticeable results
-good mental focus

the only negative that I can think of while on this was I experienced some headaches. But usually to combat those I'd just drink a bunch of water. So my suggestion to those thinking of using this is drink plenty of water while on this and you should be fine.


Overall this is a great product just look at the logs many people are experiencing good results from this product. This isn't a hyped up new generation creatine it is an affordably/damn solid creatine that will give most people results that they are looking for. Supplements aren't world breakers by any means but products like this definately speed up the process of making gains. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to gain some mass and has a great diet/routine already in place. Many variables come into play when getting the most out of a supplement and getting your diet in check will speed up the process more than you think.


Just want to thank Tank for letting me try this product out I really appreciate it and everyone who contributed to my log. I will be testing out MAN's new product OROTINE next so be on the look out for my next log sometime this week I'm hoping. My body is feeling stronger so I can do most exercises again and hopefully I can make some solid results."

10-03-2005, 10:05 AM
Great work Pu...

10-03-2005, 10:06 AM
OneBetter: Green Bulge

"So, this is finally it. I went through a bottle of Green bulge, and I have a lot to say about it. I'll try to be as specific as possbile when describing my experience, but remember this is my experience. Not everyone will respond the same way to any one supplement, and you have to learn for yourself what works through trial and error. So, let's start.

The first week I tried it, I was amped to get to the gym and give it a try. So, I really couldn't notice if GB was altering my energy levels. What I did notice however, is the AEE kicking in. Specifically, in my arms. It's difficult to explain, but my arms felt hard to the touch. They didn't look bigger, just harder. The first week seemed kind of like a loading phase. I didn't notice strength increases, other then minor ones here and there. Also, I strongly advise against taking GB before cardio. Obviously it will affect everyone a different way, but it went real bad for me. I did 100m sprints, and stairs after taking GB and my heart rate was through the roof. I got a pretty bad headache, and felt nauseous. GB isn't intended for cardio, (I don't beleive) so it's my own fault.

The second week is when I started to notice GB affect my endurance/energy levels. I was into my second week of college, and it was really draining on me. I was less then excited to hit the gym, but once I started lifting I felt the difference. I could feel myself pushing through the reps, even though I had little energy that day. I had some minor improvements in my strength, but nothing at this point as far as vascularity... yet.

The third week is when I really felt like it was kickin' in. I started to notice increased vascularity. I had some veins in my delts pop out, and also got one in my bi's to pop out. Although this may have nothing to do with strength, it's aesthetically pleasing to me. I also started to put some increases on my major lifts this week. My bench had remained almost constant, but my deads went up about 20lbs. ( I just got some straps, so I'm hoping to smash my old PR) My SLDL's went up about 10lbs, and so did my decline leg press. I never maxed during this log, so when I say went up X amount of lbs, I mean for reps. I also noticed my upper body started to look bigger, and overall my physique improved. I lost about 2-3% BF (which I attribute to my clean bulk and increased physical activity - walking about 3 miles everyday to class), and while my BF went down, my weight was up a few pounds which I didn't think would be possible.

My final week (plus some change), blew previous week out of the water. I was doing my old lifts for 8-10 reps, sometimes with even with 10 more lbs. The veins on my shoulders are a little visible on off days, but on shoulder day/chest day they look amazing. I started to experience pumps in my quads (minor) and in my calfs. I always got a pump after doing calf raises, but it was stayed with me after I walked out of the gym during this week. The only thing I didn't experience an increase in strength was bench. I'm trying to change up my routine, to try and shock my bench into increasing. I guess I just hit a plateau.

This was my first time trying a Controlled Labs product, and I would highly recommend it to others. It is a great preworkout supp for the price tag and I am definatley consider taking again. The only things I can think of that I was a little disappointed in are that when I recieved the bottle there was a good amount of white powder on the inside. It seemed like it had been done during shipping, but maybe the pills need to be packed tighter? And I also think that if you're around 200lbs, you would benefit more from taking 7 pills instead of 5.

Thanks to everyone who commented and followed my log, any questions please ask.


Garage81: Green Bulge

"overall, my intensity is increasing. ive been taking this for about 4 days now, and havent noticed any sides at all. this is my first time on anything other than monohydrate, and i dont have any headaches, digestion probs, etc."

Jaymode: Green Bulge

"Day 30

Alright well Green Bulge helped me gain strength and I did lose weight while on it which was what I was hoping to do as I am at a higher bodyfat than what I would like to be at. It also helped me with DOMS. This is an effective product. I would use it again but if it kept giving me headaches, I would stop it and use Thunder instead.

Summary: Good product, if you dont get the headaches from it or can deal with them."

10-03-2005, 10:06 AM
very nice thread, great idea. A lot of quality logs out there thank you for including mine!

10-03-2005, 10:07 AM
PolPow53: Green Bulge + Football

"I definiely liked this creatine product. I actually gaind strength while playing foootball, something which i thought was impossible before. I kept size pretty well also"

Kendog: Green Bulge

"Day 21

Final thoughts:

Green Bulge produced pumps in one form or another in every single workout I had while I was taking it. To me I had better results in terms of pumps from Green Bulge than the 2-3 NO products I've used. I can only imagine how crazy it would be stacking this with an NO product.

This is one of the few products I can say with confidence that I actually recommend and was very happy with the results. I just finished using Muscle Tech Cee Pro before the Green Bulge and it didn't compare at all to Green Bulge, didn't even get any pumps from that stuff.

If a person if eating right and drinking enough water, then I don't really see how they could be dissapointed with Green Bulge if they decided to give it a try. I can't speak for the strength changes because I've been saturated with creatine for at least 2 years now, but I know it works because the pumps are a direct indicator that the creatine is effectively going into the muscle.

I really don't think a person could go wrong if they're looking for a good creatine product. They may even chose to take an additional 2.5 grams bulk CEE post workout if they feel they need to."

wrxtreme: White Blood + Thunder

"I am just starting this stack, today will be the third day. So far it seems decent. Pumps are bigger than normal and strength has seemed to increase."

jwright2: White Blood + Thunder

"After another week of taking White Blood, I am starting to feel it work. It doenst get me as shakey as NO-Xplode would but it still gives me a pump. I also realized that I was taking it a bit too close to my workout so by the time I got through working out, it was about halfway kicking in."

"Now, I like White Blood better because I'm stacking it with Omega Thunder...before I was only taking NO-Xplode by itself which only gave me big pumps during my workout and would make me feel bloated after taking it."

greenwinds: White Blood + Thunder (pending final review)

"happy to report the thunder and white blood combo are really doing their job at the gym. I really do see a differrence. On my off days (like once or twice a week) I take BSN cell-mass instead of thunder... finishing the tub ... hoping to get some Bulk CEE to take instead and save many on my off days as well as add a little in during the day with the thunder."

10-03-2005, 10:11 AM
FoOtz: White Blood + Thunder (pending final review)

"o man stuff gets better and better by the day i love it. Arms are harder then ever viens are always popin its nice."

cgcgraded: White Blood

"I am currently stacking WB and Vasostat and I am getting amazing pumps on less than recommend doses(tolerance mapping up to max doses). I added 1/4 on my arms after workout. As far as strengh gains I was able to do 3x10 of 95 Flat Bench were as I usually struggle with 3x7 of 95. The pumps last hours after the gym.

Only draw back has been Ive been getting nosebleeds recently (every other day). But the positives out weigh the negatives.

Highly recommended products. Good luck.

P.S. As my antioxidant source I am taking NOxidant which seems to be a pretty solid product."

biotechie: White Blood (pending final review)

"Took 45 minutes before workout. Focus & energy still there. Strength still going up in all my lifts. Was at the gym for about an hour..still have to watch the time as to not over train. Pumps were good, muscles still feel/look full for about an hour afterwards. So far so good with WB."

myeviltwin: Green Bulge + White Blood + Blue Rhino (pending final review)

"Since this is my 5th day off of White Blood Iíll have to make this confession. I had convinced myself that after 7 weeks of continuous use I thought dropping it would have no immediate impact on my workouts. While my workouts have been off for more than one reason this week, none of which is supplement related, I have been getting considerably sorer following these workouts. I am also experiencing a lot more burn while doing the workouts. So for whatever my opinion is worth, the White Blood obviously makes a difference beyond just a nice pump."

"The Blue Rhino definitely picked up my energy level within 30 minutes of ingesting it. After noticing its effects I threw in the WB then waited another 20 minutes before the Green Bulge.

Probably the best way to sum up the workout was that it was better than it should have been."

"I donít think I could have asked for a better workout all things considered. Iíd have to give the Blue Rhino credit for aiding in my focus and energy today as I donít know how else to explain it. I donít know how long Test Boosters usually take to kick in but today was something specialÖ."

"Just a quick observation, a little back acne has shown up but not bad. Wouldnít have known it was there if I didnít look in the mirror. Maybe the test level is getting a boost to that next level. No change in libido though. Overall, I feel great physically and the energy was soaring so Iím expecting things to keep going forward. Also, most muscles stayed pumped all day long. Kind of unusual for me, especially since Iím around 7 weeks in on White BloodÖ"

"there is no denying this stack has brought my energy to a new level in the gym allowing for improved workouts."

"Week two numbers turned out good overall. Iíve dropped 4 lbs. since starting the stack (1 lb. from last week) and the body fat is noticeably leaner. My waist dropped a ľ of an inch since last week and Iím sporting a more cut/defined appearance in these two weeks. My legs actually added size to their natural state. The Bicep and Forearm numbers showed improvement in their flexed state, not to mention at a lower natural number. Chest improved 3/8Ē."

10-03-2005, 10:13 AM
tplant: Green Bulge + White Blood (pending final review)

"Two days ago i did shoudlers and had one of my best shoulder workouts ever. Strength was way up and had crazy amounts of energy. Just felt good doing it. Then eysterday was arms I upped the white blood dosage and had a real good workout."

NC2315: (pending final review)

"I noticed the weight was feeling light and I attemped a PR on some close grip bench presses. I got 275 for 2 reps on close grip. I've never even attempted this on close grip. I'm maintaining and probably getting stronger with the GB/WB after my Emax cycle. I'm very happy with this controlled labs stack so far. Pumps and vascularity are great while working out."

MakinItBIG: White Blood

"Well, I must say I was very dissapointed with this product. I heard ALOT, and I'll say it again, ALOT of hype over this product and how amazing it was.
I noticed above average pumps only on bi/tri day for the most part...and if even the added pump, it only lasted maybe 2 hours after leaving the gym..
I saw no benefits of this product at all..
I have about a week left on the product and Im going to bump the dosages up...instead of 3 pills, 4 will be taken to see if there is any difference."

kyle00: White Blood

"Wow. First day on it and had a pretty good chest workout. I didnt really notice a huge pump but when I got home i went to do the good ol' mirror check and veins were poppin out all over. Veins showing in the shoulders and bi's, and even my lower abs!!! Quite the fast working product, cant wait for arms tomorrow!

Good product controlled lab, well done."

BigRagu: Green Bulge + White Blood

"Pros: Inexpensive and effective. This is the best creatine i have tried to date. Creatines i have tried are omega thunder, thermolife cre2, creatine mono, Creatine titrate and bulk cee. I would say it just beat out Omega Cre Thunder. I based this decision on strength gains. I beat a few of my old records while on this stack (not 1rep maxes though i never max... this would be 5 rep).

Weight changes: I didn't update the log for almost 2 weeks to see the true weight gained and make sure (and also see if any) water weight was out of my system. In the end i gained 3.5 pounds and bf% stayed the same. This is also with good eating habbits and training hard. I would consider this very decent considering a few days of being sick and injuried knee (wasn't able to hit legs as hard as i wanted).

Side effects: I didn't see any side effects really besides being thirsty. It really caught me off guard and had to increase water intake. You really need to make sure your getting the correct amount of water when taking this. No noticable bloating when on the products.

I believe i felt a more noticable energy gain in the gym when not taken with food. I think 30-45 min after eating as suggested on the bottle worked the best for me.

In the end i do believe Green Bulge/white blood is a great product and cost effective . Good gains in energy,strength and pumps were experienced during the stack. I believe they work well and would take them both again."

10-03-2005, 10:15 AM
sawastea: White Blood

"When I started White Blood, I weighed in at 184 lbs, with a 31 3/4" waist (6" tall). Currently, I'm 187 lbs while maintaining my current waist size, a little under 32" (31 7/8"). My BF% went down, but not dramatically (<1%)

My initial impression was that it gave me a quick nauseating feeling, which subsided within 10 minutes. Not much to report after a few days. After about a week, my muscles were getting fuller and my weights were increasing in virtually all lifts, some better than others. The best results came recently after about a week off of the gym, while still taking 3 caps a day. Got back and hit the gym hard. Went through an intense workout and grooved through everything, close to 2 hrs, which I NEVER do, as I'm more of someone who works out efficiently in a little over an hour. Felt great afterwards. I'm still on it, for about 5 more days.

In terms of NO2 products, I've had some success with some of them and others seemed bunk. I have heard good things about other NO2 products in the market now and I feel that this is another good product."

krzna: White Blood

"today is my last day so here are my thoughts on this product:


I did not get as vascular as I expected it to be, maybe its not the product. The last time I tested LG's CF and MRI's NO2 I was around 10% , I am close to 16-17% now, this may defenitely be the reason. However a few veins did show up esp on the calves and forearms.

Ok this is gonna be funny but I thought I should bring this up. One day I put the WB in my mouth, could'nt find water and was walking around for about 3 minutes. I opened my mouth to find out my teeth were blue, maybe something could be done to the color of the caps. I know you guys never expected a tester to have the caps in his mouth for 3 mins ... lol

White blood was by far the one of the most economical products I've used, its price vs results comparision is as good as LG's ColdFusion, infact better as it's cheaper.

White blood has given me something NO products have never given, this sudden increase in endurance.

I am very pleased this product contains the KRALA, its uses are immense.

White blood works, works even better if taken preworkout 45 mins and throwing in a carb rich shake 15 mins before the work out.

Makes an awesome stack with CEE.

I would highly recommend this to be part of any "keeping gains" cycles.

With this in mind I can confidently say this product has great potential, am sure its already doing very well in the market now. I am gonna be testing Green Bulge and I am so happy with this product that I am going ahead and ordering on bottle of WB myself tommorrow.

I'd like to thank Tank for choosing me in the first place to test the product. I will keep updating this log for a week more to let you people know how it feels without the white blood, in terms of pumps endurance etc."

]X[Tr3MaX: White Blood + Vitrix

"X[Tr3MaX']I was stacking Vitrix and White blood and gain something between 10-15 pounds of muscles in 2 months, bulking in and out only 1 month total

The pump are not crazy.. well for me, but eventually the product did make my lift of the beginning lighter and lighter and i had to bought heavier dumbell for the house.. maybe starting going into the lower rep style helped but again, i really think that the Arginine, Ornithine and COQ10 help ALOT with oxydative stress that caracterize an ecto like me which might be why for the first time of my lifting carreer (yeah my muscle capacity sucks that bad) i have been able to take about 20 more pounds on all my lift

On the other hand i was stacking it with Vitrix which seem to work cause after 3 weeks my arm hair was getting longer (testosterone boost?)and i was bloated/less defined more easily (maybe the testosterone being up a little bit more was diminishing the effect of leptin since the two balance each other).. so maybe that helped but again i'll see for the next 2 Ĺ months

Anyway, this is the result for my 1st bottle of White Blood (yeah i only take it pre-workout!!!) I'll see what says the mirror and the scale in another 9 weeks (end of second bottle) and I hope to be up at 170 which would be amazing

Thanks Controlled labs :)"

Slated: white Blood + Blue Rhino + Rebound XT + fuze

"I'm very pleased with the results given that there were no Prohormones involved. Pumps were good, and I did see positive strength gain during the stack. I highly recommend this stack and will be doin it again in the future!"

Spoonman: White Blood

"The white blood has been pretty good...it is the best NO product I have tried. The ingredient list is great and it is effective but the only questionable thing about it is the dose. One 2000mg dose per day really isn't much and I think it would work even better if taken in larger doses. If you like NO products, give white blood a try!"

10-03-2005, 10:16 AM
I wish I coulda reviewed it :P

10-03-2005, 10:19 AM
GeordieArtois: White Blood

"Ok, I have 2 day's worth of White Blood left but I will end the log here.

I am very, very pleased with this product. I should note that I made my biggest gains and positive effects in the first week, and maintained them up untill now.


The pumps are incredible. The strongest are definately in my chest, and these pumps last pretty much week round as I have been hitting my chest twice a week. The second strongest being my back. Lower back pumps during deadlift were almost painful, but subsided a few hours PWO. Upper back felt very strong all day.
Bicep and tricep pumps are incredible during and after workout, but don't last as long as chest or back pumps.
My thigh pumps felt really strong, even a day or 2 after leg day but were never painful.


I have never had prominent veins in my arms at all, however, during and after workout my veins were noticeably fuller. I even noticed a vein on the inside of each forearm appear that I never knew existed.


This has been the biggest improvement in my workout since taking White Blood. My endurance has gone through the roof, I can do more excercises during workout and have noticed a definite increase in energy.

10/10, this was the first NO I have tried and honestly can't fault it. I had no sides and the caps are easy to swallow. My bench went up by 11lb and the last few reps on every excercise has been so much easier. Most of all is the increase in endurance.

I am very impressed with this product and highly recommend it to anyone interested in trying a NO.

In a few months, if budget allows, I may do a White Blood/Green Bulge stack."

acecombact1: White Blood (cutting)

"My cardio endurance has drasticly improved, im able to do more cardio without being tired as usual. My strength levels is the same, but im not expecting much since im cutting, and calories im consuming is not alot. But i didnt loss any strength which is a good thing."

"day 18....Veins started poping in my arms, and started to look shreded. There is no increase in strength yet, but endurance is way up."

day 25....weight 195. im amazed i didnt lose any strength since i was bussy this week, and sometimes consumed 1500 cals only. white blood seems to be awsome in preserving strength during cutting."

Bobcat Lax: White Blood

"I have taken White Blood one day at gym, great pump and great energy. My lifts were up overall. My pump diddn't last as long after the gym as would of liked but was only first day at gym."


"I did notice that once I added more calories to more diet, I got a better pump... but such is to be expected without the WB. The pump experienced with 3 caps of WB was barely distiguishable to that experienced with simple carbs taken preworkout. However, the pump with 4 caps of WB was decent, especially with carbs preworkout.

Increases in strength were not really noticeable until taking a double dose. Pumps with a double were also very potent, very noticeable, and lasted past my workout for about an hour. But, using a double dose is not cost effective. On the flip side, using a regular dose is just not effective.

Comparing this to 2 grams of glycerol monostearate and 3 grams of creatine monohydrate preworkout w/carbs, I found the glycerol/creatine/carb combo to produce similar pumps and strength increases to a double dose of WB. This becomes important when comparing price. Creatine/glycerol is very cheap.

From my experience, I must conclude that White Blood is an ineffective supplement at the reccomended dosage and too expensive when used at an effective dosage.

Final Rating: 1 out of 5"

chlaxman: White Blood

"Final Review

White Blood far exceeded my expectations. I was not expecting the strength gains that I got from White Blood, I mostly was just expecting a good pump and extra energy in the gym. However, I believe that I experienced enhanced recovery while taking the White Blood and I believe that the energy and pump helped my strength gains, along with a solid diet and good focus. Do I think that White Blood was a significant part of with my mass gains (and how clean they were)? I can not say with complete certainty but I do think that it helped.

The real question is: Would I purchase this supplement on my own? The answer is yes. I think it is a good, well-priced, and effective preWO supplement."

10-03-2005, 10:21 AM
<^>: White Blood

"When I saw that Tank was looking for testers for this product I jumped all over the chance to get to test for it. Seeing as I had a good background in No2 products I was hoping to find a product that could live up to the standard of Mriís but instead I got a product that bettered it, which shocked me. First on this product u only have to consume 3 pills 30-60 mins before a workout, which is a relief from bad tasting powders to choking down 8-10 horse pills. Another reason this product is solid is because of the sustained pumps after the workout continuing to the next day, and even now after a couple days off the product I can still feel tightness, which only happened after continuous use from MRIís product. Another reason this product is so solid is the price u get for a 30 day supply, unlike MRI and MT, u pay 60-80 bucks on 22.5 days. This product is outstanding and has made my list of Top Products used and is rated #1 on No2 products in my mind. As we all know, some products work best for others while some donít work for others at all, but I think this product is solid and recommend to everyone.

Strength: 8
Weight: 4
Pump: 10
Overall: 8"

EricTheRed: White Blood

"Ok well i finished the bottle on thursday so heres my thoughts on the product.

For one this NO product kicked in alot faster then usual (in about 5-6days) probably due to the AEE and OEE. the pump was quite amazing and i did gain some noticable viens in the 4 weeks.i did gain about 3lbs from coming off my X-factor cycle so i am very happy about this and i also had some nice streght gains so i am keeping everything from my X-factor cycle and i think it helps keep things rolling to get to my goals. I think for the price and what in get in the product it cant be beat, Awesome job Tank and controlled labs, thank you for letting me be a part of this and good luck in the future."

391rippy: White Blood

"final thoughts on White Blood:
as stated on the controlled labs website, 95% of people will respond well to this product. with 40 testers, it makes sense that at least one person will not respond well to this product; that tester is me. i had a pretty poor experience with the other NO product i took before, but i thought that was due to ****ty diet/training/product. now i see that i'm just immune to the pump. however i will say that i did respond much more to this product than the other.

better description of effects:
my vascularity on workout days is as follows:
chest/traps: 6
back/delts: 7
bis/ tris: 10
legs: 2
usually i am only vascular during the lift and right after the lift. then vascularity will fade to about half it would be during the lift. when on white blood i would be at a level 10 vascularity pretty much everyday, and vascularity would stay at a 10, even when inbetween lifts, and wouldn't fade until about 15 minutes after the workout. so while i wouldn't really say i responded too well, i did have some effects. so to anyone that does respond well to NO, this seems like a great product to buy. it definately gets my recommendation"



alright now that I have time to reflect back on my time on white blood I will share my final thoughts with you. I have completed my month long test and here is what I discovered.


When I started out I was at about when 180 now that I have completed I am at about 185. I meet my goal there and the weight I put on feels clean I follow an extremely strict diet so generally I don't gain too much fat when bulking. My upper body feels tighter and harder than before especially my biceps. I got a few new veins that pop out in my arms which I like. I'm happy with what I gained and hope to continue to gaining when I'm off it.


I have tried 2 other NO/Arginine typle supplements they are Dymatize Xpand and NOW L-Arginine. While Xpand is a CEE/NO type product and I enjoyed it very much, White Blood definately surpassed it in terms of pumps. The pumps I got from White Blood were crazy some of the time they blew previous products I had tried out of the water. Xpand gave me more mental focus but White Blood gave me more energy/stamina and better pumps. L-Arginine didn't do much for me just some slight pumps nothing dramatic. If you like the pump/fullness feeling White Blood suits your needs as it does both.


Strength gains were noticeable in some areas and some areas didn't change much at all. The most impressive stats that changed were my bench went up about 5 pounds with increased reps in a lot of areas. Squat went up about 5 to 10 pounds, Incline dumbell chest press went up 5 to 10 pounds, I can do more chinups now and dips. Overall I just feel stronger some shoulder injuries prevented me from making a lot of progress in the strength department in the past but luckily that is finally behind me. My lifts I need to work on now are Deadlift, Barbell Row, Barbell curl, skullcrushers these are exercises that I want to put up more weight on in the future as I didn't gain much on them in the last month.


It's tough to say anything negative about a product when you can't really pin it on the product unless it is totally obvious. Pretty much I had no side effects at all but lately I've had groin pain and leg aches but I think it was a basketball injury that occured last week. Some days I felt a bit weaker in the gym than other days. 90% of the time though I had great workouts and great energy so I can't really say anything bad about White Blood. Going into it I wanted to put on about 5 pounds accomplished that, make some strength gains accomplished that and just move to the next step in my workout lifestyle.


Overall if your looking for a product for a product that will give you great pumps, good energy/stamina and the ability to push out more reps than White Blood is a product to look into. When paired with a good diet I think you can make some gains off a bottle of this stuff. Some people love the NO supplements and this product should fulfill your enjoyments of NO supplements you have taken in the past. I meet most of the goals I wanted to obtain when I started so therefore overall I'd rank this product a 9/10.


I'd like to personally thank Tank and the guys at ControlledLabs for living up to the end of the bargain and supplying testers with a bottle of this stuff. ControlledLabs appears to be headed in the right direction and I wish them the best of luck getting started."

10-03-2005, 10:24 AM
Kendog: White Blood

"White Blood is a fine product. If you want NO products than def. consider White Blood. I have one more day to take my White Blood and that is an off day.

This will conclude my evaluation of the White Blood. I'll give it a mmm 7.5/10"

Team Enzyte: White Blood (pending final review)

"Did some cycling yesterday. Afterwards, I did 2 sets of calf raises & they were so pumped it hurt. I couldn't do a 3rd set. Don't know if that's good or not. Would've liked to have done more & I'm not sore today."

"Good Pump overall. Weighed in @ 184.5"

"Friday: Chest workout was okay. Good pump, but strength was down a bit due to getting over the bronchitis.

Saturday:Arms were super pumped. Very nice."

"Legs last night. Nice pump on my thighs. Plenty of energy. This is definitely a quality NO product. My only question is can we take another dose in the day to make the pump last longer?"

Mike83: White Blood

"SO far All i can say is this product def. works!

Im 6'5 and im 285lbs, so ive been taking a double dose.

Today was triceps...They were freaking huge and the most pumped up i ever seen them."

"This bottle is getting used up fast because im using such a large dose. But it is a really solid product"

c++342:White Blood

"i took the white blood yesterday 40 minutes before i lifted. was a shoulder/forearm day, pump was a little more

oh ya stats 6'3 195

today i worked bi's/back and had HUGE pump it was almost painful. i think im gonna like this stuff"

madlaw: Green Bulge + White Blood + Blue Rhino:

"DISCLAIMER: I am 37 and have been lifting and taking supplements for 15 years. I believe I can tell the difference between placebo effect and something that works. I had a crappy night's sleep last night. At 5:30 am I took full doses of Green Bulge, White Blood and Blue Rhino with 1 scoop(I normally take 3) of No Explode.

I had one of the best shoulder/tri workouts ever. I set new highs on all exercises and my endurance was great, even on cardio after lifting.

I am really looking forward to continuing this cycle to see if the trend continues.

Update: Love it, love it, love it. Strength is up, endurance is up, sex drive thru the roof. I appear bigger when getting leaner. Starting a second go round next week.

timmytimm3:Green Bulge + White Blood

"I've been on Green Bulge/White Blood for about 2 weeks now and have nothing but good things to say about it. Increased strength, awesome pumps, and mind/body connection is unreal!!!"

ggarriso: White Blood

I agree, these guys all seem to be top notch in the customer service dept.. So far I have been satisfied with WB

agent myk: White Blood + Thunder

i just finished a whiteblood/ thunder stack. for a while i wasnt impressed, towards the end i fell in love. This stack is incredible. Now im gonna have to wait a few days until i receive it in my next order!!! ahhHH!!

10-03-2005, 10:29 AM
jkeithc82: Green Bulge (pending final review)

geoffsherman: Green Bulge + White Blood (pending final review)

warriors: Green Bulge + White Blood (pending final review)

pu12en12g: Green Bulge + White Blood

kasso99: Green Bulge (Bulk / Cut) pending final review

allstar85: Green Bulge + Xtend (Pending final review)

sword chucks: Green Bulge + White Blood (Pending final review)

bigeasyxxo1: (Pending final review)

jerry.: Green Bulge + White Blood (Pending final review)

Johnny2Swole: (pending final review)

dmbwhiteguy: White Blood + X-Factor (bulking)

zackmurphy: White Blood + Blue Rhino (pending final review)

DA_BEARS123: White Blood (cutting.. pending final review)

JRRBadBoy4Life: Green Bulge Log (pending final review)

10-03-2005, 11:10 AM
Exclude my GB log but whatever


10-03-2005, 12:03 PM
Exclude my GB log but whatever


Yeah thanks PU, ignore all of us little guys keeping daily logs ;)

Just kidding, so far so good on this stuff....

10-03-2005, 12:18 PM
PROVERBS413: Green Bulge Log http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=569045

Over All Thoughts

Green Bulge is undeniably a great product. This one shines in comparision to other creatine/cell volumizers I've used in the past. Green Bulge gives great cell volumization and the magnesium creatine chelate really lives up to the product write up "Magnesium Creatine Chelate has been shown, in clinical trials, to boost strength significantly after just 2 weeks use" as this is the case with me just after about 2 weeks of use. The only thing is that I didn't notice a whole lot of additional endurance or energy with Green Bulge. Also the Arginine Ethyl Ester in Green Bulge didn't seem to do anything special for me as far as pumps go, so stacking this with a NO product like White Blood or Nitro Evolution would be a better choice than running Green Bulge solo in my opinion. Another stack to look at for some of you larger guys over 200lbs is to stack Thunder with Green Bulge. Taking Thunder pre-workout and Green Bulge post-workout. Some might argue that this might be overboard with the daily intake of CEE but I think it would be a solid stack for some of the bigger guys. Over all this is a great product and Controlled Labs is definitely coming out swinging with Green Bulge.

10-03-2005, 12:25 PM
jkeithc82: Green Bulge (pending final review)

geoffsherman: Green Bulge + White Blood (pending final review)

Whoops jkeithc, looks like we are on the list. I just want my shot at bb.com immortality...

10-03-2005, 12:30 PM
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10-03-2005, 01:03 PM
Good post as usual Pu12. That had to take some time.

Also my GB/WB log is in my sig if anyone is interested. I start my second week on it today. :D

10-03-2005, 01:12 PM
Whoops jkeithc, looks like we are on the list. I just want my shot at bb.com immortality...

Yeah I added those :D.... am I missing anyone else ? :eek:

10-04-2005, 09:02 PM
Bringnit: Green Bulge:

"Compared to regular creatine monohydrate I did not notice much of an increase in strength while on Green Bulge; I did, however, notice a definite decrease in recovery time. Very good price when compared to similar products. I would recommend it be used as part of a stack, and I would also recommend an alternate creatine source to be taken post-workout."

agent myk: White Blood + Thunder

"Took me about 2.5-3 weeks on my WB/Thunder stack to notice real results. Now im in love, cant wait for my second order to arrive!"

ukbsktbll: Clout + White Blood

"Well I started my WB/Clout the other day and tried it again today. I didn't seem to get pumps, my squats and leg press that day seemed to be easier, but other than that not much. I am not sure if it supposed to work on the first day of it, or second. Today- the second day of the dosage I didn't feel anything really. I have about 4-5 16.9 oz before the workout through the day. During the workout I had between a quart - 2 during the workout and drank a lot more through the day. I ate, and an hour later I took the WB, and then 20 minutes later took Clout. I was in the gym about 30 minutes later. I get over a gallon of water a day, and take whey, flax seed oil, and clout and WB."

jaymdubbs: Controlled Labs Stack

"as you all already know, the whole stack is unbelieveable. i just had the greatest workout of my life on my first day taking it. i can only imagine what else is in store for me using this stack."

xxdcmast: Green Bulge + White Blood

"I am about halfway through my first bottles and so far Im liking it. Didnt really feel much the first few workouts but it seems good now."

BrightNail: Green Bulge + Xtend

"I took 3 weeks off from working out...hit chest/tris tonight.

This is exactly what I did tonight.

~7ish: 2 thermorexin
~8:30: 3 scoops Xtend
~10:00: 5 caps Green Bulg
~11:00: workout w/ xtend (2.5 scoops)

~12:00: NOW: Pumped like you wouldn't believe and I didn't even hit it that hard. Its ridiculous.

Over the past 3 weeks, I've been taking White Blood off/on to maintain a tolerance for the NO2.

I don't know how I can react to Green Bulge so fast, perhaps its because I was taking xtend with it..but its ridiculous, I got so pumped. Strength was moderate for the layoff."

Manly5000: Green Bulge + White Blood + Blue Rhino

"I have also been taking the CL stack and have had good steady gains over the last 6 weeks. However, it turns out that I was taking the stack wrong, as I would take all 3 together at the same time each morning before going to the gym. From what I've recently read here on bb.com, you aren't supposed to take the Blue Rhino and White Blood together at the same time, rather take the WB about 30 minutes before the BR. I did this yesterday for the first time, woke up at 5:15 a.m. and took the Green Bulge and White Blood. Then at about 5:45 before leaving for the gym, I took the Blue Rhino.

Long story short, I had one of the most insane chest and tricep pumps I've ever experienced, and my chest strength seemed to have drastically increased during yesterday's workout.

Point being, I think I've been missing most of the effects of the WB and BR due to taking them together, yet still have been making nice gains. Now that I know how to properly take them, I look forward to the extra boost and pump that I may have been cheating myself out of.

Just my thoughts. So far I love the stack! :)"

ninja the kid: Green Bulge + White Blood + Vitrix

"I got a lot stronger in just two weeks... (not a lot like 25%, but gains already, ya know?)....

Pumps, few hours!

weight stayin bout even, but losin fat/gainin muscle...

best part... (this may be in my head)

but i feel like im constantly growing... like sitting here i feel like the muscle group from the day before, like i can feel it growing. pretty cool.

tried all types of creatine, and so far this is my fav.

I recommend this stack. when vitrix runs out ill consider blue rhino, but reviews dont sound like its so great.

This prolly not super useful, but like i said... the products were effective on me and i do recommend them."

Da Main Man: Green Bulge & White blood

"ok i bought this stuff on the fly, coz basically everyone seems to like it, and im no exception, didnt do anything drastic on the first few days, but after changing my water drinking habit and dumping my caffine drinking habits, i have noticed extra pumps, veins across chest and shoulders are great and i feel like working HARD!

however, the length of my workouts has been kept short, i lift heavier, rest break times between sets have decreased, and failure has never felt so good :)

Love this stuff! controlled labs, you guys rule!

taste: N/A
Packaging: Looks pretty sweet lol
value : 7/10 for a monthly cycle, 50-60 bucks US around 100 in aussie dollers, its on the pricey side, but well worth it

it works, yes it works.

10-04-2005, 09:08 PM

EDIT: Final Review done. Thought I had it wrapped up already.

10-04-2005, 09:09 PM
good feedback, impressive

10-05-2005, 09:40 AM
BiggJohn: Blue Rhino

"1 full bottle of product (Lot # 0503162 EXP 03/08). I am in no way associate with the company and will give an unbias review. Feel free to ask question or make suggestions at any time, lets all learn together.

190 lbs.
Lifting experience = Started in high school. 15 years on and off. On solid the last six years.

Cycle type over the last 2 months:
At maintaince or slightly below to cut up for summer. Lost about 8 lbs. I'm happy but would like to be stronger.

Weight variance: 236lbs in 2000, 169 lbs in summer 2004.

BF: No data, I can see 4 abs clearly and the making of the bottom 2 in the morning. The mirror will be my compass."

"took 2 caps of Blue Rhino (BR) about 10 minutes before my preworkout shake (22 g of WPI and 30 g of ground oats in 16 oz of water).

Supplement observations-
Nice little bump pre-workout. Not as jittery as I would have thought for 6mg of Y. Still feel a little jittery 2 hrs latter however. During the week I'm going to try to get this in before 5pm so as I'm not awake all night. Way to early to say much."

"Chest and abs. Not a spectular workout as far as raw power, but I did go deep into the workout with good energy.

Didn't sleep well last night (or the day before), not sure if it was because of BR or if I had things on my mind. I'll be a able to draw a conclusion on that in a couple of days....."

"Non-body building observations:

Libido was definately up the entire Blue Rhino run. I had not noticed this on any of the other products of this type I had tried (Protein factory's Unleashed or Biotest's Orginal version of Tribex). For this alone I would recommend purchasing it.

Aggression was also through the roof which was also not noticed on the other products. Things like traffic conjestion or people bumping into me in bars seemed to get on my nerves alot more. This lead to a small incident a few weekends ago.

Self confidence was definately up.

Motivation or drive seemed to be significantly increased.

I did seem to notice some increased shedding on this run. A few more hairs on the bottom of the shower than normal.

On the last few days before I was done, I noticed some testicular discomfort. I'm not sure if this can be attributed to BR however.

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with anything, but I layed out in the sun for a few hours a couple of weeks back and I seemed to retain my tan much longer than normal.

Body Building type observations-

Possible minor improvements in body composition or how I look in the mirror. Nothing incredible, but I would think that would required about a solid 8-12 week run for that to happen anyway.

Minor strength increases, no where near the magnitude of past creatine use.

Overall conclusions-
Overall positive experience. I believe I did actually feel effects of increased test levels and felt like a bit of a different person."

UNDHockey: Blue Rhino

"I purchased this supplement do to the positive feedback on it. I took on entire bottle of it and I was not using any other preworkout stims at all. I took it 45min pre-workout usually with a serving of BCAA or whey.

Energy increases from time to time were mild but nothing great at all. This does not even compare to EC, Ready4War,Scorch or PowerJolt.

Libio increase-None at all , I had a better sense of well being from time to to time but nothing great

Strength increases- Not much at all maybe a 5 pound increase on 2 core exercies. Keep in mind I was taking 1k cal over my daily recommendations.
Keep I mind I was only take bulk CEE with this product nothing more then that.

Overall I would prob not buy this product again I guess I am a non-responder. I look forward to trying Green Bulge to see how that works for me."

batteryrequired: Blue Rhino

43 years of age
6'3" tall
Body fat is anywhere between 10-12% I would guess. Last summer at this weight it was 10% using calipers.
Chest-47 1/2"
Thigh-23 1/2"
Bi's 16 1/4"
training Max-OT

"I received my Blue Rhino today just in time for the start of my workout week. Chest and Tris today. Directions are to take 2 tabs 30-45 min. before workout. Last week did chest and could do 90lb dumbbells 3 sets for 4-6 on flats, tried the 100lb's but didn't have the energy or the strength even with assistance. Today after Blue Rhino I was able to pump up the 100lb dumbbells with no assistance 2 sets for 6 reps and one set of 5 reps. What a boost! Last week on inclines was only 70lb. dumbbells...3 sets 4-6. Today 1 set 80lb dumbbells for 5 reps and 2 sets of 70lb for 6 and 5 reps. Back and bi's are tomorrow."

"Felt very strong tonite on legs. This is my 3rd leg day since starting back on legs again. Much stronger than last week. I do not have any jitters like some people are experiencing. So far so good."

"Wow...had an awesome shoulder workout tonite gang. Felt stronger than I have ever felt doing shoulders. Weight today is 195lbs.

So far, still no adverse effects from Blue Rhino. Wife notices that I am more alert though. This is a good thing as raising 3 kids tends to wear a parent down real quick by the end of the week."

"Would it be ok to keep taking Blue Rhino after the 30 days? Stuff is working great for me and would like to see what I could continue to accomplish for another month or two."

Quelly: Rebound xt, Activate, Blue Rhino, Diesel Test, Horny Goat weed, Fenugreek, zma, dhea

"the reason i am using both diesel test and blue rhino is two-fold. For one, blue rhino contains yohimbe, while diesel test does not, and two, blue rhino's primary ingredient is trib, while diesel test primarily contains avena sativa, and the dosage is low in my opinion for both. So I am combining them (not to mention they both have long jack, and low dosages separately)."

"I gained 7 lbs and my strength went up in almost all my lifts

conclusion: If someone is very intent on not using PHs, they can use atd's and herbal alternatives to get comparable gains to say....somthing like andro 1, 4

good stuff, cool experiment"

Newport Surfer2: Blue Rhino (pending final review)

"skinny fat
166 lbs
roughly 18% BF

I just got a full blood panel done that includes free and total testosterone levels. I will start Blue Rhino up (again) later tonight and I will get my testosterone levels checked again a few days before the bottle in completed.

I will post the results of the first test when I get them early next week."

"Just took a dose of Blue Rhino. The Caffeine/Yohimbe makes me feel alert. But I am smart enough to know that its not the Tribulus working, at least not yet."

"Baseline Test Level: 464

I will be using Blue Rhino on a cut and I will retest my levels in 3 weeks."

Newport Surfer: Blue Rhino

"I think I am too young to have any use for a test booster, I will give it a go anyways."

"I have taken Blue Rhino for about a week now and here is what I can say so far...

* I get slightly irritable when I take it. I assume it has something to do with the Yohimbe
* My morning wood turns into mid-afternoon wood
* Slight energy from the caffeine
* No abnormal strength increases. I won't post a 5lb gain on Bench because that would definately be placebo at this point.
* I have a small pimple on my jawline and that is not due to Blue Rhino.

So far it is your average natural test booster with a little 'zing' from the Yohimbe and Caffeine."

I took the Blue Rhino as stated and even gave a few days worth to a friend of mine who considers me a pill pusher. Haha. Anyways here are my thoughts on the product.


Blue Rhino had a noticeable effect on my libido and sex drive, especially in the mornings. I always wanted it and if it wasn't available I turned to Playboy TV. :)

My friend noticed the same thing after taking it for a few days. He felt energized and horny as hell.


Blue Rhino had a noticable effect on my energy levels as well. The Caffeine & Yohimbe in the product do work and it will give you a temporary "pick me up" with a slight crash after 3 hours or so. It isn't bad and I am sure most won't even notice it.


I never went back to get my test levels checked again but they started out at 464. If I came out and said this product did wonders for me in the gym I would be lieing to you. I would imagine that the effects of Blue Rhino would have been the same in the gym had I been given a placebo pill and told it was actually Blue Rhino.


There wasn't any acne that I would associate with taking Blue Rhino. I had a pimple here, a pimple there but I tend to get a few if I don't wash my face shortly after working out.


I believe this product has a place in the supplement industry but not as a "Test Booster". This belongs in the category of "Libido Enhancing" supplements as it really does work for that cause. If you're looking for a supplement to grow mass in the gym keep looking.

10-05-2005, 10:37 AM
JRRBadBoy4Life: Blue Rhino

"here is the breakdown of my experience with Blue Rhino: 1-10 point system.

Energy- 9 There were only 2 or 3 workouts that I just wasnt feeling very energetic and that may have been because I didnt eat anything. Overall I was very pleased.

Strength-10 For me, strength gains were noted from day 1. I just felt very strong almost every workout. The strength gains slowed after week 1 but I was very impressed with how heavy I was able to lift.

Fat loss/Lean mass gains- 8 Im definately leaner than I was before starting BR. I would estimate I lost between 3-5% bodyfat. Im not very fond of bodyfat testers I just let the mirror show the results, and my physique looks about as good as it ever has. Im definately below 10% now as my abs are showing nicely. I was eating good, lots of carbs, though I wasnt 100% comitted to bulking. My final weigh in a couple of days ago was 178 lbs. I think there was little if any change in my weight. Though I did go up and down in weight a couple of times due to dehydration. I seemed to be able to eat whatever I want and I was still looking leaner and getting stronger.

Mood/Anxiety-5 There were definately some moments of irritability, and I thought this was very interesting as on nonworkout days I chose not to use BR and I felt severly depressed on those days. But I was able to bounce back and overall it wasnt like it was a horrible experience with lots of anxiety. I also didnt feel overly aggressive or angry, just a bit irritable at times.

Other things to note: No more pimples than what I normally get, no hair loss or shedding anywhere, I seemed very fatigue and tired after my workouts and needed at least 8 hours of sleep per night. That could be due to the heavier weights I was lifting and really pushing myself in the gym for almost 2 hours per workout.

Overall Grade-9 To sum it up, I was most impressed with my strength gains. To be honest I didnt think my strength would increase at all and really didnt expect anything from Blue Rhino besides an increase in energy due to the caffeine and perhaps a little fat loss. Im planning on purchasing a couple of bottles toward the end of summer as I want to try to achieve some personal goals in strength. Im thinking an 8-12 week cycle. Id love to hit 400lbs bench max and I think with the right bench press routine and blue rhino and creatine I feel confident I will be able to achieve that. Also, I will cut back on cardio and probably only lift every other day to see if I can make any size gains. I want to stay lean for the summer plus Im going on vacation and stuff so theres no sense in me starting another cycle right now."

Overload: Blue Rhino

"Been taking the Blue Rhino and must say I have lots of energy. Still get jittery from time to time and I don't really care for that feeling. But other than that, good amount of energy for the workouts. My last workout was on Saturday and had good strength for the whole workout. Could have kept going afterwards. Another workout is coming up tonight.

I've also felt as if I don't need as much sleep. Whether that's good or not I'm not sure as we need sleep to recover. It hasn't been an issue so far.

So far I would say strength has increased while BF has stayed the same :)"

not_big_enuf: Blue Rhino

"Did 45 minutes on the treadmill, took some Blue Rhino beforehand and definatley felt like I had more energy than normal. Again, I'm taking this on a cutting diet, so it's hard to gage weight gain from BR. stepped on the scale and I'm down about 5 lbs in 10 days... that's pretty damn nice. I've noticed no strength loss and definately think that Blue Rhino gives me an added boost. Still too early to tell if it's placebo or not."

kasso99: Blue Rhino

"Great stuff, I think I'm hooked, just wish the doses were more potent so I wouldn't need 2 servings a day."

rusty319: Blue Rhino

"I weigh over 250, so I'll be taking three per day, so my log will last for 20 days."

Day 1....I didn't get any yohimbe jitters with either dose, which made me happy. I didn't notice a whole lot, actually, but it's only the first day....

Day 2...good energy and focus. I did notice my temper starting to flare up a bit already, which surprised me. I didn't think that would happen for a little while yet. I didn't have any problems with sleeping even though I took the capsules at 4:30. I usually go to bed at 8:30 (I start work at 4 AM)

Day 3....My strength felt good and I got a good sweat going during my workout. I'm not sure if or why the Blue Rhino would affect this. I am a caffiene junkie so I'm pretty sure it's not that. I noticed increased aggression again and a huge increase in irritability. I really have to watch my temper and it's only been three days. If this keeps up, I may have to cut the dosage back to two capsules total per day even though I'm over 225 lbs.

Day 4....The main things I am noticing so far are increased energy, increased appetite and a shorter fuse.

Day 8....good energy and was sweating heavily. Aggression/anxiety is still up there.

Day 10....decent energy and worked up a good sweat. I felt strong and energetic, also. The only drawback I'm having with the Blue Rhino is how it's affecting my moods. I am short tempered, moody and sullen. I have cut back from three capsules per day to two capsules before working out and now I am splitting the two capsules, one in the morning and one before working out. If my mood doesn't improve soon I'm afraid I may have to quit using the Blue Rhino.

Day 12...good strength and energy, but the anxiety is getting to be too much for me...I think I need to get off of the Blue Rhino for a little bit to get my anxiety under control"

ke0: Blue Rhino

180 lbs
Bodyfat %: Estimated 9-10%

Lifting Experience:
I have been lifting 6 years now, 3 years VERY consistently while only missing 3 weeks of training total during that time.

Training Routine:
Currently under the training of Bobo

"Took my first dose yesterday about 1 hour before my workout. Had great energy in the gym and sweat more than usual. I felt mild chills and jitteryness from the yohimbe working. I took my dose around 4pm and had no problems getting to sleep around 11pm. It's way too early to make any conclusions but so far so good."

"Strength is still good and am having great workouts. I am not noticing the effects of the yohimbe anymore although I'm sure it is aiding in fat loss. I am looking lean from dieting/cardio but nothing out the ordinary so far."

"Strength is up slightly on triceps which is a pretty big deal considering I'm using TUT training and my weight rarely increases. I am looking leaner by the day and feeling great."

Iron Draggin: Blue Rhino

"243 lbs
I took 3 pills this morning. My first impression is that it has a pretty nice kick for stimulant properties. I'm a little surprised as I don't think of Y and caffiene as being particularly innovative in terms of stim complex, but if it works who am I to say anything bad about it."

"I'm still getting a pretty good stimulant kick when I first take the product, but it isn't a long lasting effect.

I noticed an increase in acne starting this weekend, my guess is that is related to increased test levels, and I have been noticing an increase in joint "soreness". My lower back/hip have been really sore this week, i'm not sure if that is related to the Blue Rhino, or not but I hadn't worked my back for over a week so I don't think it was injury/recovery related."

10-05-2005, 03:27 PM
so u finally settled on red acid. too bad, red evanescence would have been so much cooler, i guess its just too hard to fit on a bottle

10-05-2005, 03:47 PM
nice post. Iam leaning towards using green buldge and white blood on my bulk.

10-06-2005, 10:00 AM
Denzelfan: Green Bulge + White Blood

"I'm currently on GB/WB stack and it has been great so far. More strength and the pumps are pretty damn amazing. Last night I only did chest and traps and almost my entire boy was pumps specialy my arms which lead to today which was an arm day and when I got home my I looked and my arm was ****in huge."

Chronicdrummer9: White Blood

"White Blood worked well for me. Wicked hardcore pumps."

D-Termine: White Blood

"white blood did nothing for me, but i may be a non responder"

cjjackson85: Green Bulge + White Blood + Blue Rhino

"I've been on a GB/WB/BR stack for a little over 3 weeks now. I've noticed little gains here and there. I have more energy then I did before and am able to work out much longer. So far so good, may be a little placebo effect though.

CEE is a lot easier on my stomach than mono ever was. :)"

timmytimm3: White Blood

"White blood has worked awesome for me. Not only do you get a great pump, but the mental focus and mind/body connection I get from it is amazing!! It honestly helps me lift more weight, while maintaining proper form."

10-09-2005, 06:16 AM
-James (Trans_Isomer @ DiscountAna****** ): Green Bulge + White Blood

"I have to say I was skeptical at first, but the GB/WB stack was amazing. The best ive ever taken. Congrats to controlled labs."

MHaun: Green Bulge + White Blood

"I have been taking the Green Bulge White Blood stack for 4 weeks now and am
getting great results! I was thinking about taking Omega Thunder in my next
stack but if I can find Glycerol Mono and get some CEE I think it would be
better to stick with green bulge instead of thunder. So do you think I
should stick with green bulge, Glycerol Mono, and CEE or go with thunder?
And if green bulge where do I find Glycerol Mono?"

GeordieArtois: Green Bulge

"Ok, here is my overall review on Green Bulge.

I didn't get any strength gains with this product or add any weight to my lifts, apart from the gains that I feel were naturally due.

I had excellent pumps, most noticeably in my biceps and forearms. On a few occasions, the pumps were so strong that my forearms actually felt numb. Also, ever since I started Green Bulge, my calfs have been very pumped 24/7, even though I have not been trraining them directly.

I haven't noticed any change in vascularity.

I have noticed a fuller, volumised look to my muscles. I look/looked pumped all day, which was very pleasant.

As far as I can tell, I'm probably the only person that hasn't had strength gains from Green Bulge but I am a responder to CEE. The vast majority of people who have tried Green Bulge have had far better results than I have, so if you have read my log and are undecided as to whether or not you want to try it.....I say give it a go.

If people ask my opinion on which CEE products to try I will list Green Bulge as one of my choices as it gives excellent results in the vast majority of those who have tried it.

I would also recommend a Green Bulge/White Blood stack, as that stack has recieved very positive feedback."

Outside backer
10-09-2005, 07:24 AM
SO is this stuff any good :)

i mean would you reccomend it to anyone :)


this is on my lis to try after i finish my POWERFULL CISSUS RX stack

10-11-2005, 10:34 AM
rgkstl: Green Bulge + Powerfull (pending final review)

10-12-2005, 06:42 PM
tplant: Green Bulge + White Blood

final thoughts here we go.

Green Bulge: Definetly loved this product. Was the best volumizer I have used to date by far. When I left the gym I always looked much fuller Also it defiently seemed to increase energy and I loved the strength increases it gave me as I was putting up more weight every workout. Hoenstly this is my new favorite creatine. I will buy it again however I recently bought some thunder to compare it with so after that I will see which one I prefer but im gonna use up my bulk cee first.

White Blood: I liked this product but even when I increased the dosages it was still not the best pump product Ive ever used. SAN ox still gave me oddly enough the best pumps of my life. ALso the old cold fusion by Legal Gear also gave me bvetter pumps. That is not to to that white blood isnt a good product its just that there are others I prefer more. Also one final note I did notice that when I really increased my carbs 30 minutes after taking the WB I had insanly good pumps.

So to sum up I think that both of these products are very good, especially the green bulge, and I will most certainly buy both again.

10-14-2005, 05:08 PM
IMNOPUNK: Green Bulge + White Blood

"Im currently taking GB/WB, and have been for three weeks now and have had zero results. The amount of water this stack requires {i think} is impossible! Up to two gallons? I am not sure I can drink one gallon of water per day! I am not convinced that much water a day is even healthy.

I am not angry nor am i sorry i went with this stack, however i am disapointed i did not see the results!"

sothrowedmex: White Blood + Green Bulge + Blue Rhino

"well im not a rep nor anyones friend here but I am on the white blood green bulge blue rhino stack and let me tell you lately i cant even scratch my own back or ass thats how pumped i have been. **** today I did bi's and tris and my damn right headphone came out of my ear and i couldnt even reach up to put it back in cuz my arms were so engorged with "the pump" So far my gains have been solid, I feel and look stronger and I have been able to push out more reps. I will go on a 2nd bottle of each. I like it better than nitrix by bsn, and no2."


"I've had fantastic results from "little" companies like Controlled Labs and Get Diesel."

Rick H: Green Bulge

"I just wanted to thank you for Green Bulge. Iíve tried everything under the sun in my 25 years of lifting, and Green Bulge really made a difference. At 40 years old, Iím in the best shape of my life! Iím 6í6Ē and weigh about 235 right now, 100% natural with 17Ē arms. If you ever have new products that need testing, drop me a line. Thanks again!!!"

Cantucky: White Blood

"I recently started using White Blood and by day 3 (today) I had the best pumps on biceps I have had IN A LONG TIME. After trying pump-tech I didn't have much faith in an No2, but White Blood seems to have delivered."

10-14-2005, 05:44 PM
Made it to New Jersey from the UK. Got my color stack the same day (I ordered it early enough so that I could use it right away). All I have to say is....

Damn that is some good stuff!!! The reviews were very helpful, and the products all lived up to their hype.

Now....Bring on RED ACID!!!!!

10-15-2005, 06:50 PM
Trans_Isomer: Green Bulge/White Blood Stack:

"Starting Date: 9/7/05
End Date: 10/6/05
Goals: Bulking, gain muscle mass

Weight Gained from start to end: 7lbs

Supplement History: SNS Creatine E2 Matrix, BSN No-Xplode, Ergopharm 1-NO, Gaspari Superpump250, Muscletech Nitrotech, Muscletech Cell-Tech, Muscletech Pump-Tech, MRI NO2, Designer Supps GXR, AAP Kre-Alkalyn, Prolab Advanced Whey Protein, Prolab N-Large2, Cytosport Cytogainer, Twinlab Pro-Insulin Fuel, Prolab Creatine monohydrate, Flax Oil, Multivits, MRI Glucotize, Pinnacle Esterified Creatine 4000, Saw Palmetto, NTS Muscleade

Impact of GB/WB on workout: 9/10, Awesome, Awesome pumps. Tightness and vascularity was unreal. Strength and reps went up on all exercises, arms were pumped for hours upon completion of workout. This has to be the best stack ive ever supplemented with thus far. Felt a little lite headed sometimes while working out, GB/WB does have K-R-ALA in it, inducing low blood sugar, which isnt something I particularly want before working out. But again, this has been the best supplement stack ive ever tried.

Affordability of GB/WB: 10/10, The affordability of this stack is what drew me to it. The prices for these products are awesome, there are very few products you can find for a better price than these. And the ingredients for what you get is great as well.

Comparison of GB/WB to other Creatine/NO products on market: 10/10, Again, the price on these products is awesome. Comparible products cost $10, $15 dollars more. The GB contains Creatine Magnesium Chelate, which I really like the inclusion of, has some good science behind it, and of course, CEE. I have never tried CMC and it definitely is somthing that should be in a creatine product. Ive gotten stronger off this creatine than any other creatine product.

WB definitely gives some baddass pumps. My arms were so tight and pumped that they actually hurt. Ive never had pumps like this before. For the price, this is definitely a MUST TRY product. Blows other NO products ive tried out of the water.

Side Effects: Felt a little light headed sometimes while working out. And yes, I drank plenty of water. The K-R-ALA from the products might be the reason for this. Id rather these products not have K-R-ALA in them since they are preworkout products, and I dont know of too many people who would want low blood sugar preworkout potentially.

Final Comments

These products do what they say they do. Increased strength, great pumps, and all around great workouts. Like I said, this was the best supplement stack ive ever tried. I dont like that they contain K-R-ALA, and am still not sold on 4-hydroxyisoleucine. The price on these products are awesome, the products do what they say they do, and I definitely recommend these products to anyone looking for a great creatine or NO product. These are some very impressive products, I will try to get some pics on here :)


Fighting Sioux
10-15-2005, 06:57 PM
I will be testing GB very soon however I did not get any results at all taking Blue Rhino and I went through 2 bottles of them. No increased energy maybe a little bit more sense of well being and thats about it. I do look forward to trying GB though but Blue Rhino I was not impressed with. I did not respond to it which does not mean its a bad product just not for me. Thanks again Tank

G.W. Hayduke
10-15-2005, 06:59 PM
Am I just a White Blood non-responder? It took a double dose just to get effects comparable to 3 grams of taurine.

Perhaps I should try the WB/GB stack sometime. Damn these good reviews!

For now, I stand by my criticism of NO prods.

10-17-2005, 09:54 AM
I just wanted to add to the thread:


GB/WB is the best Creatine/NO stack I've ever used. Thanks Controlled Labs, keep up the good work!

10-18-2005, 07:12 PM
kasso99: Green Bulge

"2 PRs while on Green Bulge!!!

I wrapped up using Green Bulge after coming down with a bad cold (not due to Green Bulge) and was extremely pleased with this product. I will be using it in the future after my competition November 5th- the All South Nat'l Qualifier.

Strength levels were through the roof- as you can see from my log I set 2 Personal Records in the:
Squat (455)
and Deadlift (455)

I will be trying to shatter those numbers come December, when I resume training for strength and speed. I Definitely recommend this product."

domin4nt: Green Bulge + White Blood + Blue Rhino

"I am pretty new into working out with weights. I used to be into martial arts, but my friends convinced me to start getting 'big'. So, after looking here on the forums, I decided to try out all three Controlled Labs products: Blue Rhino, Green Bulge, and White Blood. These are the first supps that I have ever taken. It has been a month, and I would like to share with you all what I think about the products.

First off, im 21, 6'2" and weighed in at 195 lbs last month when i started to take all three supps. I am up to 210 as of last night and am leaner and meaner.

White Blood is awesome. The very first time I took a dose was a day I was doing some concrete work. After moving a few bags and mixing I was so amazed at how strong I felt. Veins all popping out and effortlessly throwing those bags around was awesome. My forearms felt so swollen,, yet so strong. Let alone the first day, the feeling has kept around with every workout. Definitely feel the pump. It is an awesome feeling. This stuff works for me. =)

Green Bulge has worked as well. I noticed it most in my arms and chest which are alot fuller than they have ever been. But, unlike what i have seen before in people who use creatine, mine seem a little more defined. It is amazing though, with how much I weigh...210 lbs. being the most ever. I like the results.

Now to talk about Blue Rhino. This stuff is crazy! It took about a week to kick in...and the kick was insane. It fells like my test levels went through the roof...so much so that I don't know if I want to continue taking this supp. With this stuff I feel so incredibly strong, like I could take on the whole world. I seriously feel like the Hulk while taking this stuff...as if I was invincible. That is an awesome feeling which is quite addicting.

BUT, I also have been experiencing tons of rage. I get soooo angry over absolutely nothing. I have banned myself from taking the freeways to work and school since I get too frustrated with other people driving. But even driving the city streets has been super stressful with my absent patience. I find myself yelling alot when people do stupid things while driving or when I have to stop at red lights. lol. But it goes too far when I get so mad that I want to break or punch things. I have day dreams about destroying stuff or hurting people. I ended up punching the roof of my truck on a commute home, and I am pretty sure I fractured my knuckle, since it is still injured. After that happened, I took a step back and told myself that I need to chill, because that was just stupid. So, with my bottle empty now, I feel super strong, sex drive through the roof, and have a higher confidence in doing everything, but I am trying to decide if they are worth the stress I get from my intense rage.

Also, since i have been taking all three supps, I have been experiencing 'upset stomach' symptoms. It is pretty minor, but worth mentioning.

As of right now, I am going to buy more White Blood and Green Bulge since I am super satisfied with the results. But the Blue Rhino might be put off for a while since it has actually transformed my personality into a different person. Though, I have been thinking about still taking it but spacing out the doses.

Not technical, but maybe my opinion on my experiences can help someone else out making a decision. All in all, I am very happy with these products and look forward to doing more training with them."

dinot1985: White Blood

"I've had some amazing pumps with White Blood. You can get them about 3 minutes into a good workout."

hard_gainer123: Green Bulge + White Blood

"I had been cutting sence before summer started, because I had been bulking for three straight years. Even being an extreme ecto, had gained considerable fat on my way to 180 pounds. Now I started bulking last week, using the green bulge/white blood stack(sesamin and cla, bulk CEE), The first day I weighed in at 151. I have been trying to stay in the 3300-3800 calorie range, eating pretty clean(a couple days at 4000+) 300+ grams of protein a day.

I weigh myself weekly, and on the start of my second week I weighed in a whopping 7 pounds heavier. I figured, It was probably a little fat gain because I shouldnt have bumped up my calories so fast, plus some water bloat, and due to my new routine, some good lean mass in there too. I figured all that weight was an abbreviation, so I checked my weight today, day 9, for the hell of it, and Im all the way up to 161, a whopping 10 pounds(note that I weighed myself in the evening instead of noontime) Now, Im using the never get fat stack, so not much of this should be fat, and I didnt think CEE product were soposed to bloat you very much. So im trying to figure out, WHERE THE HELL IS ALL THIS WEIGHT COMING FROM?!?!

By the way, I am absolutly LOVING THIS STACK, great strength gains awesome pumps, and amazing stamina in the gym, i've been tearing the gym a new ass hole."

10-18-2005, 08:20 PM
I will be giving my final review at the end of the week Pu12 so keep an eye out.

10-19-2005, 09:09 AM
xxdcmast: Thunder + White Blood

"So I started taking the OT/WB stack just about a month ago and have been on it for 20+ workouts not sure exactly how many though. At first I didnt really feel anything off these pills and thought that they might not be as good as everyone says. After speaking with a few other people on this board and heeding their suggestions the pills finally started kicking in. Below ar emy workout weights and gains over the 20 something days I have been taking this stack. This is not all of them I am just giving a small sample of my most impressive gains.

flat bench
Starting 250, 255 ,260 ,265 5 each set
Ending 265, 270, 275, 280 5 each set

Starting Weight assist 60 50 40 10 each set
Ending Weight assist 20 10 0 10 each set

5 Set curl machine (overload beginning, middle, end, middle & begining, Middle & end)
Starting 45 10 each set for 5 sets
Ending 60 10 each set for 5 sets

Military Press
Starting 40 50 60 10 each set
Ending 50 60 70 10 each set

I have much more information that I will be putting into a log but just wanted to give my 2/3 of the way impression. I know many people on here have said it but this is definitely a solid stack. I put on some quality gains and have an overall feeling of more strength when I take these and go to lift. So far I give these the thumbs."

eljay: Blue Rhino

"Ok, guys, I gotta say that I love Blue Rhino! The first day I used it I added about 20 lbs more on the T-bar than previously. When I got to the end of the workout (abs + cardio) I was doing my high pulley ab crunches. I usually do two sets of 20 at 180 lbs. That day I did 4 sets of 20 at 200 lbs!

Thenext day was benching and I usually do a few sets of30 and 35 lb weights of the bar. That day I just kept adding 5 lbs and going up to to the 45 lb weights and doing 6 to 8 reps. Yeah, I know that aint much, but at 70 I'm lucky to be doing much at all a the gym. Course, I bike a mile to the gym and then back home.

I love the BR, it has changed my workouts completely!

Larry (eljay)"

dmbwhiteguy: Blue Rhino

"I hate to give a bad review of a product from such a reputable company. But my reviews are always honest, so here it goes.

I started my Blue Rhino approxamtely halfway through my X-Factor cycle. I was very excited to try out this product ( I had been using White Blood and love it) So I figured to be just as satisfied by Blue Rhino.

First off, I did not recieve that sense of focus/stimulation like other posters had claimed. I honestly could not tell the difference between the days when I was on Blue Rhino and the few times I forgot to take it (2x).

As far as strength/mass gains There were very few if any. I attribute my gains to the X-Factor. But once I was off X-Factor and only using the Blue Rhino I did not notice gains of any signifigance.

To all the readers of this post, please do not shy away from CL products. They are a great company with great products, all of them. Blue Rhino just didn't work out for me."

Old_Joe: Green Bulge + Blue Rhino:

"I've been using the GB+BR stack for a couple weeks now and so far-- it rocks.

Great strength.
Great Burn.

Plus, BR has made me even more frisky in the bedroom and that makes the wife happy.

I'd like to add that while this stack alone has been good, I also use MAN's B.O. for my Citrulline Malate and for a couple days a week when I do a more intense Cardio, I take a couple tabs of AMP w/ the BR."

Jwillbc55: White Blood + Green Bulge + Ready4War

"Well my White Blood/Green Bulge/ Ready4War(new formula) stack is over and here is my final review.

Strength: My strength went up in many of my lifts and hit several personal bests. I felt very strong throughout the whole stack and looked forward to the gym even more than usual because I was doing more weight consistently.

Pumps: The pumps were in a word, ridiculous. This was good on some days but was too much on others. I don't think I really even needed the White Blood to be honest and some days I didn't even use it.

Energy: This was very pleasant, not a huge rush but a nice constant focus that most of the time didn't have a come down. I never really had any trouble getting to sleep as long as I took it before about 7PM. The new R4W tastes better, hits you quicker, and provides this sense of well being that made me look forward to taking it.

Other: I gained maybe 5-6 pounds during the month and much of it i attribute to my extra intensity and focus in the gym. I would sometimes not like how much water I was holding because I often felt bloated and couldn't see my usual definition. Overall I would recommend all of these products but for me stacking WB and GB is a little much. Next time I would just get the Green Bulge and Ready4War but all products do what they say they will.

If you want to know more check out my log in the supplement log section"

too damn skinny: Green Bulge + No-Xplode

"First of all let me say that i have tried just about every no and creatine product out there and this "stack" is by far the best combination i have ever used.

I had real nice energy, focus, and pumps from the NO-Xplode for my workout and the GB gave me good strength gains and "muscle fullness" I just took the GB post workout and used the NO-Xplode pre workout. The stack is a little expensive but it's well worth it imo. I'm sure you could use super pump 250 or amped instead of NO-Xplode if you dont like NO-Xplode.

If you have the extra money try it for once and see how you like it. I might use the white blood next time with green bulge but the NO-Xplode worked so well with it i dont know if i wanna switch."

10-20-2005, 07:00 PM
DrVonNostrand: Green Bulge + White Blood

"I've been rather critical of these products, and am now about half-way done with both products. I said I would update with any changes, and in this case I feel that my experience might be beneficial.

For over two weeks, I thought nothing of these products in terms of benefit. I've since seen an impact, but have had to make several modifications to achieve this. My diet and water intake is fine, this was not an issue.

Saw strength increases only after taking Bulk CEE post workout, with GB pre-workout.

This is the big one, since WB is hailed as a be-all, end-all pump supp. I was taking WB with 30 mins without food prior and 30 mins without food post before drinking my preworkout shake on the way out the door.
I did some experimenting, and finally got a near-painful pump, though I will probably not make this method a habit.

I took GB+WB on an empty stomach first thing in the am, went to the gym 45 minutes later, and did not consume any food prior. No shake, nothing. Just drank around 3/4 gallon water pre and during the workout, as well as 1 scoop of gatorade mix spiked with caffeine powder.
The result was absolutely sick forearm and overall arm pumps, as well as stiffening of the back and chest.
The argument for preworkout nutrition will probably keep me from making this a habit, but it was an interesting experience."

10-22-2005, 05:58 PM
E Thug: Green Bulge + White Blood

"Hey guys I have 5 more days on GB/WB cycle but I dropped the BR because of the advice of PU. Nothing still, no weight gain but I will not be able to determine strength gain because I will not be working out. Therefore here is my overrall review of the products:

GB/WB/BR Cycle:

Loved that they were pills because CEE tastes nasty but I felt nothing on this stack. I compared it to similar products I have taken such as CEX (VPX) and Omega Sports Thunder, both which gave me good results. I have also taken BSN Nitrix with some success but it was better then the results I got with WB. In all I spent close to 100 dollars on the stack buying it from bb.com. This stack has recieved good feedback because it does have a solid line of ingredients and CL is a quality company. They responded to my e-mails and pms quickly and really tried to help me even though nothing worked.

I will take this week off from working out and then I am going to start a Ready 4 War, Omega Thunder, and Xtend Log. I will also bump up my calories to near 3800-4000 with about 225g of protein. I am also debating to switch from a Max-OT routine to a 5x5 or a Westside routine while on this stack.

Overrall just pure disappointment with this stack. This is my last post till Wilma passes. Be safe guys and thanks for tuning in....."

4amWorkouts: Green Bulge + White Blood + Blue Rhino

"It is hard when you are doing a stack, especially when some of the 'effects' overlap, to really say what specific component worked and what didn't. That to some extent is the case with this Controlled Labs Blue Rhino\Green Bulge\White Blood test.

So let's look at what the components of this stack claimed to do and wether or not they met those claims. Please excuse the paraphrasing. PU or Tank, if I left something out, please let me know and I will correct it.

BLUE RHINO: We designed Blue Rhino to help your body produce more total testosterone while simultaneously helping to unbind your existing testosterone by limiting SHBG in your system.

Extra power that translates into greater lifts and muscle growth. No noticable increase is size or strength that can be specifically contributed to BR. I was able to increase each lift on a consistant 5-10lbs per lift, which is pretty normal. Did BR help? Maybe, maybe not.

Increases sex drive and helps energize by way of a stimulatory effect. Sex drive did increase the first week of the stack. After that it pretty much dropped back to pre-stack level (almost nothing).

Will get you pumped up for your workout, and has an energizing effect that will help you push the weights a bit harder, which will lead to greater mass gains. Muscle energy and intensity were great through out the stack. I never really felt tired during my workouts, just pushed to the limit in a good way.

GREEN BULGE: Green Bulge is the most advanced creatine matrix volumizer ever to reach the market. It combines Magnesium Creatine Chelate (MCC), a patented form of creatine, with Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE) to deliver synergistic benefits. Magnesium Creatine Chelate has been shown in clinical trials to boost strength significantly after just 2 weeks.

These two forms of creatine work as described in over 99% of users, whereas creatine monohydrate could not be tolerated by a large percentage of users due to mild "side effects". Taurine Ethyl Ester (TEE) and Arginine Ethyl Ester (AEE) have been added to the formula for volumizing and nitric oxide enhancing effects. Creatine and nitric oxide go hand in hand when trying to increase strength, protein synthesis and pumps.

Keep your gains and keep your health with Green Bulge. If you want to increase your stamina in the gym and gain size and strength, Green Bulge is the right choice for you. It is hard to say wether it was the BR or GB that increased my energy during this stack. I will say that intensity and strength were as good with this stack as with other energizers that I have tried. And the energy lasted well into the day, about 5hrs post wo. I did experience some minor muscle gramping these past two days, which is common for me when withdrawling from creatine products, so I feel we can say that GB did help feed my muscles. No noticable bloat at all.

Key Attributes:

Mass Gains
Increased Strength
Increased Pumps. The pumps seemed to hit the major muscle groups (chest, legs, back) the most during high rep situations, especially cardio on the treadmill, and lasted about an hour post wo. While I did have the odd workout where I doubled the usual weight increase on some of the compound exercises, this was few and far between, and I can't honestly contribute it to the stack. I can say that GB worked as good as any creatine product I have tried.

WHITE BLOOD: White Blood is the most complete nitric oxide and transport enhancing formula around. It uses ethyl ester technology to enhance the delivery of the two key ingredients, arginine ethyl ester di-hcl (AEE) and ornithine ethyl ester di-hcl (OEE). These two amino acids are bonded to an ester, which increases the absorbability of both compounds.

Deliver incredible pumps and greater vasodilation than arginine AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate), which is contained in the most popular nitric oxide products, or any other nitric oxide enhancer could ever have achieved in the past. I never really left a workout feeling 'swollen'. I did have a couple days where I felt bigger, but that was it. As was said with the GB, the pumps seemed to hit the major muscle groups (chest, legs, back) the most during high rep situations, especially cardio on the treadmill, and lasted about an hour post wo. So was this GB or WB..?

White Blood's pumps and increased nutrient uptake will last your entire workout and then some. My muscles really felt great, with limited soreness that day or the next. I believe that any DOMS that I felt had more to do with the isolation exercises that I was doing than a failure of the stack. Now, I am not sure if pumps that last an hour post wo qualifies as "and then some".

White Blood's esterfied compounds work for nearly everybody, even past nitric oxide non-responders. Our tests have shown that White Blood will illicit pumps in at least 95% of the population. Yes I had pumps, but with the exception of legs, nothing seriously major. No increase in major vascularity - veins busting through skin.

OEE can help stimulate the production of growth hormone (GH), which can lead to mass gains. Going from a predominantly compound routine to more of an isolation workout, I would expect to see more definition, which I did. This was at about the usual rate, and so I can't honestly say that WB increased any muscle mass. My weight for the most part has staid consistant, with some decrease in subcu fat which exposed more subcu vascularity.

White Blood also has an amazing effect on erectile tissue as an added bonus. Never saw this at all.

Once again, since some of the attributes of the components overlap, it is pretty impossible to say specifically which product worked and which didn't. I can't honestly say that the inclusion of one or the exclusion of another would have effected my workouts. I would have thought that by taking 3 products that claim to increase size and stength I would have seen more drastic gains in both (a compounding effect). I feel I probaly saw the gains of one product.

I do know that I am 45lbs beyond the increased dosage of the products, and maybe that needs to be addressed. Also, by increasing the dosage it shortened the stack time, so I may not have been in this test long enough. This stack did not hurt my workouts, but I am not sure how much it really helped. Sorry guys..."

10-24-2005, 05:49 AM
skelooth: Green Bulge + White Blood + Blue Rhino

"The Final Review.

Since the stack was composed of three supplements, I'll review them all seperatley with a synergy review at the end. "The good" what I found to be good about the product. "The bad" is gripes and short comings of the product, and "The ugly" is factors that may or may not have skewed results.

Blue Rhino:
- The good: At three caps I would get a nice little energy boost similar to a small does of ephedrine
- The bad: There was no signs of increased testosterone. No increase in skin oil or acne, no vivid dreams, no increase in libido.
- The ugly: I've been spoiled from taking EC stacks all summer long, so the stimulation from blue rhino was really pale in comparison.

White Blood:
- The good: I got lots of new vascularity, mostly while lifting. My pumps went fuller, and lasted much longer (well over an hour).
- The bad: Increased lactic acid build up while exercising, to the point of it being painful. Very bad DOMS and a greatly increased recovery time. Occasional headaches that felt like pressure in my brain.
- The ugly: This is my first experience with a NO product, and it looks like I just don't respond well to it. I seem to have gotten an opposite effect of what it's supposed to do.

Green Bulge:
- The good: The best of the three I think. I got some good cell volumization similar to creatine mono products. No bloating/water retention.
- The bad: No strength or endurance boost to go along with the cell volumization.
- The ugly: I'm a long time creatine monohydrate user, and I respond much better to creatine monohydrate. This was my first experience using an Ethyl Ester.

Synergy of the three
- The good: Good pumps and cell volumization.
- The bad: DOMS, oh the pain....this stack has given me the worst DOMS of my life. For me the stack fell short of my expectations. I've read logs of other people who have had GREAT results with these products, I am not so fortunate. I am not saying these are bad products, it's entirely possible that I just do not respond well to them.
- The ugly: One thing that may have seriously skewed results, is the fact that I'm over trained at this point. I have been lifting 4-6 times a week since april, and I am now humbly (and finally) about to take a week off from lifting. My body needs it.

I would like to thank the guys at controlled labs VERY much for allowing me to log their stack on their dime. These guys make solid products and are always around to help people who have questions about them. I feel apologetic that I'm giving this stack such a mediocre review, but I'm honest with myself and others."

10-27-2005, 11:23 PM
Kingpig: Green Bulge + White Blood

"well i didnt have any time to do a log, so why not the next best thing in a honest review.
the products taken were:
green bulge-http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/clabs/green.html
white blood-http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/clabs/white.html

i took this stack 45-30 minutes before each workout. The first week of taking this stack i really didnt feel any effects from it, just more persperation. But it really kicked in the second week around. I really enjoyed the pump that this stack was giving me during my workouts. The pump would generally wear down about a half hour after the workout, though the rest of the day and night i had fullness in my muscles(which i like)
i also saw a definition increase in my muscles which is also a plus.
as for strength gain it gradually went up as i continued the stack, nothing mind blowing but satisfying.
all in all id have to give the pump a 9/10, strength a 6/10, and overall stack a 8/10. good products."

jmil: Green Bulge + White Blood + Blue Rhino

"Friday: 10/14/05

Final Day:

Alright, in closing...this is definitely one of the best stacks I've used. CL is a standup company, and puts out no BS products that do what they're supposed to do. I got very good pumps off the white blood, and I really liked the Green Bulge.

As it stood I started at:
217 lbs.
220 lbs. (That's pretty good for me in 3 weeks.)

Bench is about the same, maybe down a little bit...but that's due to overtraining. I feel it would've been down a lot more if I wasn't taking this.

Deadlift went up about 10-15 lbs., which is awesome!

Squat is about the same, but I haven't been doing it too much because my sciatica has been hurting on the way down.

Very good products, and will definitely be stacking these again in the near future. Thanks to CL for giving me the chance to review the green bulge, and thanks to PU for always answering questions and giving insight. Thanks again, for reading...new log coming right now."

10-28-2005, 01:01 AM
jkeithc82: Green Bulge

Green Bulge

Final Review

Cycle = 09/17/05 - 10/24/05
Days = 38 (1 week interruption for Hurricane)
Common Dosage = 7 capsules Green Bulge
Additional supplements tested with Green Bulge = Leucine, Glycerol Mono, NOS Thrust, bulk CEE

Favorable Effects Noticed

Increased cell volumization
Greater strength retention during cut
Enhanced Energy, Stamina, Endurance
Recovery slightly increased

Less Favorable Effects Noticed

Some days (after off days) little to no effect (perhaps because I only took on training days)

Final Product Thoughts

I will run down each effect with a sentence or two before giving a final summery


Increased Cell Volumization = During training I felt bigger, tighter and more pumped then normal. I noticed the volumization increase the most in my triceps, chest, forearms and biceps and least in my legs and back. I tried to drink plenty of water throughout the day and during training, averaging around 1-1/2 gallons throughout the day and 100-120 oz. during workouts. It didn't take long most of the time to feel the pump, sometimes only after one or two sets. Other days that it did take longer, it may have been because I didn't allow enough time before working out (days in which I took GB 25-30 minutes before training).

Greater strength retention during cut = For the past several weeks I have been cutting and my calories have been reduced, while cardio has increased. However, my strength levels for the most part have stayed strong, with some exercises and lifts losing a little but most remained and some lifts even increased, most notably increases on bench press, decline press, squats, triceps extensions.

Enhanced Energy, Stamina, Endurance = This is the main effect I experienced and that was the amount of energy and endurance I had while on this product. It felt like I was still just as strong during my last sets as I was during the first. There were times when I would be finished with my workout, but I didn't want to leave the gym, so I just looked for other things to do (various secondary muscle exercises like ones for serratus, obliques, etc.). Sometimes I would tack on a little cardio at the end or just do a few extra sets of whatever body part I was working. There were only a few days when I felt sluggish or tired, but those were few and far between.

Less Bloating Effect = I honestly did not experience any bloating while on this product, even after a high carb/fat meal. I woke up in the morning tighter, and even several hours after a meal I didn't have a sluggish, fat feeling.

Recovery slightly increased = Not a major effect from this but I did notice especially in my legs that recovery didn't take as long. I had soreness, but the main DOMS didn't hit me too hard and my muscles felt worked a day or after but not destroyed like in the past. I can't say sleep was increased any while taking Green Bulge, but GXR did play a role at times in better sleep quality.


Some days (after off days) little to no effect (perhaps because I only took on training days = I used this (except for the final few days) on workout days only, not off days. I noticed that when training 2-3 days in a row the effect was better felt on that 2nd or 3rd day rather than the first day. I'm not saying I didn't feel anything if taking it after an off day, but it was enhanced taking it on consecutive days. This is definitely a product I feel that needs to be taken everyday rather then on workout days only.

Stacked Supplement Listing

Glycerol Monohydrate = Huge cell volumization increase when taking GB with 3 tbsp of GM pre workout. I tested taking GM before, and before and during my workout and will say that taking it pre workout caused the same effect as if I took it before and during. I think perhaps Tank and Pure may want to consider adding GM to Green Bulge in the future.
L-Leucine = No real noticeable effects here, but energy remained constant throughout. I didn't take L-Leucine every workout, only on days where I felt maybe my calorie was a little lower or I felt a little sluggish. I am cutting so I feel at times it is beneficial to use extra amino acids (damn X-Tend being so expensive).
NOS Thrust = Just a pre workout drink, but what is interesting was the fact that it contained 10 grams glycerine, 200 mg of caffeine and 3 grams of an arginine, AKG blend. I used this once with GB, and it did wake up pretty well. I don't believe I would recommend adding caffeine to GB but I think it would be something for future users to consider stacking to see what results they experience.
Bulk CEE = This was taken at 2-4 grams post workout. Nothing to really report about this, just creatine that was used in conjunction with Green Bulge.

I really enjoyed using this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to get a boost in his or her workouts, maintain strength while cutting, or increase cell volumization while training. I believe this is a great blend of ingredients and the price is awesome and very affordable. I would recommend taking it everyday however, as I believe my results would have been further increased by doing so. Note that this review was unsponsored and the product was purchased on my own."

10-28-2005, 10:53 PM
DC1 @ B N: Green Bulge

"Overall impressions from the product – Obviously one of the easier creatine/no products to use considering they are capsules. No fooling around with huge containers of powder and mixing. No negative side effects to mention. Out of all the creatine/no combinations i have tried this beats all but a close tie with Nitrojet. Really good bang for the buck. A full month cycle for 30 bucks Canadian dollars, you can't complain. Overall weight gain on this product was 3lbs, and what appears to be lean mass. I feel really full and more dense now. Particularly in the legs which is where i think most of the weight gain is attributed to. Mid section remains the same. I increased my strength in all exercises, but due to a sore rotary cuff had to limit my delt work towards the end. Muscle size increased in most areas. I really felt my quads the most and being an area that i wanted to put emphasis on, i am super happy. I will try to post another pic sometime this week.

-Whether or not you would use this product again- I would and i am going to use this product again. It's a good safe staple for a solid supplement foundation, along with protein, a good multi, and efa's. When i place my next order i will possibly stack it with White Blood.

-Whether or not you would recommend this product- I certainly will reccomend this product to friends, and i have. Plus ordering it from this store..hehe...great service!!

-How much you felt that inconsistencies in your diet, training, etc. interfered with an accurate evaluation of the product – i had no problem whatsoever integrating this with my normal eating habits and routine. Like i said, no upset stomach or diahrea which can be common in alot of simliar products.

-Final remarks - Again i am very thankful for Controlled Labs and allowing me to test their product. It seems they have done there homework and produce top notch supplements.

Starting Stats:

Weight: 185lbs

Arms: L 16 &#188;” - R 16”
Forearms: L 12 &#188;” - R 12 3/8”
Quads: L 23” – R 23”
Calves: L 15 3/8” – R 15 1/8”
Chest: 44” relaxed

Final Stats:

Weight: 188lbs

Arms: L 16 &#188;” - R 16” (no change)
Forearms: L 12 &#188;” - R 12 3/8” (no change)
Quads: L 23 &#188; ” – R 23 &#190; ” (increases of &#188;”and 3/8”)
Calves: L 15 &#189; ” – R 15 &#188; ” (increases of 1/8” and 1/8”)
Chest: 44” relaxed (no change)"

UNDHockey a.k.a. Sixpack a.k.a Fighting Sioux:
Blue Rhino:

Bottle 1:
"I purchased this supplement do to the positive feedback on it. I took on entire bottle of it and I was not using any other preworkout stims at all. I took it 45min pre-workout usually with a serving of BCAA or whey.

Energy increases from time to time were mild but nothing great at all. This does not even compare to EC, Ready4War,Scorch or PowerJolt.

Libio increase-None at all , I had a better sense of well being from time to to time but nothing great

Strength increases- Not much at all maybe a 5 pound increase on 2 core exercies. Keep in mind I was taking 1k cal over my daily recommendations.
Keep I mind I was only take bulk CEE with this product nothing more then that.

Overall I would prob not buy this product again I guess I am a non-responder. I look forward to trying Green Bulge to see how that works for me."

Bottle 2:
Well I thank Tank for allowing me to test this product. I took on bottles worth and was taking this on a bulk. I was excited to try it for the energy benefits and also possibly the libio increase. I took 2 tabs 30 min preworkout for the most part.

Energy - NOt a huge increase with this product at all. I am 182 right now and I did not get much from it which was disappointing. I guess i cannot even compare it to San's Tight, Scorch,BSL-GO ,or EC. I did not get a crash at all afterwards. My thirst was increased while taking it for sure .

Libio effect was not really an issue. I am not big on trib products and the only natural type product I got a libio increase on was from Diesel Test. I did not notice anything from BR.

Hunger-My hunger did not decrease or increase when taking BR stayed about the same . My fluid intake increased .
OVerall- Well I must be a non-responder but this does not mean its not a solid product. I have a bottle of GB that I will be testing next . Its has got very good reviews and I look forward to it I hope better then BR. THanks again to Tank for the opportunity. I look forward to testing GB starting this week"

10-29-2005, 11:52 PM
Younglifter16: White Blood + Omega Thunder

Controlled Lab’s White blood
<img src="http://img357.imageshack.us/img357/3074/white7nw.jpg">

This is another great product that gets talked about a lot on these forums. I never really used a NO2 product or arginine product except for a few doses of NO2 or what not. I never felt the need for them, but White blood was getting great reviews so I put down the money and bought it. I took 3 capsules on an empty stomach 45 minutes before my workouts (as recommended).

My pumps were awesome! Everyone on the forums were saying how there skin was ripping, I was a bit disappointed as my pumps weren’t that dramatic, but I did indeed get pretty good pumps. I rarely get pumps anyway, and I was getting pumps from each workout while on this stuff. I remember during my workout when flexing, I was seeing the heads of my bicep come through my skin, and my veins were coming out more, so I was very impressed.

Just like the CET, the effects of this product died down after a few weeks. During the last week, I was getting a pump each workout, but they were just a bit above average. I felt that the pumps were there which was good, but they were nothing like my first few weeks. Strength gains went up on this very well. Its really hard for me what to contribute and what not to contribute to the CET when dealing with white blood, but my cousin and his friend ordered some white blood also. My cousin’s friend now loves his white blood and thinks it’s the best supplement, and scrapped his NO2. As for my cousin, hes injured, but he remembers the best pumps from it and has a bottle waiting for him.

Strength Gains
4 out of 5
- I could tell this was a good strength booster, because it made the weights feel “lighter”, and I was going up in plenty of weight using this.

4 out of 5
- Pumps were awesome at the beginning, but they began to die out a bit towards the end.

4.5 out of 5
- Perfect amount of pills, cool colors and everything. The only problem I had was with price.

4.5 out of 5
This product was a great product I’m not going to lie. The only problem I had with it was the price, but everything else was good. It made me change my mind about “pump” supplements since this worked so well, and now I have 2 people hooked on it. To get the last .5 rating, the product could be dosed a bit more so in the future the pumps won't die out. I myself plan on buying it again and recommend getting it.

Here Im going to outline the strength increases I had from this product over the course of 9/20/05 to 10/28/05:

Barbell Bench Press: 275 X 3 -> 280 X 3 (tore chest so I skipped this a few times)
Bent Over Barbell rows: 275 X 3 -> 295 X 3
Barbell Deadlifts: 380 X 3 -> 395 X 2 (hurt back so I skipped this a few times)
Barbell Curls: 145 X 3 -> 155 X 4
Close Grip bench Press: 235 X 3 -> 250 X 2

Those were the highlights, I managed to get myself sick twice during this stack, and injure myself twice :D, but it was a great stack and both products should be bought and tried out.

/Log finished


10-30-2005, 07:43 AM
Pu! You are doing a kick ass review my friend! Reps in 24 or however soon till I can give em to you again!

10-30-2005, 09:53 PM
warriors: Green Bulge + White Blood


As promised, here is my final review. Again I wanna give Tank and Pu12 a big thank you in letting me try out this stack!!! Let's get to it :cool:

Strength: Strength went up some in a few of my lifts. The only lifts i really care about my going up in are bench and squat. I'm sure my lifts would have went up alot more if I would have focused on it but i really wanted to get past the 200lb mark and plus i wanted to take a break from lifting real heavy for a while(lifted really heavy all summer b/c i thought i was going to compete in a meet in Oct.) I'm happy with the strength gains though.

Weight Gain: What can I say. I gained 6lbs while on this stack and i'm very impressed with that. Starting weight was 197lbs, i weighed in this morning at 203lbs. Keep in mind that my diet was on par this last month b/c i really wanted to do a good job with the log and to maximize the results the best i could. Very pleased!

Pumps: The pumps had their days but still better than any NO product i have tried. For ppl about to try WB, plz focus on getting a lot of water as this is one of the most important parts as to maximizing the results. So for the ppl not seeing the "pumps", try upping your water and carb intake. It makes all the difference in the world.

Vascularity: I had a significant increase in vas. also. I was seeing veins before that i've never seen before and it didnt take much to get them to pop out, specially in my arms. When I started seeing some veins show up in my legs then I knew something was working right.

Energy: I was quite surprised with the energy i got and maintained through my workouts while on this. I really wasn't expecting it. Again i will mention that it's NOT like the energy you get from a stimulant. It's more of a pumped up and ready to hit the weights feeling.

Side Effects: Filling out your shirts, getting comments, and looking at yourself more often than usual every time you pass a mirror are just a few of the side effects one may experience while taking GB/WB :D Other than that, no side effects to mention :cool:

Other notes: For about the first two weeks i experienced a significant increase in hunger but it either went away or i just stop noticing it as much b/c i was used to it. Either way i enjoyed the increased appetite while it was there."

garb @ D******A********.COM: Green Bulge + White Blood

"im almost done the second week of this stack. so far ive noticed some really nice pumps and the weights are going up nicely. with the exception of tommorows back workout, ive finished my powerlifting routine. tomorow will be my final workout for that routine. my strength has increased nicely through out the routine. i will be maxing out on my bench on tues to see how much it has increased. my squats and deads have gone up dramaticly, roughly 60lbs on my squat and 70 lbs on my deads. if anyone has any questions about the routine i was following, feal free to ask or email me......"

10-30-2005, 09:56 PM
good review

11-01-2005, 02:44 PM

"So here I am 2 months since last weigth in and update!

Here's what happened since those 2 months as far as White Blood is concern

First, I started taking it on a daily basis; 3 on off-days, and 4 on training days even if i was weigting 160 lbs, i feel like im a really muscularly stressed person (train the same parts more than once a week) + i got some ecto potential + i train with minimal rest.. hahaha got stress?

Since i made the switch from 3 pills only pre-workout to this daily formula, Wow great changes! Not much for the strenght and pump during the lifting, but more in the mirror and the scale. After less than 2 weeks on this pattern i started to get fuller. Then, another weird but cool thing, since last update i started cheating way too much (enjoying life heh!) and normally i would pack subcatenous water aroud my Abs pretty easily, but now i retain nothing NOR I GAIN VISIBLE FAT...

YET.. the scale goes up and i seem to get volume in the mirror! This is a lifter dream come true, i was 160 --> i'm now 167.. another 7 pounds in 2 months.. i would say 5 of which could be muscles, but since last june.. that's 20 pounds! It's like this stuff have unveil the Meso potential of my body that was dormant because of the stress i was putting on it! This is real cool though, no visible fat gain and i gain muscle by pigging out...

5 lbs every 2 months? Hell yeah gimme some more (Busta Rhymes &#169;)

Thanks Controlled Labs ;)"

11-02-2005, 02:23 AM
storm shadow: Green Bulge + White Blood

First Week
Day 1-3: nothing noticable
Day 4-5: better pumps, nothing special
Day 6-7: even better pumps, rock hard arms after work out
Second Week yet to come but can't wait!

Oh and my stats:
Clean Bulking
about 16% bf
Diet: 6meals a day, clean foods, nothing to strict."

11-02-2005, 07:26 PM
NC2315: Green Bulge + White Blood

"I'm finishing my 30 days of Green Bulge/White Blood Stack. I'm very impressed with controlled labs and their products. I'm much fuller and stronger in all my lifts since I started the gb/wb stack. I know I shouldnt mess with something that is working really well for me but I wanted to switch it up a little. FOR THOSE WHO HAVE TAKEN BOTH, what can I expect different from the Omega Thunder? From the reviews the Omega Thunder is good stuff. I will def. buy from controlled labs again and hope I'm not making a mistake by switching it up.. I'm just looking for a little reassurance that the Omega will be somewhat comparable in results to the Green Bulge.... Thanks

I'm just finishing my bottle of Omega Thunder. Overall I liked this product but the GB/WB stack was more effective. I am keeping in mind that I took Thunder as a standalone. Energy and pumps were good but the strength was better with GB/WB. I will be stacking Red Acid and Green Bulge as soon as I can get my hands on the RA. Looking forward to seeing all the test logs for Red Acid. Peace"

11-03-2005, 11:48 PM
Tpetrat: White Blood + Omega Thunder

"Hey guys I am a new member but have been browsing for a while now and I decided I should give back and give my review on these two supplements. I started both of these at the same time so I cannot give independent reviews. The main effects I felt while taking them were Strength increase(above normal) and an incredible pump. I have taken Thunder alone in the past and had good results with just that but the difference I noticed with the addition of White Blood was the incredible pumps I got and alittle strength increase. If you have any question on this stack feel free to reply or even send me a private message and I will try to get back to you as soon as possble."

11-03-2005, 11:54 PM
njfreeweight: Green Bulge + White Blood + Amped

"ok well i work in vitaminshoppe and we finally got the amped rtd's in stock ... just for teh respect of met-rx i said hmm lets giv it a shot...so im on teh way to my gym and im downing the amped right after i threw down my 4 caps of white blood ( had previously taken 6 caps of grrenbulge a half hour b4)...when i tell u the energy i got out of the amped and WB/GB stack was f'n rediculouse,,,then i thought maybe its all in my head... so i try ot again 3 days in a row ,, OMG!!!! guys on gb/wb stack go grab just 1 amped rtd and see wat im talkin about.. my workouts have been insane!"

Big_Nasty: White Blood + HP CEE + Xtend

So for the last month ive been using the following stack (in addition to the usual whey, fish/flax oil and multi) while clean bulking. I had used the Higher Power CEE for about two weeks a couple of months ago but I jumped the gun and couldn't wait to try out some other products (such as VAULT).
I have never used White Blood or Xtend before and decided to try both based on the recommendations of people on this board.

A short and sweet background on me would be that i am somewhere between a mesomorph and endomorph. I lost 100 lbs in 2004 going from 280 to 180 lbs. I have since bulked back up to a current 207, most of it clean.

Due to the fact that I was not using any one of these products as a
stand-alone I will just give my overall impressions of each product, but not a numbered score or anything.

First off I will say that I felt that these were all solid products!
I wanted to try a green bulge/white blood stack, however I already had the higher power CEE and being a student cost was an issue. My diet was pretty solid, in around 3000 cals/day with ample protein and complex carbs. I gained about 5 pounds, going from 202-207, with probably 3 lbs of quality muscle.


White Blood by Controlled labs

I was dosing the White Blood at 3 caps about 30-45 minutes pre-workout and all I can say is this product definitly provides the results that are intended. I got a wicked pump (with proper water and carb intake), as well as an increase in muscle fullness for some time after my workout! The only other pure NO product that ive used before was NO2 by MRI (I was young, foolish and still listened to GNC employees) and White Blood definitly provided as good or better results for less than half of the price!
I would not hesitate to purchase this product again.

Creatine Ethyl Ester by Higher Power

Seems like a solid product, as well as being affordable. I had some decent strength gains while using this stack and I didn't have excessive water retention (as with creatine monohydrate). Mixability was good, had no problems with clumps or anything. For those of you concerned with taste, I will attest to the foul taste/smell of this stuff. However, crying about taste is for pussies = ) and once you get used to it you won't even notice the taste. Mixed with the Watermelon Xtend it's fine, or you could use crystal light or juice if you can't take it with water.
Bottom line this is an good product for the price, and I would buy it again!

XTEND (watermelon) by Scivation

Well, looks like im 3 for 3, because im going to give the XTEND a thumbs up as well. I got the watermelon flavor and it did indeed taste like a watermelon jolly rancher! It mixed reasonably well, although a lot of the time there would be little white floaties left over, but I didn't even notice while drinking it. I was taking 1 serving (2 scoops) before, 3 servings during and 1 serving after my workout. I did have a noticeable reduction in muscle soreness and increase in recovery while using this product, however it's hard to say how much of an effect the White Blood and CEE had on this, but I believe the Xtend helped!
Also, there seem to be alot of people reccomending "mega-dosing" of XTEND, however there's no way I could afford that.
So overall a solid product, a bit expensive, but I would use it again (as long as I have the cash).

The Last Word
So there you go. I hope someone finds this helpful and I decided to review this stack because ive seen a ton of green bulge/white blood reviews, so this is a bit different and without the Xtend its a bit cheaper!
Happy Lifting!"


"The Green Bulge/ White blood stack is a killer. I love that stuff. I would stack that with some Ready4War from Diesel Nutrition and you have got the perfect stack."

Ephedra: Green Bulge

"I'm currently on my 3rd week of GB-- I never respnded to monohydrate--and GB gets 2 thumbs up..."

11-05-2005, 05:36 AM
Joecam217 @ *************: Green Bulge

"Day 30 Thursday

Today was my final day of the green bulge test.
I lead off with bench again to see how my strength has improved since taking green bulge.

185 for 8 reps, 225 for 8 reps, and 275 for 8 reps.
THis is an awesome increase. The week I started taking green bulge I could only muster 5 reps.

dumbell shoulder press 12, 10, 7, 6 reps @ 60lbs

Cable row-4 sets of 10 reps with 160lbs

Barbell curl 8, 6, 5 reps with 120 lbs-I dont really keep records of BI stuff but this has to be a pr I can never remember doin 120 lbs for 8 reps, and I also did it right after 4 sets of cable rows.

I would have to say I've been extremely satisfied with the results Ive had the last month. No, Im not saying the gains are all due to the green bulge because I wasn't lifting as intensely as before starting the log, however the green bulge definately had an acute effect on my strength level. When I looked back to my training logs for the time period I was using NO-Explode I had very similar gains in terms of strength , only with the green bulge I didnt get jittery because theres no stimulants. Also, the pumps I got during the workouts were far better than without using the green bulge. All in all I would definately recommend this stuff, I definately had strength and size increases. I weighed in at 197.5 lbs thursday after my workout. Thats a 6.5 lb increase in a month. Yes, I was eating alot of good foods but the green bulge definately had an effect. If youve tried NO-Explode before I would highly recommend taking this stuff. Its cheaper, and doesn't make you jittery or give you stomach aches. Its too late right now, but tomorrow Ill be taking precise measurements to compare to before starting the green bulge."

11-05-2005, 06:54 AM
djack: Green Bulge + White Blood

"So its been about 10 days in the stack, and I must say, I am very impresed...

During Workout : The first week, didn't feel much. Just a regular pump, kinda like superpump 250. But now I can really feel it. The weights feel much lighter...I feel like I can lift all day!

After Workout : Still feel energized and pumped...Definately sore the next day...Great feeling!

Gains: About 2 pounds...my muscles look somewhat fuller...I still have about half of GB and WB servings, so Ill wait and see the stacks full potential...

Overall Satisfaction : Very solid stack imo...I would definately recommend it for overall strength and pump...I am now adding Ergopharms Amp to this stack (as an energy enhancer) just to spice things up a little! I will update soon enough!"

11-07-2005, 09:02 PM
kleen: White Blood + Higher Power CE3

"I have been using WB with Higher Power CE3 and have not experienced any outrageous pumps that i couldn't have achieved on my own. Any advice on other NO products that may produce a better pump? I dont think im a non-responder to NO products because I have used generic kinds and had better pumps off of these."

11-09-2005, 10:53 PM
wannabswole123: White Blood, Green Bulge, and Rebound XT

"I decided to stack white blood, green bulge, and rebound XT, I have gone from about 168 to 176 in less than 2 weeks. my strength in up on evrything and i have lots of energy. oh yeah i am doing the rebound xt at 50 mg. should I maybe go down to 25 the last 2 weeks or keep it at 50. I am already getting the dry joints at 50 mgs

oh yeah my height is 5'10"

11-10-2005, 05:44 PM
snakemw @ discount*********.com
White Blood

"well yesterday was my last day on WB. i had a pretty good day. i didnt have a spotter so i couldnt push myself as hard as normal but i felt really good after the workout. i dont know how well i respond to NO type products. i never get painful pumps like some people talk about but i can tell a little difference esp in my arms. with that being said WB is the best NO product i have used so far. i have used: pump tech, NO2, AE2, OX, Diablo and now WB. out of all those WB worked the best for me and i was taking some caffeine which i think hindered the pumps a little.overall i would recomend this product to anyone and not feel bad about it. i think you get a really good product for your money.

p.s. i know my reviews aint as good as Trans but not too many peoples are so oh well."

11-12-2005, 06:24 AM
jaymdubbs: Controlled Labs Stack

"overall, i was very pleased with the pumps and the energy that came with it. obviously controlled labs knows what they are doing, and i would recommend this stack to EVERYONE if they ever need CEE, no2 and a test booster.

really didnt make any gains in size because thats not what i was going for, but my lifts def. went up at a higher ratio than previously

looking forward to trying the red acid after im done testing primaforce/scivation thermal rage."

11-13-2005, 07:42 AM
1911a1: Green Bulge + White Blood + Blue Rhino

"I purchased the CL products, GB, WB & BR and am now completing week 2. I felt a little nausia the first couple of times I took it but that has subsided. I am looking fuller, feeling harder but the thing that impresses me most is my mental disposition. After the initial effects subside about hour 2, I feel more alert, more calm and productive. I seem to be thinking more clearly. It's almost like brain food to put in laymans terms. All in all - I like the results and am glad I got it.

Thanks for everything and keep the great posts.


Fighting Sioux: Green Bulge

"Strength: Well for me I really monitored the core lifts i was doing which was BB rows, Squats , Bench, Leg Press, BB curls.CGBP
Here is my starting weight and ending for the following exercies. Keep in mind through this log I was eating and still am eating over 5K cals easily.

Start: End
Squat - 275x5 295x5
Flat BP 225x5 235x5
BBrows 195x5 205x5
BB Curl 95x5 100x5
CGBP 185x5 195x5
SLDL 255x5 275x5 on the box
All lifts were done with 3 sets

Weight Gain: Starting weight 179, Ending weight as of now 186-187. I can say I gained about 6 pounds on this for sure. This is alot for me as I am not holding any water at all. No bloat this also is in combination with the diet I am on

Pumps: The pumps were very good as whatever bodypart I was working it only took about 3 sets and I could feel the pumps kicking in already. Being on Dereks workout depleats the hell out of be so GB also have me endurance and stamina to get through the workouts without burning out.

Vascularity: Not much here as I am pretty vascular already so it was hard to tell.I stay under 10% all the time .I do cardio 6x per week sometimes 7 but I make up for it by eating more cals which in general I have put on over 15 pounds. I started at 168 before using GB.

Energy: Well I take preworkout stims so this was hard to judge as far as energy but the combination of this and Scorch,basic cuts was a very nice energy booster

Side Effects: None at all , I was not thirsty at all taking this unlike some creatine products. I filled out real nice with the bloat . As I can still see all 6 abs.

Overall: I really think GB is a solid product. I did not respond too Blue Rhino but thats ok. But GB proved to be different for me as I responded much better to this then any Bulk CEE product. Its also a very good price and I will look into using this again in the near future."

11-18-2005, 03:15 PM
pxcr600: Green Bulge

"I'm just going to keep this short and sweet.

After being on thunder for about 3 months I feel its time to change things up for a while.

I recieved my gb/wb on friday and started my dosing. I am taking it everyday at recommended doses.

--Initial Impressions: My initial impressions are favorable. I've gotten awesome results on thunder in the past and am expecting simmilar if not better results.

--Monday(chest/tri): Today was my first workout on green bulge and white blood. I've been taking it since friday.

- Strength - I am up around 10lb in all lifting. However Im
attributing this to placebo. Flat bench is my litmus test. I
follow a pyramid right now so it is easy to see gains.

- Pump - Very noticable pump in chest and arms. I felt a real
good pump on thunder but this is a bit different. I feel a bit

--Other supps--

- Glucosamine
- Once a day multi
- Lipo 6 (only use as an energy supp pre workout)
- 100% whey

**I don't think I'm going to be doing a log unless people are interested in
seeing another one. Just giving my initial impressions. ***"

11-19-2005, 06:28 AM
matthew.********@asab.centaf.af.mil : Green Bulge + Blue Rhino

"I purchased Green bulge and Blue Rhino a few weeks ago and have noticed unbelievable gains. I've only been lifting for a couple of years and have been stuck at the same weight in bench, squat and deadlift. After taking your product for the last two weeks my strength has gone way up. My bench went from 280 to 305, squat has gone from 405 (1 rep) to 405 (8 reps) and my deadlift has gone from 395 to 455 (2 reps). I just want to thank you for such an amazing product!"

12-03-2005, 05:44 AM
JAGERBOY: Green Bulge + White Blood:

"Im cutting, have been for months...been on GB/WB for 3 weeks, havent lost a pound, gained strength and have dropped bodyfat....take it for what it is..."

12-12-2005, 02:58 AM
Gresh: Red Acid + Ephedrine
Cycle Length: 30 Days
Starting weight: 291lbs
Ending weight: 278.4lbs


"Well, I've completed my first 30 days of Red Acid and ephedrine. I must say that RA has definitely lived up to all the prerelease hype. When combined with a decent diet, you can definitely see results. Here's how I would rank the effects:

1) Appetite suppressant

2) Energy/Focus increase

3) Rise in body temperature (felt a huge increase early on, then tailed off slightly)
I've experience ZERO side effects. NO loss of sleep, NO nausa, NO ill feeling.

Day 30 Weight/Measurements:

Weight: 291lbs -> 278.4lbs (-12.6lbs)
Chest: 54" -> 52.5"
Upper Leg: 30" -> 28"
Waist: 43.5" -> 41"
Arms: 21" -> 20.5"

12-12-2005, 03:04 AM
turbos10: Red Acid

1 Month Update:


Weight - 179
Chest - 42.5"
Arm at peak- 16.125"(-.25)
Waist - 34.5"(-1")
Abdomen(at belly button) - 35"(-1.25)
Thigh - 6 inches above knee - 22.5"
Thigh - 9 inches above knee - 25"

(Three measurements taken)

Pectoral - 8,8,8
Abdominal- 18,19,19
Thigh - 17,16,16

Body Fat - 12.79%(- ~1.2%) according to http://www.rustyiron.net/formmale.htm

Well after starting my bulk I have made some really good gains. It seems my body loved the calories and my muscle glycogen stores came back. My measurements are back up where they were before starting Red Acid and my BF% has remained steady. That means my LBM has increased to a little over 156lb. Jumping to 3500 calories seems to have really worked for me.


Overall I think that Red Acid is a very effective tool to be used while any one is cutting. It works very well for reducing body fat levels. Although I never really had the big energy kicks or an appetite shut down, I still managed to loose fat at a very fast rate. I feel that anyone using Red Acid needs to be very aware of any side effects that may arise and adress them as soon as possible.

I want to again thank Tank, Pure and the Controlled Labs crew for letting me test Red Acid.

12-12-2005, 03:22 AM
what side effects does red acid have?

12-12-2005, 03:58 AM
what side effects does red acid have?

Haven't you read the logs???? Heartburn, lethargy

12-13-2005, 11:16 AM
surfgod777: Red Acid

FINAL Stats/Pic Update #5 (12/07/05)

Height: 6' 4"
Age: 23
Weight: 200 lbs. (-6 lbs overall)
Bodyfat: ~15.35% (-3.36%) (Chest: 15.66mm, Abs: 22.33mm, Thigh: 15.66mm)

Body Measurements: relaxed/flexed (change overall)
Neck: 14.75"/14.75" (0/0)
Bicep: 12.65"/14.50" (-0.35”/-0.10”)
Forearm: 11.75"/12.00" (0/0)
Chest: 38.75"/42.50" (-1.25"/-0.50”)
Waist: 34.50"/34.75" (-0.50"/-0.25")
Hips: 39.75"/39.75" (-1.00"/-1.00")
Thigh: 23.00"/23.25" (0/0)
Calf: 15.85"/16.35" (-0.15”/-0.15”)
TOTAL: -3.25” / -2.00”

Relaxed Front (http://www.bloops.net/redacid/120705_front.JPG)
Front Double Bi (http://www.bloops.net/redacid/120705_frontbi.JPG)

Final Before/After Comparisons:
Relaxed Front (http://www.bloops.net/redacid/120705_compare.JPG)
Front Double Bi (http://www.bloops.net/redacid/120705_compare2.JPG)

So, it's been almost a week since I have been off of RA. I waited to write this review to see how I felt the following days without RA anymore. I did this to remind myself how my days went without RA and to give a fair comparative review.

As you already know, if you have been following my journal, I was very impressed with the way RA helped me lose some extra body fat. When it comes to these types of products, I am usually very skeptical and don't believe any of them work. Because this product was offered free for some testers, I though I had nothing to lose. I was wrong. I lost body fat! I was totally shocked. I have been blessed with some bad bodybuilding (& fat losing) genetics, and I don't typically react well to supplement products. These aren't bad reactions to supplements, it's just that most of them don't work as intended on me. However, Red Acid from Controlled Labs worked just as promised on a body with bad genetics working against it.

Product Effect on Me and my Body
Over 30 days on RA, I was able to lose 6 pounds of weight and approximately 3.36% body fat. This loss included a total of 3.25 inches lost overall on my body. My last stats update and pictures explain everything perfectly. This was achieved with proper diet, exercise, and Red Acid supplementation.
During the entire 30 days while taking RA, I was noticing increased energy for hours after taking the RA which lasted throughout the day when taking the 2 daily dosages far apart, 8-10 hours in most of my days. I rarely experienced any down time which I felt tired, or a lack of energy. Most of these down periods could be pointed to something else for their cause, but RA is not entirely ruled out for the few down periods felt. I will not emphasize these periods because they were seldom. The increased energy felt almost all the time was over drastic or anything that other's have felt with other fat burners and energy stimulator's. There were no jitters or excess body heat felt in my review, which I was happy not having. The increased energy felt could most be related to a sense of increased focus, alertness, and ability that one seldom feels with RA. These feeling occurred every day while on this product.
The other major effect that I felt almost all the time was the appetite suppressant. As seen in all of my daily reviews, this effect was heavily felt. During most diets, I get to a point when I have been good for so long, I usually feel a need to cheat or splurge for a couple days. However, while taking RA I seldom felt this feeling. The appetite suppressant worked so well that I almost needed to remind myself to eat. It wasn't a feeling of forcing myself to eat, which would make me sick, but a feeling that the only reason I was eating is to help my diet.

What I liked
-Increased body energy
-Increased mental focus and alertness
-The combination of the above made workouts more intense!
-No uncomfortable jitter feelings
-No excess body heat
-The product worked as promised

What I didn't like
-When I didn't take RA, I felt tired
-Some headaches (not sure related to RA)

What would I change (product / cycle)
-Nothing to change about the product!
-I would alter my workout schedule to make dosages closer
-More cardio to lose more weight

12-18-2005, 01:24 AM
4amWorkouts: Red Acid

FINAL RESULTS: Finally weighed myself this morning - drum roll please - 260lbs! That's right, I have decreased visible bodyfat around my middle\sides\lower back, decreased subcutaneous fat in chest, shoulders and arms while increasing my lean muscle mass! While I was hesitant to give too much credit to Controlled Labs during the Green Bulge\White Blood\Blue Rhino stack, I have to give the vast majority of the credit to Red Acid. My diet and workout staid fairly consistant through out this test. The one exception - I increased my EFA and carb intake and the product worked better. This is normally the opposite of what works for me. So I must give Red Acid two much leaner thumbs up!

Some notes: Keep hydrated above your normal intake. Keep healthy carbs and fat in the normal range instead of decreasing them to cut calories. No jitters, and light-headedness only lasted first couple of days. No real late afternoon boost for me. Taking 8 caps a day is a pain (I typically followed a 4+2+2 dosage).

I will finish off the rest of my second bottle once I get back from vacation next week (might have a week's worth of caps left). Thanks to everyone at Controlled Labs for this successful opportunity!

12-18-2005, 01:28 AM
pammiejoe6: Red Acid

Final Weigh-In/Measurements/BF%

Today's weight: 214...-7 lbs from last week!!!

..................... Nov. 28..................... Dec.3

neck...............12.75.........................1 2.75

shoulders.........42.............................4 1...-1

chest..............41............................. 41

waist..............32.5........................... 32.5

abs.................34............................ .34

hips................42.5.......................... .42.5

thighs..............26............................ .25...-1

calves.............15.25.......................... 15.25

upper arm.........14.............................14

forearm.............9.5........................... 9.5

Body Fat %:32.7%.............................32.7%

I am SUPER THRILLED that the scale has cooperated with me this week...hahaaa...not too much difference in my measurements and NO difference in my BF% over the last week, but thats ok...let's look at things from the very beginning shall we? :D

Comparison from Day 1 in weight/measurements/BF%:


Weight: 224lbs..............................214....-10lbs

..................... Nov.7..................... Dec.3

neck...............13.........................12.7 5...-.25

shoulders.........43...........................41. ..-2

chest..............42...........................41 ...-1

waist..............33.5........................32. 5...-1

abs.................34.25......................34. ..-.25

hips................42.5........................42 .5

thighs..............26..........................25 ...-1

calves.............15.5.......................15.2 5...-.25

upper arm.........14.........................14

forearm.............10.25....................9.5.. .-.75

Body Fat %:33.8%........................32.7%...-1.1%

Thanks again to Controlled Labs for the opportunity to test Red Acid!

I will keep this log open for the next week to report how I feel...

Comparison Photos:


12-18-2005, 01:38 AM
40-Yard Dash_2: Red Acid + Ephedrine HCL
(Clean Bulking)

Final Review of Red Acid

Appetite Suppression- My appetite was definitely suppressed the first 2-3 days of the log, however, after that I felt no suppression whatsoever. I was then able to eat anywhere from 3200 up to 4000 calories a day on a consistent basis throughout the duration of the log. Those initial days however, in which the appetite suppression was active and strong, the suppression prevented me from eating more than 400 calories at a single sitting, which I thought was pretty amazing considering how much I know I can eat. Obviously however, it did not last.

Energy- In the beginning, energy from Red Acid, Ephedrine, and Caffeine was simply amazing to say the least, but do to sleep deprivation issues, and at times an irregular heart rate; I had to discontinue the use of the Ephedrine and Caffeine. I don’t think I’ll ever use Ephedrine again, but who knows. The abnormal heart rate I experienced at nighttime before bed was a little scary. But anyway, it is this reason why from there on out, energy was not as great with Red Acid as a stand alone, but just average. I compare energy and exercising heart rate from Red Acid to 50mg of Vasopro Ephedrine and 200mg of Caffeine. And often times, I wound up crashing from Red Acid just like with the Ephedrine and Caffeine. I did not experience a prolonged or sustained energy burst from Red Acid. The period of an increased energy after a dose would last for about a maximum of 2 hours, and I could especially feel this the final 2 weeks of the log. With the energy crash, I did not experience any feelings of jitteriness.

Bloating- I underwent some serious bloating throughout this log; especially in the facial, lower abdomen, and quadriceps areas. I feel it was due to increased carbohydrate intake coupled with the Red Acid. The past 4 days however, due to schedule, my carbohydrate intake has barely been over 300 grams a day when throughout the log it was between 450-500 grams, so very noticeably, the bloating has decreased or subsided.

Cramping- I did not experiencing any cramping at all like many of the other testers did. I believe it was a combination of my calorie intake, but more so my sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride intake. I also did not drink an overabundance of water, which obviously tends to flush these minerals out of the tissues and body.

Testosterone- This was easily the most positive effect from Red Acid that stuck out in my mind. I experienced increased sex drive as a whole, acne (as you can tell from my back pics), and oily skin.

Body Temperature- Body temperature definitely increased, especially during that first week where it was really noticeable. Sweating also increased pretty tremendously during workouts, where I would break a sweat within the first 5 minutes of cardio.

Final Thoughts- I ended up having time to weight myself this morning and the final weigh in was, 165.5 pounds, which equals a 1 pound gain throughout the 30 day log. I believe that I did lose a little bit of fat around my lower abdomen despite my high calorie intake. It has certainly been a long while since I’ve ate as much as I have these past 30 days. Also, the bulk of my cardio was performed those first 2 weeks, and this past week, I have only done one cardio session, so you can see how cardio was toned down the last 2 weeks of the log and I ended up losing a couple of pounds despite this. Once the rest of the bloating diminishes, I think I will be satisfied with the results, which will be maintaining muscle while losing some body fat around my lower abdomen. Mike, thanks for your insight, and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to and followed my log. Tank and PU, thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to test your product under a bit unusual clean bulking circumstances. I agree with PU, I think this product is better suited for those looking to shed pounds. Well, and there you have it folks, I give you the first completed Red Acid log.

12-18-2005, 01:43 AM
medic5526: Red Acid

I took my first dose of Red Acid today and went to the er for severe hypertension,I have been a paramedic/firefighter for 13 years and have never had trouble with my b/p it had no effect for about a hour then I got a severe headache and my b/p was 170/120 and my captain told to ride up the er being i was on duty anyway and the doc told me to take one of my nitros off the truck and lay down and rest and see if it comes down,the headache and b/p subsided afetr about 2 hours,I pick up alot of pt's that dont listen to warnings when they take meds so please listen to CL warnings on the bottle and do not take this supplement if you have ever had any type of hypertension at all.

12-18-2005, 01:45 AM
TommyTuffGuy: Red Acid


Overall impressions from the product –

The Red Acid came in a bottle that's alot bigger than what I'm used too. The pills were decent size and the dosage was 3 pills in the morning, 3 at night. The smell was just like a faint scent of cannibis.

At first, possibly the first 3 days...it gave me a high energy boost. Wasn't JIITERY, but noticable. A slight sense of warmth as well.

After this initial period, the HIGH energy boost wore off. The claims that this is an intense workout stimulant are a bit far-fetched. The energy was constant and focused, but nothing like Lipo-6, Ready4War, AMP or other high-stimulant products.

Most noticable about RED ACID was the lack of CRASH. Unless it was a day I was physically tired to begin with, I haven't experienced any sort of CRASH effect with Red Acid.

My start weight was 182.5 and I am finishing at a weight of 177.0. 5.5 pounds were lost on Red Acid during this log. My diet was somewhat strict but it has been virtually the SAME even before I got on the Red Acid. My training routine was ALSO the same. I was only supplementing with Green Bulge, Whey Protein, and NOW Virility Power caps. I have noticed significant change in my waistline because I had to punch and extra new hole in my belt 2 days ago to keep my pants up!

-Whether or not you would use this product again:

It is highly possible I would use this product again. Obviously, I did lose 5 pounds in a month on this product combined with my diet and training. I was actually at a plateau coming into this, and splurged on the Thanksgiving weekend. $29.99 (BN price) Seems fair. I would pay $25-$30 for Red Acid.

The hype was a little much, to be fair and honest. This did not give the significant energy boost it claimed. Stacked with Epherdrine I bet you'd double the amount of weight-loss no problem. It is a calm, cool energy product that has significant benefits in losing weight.

-Whether or not you would recommend this product:

I would recommend this product as a plateau/weight-loss catalyst. I would not recommend this product as a pre-workout stimulant.

12-18-2005, 01:47 AM
BigFed: Red Acid

Friday 25 November, 2005


this is a great fat burner motabilizer been on it for two days now and have not crashed yet they really took there time designing this product will continue to buy and u can't beat the price!!! take 4 pill a day if u are over 225 pounds great product!

12-18-2005, 01:48 AM
Sgt. Ownage: Red Acid

Monday 21 November, 2005


This is a solid product. I don't know how much of my fatloss was due just to being able to easily eat in a caloric deficit, or the fatburners in Red Acid, but this stuff KILLS your appetite. Better than ephedrine for me appetitewise. Would make a damn sweet stack with ephedrine. Definitely an ephedra free fat burner worth your time.

12-18-2005, 01:49 AM
Aaron85888: Red Acid

Date: Monday 14 November, 2005


I have used a lot of good fat burners this the ultimate though i take 3 in am 3 in the pm the key is to drink like a gallon of water , and the stuff works wonders on your food cravings

i would give 10 stars
awsome product

12-18-2005, 02:07 AM
GhostWheel: Red Acid


Red Acid log; FINAL POST

I think I was the last to finish the Red Acid log due to the time it took for the post office to deliver it to Hawaii. The other mainlander logs started a couple days sooner.

I will continue a weight loss log seperately on paper and/or in whatever column/section is appropriate on this BN forum.

Final weight is 253. Tryed to get under it, so far bumping up against some weird weight loss plateau.


Pros: This product is helpful for weight loss. I love the NO Crash NO jitter caffeine. The hoodia definately suppresses appetite which is crucial. You almost have to FORCE yourself to eat. You get a slight energy boost from the caffeine and the cardio workouts on this supplement feels naturally GREAT when you are on the stairmaster and in the ZONE. Of course after an hour of cardio, as "trouble" (forum member) has noted, your blood sugar may crash but that is more like a human body limitation than supp related. This product is very stackable with other weight loss supps like synephrine or sesamin or SANS Thyrocuts II, or whatever you want and it is great that they included crucial weight loss supps in one product without throwing in the entire kitchen sink because you can custom fit the add ons to what is best for your individual program.

Cons: Slightly underdosed for caffeine. If you need a big caffeine boost just to get you up and into the gym in the AM this ain't it. I wanted to make it to the gym first thing in the AM but never could do it. Hot Rox seems to hit you on the head more, but then again that supp is definitely NOT a jitter and Crash free supp at all so it is a trade off.

Final Conclusion: This supp will slightly gear your body towards weight loss given a good diet and exersize routine without caffiene crashes afterwards. To be more effective stack with other weight loss supps like synephrine or sesamin or SANS Thyrocuts II and consider increasing the Red Acid dose slightly. Also would make a good weight maintence type supp pre-cardio, given it's no crash jitter free caffeine formulation.

12-18-2005, 02:10 AM
James61183: Red Acid + Sesamin + Beta-Alanine

DAY 1:
Weight: 233

DAY 30:
Weight: 226 Mid day -- After 3 meals

12-18-2005, 02:31 PM
Bammy: Red Acid + Blue Rhino

I have only been able to take 1 RA at a time due to 2 being WAY too much for me to handle. I feel this dose has been too low to really see many results. I wish I could have handled this, but I am an ecto, which means I am a bundle of nerves, and the Red Acid really tweaked me out. Blue Rhino on the otherhand was great.

Final Review - Blue Rhino & Red Acid Stack

fat loss

Check the pics. I may have lost some fat, but not a lot. Overall weight dropped 5 lbs.


The Blue Rhino definitely helped with strength. Here are some improvements.

+20 lbs on leg press
+10 lbs -1 rep on bb bench
+10 lbs on deadlifts


Energy is good with both products, so good I could only handle partial doses with both.


Blue Rhino put me in a great mood. In addition, I could feel the increase in tstosterone, libido , as well as confidence and outgoingness were all up.
Red acid had my focus up, but also often made me nervous even at 1 pill.

Again, it was me who couldn't handle anything near a full dose of Red Acid. If I could have, my results would have been increased.

Measurements (in.):
Arm: 15.75
Thigh: 24.5
Waist: 34.5
Chest: 45.0 (not sure if I measured the right place or not, but will keep it consistent)
Calf: 15.25

Measurements (in.):
Arm: 15.5
Thigh: 25.25
Waist: 34.25
Chest: 42.5
Calf: 16

Measurements (in.):
Arm: -.25
Thigh: +.75
Waist: -.25
Chest: -2.5 (obviously I'm not doing this one right)
Calf: +.75

Looks like everything in my upper body shrunk and everything in lower body grew.

12-19-2005, 02:14 PM
Blap Blaow: Green Bulge + White Blood + Glycerine

Summary Week 1:

A solid first week. I noticed nothing spectacular in terms of additional effects I could attribute to the stack but there were a few ‘indicators’ of what I may come to expect in the following weeks. Nothing kicked in with a ‘bang’ so I had make careful notes in terms of effects that materialised.


- Reduced soreness in most bodyparts in the days after workout from what I’d consider ‘typical’

- Some mild pumps in my quads on leg day- which I would consider out of the ordinary but not spectacular in themselves.

- Increased endurance and stamina in my legs whilst running

- Lower leg pumps whilst running which was a minor but unfortunate hindrance to my cardio routine.


- Suffered a shoulder impingement injury on day four which resulted in taking this day off training and resting my shoulder as much as possible for one week. Continued on with leg training, cardio and bi/tri training (strict isolation exercises).


Summary Week 2

Some continuation of the effects from week 1 but nothing spectacular. From about day 11 I noticed real endurance increases in the gym but nothing significant in terms of strength. Endurance increases were nothing I’d call spectacular, but definitely noticeable.

There were, however, some nice pumps which weren’t there last week. Pumps were still generally unimpressive (bar back/shoulder day) and there didn’t seem to be much consistency in them from one week/workout to the next. The only consistant pump I was getting was in my lower back whilst performing the moderate lifting which is part of my normal working day.


- Reduced soreness in all bodyparts in the days post-workout, both in terms of the degree of soreness and complete recovery time from that soreness.

- Very nice back pumps which are very unusual. This helped improve the min-muscle connection with my back considerably as I could really feel that area of my back I was working.

- Some improved leg pumps from last week. Unusual to have ‘pumps’ there at all- so that in itself was significant. Calves seem to have blown up like crazy!! Improved vascularity and fullness is almost constant- both in and out of the gym.

- Start of the lower back pumps. These would be nice if they were in the gym but during runs or a typical working day they were definitely much more of a hindrance than anything.

- Again, pumps in my calves whilst running made life pounding the streets a little difficult. I’d definitely prefer running without these kinda pumps.


Shoulder seemed to have recovered well after letting it rest up for a solid week.


Summary Week 3

Added 3-4g CEE post workout from here on in

In terms of effects I could attribute to Green Bulge things were going great and certainly moving forward from previous weeks. Upper body strength gains were definitely above the norm- lower body was nowhere as dramatic and nothing I’d consider special. Major compound exercises seemed to be benefiting the most but then again I usually prioritize them in my workout. DOMS recovery, recovery between sets and strength all seemed to be improved beyond what I’d call ‘typical’. The most notable of these was DOMS which was minimal/non existent this week.

Again pumps were sporadic and in some cases simply didn’t materialise beyond what I would call normal. My back and shoulder were the only exception to this- the fact that my shoulders experienced the first (very mild) pump of the stack this week seems to be a testament to how on/off my pumps have been so far.

Lower back and calf pumps were present again when they ideally wouldn’t have been- whilst running and during/after the moderate lifting I sometimes perform at work.


- Huge reduction in DOMS- both in it’s degree and my recovery from it.

- In gym-endurance was up as well. Not only was I able to increase the weights but it was at minimal expense to the reps I was doing. In the cases where weights didn’t increase rep increase was most noticeable.

- During runs I’ve noticed VERY little in the way of leg fatigue which is great. The only thing that seems to be stopping me from running further is the motivation!

- Nice pump in my back and shoulders when worked.

- Calves felt permanently swole and vascular. Very impressive.

- Leg pumps were below what I had experienced in previous weeks and bi/tri pumps were also disappointing.

- Lower leg and lower back pumps continued on and continued to be a nuisance. Although the degree of the ‘pumps’ weren’t huge they made trying to run ĺ miles around the park on a very cold and dark Winter’s night that much harder. In the run up to a race or during periods of extensive running I wouldn’t touch White Blood.


Noticed some mild cramping in my upper back/shoulder. Tried to increase my water intake to compensate but to no avail.


Summary Week 4+

Added Glycerine pre-workout from here on in. Dosage increasing until effects kicked in

Again, in terms of ‘Green Bulge effects’ things were moving in a positive fashion for the most part- recovery in between sets was good and strength appeared to be EXCELLENT and continued to be very impressive. The notable exception here was DOMS recovery which had a sudden drop off this entire week. Soreness was back to pre-stack level, or possibly worse. The only thing I could attribute this to was the Glycerine since it became noticeable the day after introducing Glycerine into the mix and continued on throughout the week for every boypart worked.

I also noticed some great improvements in pumps this week compared to previous weeks. Chest and triceps were an exception to this as both experienced pumps on (or slightly below) par. Pumps continued to be sporadic in and out of the gym. Lower back pumps at work seemed to have disappeared this week (Glycerine related?) but continued to be somewhat of a hindrance whilst running, as did the pumps in my calves.


- Most impressive increases in strength so far. Seem to have blasted through a plateau in my bench press very nicely.

- Most impressive increases in muscular endurance so far (between sets)

- Noticeable increases in leg/bicep/back/shoulder pumps which was excellent.

- Complete loss of the lower back pumps I’ve been experiencing at work

- No noticeable increase in tricep/chest/ab pumps.

- Continuation of the pump in my calves I’ve been experiencing during my running. I associate this with ‘fatigue’ which make running even more of a challenge. This only occurred 1 of my 2 cardio days.

- Pumps in my lower back continued on whilst running. This only occurred 1 of my 2 cardio days.

- DOMS back up to levels I would have expected pre-stack. All of the increased recovery I experienced in the 3 weeks prior seems to have disappeared.


Random cramping in my upper back/shoulder area continued on.


I threw this together to show measurable change in the weeks running up to this stack and change during this stack. All changes are in lbs (although it’s probably impossible to get accurate reading from this graph style) or minutes and my start point is zero for everything (note that I’m measuring CHANGE).

This isn’t supposed to be scientifical by any means, just something to throw a little more than anecdotalogical evidence behind my final review- plus it looks pretty :)

Please Note- for 'measurable change' I used my 6RM.

<img src="http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/9528/graph4ow.jpg">

Blap Blaow
12-19-2005, 02:24 PM
: puts fist away :


12-24-2005, 03:46 AM
Chronicdrummer9: Red Acid

"The main thing I noticed while on RA was the increase in libido, and when I say increase, I mean a huge increase. I felt like I was back in 9th grade again, saluting everyone I walk by all day long basically. Along with this libido increase, came a tad bit of increased acne the first week or so, and then the acne subsided and was never a problem. The first dose was almost always taken upon waking and I could usually feel the stimulant effects from it in 30 minutes-1 hour upon taking the first dose. I would feel much more alert duruing my 8 AM classes, much moreso then usual. I waited a little while to do my final review so I could accurately assess how my normal reactions would be for the 8 AM classes and all that, to remember exactly how I felt at certain times furing the day before getting on the RA. I really didn't notice any tremendous fat loss in the mirror, but I wasn't on a cal. deficit so I wasn't really expecting for the lower abs to start popping out or anything. I had my pics posted at the beginning of the log and have since taken them down. I will be taking new pics in the next day or two, so approx. 3 weeks or so after the RA was finished. I might post them up for a day or two. I also noticed an increase in energy and sweating during my nighttime workouts. I didn't have much trouble sleeping at all after that first week. Overall, I would buy the product again for my cutting cycle, and my favorite part about it what the libido increase.

12-25-2005, 01:50 AM
Blap Blaow: Testing Product Claims (also see a few post's up)

Testing Product Claims:

Green Bulge:

-Magnesium Creatine Chelate has been shown, in clinical trials, to boost strength significantly after just 2 weeks use.

Spot on. About 2 weeks into this stack I noticed increased strength from what Iíd consider typical.

-This increased cellular hydration leads to better protein synthesis and a fuller, more volumized look.

My calves were the only place I truthfully noticed increased fullness. The rest of my body appeared to show nothing to note.

-Creatine monohydrate non-responders or those who felt bloated and had aches will achieve much better results with CEE and MCC.

I noticed no bloat or headaches Iíd attribute to any of the products I used during these 4+ weeks.

-If you want to increase your stamina in the gym and gain size and strength, Green Bulgeô is the right choice for you.

I noticed increased muscular stamina and endurance both in the gym and during running. Again this seemed to kick in from week 2. Iíve gained weight but the only real place I can look at myself and see a real improvement is with my calves.

As Iíve already stated Iím VERY happy about the strength increases Iíve made- particularly on my main compound lifts.

White Blood:

-With esterfication, the arginine and ornithine can pass the digestive system intact and deliver incredible pumps and greater vasodilation than arginine AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate), which is contained in the most popular nitric oxide products, or any other nitric oxide enhancer could ever have achieved in the past.

I have never tried arginine AKG so itís impossible to make that comparison.

-White Bloodísô pumps and increased nutrient uptake will last your entire workout and then some.

Difficult to say. When I noticed pumps Iíd consider Ďout of the ordinaryí they would last 5-45 minutes post workout. Anything more than 30 minutes is atypical for me but I wouldnít say that the extra 15 minutes or so was worth getting excited about.

-High doses of ornithine consumption have been the cause for gastric discomfort, which is another great reason to esterfy it, so lower doses can be utilized efficiently.

I noticed no digestive discomfort whatsoever whilst on this stack. This was a particular worry to me as I can be sensitive to some supplements but this stack seemed to be very Blap-digestive-tract-friendly.

Probably impossible but I felt like my general digestion actually improved whilst on this stack.

-Tip! White Bloodô also has an amazing effect on erectile tissue as an added bonus.

Nothing. Not a twinge.


Iím very impressed with the results I could attribute to Green Bulge; Strength increase, bodyweight increase, greatly improved DOMS recovery and muscular endurance. Iím looking forward to trying it again.

Iím less than impressed with the White Blood. Too much effort in terms of pre-workout meal and stack timing to get Ďrightí for resultís that didnít really seem worth it (except back pumps). ĎSidesí such as lower back pumps and pumps in my calves didnít exactly thrill me either. I wonít be trying White Blood again.

12-26-2005, 07:41 AM
TexasWolf: Red Acid

My final weigh-in was at 297. So overall I lost 5 pounds during my RA cycle. I probably could have done better if I had monitored my diet a little bit tighter but Thanksgiving really messed up a lot of my loss I think.

Overall it seems to be a pretty decent product. It makes you more alert and gives you a smooth mellow energy. I think if I were to take it again I would probably stack it with ephedrine though. The only sides I ever felt on it was being warmer than usual and that usually just lasted for a 10-20 minute period and went away.

Thanks for the chance to test out the product Controlled Labs. If there is anymore feedback you need from me just let me know.

12-31-2005, 01:08 AM
heebs99: White Blood

"I've been taking White Blood by itself for the past week, I got it for Christmas and started it the monday after. I've noticed great pumps and even more vascularity then I usually have. I'd say its worth it to take it alone, but I'll start stacking it probably next week if not the week after to maximize its potential"

12-31-2005, 06:34 AM
lifting4jc: Green Bulge + White Blood

"I'm three weeks into the stack. Here's a few stats just to let you know where I'm at.

Bench - up 14 lbs.
Decline Db press - up 16 lbs (although rep count has gone done some)
Incline Flys - up 5 lbs
Leg curls - up 7 lbs
Squats - up 19 lbs
Skullcrushers - up 5 lbs

It's a very consistant 11% increase across the board on everything. There's no arguing with the numbers. 11% in three weeks is pretty impressive. With this I'm going to end the log.

Overall impression: I liked this stack. To me, the biggest benefit was the focus that it provided to me during the workouts. I did get some nice pumps, but I wouldn't classify them as massive or outstanding. I get the same from a Kre-Alkalyne/L-Arginine mix. I definitely did see some nice strength increases, as the numbers above testify to. So that was nice.

I do believe that this is a solid product. I would stick with it except for the price is just too prohibitive for me. Keep in mind that I'm a father of three, so that does take a good portion of my budget. I paid about $55 for the two from bb.com. Besides that, I would sure recommend these products for anyone who's serious about adding lbs to their lifts."

01-23-2006, 02:59 PM
Eshamed51: GlycerGrow

glycergrow is amazing!

I was on now glycerine and bulk taurine for a while and it was cool ive had at least 5-6 workouts with glycergrow and they have all been the best of my life no other supp has changed its like now glycerine times 20. I know you had alot to do with the product and i cant thank you enough this is a supp I will use forever.

Thank YOU Eshamed51, for the feedback ! !

01-23-2006, 08:56 PM
here is the new lab analysis for blue up and all of the other products as a summary:

01-23-2006, 09:37 PM
here is the new lab analysis for blue up and all of the other products as a summary:

:cool: Nice ! :cool:

01-24-2006, 08:32 AM
Here's my 3 cents.

Been working out 3.5 yrs. Startout out about 20% BF at 172 lbs with virtually no muscle mass(lost most to mono, then just lazy). Now at 176 lbs at about 9% BF. 5'11". I've tried a lot of the more natural supplements. I have nothing else to spend $$$ on :P.

I originally was going to talk about just the products, but you know.... I think my history with other products compared with controlled labs is much more interesting.

White Blood:
Quality NO2 product. My experience with NO2 started with some MRI NO2 when I first started lifting and decent results for my newbie workout, but I'm thinking would do much for me today(3/10) I went off it for some time, then went to syntrax nitrous. I took nitrous when I woke up, then a little bit before workout. Worked really well for day long pumps. I remember one non-workout day when I was grading chemistry finals :), that my forearms were deep red and actually hurt the pump was so strong. (10/10)

I tried NOexplode and got good pumps and gym focus, but it would make me rather dizzy in the gym and sorta wacked me out. I stopped responding to it. Expensive, doesn't mix well with food which means no eating before workout :( (6/10)

Shock Therapy destroyed my digestive track. Couldn't take it more than twice.

Then onto WhiteBlood. I went through 2 bottles of white blood. I would say... it reminded me of my results with Syntrax nitrous. Workout pumps were about the same... maybe a little better with white blood. I got better non workout pumps with Nitrous, but I was also taking Nitrous when I woke up and every day. Didn't have any digestive problems with it. Moderately priced. Doesn't have the focus or energy that NOexplode provides, but NOxplode is a workout cocktail, while whiteblood is just an NO2 product (8/10)

The pumps from NO2 prodcuts gave me slight strength gains, which makes sense since contracted muscles are stronger. I can't really attribute any significant muscle gains to any of these products. Current I don't take any NO2 product.

Green Bulge:
I've messed around with different creatine mono products, all with minor results. It's cheap and so much research supporting it, so I just stuck with it, even with minor str gains, minor volumization, minor muscle gained. (5/10)

Onto CEE. Mixes much bettter :), smaller dose, but noticable better results than mono, nice str gains, volumization about the same of mono, nice muscle gains. My staple is higher power CEE, great product for people who respond to bulk CEE, very cheap. I did find some strange material in one of my canisters. Hopefully it wasn't rat poop!!! (10/10) Ethyl thunder worked well, great fullness which I believe was from the presence of GMS. Expensive for creatine (9/10) Green bulge, worked the same about as bulk CEE. Went through 2 bottles. For a designer creatine I like ethyl thunder better, but that has GMS. Better than creatine mono. Expensive for creatine (7/10)

I love bulk CEE. I respond great to them. Designer creatines aren't for me, may be better for people who don't respond well to bulk CEE.


I really like ethyl thunder, and I think the GMS was what really giving me the fullness. I had some problems finding bulk GMS, recently got glycergrow. The presence of taurine I was also hoping would give me some energy kicked like NOexplode. I've only used it for 4 workouts, so I can't say much. I notice some volumization. Purposely drank extra water, found i was still thirsty so drank more and more.

The one thing I was not expecting but was very noticable, was a huge str gain for my drop sets and exercises late in my workout. Initially set was the same as normal, but I started noticing and was really blown away at the str that had for drop sets. I do my first set at my working rep weight. 2nd set at about 90% of that after about 1-1.5 minutes. Then as quick I can drop the weight I do a set at about 70% of my working rep weight. Late in my workout, str was noticablly higher for initial sets. I'm not even sure this was mentioned in the glycergrow thread.

Seems very promising. I'm cutting right now, and im pretty excited about seeing how it works for me when I start a bulk. It's cheap enough for how long it lasts. Seems to be contraversial on the forums. People throwing around science without really providing real results.

That's it. I'll edit it later today.

01-27-2006, 02:19 AM
Dr.P: Red Acid

In sum, I have to say that I am very pleased with RedAcid. It definitely helps with appetite suppression, has stimulatory effects that are definitely less harsh than EC(-Y) and it doesn't lead to the notorious crushes known from EC(Y).
In the beginning you will have to be cautious with the dosing: For me 3 caps were a bit too much, but after a while you can definitely up the dose.
As with very stimulatory drug, I recommend to cycle RedAcid in order to counteract tolerance. 5 days ON and 2 days OFF is a possible ad good working scheme.

I can't compare REdAid with other things like LipidFX or MElting point because I haven't tried them so far. But in the past I have used Ephedrine + caffeine and with every further cycle the benefit / sides - ratio of EC went worse and worse. For someone who wants a appetite suppression that is in a similar range as EC and controllable stimulation without crushes I can definitely recommend RedAcid.

One Sidenote for CL: I would like to see a "second version" of RA that has no / less caffeine. So, people could take "RA-A" (with caffeine) in the morning and "RA-B" (without caffeine) in the afternoon / evening to keep the appetite suppression throughout the whole day without unwanted overstimulation and insomnia. Just my idea. BTW: Dymatize has done the same with Xpand: You have the regular Xpand without caffeine and the "Energized Xpand" with caffeine for those who like or need the extra "kick".

VEry best regards and my congrats to CL for this very nice product!


01-29-2006, 05:24 AM
Stuart Rudolph: GlycerGrow

"I'm on day 2 of GlycerGrow, 2 scoops pre workout, 1 during, and 1 immediately post. Not since my M1T days have I received such tight pumps. I already look fuller in the mirror, and this is only day 2. I can only imagine how the effects and my appearance will be in the upcoming weeks.

All I can say is, well done Controlled Labs!"

Thanks for the feedback Stuart !

01-30-2006, 02:32 AM
ugab3737@********anabolics.com: GlycerGrow... DAY 12

"I really can tell a difference on arm day. Glycergrow gives pumps comparable to superdrol."

01-30-2006, 04:00 AM
Eshamed51: GlycerGrow:

"Im not cutting at all but i think it will def bloat mine gets pretty insane but i mix it with all in one and a bunch of other stuff cool product though im no CL fan but i really like this stuff."

01-30-2006, 04:01 AM
Xeric: GlycerGrow + Green Bulge

"I take Glycergrow with GreenBulge and I dont get really any bloat at all even with 2 gallons of water a day. I am also cutting and I think it may be helping me keep my weights high as well as my intensity. I am also doing a log for the products, so you may want to check it out."

01-30-2006, 04:30 AM
Kimp @ **** ********* . ***
GlycerGrow: Week 2

"Well i am up to 3 scoops for my lifts... gallon and half of water... still creatine/ protein and a lot of clean foods

and i have gained 4 lbs and 11 oz in two weeks.....

the only plus in this is my bf% is slight lower then what it was.

recovery time is fairly decent. a little better then usualy but nothing phenominal. i seem to still piss a lot, but im still thirtier then i ever have been, even when i was on vacation in the south. smile.gif.

yea i have ropelike veins ... yea i wish. but honestly i have more then i used to, some neat new ones in the forearm area. looks like a heart actually.

this seems to be more of a product that might works, you just cant tell in terms of feelings, just mirror results.

like i said day by day will now be down in terms of recovery since ican compare easily from the first two weeks which were sorta loading imo.

in terms of product quality....
it says it doesnt mix - it doesnt, this doesnt bother me at all, and have experimented with my favorite way to take it, in gatorade seems to be the best for me.
you will urinate all the time. i mean all the time. like i pee non stop, its kinda cool tho, its always one of those releiving urines since you always have to go bad.

honestly i will be serious, i htouth this product might be **** .... my workout partner actaully noticed the viens, and then i wieghed myself, same scale and same clothing type. made me smile."

01-30-2006, 05:23 AM
Chris95: GlycerGrow

"I'm not doing a GG log like some, but I'll post my honest experience with the product so far. Have been on almost a week. I'm also not here to pimp CL but I believe their products are well worth your money. Right now I am taking NOW's Arginine/Ornithine but when it's out, I have White Blood on hand to stack with the GG.

IMHO, one important thing about GG is that I feel you should take 4 scoops spread out on your off days to get the needed effect. For on days, I take 2 scoops 1/2 hour before training, one scoop a few minutes before training, and one scoop after. One mistake people *may* be making is taking the product on an empty stomach OR not on off days. Also, I'm taking in about 1.5 gallons a day - yes it does make you very thirsty. I don't mix it, I just throw the scoop in my mouth and wash it down with kool aid or juice.

Rating 1-10

Soreness: 7.5/10
I have been pretty sore even days after my workout but like some have said, it means the product is working imo...

Fullness: 9.5/10
The fullness factor didn't kick in till about day 3, then WOW! I lowered my NO2 dosage and the GG seemed to take over my body, literally! I look even more full upon waking up... I've never had this feeling like I have from GG but like I said, I guess it's working.

Strength: 7/10
My overall weights are up a bit but my reps are down, I have a hard time battling for that 8th rep or so. So many of my excersises I am doing about 6 reps each on, which is fine. I tend to do lower reps anyway. The pump isn't painful but my range of motion is definately hindered a bit.

Vascularity: 8/10
Just the other day, my mom asked "are you taking something different, you have acne on your shoulders and your veins are sticking out!" Implying I'm on roids but I am not. Vascularity is definately up, even when not working out. Don't know what the acne is from though...

Energy/Focus: 5/10
I will I haven't noticed much of a difference from this aspect so far. Should I expect anything different?

Cardio: ????
I can't say for sure because I haven't done a day of cardio since I started taking GG. Probably will late today or Monday.

Body weight: The same so far...

Overall: So far I give an 8.5 out of 10 a week into it...glad I ordered an extra tub!!! One answer I need to find out is if I need to cycle this stuff or if it's safe to keep taking it for long periods of time...

***I attached a pic, the pic was taken about 10 minutes after I loaded 2 scoops of GG***

02-11-2006, 06:07 AM
ironLifeBG: Green Bulge + White Blood + Kre + Now AO

"best pumps of my life have come from these supps
for the past five days i have been taking

1.5 servings of kre-alkalyn (3caps)
1 servings of green bulge (5 caps)
2 servings of NOW Arginine and Ornithine (4 caps)
1 servings of white blood (3 caps)

i have done arms, legs and chest and each time the pumps have been unreal.

i take all of this 45mins after i eat my preworkout cup of oats/protein shake and 45mins before working out."

02-11-2006, 08:03 AM
Gresh: Red Acid + Ephedrine
Cycle Length: 30 Days
Starting weight: 291lbs
Ending weight: 278.4lbs


"Well, I've completed my first 30 days of Red Acid and ephedrine. I must say that RA has definitely lived up to all the prerelease hype. When combined with a decent diet, you can definitely see results. Here's how I would rank the effects:

1) Appetite suppressant

2) Energy/Focus increase

3) Rise in body temperature (felt a huge increase early on, then tailed off slightly)
I've experience ZERO side effects. NO loss of sleep, NO nausa, NO ill feeling.

Day 30 Weight/Measurements:

Weight: 291lbs -> 278.4lbs (-12.6lbs)
Chest: 54" -> 52.5"
Upper Leg: 30" -> 28"
Waist: 43.5" -> 41"
Arms: 21" -> 20.5"



DAY 1 ________________DAY 90__________Difference

Weight: 291lbs=======> 272.8lbs.............-18.2lbs
Chest: 54'' ==========> 52"..................... -2.0"
Waist: 43.5''=========> 41".......................-2.5"
Thighs: 30''==========> 28"......................-2.0"
Arms (flexed): 21''=====> 20.5"....................-0.5"

I took 4 caps of Red Acid plus ephedrine (12.5mg to start then later to 25mg) 30mins before my 6:00am cardio then another 4 caps and 25mgs of ephedrine 45mins before my 5:00pm weight training. I also used MAN vaporize and Scivation's Sesamin during the 90 days.

Log Review

Eventhough it was technically a 90 day log, I like to think of it as 2 separate RA + Ephedrine cycles with a few "off" weeks in between. I had a great initial first half, I stuck to the 4 caps of RA plus 25mg of ephedrine twice per day. Right around the holidays, Christmas/New Years, I took a couple breaks from the stack to recharge my CNS. During that period I probably gained back ~8lbs that I lost the previous weeks. I picked up Green Buldge + Blue Rhino and started running that with RA. My weight for a couple weeks remained stable, but I was feeling huge - tremendous pumps and strength. Looking back, I shouldve stuck to just Red Acid and Ephedrine and concentrated more on weight loss than "lean bulking". So on the final few weeks back on Red Acid and Ephedrine, the weight started comming off again.

I finished with a 18.2lbs drop. My goal was to be around 255lbs, so I was quite a bit off, but as Pure said, most people would love to see almost a 1.5lbs weight drop per week. I would say that almost all of it was fat - mainly in my upper thighs, waist and around the chest.

POSITIVES (Ranked in Order of Significance)

Appetite Suppression
Most overweight people, like myself, tend to eat late at night. When I was taking RA around 4:00-4:30pm, I had virtually no desire at all to eat food from the time I got back from workout to when I went to sleep.

Increase in Body Temperature
This was very apparent during the first few weeks. I always kept a jug of water by me. You MUST drink alot when taking RA. Even when the temperature was below freezing outside and people in the gym were wearing sweats, I was wearing shorts and a tshirt and sweating my ass off.

I mainly stacked Red Acid with ephedrine, but a few times I took it alone. By itself it was pretty good - about as good, maybe a little better than your typical fat burner. When combined with ephedrine however, it was a one of the best combos I've used for all out energy and intense mental focus.


Very minor and only happened a few times

Mainly after my morning serving and on an empty stomach

This isn't really a negative, but after I went off of RA, I basically stuffed myself the followiing couple days. My appetite was very apparent, basically it felt like I could eat forever.

Overall I was very pleased with RA, even though I didnt meet my goals. I realize that its going to take a lot more than a few months to get my ass into shape. I definitely recommend people to check this one out. By itself you should see results, but when combined with ephedrine (25mgs) you should see a lot more. The ECA stak seems to be an all time favorite, but I would think the "ERA" (ephedrine + Red Acid) stack would be even better :)

I've experimented with numerous fat burner combinations over my 10 yr workout history. This one ranks up there with some of the best.

Appetite Suppression 10/10
Fat Burning/Weightloss 9/10
Energy/Focus 8.5/10

My after photos will be up in a day or 2 and a new log will be started shortly - of what I have no idea :)


02-12-2006, 05:26 AM
j_downey50: Red Acid

Age: 17
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 228-230
Body Fat: ~16%
Body Type: Endomorph

Supplements Taken
Dymatize Elite Whey
Syntrax Nectar
AST Multi Pro32X
ON Fish Oil
Ultimate Nutrition Kre-Alkalyn
Controlled Labs Red Acid

Calories: 3320
Protein: 350
Carbs: 300
Fat: 80

My goals when I first started using this product were fairly simple... try and shed a little bit of fat without losing any muscle. I wasn't hardcore cutting, or preventing fat gain while on a bulk. Through personal experience, the whole "cutting" and "bulking" thing just doesn't work for me. When I try to cut, nothing happens and when I try to bulk, I start gaining fat before I do muscle. I've found I get the best results by just eating clean, lifting, and doing cardio (3-5 days/week, 30-45 min., moderate-high intensity).

My Review
The first dose I took of Red Acid, I could feel it within 45 minutes. I took 4 caps 20 minutes before breakfast and I damn near got a buzz once I got to class. This was almost the euphoric feeling you get from ErgoPharm AMP. The feeling I got from RA was great, but at first it didn't quite live up to some other reviews I've read. I wasn't expecting to lose 10 pounds in a week because of this stuff, but for the first two weeks, not a damn thing happened. I know I was eating more than enough to lose a lot of fat, but I was surprised that nothing happened. I kept taking RA and bumped my cardio from 45 to 60 minutes, 5-6 days per week. By the time I was done with the bottle of RA, I was finally starting to see its effects. I was noticing a little more definition in some areas (forearms, biceps, and quads for the most part) and I definitely saw a difference in my midsection. My girlfriend said she'd noticed a huge difference in my abdomen as well, so I know I wasn't just imagining things :). One other thing I noticed by the end of this experience with RA is that it helped uncover a few more veins in my forearms. I used to just be able to see a couple of bigger ones when I had a good pump, but I can now see those around the clock and can see some smaller ones while at the gym. When I started RA, I weighed in at 233-235. Although I only lost a few pounds, the visual difference is definitely there.

The Verdict
My body needed more than just one bottle. Next time I look into a fat burner, I might try two bottles of Red Acid, as I was just starting to see its effects the last 5-6 days I used it. I'd rate this a 8/10 through my experience with it. Only downfall was the delay in results, but that's probably just my body chemistry or terrible genetics or something. Definitely another quality product by Controlled Labs. :cool: "

02-14-2006, 04:47 AM
Mick535: GlycerGrow + Cutting phase

"After a month of using GlycerGrow I have some definite opinions on its effectiveness and if it lives up to its claims.

Week 4: Final Assessment

Weight: 189.9 (on my digital scale)

A 6lb Loss Overall!!


Neck: 16" -.5"
Chest: 43 1/8" Same
R Biceps: 16.25" -.25"
L Biceps: 16.5" Same
R Forearm: 12.75" -.25"
L Forearm: 12.25" -.25"
Waist: 34.75" -1.25" (NICE!)
R Thigh: 24.25" Same
L Thigh: 24" -.5"
R Calf: 15.5" +.25"
L Calf: 15.5" +.5"
You can see that with cutting, my measurements went down for the most part, especially in the waist which is awesome. I am posting pics so you can see the difference a month makes with these size changes.

Cell Volumization: GlycerGrow is great for cell volumization. Is it every workout great? For me, No. But I did have some awesome pumps on it during the month, including during my maintenance workout today. Sometimes I had NO supplement quality pumps, on other days I didn't. Bottom line is, don't expect the pumps instantly, wait a week or so for them to really kick in on this product. That's when the magic starts.

Vascularity: The money maker of GlycerGrow for me during this month. Of course, I was cutting, but it made me extremely vascular and water intake definitely regulated how vascular I was. This product will dry you out if you are not careful, drink plenty of water to see maximum effects. 1.5 to 2 gallons per day.

Recovery: Initially I was super sore on this product so expect this. As the month went on, I did not really notice being sore very much, so I would have to say the recovery was pretty good, but not excellent. I have had much better recovery on other products.

Intensity: I had some great workouts on GlycerGrow. It really surprised me actually, considering the ingredients in GlycerGrow. My intensity was awesome during some workouts and I didn't take any stims so there wasn't any competing suppleemnts to take credit for the results. This is definitely another one of the true benefits of this product. Very nice indeed!

Endurance: Along with the intensity was my endurance in the gym. I never had any real noticeable results during cardio, but my muscular endurance was great during my log. It wasn't great right off the bat, so don't expect it to be. You have to take this for awhile to get the most out of it.

Growth: The strength and size I maintained while shedding 6 pounds during this month long test run was great. It is very rare that you can lose 6 pounds and maintain good strength. I am very pleased with the results in this area. Thanks CL!

Overall: I couldn't be happier with the results from my one month test of GlycerGrow. My intensity and the results I achieved with this product has made me a believer in GMS and in the ingredients in GlycerGrow. This would definitely be beneficial for anyone who is cutting or bulking. Just ensure that you drink an enormous amount of water. If you don't you won't achieve the results that you should with this product. This should be a great addition to any supplement stack and would use this over any NO product due to the multiple benefits you receive and the fact that I'm not really a believer in the benefits of NO in the first place. Along side Green Bulge or Omega Thunder, you could achieve some mind blowing pumps, not to mention strength gains. 2 thumbs up to CL, I will definitely be buying some more of this when my tub is empty. That's another great thing, I still have about 1/3 of a tub left and that is after I accidently dumped a bunch of it on the floor one day.

Here are my end of Log Pics!


02-14-2006, 02:03 PM
PXBOARDER @ *************: GlycerGrow

"Day 28 Feb 12, 2006


Weight: 167 up 5lbs total for 4 weeks

Bench-----was 220 now 235approx (up 15lbs)
Dead------was 300 now 300approx (because of grip strength need wraps)
Squat-----was 290 now 350??? (Never maxed but got 315X3 on last set)

Bench 185X5 now 195X6 (up 10lbs and 1 rep)
Dead 225X6 now 245X6 (up 20lbs)
Squat 245X3 now 315X3 (up 70lbs?!?!?!) *note: changes to wider stance on squats about 4 in wider than shoulders on each side.

- over all over the last 4 weeks my intensity was way up strenght has come on in every lift and i can see my self getting bigger in the mirror and the scale.
- Best pumps i have ever had.
- this stack works IMO no doubt.
- can't wait to see more results.

-hit 170lbs
-bench 250 max
-squat 355Max
-dead over 300


Weight 162lbs
Forarms- 12.5in
Neck- 15in
Waist- 32in
Calvs- 14.25in


Weight-167lbs (up 5lbs)
Forarms-12.75 (up.25)
Arms-14.825 (up .125)
Neck-15.75 (up .75)
Shoulders-47.5 (up 0)
Chest-41.75 (up 1.00)
Waist-33 (up 1.00)
Quads-23.75 (up 1.25)
Calvs-14.75 (up .5)"

02-16-2006, 11:12 PM
diesel6304: Green Bulge

"January 9th was a day of brand new starts for my training. After taking a week off to heal and recover for a long period of constant training and being off of any creatine supplements for over a month, I came back to school and to start a new journey.

I started with the Max-OT program and also began taking Controlled Lab's White Blood and Green Bulge pre-workout. It's been roughly 5 weeks of training since then and I wanted to report some honest opinions on the products.

Whether it can be attested to Max-OT, or to my diet and these supplements, my numbers have been on a steady increase. Here are some comparisons and remember, a lot of that is going to be as a result of the high intensity, low volume, high recovery nature of Max-OT and getting used to training at such high weights.

Week 1 Best Sets:
Bench Press 285 x 5
Squat 375 x 5
Bent-Over Row 210 x 6
Militiary Press 185 x 5
Barbell Curl 110 x 6
Weighted Dips 70 x 6

Those are just some numbers to give a statistical comparison with the results of my workouts this week.

Week 5 Best Sets:
Bench Press 295 x 4
Squat 385 x 5
Bent-Over Row 225 x 6
Militiary Press 190 x 6
Barbell Curl 120 x 5
Weighted Dips 80 x 6

Now obviously I'm pleased with the gains and I haven't had one workout yet where I really felt like a dog. When I had gone off of creatine for the first time in over a year and a half, I immediately felt like the energy had been sucked from my workouts. Needless to say though, part of that is mental.

The first week of the stack, I had incredible energy but a lot of that was due to the new workout routine as well. As time went by, I was still intense and focused with my training but I must admit that my energy and mental focus was much greater when using Vault, which of course is a product designed to do that and GB and WB are not really stimulant type products.

As far as CEE supplements go, I was pleased with the Green Bulge. It's a quality product with great ingredients at a respectable price. It's not a miracle supplement and for the most part, I don't find it to be anything more than a basic, high quality creatine that I would certainly buy again.

I've used NO supplements in the past and I noticed good results while taking them. However, I was extremely disappointed with White Blood. Probably because in the past, all my training had involved some isolation movements for every muscle group and Max-OT does practically no isolation, I wasn't getting the types of pumps I wanted. I would certainly feel full and volumized when working out, but nothing so dramatic to warrant buying the product again. Perhaps if I was on a high volume split I would love White Blood, but if you're doing any type of powerlifting training or Max-OT, I think you'd be better off buying another bottle of Green Bulge or maybe an energy product.

So the bottom line...will I used Green Bulge again? I like to try new things and I've tried a number of creatine products in the past. I liked Vault but didn't like the price tag and I felt like I crashed a bit after coming off of it. Green Bulge is good, but I would like to try Omega Sports Thunder and SciFit's Kre-Alkalyn before coming back but I would definetely recommend the product. It is a far better product than your basic Creatine Monohydrate powder in my eyes.

As for White Blood, unless I plan to go on a high volume split sometime soon, I'm going to stay away from it. I must say, based on what friends have told me, I really am inclined to try NO-Xplode because powdered NO products seem to get into my bloodstream and work more quickly and everyone has pointed out the incredible energy you get from it. It won't be immediate, but sometime in the long term future I may try it.

Basically, if you're looking for a reliable, consistent creatine product and you're knowledgeable to know what makes a supplement of good quality, Green Bulge is a great product. I personally wasn't a fan of White Blood, but others may feel different especially those doing more isolated exercises."

02-17-2006, 10:49 PM
turbos10: GlycerGrow + Green Bulge

"I don't normally write many reviews on suppliments because quiet frankly most of them just don't impress me enough to bother. However, after starting Glycergrow last week and adding Green Bulge this week, I felt I had to say just a couple of things and post my experience.

I started out last week with Glycergrow stand alone just to see how I liked it. I did notice a slight increase in pump, but not much in the way of strength or stamina increase. I decided this week to take Controlled Labs advice on the labeling and stack it with Green Bulge. All I can say is WOW!

I started off with a leg workout. Squats was my first exercise, and it was just about on par with the week before. However, when I went over to the leg press I was able to go from last week's 600lb to 630lb this week for 8 reps. I worked up to this from 600 over three sets. I did not add any weight to my SLDL, but cranked out 10 reps with 225 and it took much less effort than the week before.

Next workout was chest. Incline DB was my first lift. I was able to manage 8 reps on my second set and 6 on my third set with the 100lb DB's. Last week I managed 6 and 5 on those sets. On flat DB press I did 95lb for 8,7,6 reps last week, and I was able to do 100lb for 8,5,6 this week. I did not rest long enough on the second set or it would have been better I think since I came back on the third.

I noticed that after these last two workouts I have stayed pumped for and hour or two after leaving the gym. Normally, I am flat by the time I get home. I have also noticed a huge difference in DOMS which tells me that I am definately working the muscles harder. I have had a hard time walking the last two days which is not normal for me.

I will also add that I have been lifting for over 10 years and have tryed ALOT of different products. Never before have I been able to see changes so rapidly and strength bounces like this week to week. My strength stays pretty steady and does not go up that fast week to week.

I am taking the Green Bulge ~15 minutes prior to working out, and sipping the Glycergrow with 1/2 scoop of gatorade from when I leave my house to hit the gym until I am about 1/2 way through the workout.

I would suggest this stack to anyone, and I really do believe that Glycergrow is a breakthrough product."

02-18-2006, 03:43 AM
protector@*************: Blue Rhino

"Date: Tuesday 20 December, 2005


Post cycle I rely on supplements like Tbomb from MHP to drive my workouts and test. Tbomb is expensive but I've tried a few others and been very disappointed.

I'm on my second week of blue rhino and I'm very impressed. Its not going to give you "steroid like results" but it will help you maximize your performance.

Some people forget that long jack is so important even on cycle due to it affecting the shgb hormone.

the price is nice. Its nice not being gimmicked into a product because a price. Due to the quality in this product I will probably try all the controlled lab products."

Note: Blue Rhino will be replaced by "Blue Up".

02-18-2006, 03:45 AM

"Date: Friday 02 December, 2005


I am 35 and new to weight lifting and have not used many supplements. I felt that I lacked the stamina to go through long routines and lacked the energy to preform at weight training. I currently work out 1 to 2 hrs at home after work and have plenty of energy after my workout. Premature gray hair and being tired all the time has led me to Testosterone replacement. Blue Rhino has a lot of ingredients that I have researched and found that they work for people with low testosterone. I have used one bottle so far and am impressed with this product... I give this product a 4 of 5... Just because I have not tried anything else...but I have ordered another Test product and am going to try it for 30 days to see if it works as well as Blue Rhino... I also take 3500mg of NO and creatine alltoghether get good pumps and less soarness the next morning... Muscles stay tight and hold form."

Note: Blue Rhino will be replaced by "Blue Up".

02-18-2006, 04:05 AM
brownhornet: Red Acid

"Too soon to say how much of a dent it will put in my bodyfat %, but Red Acid is great for energy. Keeps you energized all day long and I'm hitting numbers on cardio and reps I haven't seen for years. I still think Man Scorch is the King, but so far so good with Red Acid"

02-18-2006, 06:36 AM
heater1289: Thunder + White Blood

"I've been on the cet/wb stack for about 3 weeks now. I love the stack. I was recently coming off a major surgical operation to reconstruct my elbow, a normal procedure in the baseball world, but never the less a year recovery. I was only turned loose to lift heavy at the gym at month 6, which was 2+ months ago. I was very week and would get extremely sore after my workouts. At the beginning of month 7 I began my stack and now I am well above my pre surgery strength levels. I have made a good 30-40 pound increase in bench from before the stack, as well 15-20 pound increase in all other major exercises. I am usually not sore in the day following workouts, and I can increase sets and reps almost every workout. I am in month 8 of the 12 month recovery, and I am a pitcher, so i am also throwing/pitching every other day as per the surgeons protocoal. The stack has given me more endurance when throwing, as well as more stamina in my legs and core when pitching, which takes stress off my elbow, which is a positive. I am never sore in my arm the day after throwing. I know this stack is reviewed alot, but I thought the company reps would enjoy my 2 cents, coming from a different scenario than most of the products users. All i can say is 2 thumbs up"

02-18-2006, 06:38 AM
heater1289: Green Bulge + Exceed

"Recently, i got the idea of combining the two creatine products together pre-workout. This was my second creatine cycle ( first was Cet with Wb). I'm 17 yrs old, 5-10 180 about 14%bf. I used the stack for the past month. It was an incredible stack. My strength shot up like no tommorow, i was able to push myself to more reps and heavier weight each and every workout. I increased noticibly in vascularity and definition. The pumps from the stack were absolutely incredible. With the white blood cet stack, the pumps were intense, but i scarcely felt a pump in shoulders/back. With this stack, I felt an explosive pump in every muscle group that started midway through the first rep of beginning sets of a muscle group. I made gains ranging from 10lbs in exercises to almost 25lbs. As i sit here typing this post workout i am actually getting a pump in my hands/wrist. I am a baseball pitcher so working out is not my top priority, so I am only able to get to the gym 2x-3x a week and usually do minimal sets per body part as I cannot be incedibly sore for baseball the following day. However, even with not that much gym time compared to dedicated bodybuilders, i can say that this stack was truely amazing and if you have the money give it a try. rating- 10/10!"

02-18-2006, 08:08 AM
SkinnyFat: GlycerGrow + Green Bulge

Final Thoughts

Taste - GlycerGrow is flavourless, I had no problems with this while it was mixed with Xtend. I also dont have anything against pill form supplements, the Green Bulge pills were pretty easy to swallow.


Mixability - Glycergrow does not mix. Seeing how 1 scoop is not even a teaspoon, I dont see a reason to complain about it. I personally didn't notice it in my drink.


Price - Seeing how I was using 15 scoops of GlycerGrow per week, 2.2lbs would last roughly 2 months in my case. ~$16/month is well worth it in my opinion.


Strength - Awesome. If you look back, I hilighted in red all my strength increases. I found this stack to help me increase the weight being used on the majority of exercises. I was definetely impressed with this aspect.


Recovery - GlycerGrow was being used on workout days only. Seeing how I train 5 days in a row per week, I found it extremely helpful in allowing me to give 100% the following day with minimal soreness.


Pumps - I noticed great pumps during my workouts. These usually lasted close to 2 hours post workout. Mind you, they were not extreme to a level to cause pain.


Intensity - My workouts began getting more intense about half way through this stack. Lifting with the MAX-OT principle, my workouts are usually pretty intense, but this stack kicked it up a notch.


Mass Gains - I've gained about 5 lbs this month while on this stack. Im sitting at ~15% bf, but very pleased with the added muscle. My inner chest has really developed well, and I've added some good size to my triceps.


Endurance - As far as cardio goes, Im sorry to say that I did not see any noticable differance while on this stack. My cardio consisted of 35-45 minute low/medium intensity every monday/wednesday/friday evening. As for weight lifting, my workouts are usually pretty short and I never had any problems with this in the past.


Focus - I was pretty impressed by this. Im a yerba mate drinker, and I usually have 1-2 cups pre-workout which help me focus better in the gym. The past week or so, I've noticed that my focus has really increased while on this stack.


Vascularity - Im the type of guy who enjoys seeing veins run down my arms. They definetely gave me that mental boost to give it all Ive got during my workouts. I also noticed that the veins in my feet seems more prominant, as well as [18+] *downstairs*.


Overall :


Will I purchase this stack again ? Yes

I was very pleased with this stack, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cell volumizer + creatine product. Two great products by a very well respected company. Two thumbs up !

Again, thank you for this opportunity, and I hope the members of this community benefitted from this log. Below are 3 pictures attached. The first was taken Friday morning, and the other 2 were taken post workout that same day.


02-19-2006, 08:55 AM
chris1257: Red Acid + Green Bulge + Vasopro Ephedrine

"So yesterday I started cutting with Green Bulge, Red Acid, and Vasoporo ephedrine.
I took 2 pills of Red Acid before breakfast and 3 before my workout.
The bottle says 4 if you are over 225.
I took 25 mg of ephedrine. I didnt do cardio, but I did a light bicep tricep and shoulder workout and my weight went from 243.5 down to 241 this morning.
I weighed myself both times in the morning before breakfast.
Red acid is the best appetite suppressant i've ever had. I wasnt hungry all day. Green Bulge gave me intense pumps. I was able to do around ten more reps for each exercise than I was able to do before.
Green Bulge is the best creatine I've ever taken.
Controlled Labs is my new favorite supplement company."

02-20-2006, 09:10 AM
amjzzz: GlycerGrow

"The biggest thing I notice with glycergrow is increased strength for subsequent sets. I was really amazed by it, since it's really pushed as a volumizer."

Blap Blaow
02-20-2006, 09:19 AM
chris1257: Red Acid + Green Bulge + Vasopro Ephedrine

I was able to do around ten more reps for each exercise than I was able to do before.

now that just dosn't seem right.

02-24-2006, 12:37 PM
now that just dosn't seem right.

Maybe he's using machines ? :p

02-25-2006, 01:31 AM
Rage (SoCal): Red Acid

<img src="http://www.askthedrunk.com/rage/me/RA/12.4.05/comparison1.jpg">
<img src="http://www.askthedrunk.com/rage/me/RA/12.4.05/comparison2.jpg">

02-25-2006, 01:48 AM
i ll be adding my review of GB to this thread soon in the nite (in my country):D

02-25-2006, 09:22 AM
KC's review on Green Bulge

i started using it on the 2nd week of Jan this year. though alot injury and illness cropped up, i still managed to finish the 1st cycle and is on the 2nd one now.

not much of taste to mention since its in casuples. a rather fish oil smell imo. easy to take at 1-2 go. i ve try it on empty stomach or with foods and give me no stomach upsets


muscle fullness: this is definitely noticable for my muscle feel much fuller and more straviation appeared. i ve also gain 3 kg from 75kg since on GB and i can tell u that this is defnitely noe water retention

Vascularity: since GB is not a NO product, i dont have alot to talk about. but after the 1st week, i notice that vascularity is gd (around my forearms and legs) after several sessions, even though i seldom do high reps. This is definitely an extra bonus that i didn't expect

Strength: Well it wont be fair for me to judge how much strength increase i get it from Gb since alot injuries happened unfortunately. However, i still managed a 115kg PR of deadlift and 80kg bench when im on GB which is surprsing due to my overall state

Energy: GB sure provides the energy for me to push the reps even when i realy feel like **** or tired before the workout (i dont take stimulants).


A must supplement for people that want strength and some extra energy for your workout and with some vasularity as bonus:D

http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/7397/dsc024122jg.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/3827/dsc024207lb.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Blap Blaow
02-25-2006, 09:38 AM
Nice review KC!!

BTW- Green Bulge does contain Taurine and Arginine Ethyl Esters which might explain the nice vascularity you were seeing!

02-25-2006, 10:34 AM
Nice review KC!!

BTW- Green Bulge does contain Taurine and Arginine Ethyl Esters which might explain the nice vascularity you were seeing!
thanx dude. right now im on my 2nd GB. hope to see more result from it

02-26-2006, 02:08 AM
deserusan: Green Bulge

"GB worked very well for me. I had great strength gains and little water bloat if any. Keep in mind that supplementing creatine allows for greater ATP production which is cellular energy. This gives you greater potential energy which is could be viewed as strength. As with any creatine product, once you go off you will notice a slight decrease in strength."

bulldog7: Green Bulge + White Blood

"Allright here's my final review....

Original measurements:
Chest: 44in
arms: 15.5-16.0 in- depends on when during the day I measure
quads- 26.5in
calf- 15.5in
waist- 34in- around the fattest part of my stomach

Final measurements after 1 month of gb/wb
Chest: 45in
arms: 16.0 in- in the morning
quads- 26in
calf- 15.5in
waist- 35in- around the fattest part of my stomach

Allright so my chest is up 1 whole inch, my arms are 16in in the morning which is up 1/2 inch b/c usually they are 15.5in in the morning. Quads went down 1/2in, which is hopefully fat loss b/c I've been doing good with my leg workouts so I can't really see why they would be smaller. Calves are the same and my waist is at 35in. I put before my waist was at 34in but I was hoping my waist didn't go up that much. So I looked at my measurements that I had written down and what I wrote down for last month was actually 34.7in. So basically I rounded down last time so my waist did not go up 1 whole inch which is good.

original weight= 195lbs
Final weight= 201lbs

So overall I am very happy with my results. This was a great stack and they were both great overall products. I hope to take this stack again sometime in the near future, when I actually get some money. Also, my strength is up in some lifts and even though I gained a little bit on my stomach, I actually feel as though my abs are more visible than before and thats while taking in 4,000 calories. I also feel more solid and I can even notice the difference in my size. Usually I can never tell since I see myself in the mirror everyday, but I can see the size I put on. I will definately keep everyone updated over the next few weeks to let you know if I lose some of the weight due to water or what not. But right now I am taking 3g of Bulk Cee after my workouts. I'll do this for a month and see what happens.

02-26-2006, 07:29 AM
bondsagent1: Green Bulge

"The first day I started using green bulge, I used it as a pre-workout creatine, following up with Cell-mass by BSn. I defiinitely noticed an increase in strength gains even on the first day. I normally dumbbell press with 60-70 lbs and I got out around 80 pretty decently, so I was satisfied with it. No really horrible water gains and im satisfied with it"

02-26-2006, 07:33 AM
WhatTheDodd: Green Bulge

"I use it aswell, for about three weeks now, using bulk cee postworkout and on off days. My strength has increased substantially, most notably in my legs. Perhaps effect isnt any different than just taking the bulk cee, as I havent taken it alone before, but I would imagine the MCC helps, as well as the synergistic ingredients such as tee and aee. Next I am probably going to try a different formula, just to switch things up, but I am very satisfied with the results from this product thusfar."

xJonathanx: Green Bulge

<img src = "http://www.cheapuksupplements.co.uk/shopimages/products/normal/greenbulge.jpg">

This product is great, to put it simply.

First Glance...
Their marketing and packaging is very eye catching. Green capsules, a green label; following along with the name and making it alluring and interesting. Solid bottle and sealing.
Pricing and Ingredients...
This product is VERY affordable. Paying around $26 for 30 servings, that makes it about 86 cents per serving. The ingredients include 2 forms of highly effective creatines, and also compounds to increase your actual creatine uptake/absorbtion and muscle-pumps during your workout.

This is by far one of the most effective stand-alone creatine products I have ever used.
Review: 9/10
The first day I took this I had AMAZING pumps and increased strength. Ever since my strength has been going up, my pump hasn't disappeared and I'm not worried about running out and having to buy more after a week of using it.

I've been searching for a total creatine product that covered all my needs for years now, and I've finally found one. My hat goes off to Green Bulge.

jwright2: Green Bulge

"I definitely like GB better than Thunder. Less pills and no headache after taking the pills. Dont get me wrong though, Thunder helped a lot."

02-26-2006, 07:43 AM
h0ckeyfreek20: Green Bulge + White Blood

"Well, after reading several good reviews on the wb/gb stack i decided to test it out for myself.

First impressions after opening the package, "wow these bottles look awesome!" i think the design/logo on the front of the bottle screams hardcore. The second thing i noticed was how the WB pills were blue and the GB pills were green. This comes in handy when you throw 2-3 days worth of pills in a bag to take with you.

One thing i didnt like was having to take 8 pills per day. No biggy, just takes a little while because i can only swallow 1 pill at a time.

Now for a review of the actual product. after about 2 days i noticed increased vascularity and awesome pumps. During my workout i noticed a slight increase in endurance. I didnt really see any increase in strength or energy like i did with NOxplode (filled with caffeine) but this stack is a creatine/no2 stack not an energy booster.

I do my workouts at night and the next day my arms still feel pumped and full of blood. I never had this happen before i took WB so it has to still be the pump which is amazing because that would be a 12 hour pump.

Ill update this a couple times throughout the month and ill post my stats at the end of the one month cycle.

so far this seems like a great product and i love the increased vascularity. I expect to make huge gains off this and if all goes well try it out for an 8 week cycle"

02-26-2006, 08:18 AM
SkinnyFat: Green Bulge + White Blood

"Background :

I began working out at the age of 16. I found it very frustrating since I wasnt getting anywhere with it. Always envied the genetically gifted and gave up soon after due to lack of motivation. At 18 I began again, this time knowing a thing or two about suppliments and training. I realized I was a creatine non-responder which really gave me a hard time mentally, which drove me to give up once again.

Stats :

Beginning of cycle :

Age: 19
Bodyfat %: 20
Weight: 175 lbs
Height: 5'6"
Body Type: Skinny Fat

End of 30 day cycle :

Bodyfat %: 13
Weight: 158lbs
Body Type: Not so Skinny Fat ;)

Diet :

2100-2200 calories/day. 40/40/20

Protein: 220g
Carbs: 220g
Fats: 48g

Other info:

I followed MAX-OT to the T. Other suppliments I took were ON 100% whey and a multi vitamin.

Review :

First off, I'd like to say that I responded very well to White Blood. The first 3 days I didnt feel like it had any effect on me, and this was the first time i try an NO product, so I really didnt know what to expect. I was seriously thinking of dropping it and working out without it, but day 4...pumps were amazing after the 1st set. I was surprised to say the least. I took it exactly like it said to on the bottle : Take 3 capsules 30-45 minutes prior to your workout. Pumps lasted anywhere between 2-4 hours. No complains after the 3rd day.

I was really excited to try Green Bulge. I found it very effective and it didnt cause any bloat. Took it exactly like it said on the bottle : Take 5 capsules 45-60 minutes prior to your workout and on non-workout days.

Pictures :

Although this is something i REALLY regret, i do not have any before pictures. My current pics are here : http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showpost.php?p=7651434&postcount=15

Overall :

I am extremely happy with these 2 products and definitely looking forward to trying them again."

03-02-2006, 12:14 PM
BigNorwegian: GlycerGrow + Green Bulge + White Blood

"Amount Of Time: Approx. 4-5 weeks

Begining Stats:

Weight: 181 lbs
Height: 5"7'
BF%: Somewhere around 13% maybe? Not too sure.
Waist: 33in
Arms: 16 1/2
Legs: 23in
Calves: 15 1/2in
Forearms: 14in
Chest: Unknown
Kneck: Nearly 15in

Final Stats:

Weight: 190 lbs +9lbs
Height: 5"7'
BF%: 13% +0%
Waist: 33in +0in
Arms: 17 +.5 in
Legs: 23.5in +.5in
Calves: 16 +.5in
Forearms: 14in +0in :/ I already have huge forearms, so its ok.
Chest: Unknown, But I'm sure at least 1in
Kneck: 15.25 +.3in

Begining Main Lifts:

Deadlifts: 5 x 325
Squats: 14 x 270 (Smith Machine)
Incline DB Press: 6 x 90

End Main Lifts:

Deadlifts: 6 x 385 +1 rep, +60lbs Wow?
Squats: 8 x 315 (BarBell) -6 reps, +45lbs, switch from Smith to BB
Incline DB Press: 8 x 90 +2 Reps, +0lbs


Green Buldge:

Initial Though: I have done a cycle of one bottle of Green Bulge, and it seems to be a solid creatine. However I warn those who are new to the lifting community; Controlled Labs, though a solid company, has in my opinon recieved much hype from many uneducated people here on the boards. In my opinon Green Bulge is not a magical creatine, however it is a [/b]solid[/b] creatine which seems to provide good results. I am fairly happy with my results thus far. I have used creatines in the past which have provided better results and on the other end of the specturm I have used creatines which will never match the results of Green Bulge.

Final Thought: My opinon hasn't changed much on Green Buldge. It is a very solid creatine. It is in my opinon one of the top 5 creatines on the market. It is easy to take, and respectably priced. I have made good gains with it, and I would recommend it to others and use it again.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

White Blood:

Initial Though: My first bottle of White Blood seemed to produce fair results. Admittingly I have experienced better results in the past from other NO products, how ever with White Blood I seemed to yawn less which was a main factor I keep in mind with NO products. No matter what it always seems I yawn while taking a NO supplement, however White Blood seemed to make me yawn the least.

Final Thought: In this log I upped my White Blood from 3 to 4 capsules. This seemed to prove to be a very important factor. My pumps increased, I was more focused and seemed to experience better results as compared to my first bottle. I seemed to yawn less with this NO as compared to others. I really liked White Blood because of that reason, its a real pain in the ass trying to stay focused and maintain a pump when every 5 minutes you are yawning. White Blood gave me good results with 3 capsules, and even better results with 5. The price is fair, I believe it could be a little lower, but it isn't horrible considering it is a NO and NOs seem to be priced fairly high. I would recommend White Blood and try it again.

Overall Rating: 8.3/10


Initial Though: Very skeptical to say the least. Over the past few weeks I have followed through controversy on the boards on CL's new product. I have done my own research and from what I've read, I am not sure if this will work or not. However if it does work for me, I will say nothing, keep my mouth shut and be happy. I wont care why it worked or how, as long as it works for me I will have a grin across my face.

Final Thought: For me, it seemed as though the first week or so I experienced little, to no effects. As time went on, my pumps increased and I felt the result of the GG on my DOMS. I will argue with people who say that the first serving of GG should produce the same effects as the last, because I did not. It seemed to me, that the effects increased with each week. I am only 1/2 done with my container, so I will see how my effects are in the comming weeks, perhaps they will platue off, but as of now, they seem to still be increasing. My last back day, I deadlifted 385lbs, an increase of 50lbs from a month ago. I have never taken steroids, or hormones, but the pump I felt in my lowerback was incredible, and could possibly be compared to that of steroids, though perhaps not entirly as strong. It was not that feeling of pulling your lower back, it was the feeling of soreness. It was the first time I deadlifted where I felt my back shaking and working extremly hard, it was amazing.

Mixing the GG was difficult, but I managed by just scopping it into my mouth, and washing it down with juice or water. I also found that mixing it with fruit yogurt was an esay way to take it. The taste was very salty, but nothing disgusting, just "different". But I imagine that certain people would have trouble getting it down, exspecially if you only mix it in water.

My thoughts on GG have changed, not drastically, but none the less I feel differently towards it. I admitt I am still a little confused on where I exactaly stand. But it seems to me that GG is fairly effective, and at the price it is being offered at and for the amount of servings it contains, it isn't a bad deal. Perhaps the most cost efficent of all the Controlled Labs products. I am not 100% sure if I would recommend it though. I only want to recommend products I am 100% are the best. GG did produce pumps, and did work, but I think I need a few more weeks to decide whether or not it is a great product. Don't get me wrong, I still believe it produces some kind of results, but I am a hard person to convince. I am hard on the products I test because my opinon will infulence the public. Everyone can keep updated in my "Cutting Log" which I will post the link for here shortly, if you are interested in my GlycerGrow feedback.

Overall Rating: 7/10"[/indent]

03-03-2006, 05:15 AM
FACETHEFACTS706: GlycerGrow + Green Bulge

"My overall review of the stack together was fairly high..

Review of green bulge

I loved the pumps and focus it gave me..It kind of had a pyscholgical effect on me also, cause every week i went in i wanted to do more weight, and I did..It gave me great strength increases, didnt make me hold much water at all, unlike some other creatines..i added a bunch of weight between the 2 in the beginning then it evened out to about a pound a week, somtimes 1.3-1.5 pounds a week..I sweated alot more which was a good thing in my opinion...I also liked it cause it was in pill form..had no taste like other horrible creatines..

overall 9 out of 10 def..I would reccomend this product to anyone who is lookin to take it alone, or take it as part of a stack...solid product..and will buy it again in the future..

Review of glycer
Okay i cant contribute all my gains to just 1 product, so i have to give this a fair review also and say i liked it to a extent..It was a pain to get used to in the beginning, how it never disolved..but honestly after 2-3x of takin it, it goes down like cake, no problems at all..I didnt like the fact that it made me hold so much water, made me feel bloated alot...But i did like how it made my muscles appear larger cause they were so filled with water...my muscles held onto alot of the water and i think that was a good thing..and i also like it cause it had virtually no taste to it..

My overall score for this prouct would be 7 out of 10..

All in all, this 30-day period was a succesful one in my opinion..I gained weight, most of it clean in my opinion..I had strength increases for every
body part..

Controlled labs answered any questions i had on anything very fast, solid company and great supplements..Just wanted to say thank you again for selecting me as a tester and hope this log was up to par...

I will be lookin for any new supplements dropping by this company.."

03-11-2006, 02:24 AM
GeordieArtois: Red Acid


I have finished my 2 bottles of Red Acid today. Red Acid is the first fatloss supplement I have used and I think it has been very benefical in helping me in my first ever cut.

- Energy

Red Acid gave me more energy during cardio than I have ever had. It was most noticeable during the first 2 weeks of use, but the energy is very clean and feels natural, I didn't experience an immediate buzz or any jitters. Because of this I became used to it and didn't notice the energy as time went on, but it was definitely there.

- Mood Enhancement

This was also something I noticed more within the first couple of weeks. It wasn't something that kicked in, per se, but for me it became more apparent after my second serving.
It made me feel good, kind of like the happy feeling you get after a few beers. I felt more relaxed, enthusiastic about working out and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

- Sleep

I think some testers noticed disturbed sleeping patterns but this wasn't the case for me. In fact, my sleeping improved after the first few weeks of use which was a pleasant surprise.

- Appetite Supression

This was definitely the most noticeable and consistent aspect of Red Acid that stood out for me. It took a little while to become noticable but the appetite supression really kicked in and still hasn't worn off. This has helped a great deal, as I found that I was able to eat all my meals without forcing them down but was never hungry the rest of the time.
I had a cold/flu for a short while during testing Red Acid and there was a day or 2 where I couldn't eat anything because my throat hurt so much. Even during this time I never really felt hungry.

Side Effects

During my 60 day run of Red Acid I haven't had any side effects whatsoever. There was a few times I had acid reflux but I am certain this wasn't related to Red Acid.


In total I have lost 11.5lbs during my 60 day run with Red Acid. since this is my first cut I'm not sure if that is a decent amount of weight to lose, but there it is.

I can't say anything bad about Red Acid, I only had positive results and will use this again in the future after I have tried a few other products.

Again, I'd like to thank PU12 for selecting me as a tester and Tank for being decent enough to ship 2 bottles out to a tester in England."

03-11-2006, 05:34 AM
tha_chosenson: Red Acid + Blue Up (SF)

"hey guys! I started using red acid for a month already and had good results, yesterday i added blue up stim free! yesterday and today i noticed alot of sweating then usual?hopefully it's working-lol have any of u have similiar effects??"

03-16-2006, 06:21 PM
ChiTown72: GlycerGrow

BF-Around 15%

Weight-201 +8lbs
BF- Little to no increase

Ok this was my first time using glycerol and I was very impressd with the results. During the first week it did not seem to effect me much but as time went on I began to notice its benifits more and more. First, it gave me decent pumps during every single workout I used it. I would get them quickly and have them long after I left the gym. It was nothing extraordinary but they were not bad at all. My muscles also gained some noticeable size and seem to be much more full. Second, I seemed to get more vascular as time went on. I have defanently noticed a difference in my shoulders and forearms. Last, but def not least, Strength. I do not know what it was about this product but GG seems to have really boosted my strength. When I first started taking it I did not expect it to help me as much as it did strength wise. Needless to say I was plesantly surprised.


Overall-8.5/10 I would reccomend that you give it a shot"

03-17-2006, 08:33 PM
Controlled Labs Green Bulge + White Blood are the bomb diggity.


03-19-2006, 04:43 AM
marqui678: Red Acid + Ephedrine

"I have been taking ephedrine for about 2 weeks, as well as wellbutrin for a few months(maybe it has some effects) and it works well for appetite supression, but I thought Id give red acid a try. I wanted a fat burner without yohimbine( it makes me shake like a leaf) and I have been wanting to try tta and oea. All I can say is wow, bolt it blunts my appetite, however with bolt and red acid, it kills it to the point where I have to force myself to eat. I could go 8 hours without eating and not think much of it. Normally I crave fast/junk food, when I am cutting its much worse. It's the best appetite supression I have had with any fat burner: lipo/e, tight/e, thermonex, hydroxycuts and rippedfuel. I used 25mg bolt and 2 caps of red acid per serving(just feel to out the affects)."

03-25-2006, 11:56 PM
Robdawg77@aol.com: Green Bulge + White Blood + GlycerGrow

I have 2 days left on my cycle of GB and WB...have alot of GG left though. Thought I'd leave my review on it now.
AGE: 18
HT: 5'10
WT: 171

Support Supp:
Omega Fish
Muscle Juice
Chromium Picolinate

I started working out right around a year ago(11 months)...I was never in bad shape always low % BF, skinny kid...At first I didin't know exactly what i was doing but i took Muscle Milk and began liftin. I researched more and more everyday becoming a forum-aholic. I've been through a cycle of GNC's mono+nitrix; 6th Star CEE+'NOS'(wal-mart) and now controlled labs. While experimenting with different Proteins(MM, ON's WHey, Muscle Juice) and now pry moving on to I-Pro. Last April i weighed in at 153. I've gained 18 lbs in 11 months which Iam extremely happy about. Though my bench has only gone up 20 lbs, my squat and DL are gaining by the week.

Now onto controlled labs...I had mild pumps from nitrix but nothing compared to these. I get crazy ass pumps, especially on arm day. My intensity is through the roof always sweating before i even get done with my first exercise. I'm adding anywhere from 2 1/2 lbs to 10 lbs a week on various workouts. I have enough energy to rest for 5 mins then workout all over again. I plan on taking it again.

I want to try out BSN's stack + GG and see how i react to that. I want to gain more mass and be around 185 solid. I've complete cut pop out of my diet. Everytime im hungry i have a PB+J sandwhich on wheat and have 4 big meals a day. I would like to work on my sleep also. Thanks guys, heres another thumbs up for Controlled Labs.

Thanks for the feedback Rob !

03-26-2006, 12:00 AM
Mantra: Green Bulge + GlycerGrow + White Blood

"I have been using Green Bulge, Glycer Grow, And White Blood... Havn't noticed any bad side effects except for causing lots of attention in the gym from how big im getting" ;)

03-31-2006, 02:38 AM
hitchcockmd: Green Bulge + White Blood

"At the end of my 30 day cycle I was up to 173.5 lbs which is a 5 lbs increase. I largely attribute the gain in mass to my diet and water consumption over the period of time. While I personally have tried creatine products that were better in terms of strength gains, I honestly can't say I have tried any that illicit the vascularity and pump associated with this stack. Thumbs up to CL for these two products... I will definitely be doing a complete log possibly throwing in GG in the future.

- Matt"

04-01-2006, 08:55 AM
Jerry - Swole V3 and GlycerGrow:

"Overall thoughts on the stack:

The stack has worked very nice for me and is one of the few products I have bought that i can truely say Im glad i spent the money. The combination of the 2 worked well for cell volumization and muscle fullness. Ive never felt as big as I do on this stack. Heres a breakdown:

Strength Increases
Mass Increases (appears to be all lean)
Energy/Stamina Increases

Gas/Stomache Aches
Swole lasted only 26 days instead of 30

GlycerGrow: 8/10

I was a little skepticle of this product the first 2 weeks. But I fiddled around with the dosage and it started giving me some awesome muscle fullness and energy during my workouts. I think its imperative to drink alot of WATER while on this product. Once I upped my water intake it made a difference and I starting feeling fuller all day long. Its hard to say if it directly helped me with strength and mass, but the combination of the 2 helped tremendously. A few days I didn't feel like working out the GG really picked me up and gave me some nice energy to hit the gym. The price was right too on this product and it seems I haven't even got through a 1/4 of the jug. So overall, I give it a 8/10. Solid price, solid results and it lasts long.

Swole V3: 9/10

I wish this would have lasted the 30 days. I took it exactly like it said. Level scoop. So it should have lasted the full 30 days. Besides that this was probly the best creatine product for performance Ive ever used. Strength was up, Mass was up, Stamina is up and I appear to be as lean as i was before. The neagatives which were the Gas/Stomache aches were mostly in the first week, I think due to my body having to get used to it. Eventually it went away. Overall I think this is tied with Thunder as the best creatine Ive used. I give it 9/10.

Combination of the 2: 9/10

I think the combination of these 2 products work very well together and I highly reccomend it for a cost effective strength and cell volumization stack."

04-02-2006, 02:01 PM
redvision: White Blood

"Took WB @ 4pills/2 times a day (45min pre-workout and before bed) for 22 days...

There are my final thoughts:

Tape and BW Changes:
+.25 on Biceps
+.5 on Quads
+.25 on Calves

BW remained the same @ 225-226 through the Log.

Positive: (in chronogical order)
-great energy/focus since day 1!!!
-awesome pumps, never seen before
-speeded up recovery after the first week or so...
-slight increase in vascularity when working out
-Increased libido after week 2
-No sleep issues, even with the pre-bed dose

-The only negative side I got from 8 capsules of White Blood/day is a slight incrase in back acne... it wasn't terrible, but I rearely got any so I think it's worth mentionning.

Notes from 1 to 10:
Pumps: 10
Focus/energy: 8

Will I buy it again?
Definitely yes! I'll also have to try arginine/ornithine, I seem to respond very well to those...

After picures:
as promised...


Thx again Controlled Labs for this opportunity! Great product!


04-07-2006, 04:18 PM
pxboarder: GlycerGrow

"Mar 27 2006, 01:42 AM

Day 70 March 26, 2006
of 8 week log
Start: 162@12%bf
End: 172 @ %bf<---up 10lbs even

Bench-----was 220 now 240approx (up 20lbs)
Dead------was 300 now 350approx (up 50lbs)
Squat-----was 290 now 365approx (up 75lbs...i know i can get at least 20lbs more)

Bench 185X5 now 205X5 (up 20lbs)
Dead 225X6 now 245X6 (up 20lbs)
Squat 245X3 now 345X3 (up 100lbs)

- over all over the last 8 weeks my intensity was way up strenght has come
on in every lift and i can see my self getting bigger in the mirror and the scale.
- Best pumps i have ever had.
- this stack works IMO no doubt.
- can't wait to see more results.
- reccomend to anyone for legs
- GlycerGrow is now a staple to my training!

*note all measurements were taken cold


Weight 162lbs
Forarms- 12.5in
Neck- 15in
Waist- 32in
Calvs- 14.25in


Weight-167lbs (up 5lbs)
Forarms-12.75 (up.25)
Arms-14.825 (up .125)
Neck-15.75 (up .75)
Shoulders-47.5 (up 0)
Chest-41.75 (up 1.00)
Waist-33 (up 1.00)
Quads-23.75 (up 1.25)
Calvs-14.75 (up .5)


Weight-172lbs (up 5lbs) (10lbs total)
Forarms-12.75 (up.25 total)
Arms-15 (up .25 total)
Neck-15.75(up.75 total)
Shoulders-48.0 (up .5 total)
Chest-42.25(up 1.5 total)
Waist-33.5 (up 1.5 total)
Quads-24.25 (up 1.75 total)
Calvs-14.75 (up.5)"

04-09-2006, 01:07 AM
Stuart Rudolph: GlycerGrow + Cutting Phase
2 Month update

"Day 64 with GG. At day 1, I weighed around 225lbs. Now I'm a steady 214-215lbs. GG gives me a nice diuretic effect, which results in definition.

2 months with GG, and my results are as follows:

1) Nice tight pumps.
2) Muscle fullness.
3) Consistent strength increases.
4) Endurance.
5) Mild diuretic effect resulting in:
6) Definition and........
7) Weight loss.
8) Compliments at home and at work, resulting in:
9) Confidence.
10) Thoroughly satisfied with product!

In the 25 years I've been lifting, this has been the most effective all around BB supplement I've ever used next to CEE, and best of all it's all natural. That's very important at least to me as one gets older. Thank you Controlled Labs!"

04-09-2006, 01:09 AM
nobel252: GlycerGrow + Creatine:

"Ive had the best results with mono and gg. The best pumps of my life. 5gs mono with 4gs 2scoops of gg 45 minutes before lifting and another 2 scoop of gg during lifting. Drink as much water as you can during your lifts and I gaurantee your arms will feel super tight. I recommend this stack for bulking only."

04-09-2006, 02:16 AM
Dr.Dave1: GlycerGrow

"I have noticed increased muscle fullness, faster recovery, and better pumps since I incorporated it into my supp regimen. I take mine concurrently with Scivation's Xtend pre and during workout and have liked the results. GG seems to be one of the most cost efficent supps out . . . the tub has 120 servings if I remember correctly and you only need to take it on workout days. I would recommend giving it a try, I doubt you will be disappointed.

I only use the GG on workout days and have liked the results. This helps the tub last even longer, making it even more cost effective ;) "

04-09-2006, 02:21 AM
storm shadow: GlycerGROW:

"I'm on day six and well, vascularity is more visible, I'm more focused and energised, but I still get very sore after my workouts."

04-09-2006, 02:27 AM
onionhead444: GlycerGrow + White Blood + Green Bulge + Xtend

"im actually taken wb.gb.gg.. and xtend and i havent ever had workouts this intense and the following day i can do the same thing again........my only recommendation wuld be to put the scoops of gg in your mouth and chase it pre-wo bc it doesnt dissolve for sh*t"

04-09-2006, 02:30 AM
Coulaid: GlycerGrow

"I've been on GG for 3 weeks now and i have noticed more fullness in my muscle's not just during and after the gym but 24\7. I am not really a vascular person but i have noiced more vascularity. It's very noticeable in my Bi's\tri's\calfs."

04-09-2006, 02:35 AM
dads01dream: GlycerGROW

"I started taking the GG/GB stack about 2 weeks ago.... Good stuff!! I've noticed some great stamina improvements in the gym and my poundages are coming up just a bit. :) "

04-13-2006, 11:14 PM
d5ursing: GlycerGROW

"Some people have asked me to do a review of GG sooo here it is, hope this helps you guys out with any decision you make regarding it.

Overall Effectiveness: 8.5/10 GG has been very beneficial to me while bulking. As someone who has struggled with vascularity in the past, I'm happy to say that while bulking for the last couple months I have actually noticed more veins (especially in my shoulders) than before. That being said I think it would also work extremely well during a cut... though I have yet to try it during one. As far as it's improvement of creatine uptake, I have to say that the results it has produced have been good but a little less than what I expected. I stacked it with GB and mono for a month and Storm and CF for a month and made gains of around 6-7 pounds (mostly lbm). Nothing phenomenal but for a relatively clean bulk I was satisfied. Overall, I was expecting a little bit more but the great improvement in vascularity made up for it.

Taste: 7/10 Ha... well if you've read anything about GG you know that it does not mix well.... and boy their not lying. The powder is like big pieces of iodized salt and taste kind of the same as well. For me, I didn't mix it with water (I actually gagged when I did it like that), instead I just manned up and dumped in my mouth and chased with any kind of juice on hand. It's nothing to bad, and after a couple days it's really nothing. It's certainly nothing like CEE or anything that bad... just takes some getting used to.

Side Effects: 10/10 I didn't really experience any dramatic side effects with GG. It made me hella thirsty so I increased my water intake to around 1.75-2 gallons a day (i love water :)) which seemed to fix that. Nothing else to report.

Ingredients: 10/10 7.5 grams of GMS per serving is substantial. Looking around BB.com I can't find anything else that has more. The GMS is about 95% of the total ingredients which is fine by me... simple but effective without a bunch of 20 syllable compound names. GG has a lot of exactly what it's supposed to have... GMS.

Value: 10/10 I always look to save money on supplements and for me this is GG's strongest point. The tub is pretty big and the serving sizes are relatively small. My tub will easily go 4 months which is GREAT considering it'll set you back a little more than $30. The results it has given me are well worth the money and the length of time it will last. Good job CL!

Overall Rating: 9/10 GG is a solid product with solid ingredients which is no surprise coming from CL. My increase in vascularity during a bulk is indication that it is working and makes me all the more excited to use while cutting for the summer. I should also add that in the 2 months I have used GG I do feel much fuller, especially in the biceps and chest. It's not the typical pump people report from no2, but rather I feel much fuller all the time. Like the tub says.... "volumized" is an adequate description lol :). This may be a combination of everything I am taking/doing but I would guarantee GG has something to do with it. My gains of around 6-7 pounds of lbm in 2 months were satisfying, but I expected GG to maybe boost that up a little bit more. In regards to strength gains I made better than average gains in many areas (including PR's in bench and incline). Again this is due to all around supplementation, nutrition, and an assload of hard work and eating... but GG no doubt helped me out. Anyways, I would recommend anyone get this who struggles to "pop" out those veins (not just in the gym, but all the time)... or for anyone looking for that "fuller, thicker" look. Lord knows I love puttin on a shirt and and havin it fit snug around the guns and chest :). The benefits it provides coupled with it's tremendous value and cost savings make it a very worthwhile buy in my opinion. Excellent job CL and keep the good products coming (wraath is looking good :))

Here is a list of the supplements I also took with GG: GB/WB for one month, Storm/Shock/Cell Fuel the next month. Included in both months would be: multivitamin, glutamine, ON whey, and Syntrax Casein.

Hope this helps you guys out. GG is a great product, lot of bang for your buck for anyone on a tight budget (me = college student). I'll be cutting with it next month... afterwards I'll come back and let everyone know how it went. I'm hoping it will help to maintain my muscle and get the most out of my creatine while cutting. Also, please note that when I say "fuller" I don't mean bloated or puffy. Rather my composition feels thicker but still firm. Any questions or comments regarding GG or anything else drop me a line and I'll answer as soon as I can. Take it easy and happy liftin, -- Dave"

04-14-2006, 12:24 AM
bulldog7: White Blood PM

I really enjoyed this stack, the white blood before workout and before bed. My overall weight is down 4lbs, from 202lbs to 198lbs. I feel that the 4lb lost was mostly fat. I was eating on restricted calories and doing alot of cardio (that's going from none before) and I only lost 4 lbs which is great. While on White blood, I wanted to keep as much weight as I could while cutting. I feel I wouldn't have been able to keep as much muscle as I did w/out it.

BEFORE AND AFTER PICS- Like I said in the previous post, I'm unhappy with the pictures...but then again I'll prob never be happy. I feel as though I'm leaner and more cut than what the pics show, especially in the after pics. However, as you can see, there is a difference in the pictures and you can see the fat loss. i also feel as though I kept all of the muscle I had before.

PUMPS- The pumps were great. I took it 45 min before lifting w/ 2.5g of bulk cee. I was pumped to hit the gym each and everytime. Sometimes I went to the gym w/ my muscles feeling like I already lifted b/c they were so hard.

SLEEP- I did get good night sleeps while taking the white blood before bed. However, I often had trouble actually going to sleep. I would all of a sudden get a second wind after I took the white blood. I will update you guys on whether or not I have trouble falling to sleep while Im off the white blood...just to see if that was the problem or not.

PRICE- Since I was a tester for Controlled Labs, I did not have to pay for the 2 bottles of white blood. However, if I were to have to pay, I don't think I would. For $50, I'd probably get only 1 bottle of white blood and spend the other $25 on green bulge. However, if you got the money and money's not a factor for you, then I'd go for the 2 bottles.

GAINS- My strength gains on white blood were good. I lost 4lbs and my strength has gone up on just about all lifts. The strength increase wasn't anything amazing, but all lifts went up a little. I would say that's pretty good considering I'm cutting, eating less, and lost 4lbs.

OVERALL- Like I said, overall good stack. Whether or not I'd do it again depends on money. If it was free or a 2 for 1 deal, definately. If it was my own, unless I had tons of it, probably not. Like I said I'd throw in some green bulge instead. However, I thought this was a good stack and I'd like to thank PU12 and Controlled Labs again for allowing me to test their product. I hope this log is up to Controlled Labs standards!!!"

04-14-2006, 12:26 AM
Gymbuff: White Blood PM

"My overall exprience was fantastic to say the least, i increased my bodyweight by 7lbs in 4 weeks, having said that i have not changed my diet in the last 4 months, it has been exactly the same all the way through the cycle, i added creatine about a month prior to starting this cycle so it shouldnt have had any major effect on this cycle at all.

the strength gains were phenominal all the way through the cycle, my weights increased in every workout and energy/endurance were also increased throughout the cycle. i have ran 5-6 cycles of nat test boosters and the most weight i ever gained was 5lbs in a month..and endurance/recovery did not increase as much as it did with white blood at night, so from now on instead of useing nat test boosters, ill be useing white blood at night!

the recovery rate is what realy amazed me about running white blood at night because its was drastically increased and DOMS was greatly decreased.

All in all i would have to honestly say this is the best cycle i have ever done, and i did not experience loss of strength like i did with all the other nitric oxide simulators i have tried.

would i run this cycle again: HELL YAH.. i already orderd another bottle of white blood and taking it at night allong with my X-factor stack in the next couple of months!

Starting stats:

Height: 6'0
Weight: 204lbs
BF% around 10%..never realy measured

Ending Stats:
Height: 6'0
Weight: 211lbs
BF%: just about the same as when i started.

OVERALL weight increase: 7lbs
TOTAL LBM incrase: estimated at 5lbs
TOTAL adipose tissue increase estimated at 2lbs at MOST!!

BENIFITS of white blood at night:

-Deeper sleep
-Vivid dreams
-Increase in LBM
-Increase in Strength
-Increased endurance
-Increased Stamina
-Increased Recovery
-Decreased DOMS
-Increalsed libido

Side effects/ downside:

-Sometimes hard to fall asleep do to energy increase
-Acne was increased a slightly
-Headaches if not enough water was consumed
-Incrased Urination
-not suitable for persons under 21

The final word on White blood at NIGHT:

I would not reccomend this product for anyone under 18, and preferably even 21 because it does seem to affect your hormone levels!

It worked wonders for me (+7lbs), i know that some people may not believe these results and thats fine by me, im not here to convince anyone, all i say is TRY IT before you critisize or make claims about using it at night!

If there are any questions id be happy to to answer them!"

04-14-2006, 02:09 AM
1quick1: White Blood PM

"My starting weight was 174lbs and I ended the month weighing in at 179lbs. I took in between 3200-3500 calories a day 2-3 cheat days during the month.

What I've noticed the most in the PM test was the deep sleep I got and how fast the pumps came on. Once I fell asleep I was out for the count until my alarm went off and my dreams were much more vivid. I can actually recall several nights worth of dreams. This is werid because most of the time I won't remember them five minutes after waking up.

Every other time I've taken NO products it would take almost 2 weeks for me to start feeling the full effects but with doubling the dosage within a week my muscle felt like they were going to exploid.

I've made strenght increases in all my workouts but coming from the cut I'm definitetly not suprised about that. Although the pictures don't really do much justice the biggest thing I've noticed is my biceps/triceps look more defined and my arms/shoulders/chest all appear much more vascular. I actually had a guy come up to me in the gym while I was deadlifting who just finished a 8 week cycle and ask if I was cycling because the veins in my arms and shoulders were popping out everywhere.

I think CL is definitely on to something here and I definitely believe that doubling up the dosage makes a difference in sleep quality, recovery, vascularity, and strenght but I think it'll be hard to convince at $54 for a months supply. I think you could have great results just taking a night dosage but then you're probably not going to get the extreme pumps during your workouts. In the sake of fairness to this log I have not read any of the other WB PM logs since I didn't want it inadvertinly affecting my opinion, but I plan on going back and seeing what others are reporting."

04-15-2006, 09:07 AM
schnur2525: Green Bulge + White Blood

"I started the GB/WB stack one week ago and just wanted to say its working great. So far all my lifts have gone up weight and I have gained 6 pounds! I'm sure most of that is water weight but oh well... Along with this stack i'm taking a multi, fish oil, and a lot of ON-whey. I started bulking a week ago, the same time I started the stack. This is my first time doing an actual bulk and i'm very happy with the results, just wanted to let everyone know that this stack is working well for me."

04-15-2006, 02:09 PM
my9mmloveletter: Red Acid + Blue Up

"I am currently trying to lose some fat around my gut and I was a little skeptical about using the EC stack, solely because its ephedrine. I decided to try a Red Acid/Blue Up stack first and see if there are any results, and if not, I'd resort to EC. I gotta tell you, this is a superior product. I used Lipo 6 last year and didnt like it at all. Red Acid however is pretty awesome and doesnt have the jitters and the appetite suppression is amazing. I'm deifnatley seeing some results so far after 2 weeks and doing HIIT cardio after i lift. Try this first if you dont want to jump straight into EC. Im a small guy and pretty young at 20, so the last thing i want is something making me shake all day. I get plenty of that just thinking about finals."

04-24-2006, 05:32 AM
deserusan: Green Bulge + White blood

"White Blood worked well for me. I would have bought another cycle but i was chosen as a tester for a different product. So sorry Controlled Labs!

EDIT: I bought two cycles of White Blood on my own along with Green bulge. They Rock!

"good stuff. I have tried many different brands have been most satisfied by this one."

"Personally, I have seen great results from the GB/ WB stack."

"I just started the stack yesterday. I bought it because I just want to up the intensity of my workouts a bit. I'm not too concerned with putting on much more strength or size, but rather quality muscle for an upcoming competition in mid-April. I have to say that on my first day I was really impressed. I did a tricep and hamstring workout and both felt like they were going to explode. Today I am sore as hell which is a good thing. One thing I like about White Blood is that it doesn't require a lot of arginine to achieve it's desired effect."

"If you really want an NO product that works than I would recommend White Blood. I have tried Xpand, Xplode, and few others and have to say it is the best when stacked with another creatine product. Furthermore, it doesn't require as much arginine as the other products because it is stacked with ornithine which makes it more effective."

"White Blood is good stuff. I like it because it doesn't require high amounts of arginine to be effective like all the other NO2 products out their. It is a much better formulation requiring lower quantities of the ingredients. I tend bash all the other NO2 compounds because to much AAKG is not a good thing!"

"I had a party at my apartment, was drunk, and decided to take some White Blood before going out to get a cheap pump. I washed it down with Ketel One and Red Bull. It worked but was a pretty lame thing to do. I did get a lot of comments though because my arms were way more pumped than usual."

"The best product I have tried is White Blood by Controlled Labs. It is formulated well and requires less amounts of the particular ingredients. "

04-24-2006, 05:33 AM
h0ckeyfreek20: GlycerGROW

"To start with, i was impressed by just the price. For the amount of servings you get, you just cant go wrong.

I ordered this product sunday night and i was going on vacation by friday afternoon.
I received my tub of Glycergrow on wednesday and couldnt wait to test it out.
Wednesday was chest + tris and im usually so sore i dont even want to move the next day.
my workout went great and i had plenty of energy.
i woke up the next morning to find that i was hardly sore at all.

my initial thoughts were "damn it, i have to change up my routine again!" (not even thinking that it could have been the Glycergrow)

Friday came and i was off to Florida!
i didnt bring any supps because i didnt think there would be a gym at any of the hotels.
to my surprise i did find 2 gyms. One in a hotel called the Grand Floridian and another in this crazy hotel with an african theme. (It was in Disneyland by the way)

I hadnt lifted in over 72 hours and i couldnt wait to hit the gym. Now Although the dumbells they had only went up to 50lbs and they had a smith machine instead of freeweights, my workout went pretty well. i woke up the next morning to find myself so sore i didnt even want to get out of bed.

i then realized that it was becuase i did not take my Glycergrow pre/during my workout.

for me, Glycergrow has been the best recovery product i have ever used!
Also, i got pumps during my workout that actually hurt. it felt like my muscles were going to tear my tendons off the bone. it was possibly the best feeling ive ever had :)

The only thing i didnt like at first, was not being able to mix it with water. but now i just mix it with some yogurt and its great. Glycergrow has basically no taste at all so i cant even taste it with yogurt. Even when i have to poor the powder in my mouth and swallow it down with some water it's still not that bad!

I would recomend Glycergrow to anyone! you get 120 servings for $33!
It helped me greatly with recovery
I got great pumps
and I even noticed a little more vascularity than normal.

^^^ That is what Glycergrow did for me. It might not be as good for you. Or, it may be EVEN BETTER!

04-24-2006, 06:00 AM
AWA320Pilot: Green Bulge + White Blood + GlycerGrow + Purple Wraath....

" I can say with the stack that I did (WB, GB, GG, PW, Xtend, Sesamin, Multi, Fish Oils) I went up at least 20 plus pounds in every exercise. The endurance and energy while at the gym was always great and cardio (running) even at at fast pace became a lot less strenuous. I was always pushing myself to go faster and I always felt the energy and strength to do it.

As far as weight, I was not trying to gain bulk, or necessarily lean out. I did lose about 3 pounds, but that being said, I was eating a lot cleaner than I normally do:)
My body does look a lot leaner though. I wish that I had taken before and after photos but have not.

I believe that the combo of White Blood/Green Buldge gave me good pumps while working out and after. Like I said, I noticed some really good strength gains and I am sure that this is due to the Green Buldge. I will use this combo again once I finish my cutting cycle, but will use the Green Buldge during cutting. Even though Green Buldge does not have caffiene in it, I still had the energy from other products but did get the strength and pumps from it. This is and was a non issue for me.

Before I started taking Glycergrow, I could workout and see some veins, but taking this really made veins noticeable, especially in places that I have never seen veins before. As a lot of posters have indicated, you MUST drink a lot of WATER while using this product. Also, it does not mix well with fluid. There are two methods that I have used while taking GG. One was put it directly into my mouth and chase it with Purple Wraath or Xtend. The other, which Tank and PT suggested was to mix it into some yogurt. This worked really well. I really like this product and will continue to use it.

I was originally taking Xtend with this stack as I have been taking it for a while and really love it. I must again mention, that I am probably the minoriy but I really like the Grape flavor over the watermelon. I guess that made it an easy for me to add in Purple Wraath.
I took Xtend both preworkout and postworkout and my energy level and lack of muscle soreness was very apparent. I really like Scivation products( I was also using Scivation Sesamin), as well and will continue to use them now and in the future.

Initially I did not have the Purple Wraath but did add it to this stack. Once I started using this, I would sip on Xtend throughout the day and take 2 scoops of PW before I worked out (about 15-30 minutes before). I really did notice having extra energy. I never did feel any tingling sensation but that is ok. I would then take a couple of scoops of Xtend postworkout. Again, I will continue using PW now and in the future. On a side note, even though I had a ton of energy and strength was increasing, I would sweat like no tomorrow.

I would like to reiterate, I am not affiliated with any company and chose to review these products on my own time and $.

I would like to thank Controlled Labs and Scivation for putting out some quality products. I would also like to thank PT and Tank for their input and dedication that they have for their company's products.

I wish that I had found these boards years ago as it would have saved me a lot of time and money. The information on these boards are very informative and I thank everyone who gives their input on them.

However small it may be, I hope that I have helped someone who is looking at using some of these products.

Hope everyone has great workouts and attains their goals, whatever they may be.

Take care"

04-24-2006, 10:59 AM
TJudgeIII: Green BULGE

"Well I just finished up my 30 day supply of Green Bulge and must confess that it added nothing but positive results. Combined with just a multi, fish oil, whey/casein protein and cla, I put on some some solid muscle. Without a doubt, my strength increased ten fold and have been able to lift heavier then I ever have. No side effects whatsover as well. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Green Bulge and have decided to order another 30 day supply.

Just a quick thanks to Controlled Labs too.

Note: I was not taking any additional creatine supplements post workout.

Mass Gains - 9
Increased Strength - 10
Increased Pumps - 8 1/2 (I actually felt it kick in within 15minutes of taking it but I have taken pre-workout supplements in the past)
Greater Protein Synthesis - Knowing what protein synthesis is, that's hard to answer because I can't really tell per say. So I wouldn't be able to rate it on a scale.

Cost, definitely a fair price in my mind which is one of the main reasons I chose Green Bulge, twice now. Not to mention, taking supplements in pill form is easier for me on my schedule."

04-25-2006, 12:42 AM
NABC: Red Acid + Ephedrine

"I read the Red Acid logs and have had nothing like those sides. No sides at all. I'm 45 200 lbs, fit and have cycled the ec stack for 10 years. Probably built up some tolerance. Red Acid is a mild boost that works better for me if I take 25mg ephedrine and 200 mg caffeine about an hour before and another 25mg ephedrine tab as I start my workout.

The Red Acid gives me a nice little endorphin like mood boost I don't get with just an ec stack alone."

04-25-2006, 12:57 AM
stonecoldtruth: Red Acid

"I've recently finished a sponsored month long log of Controlled Labs Red Acid, and below are the proported attributes about the product:

Key Attributes:

* Body Fat Reduction via Lipolysis
* Increased Energy
* Help Activate PPAR- alpha
* Decreased Appetite
* Greater Focus
* Enhanced Blood Flow
* Insulin Regulation

FULL WRITEUP AVAILABLE HERE: http://controlledlabs.com/

My thoughts about each attribute -

Body Fat Reduction - 8/10
I did lose over 15 pounds during the month log of Red Acid. So it is obvious that the product benefited me in this loss. However, due to my training style and dieting it is not unusual for me to lose large amounts of weight. So while I cannot attribute ALL of my success to this product, I can clearly say it benefited me in the body fat reduction area.

Increased Energy - 10/10
This is by far the easiest part to rank about the product. After every dose I felt full of energy, which could be partially due to the caffeine content of the product. However, regardless of the 'why', this product did give me LOTS of extra energy.

Activating PPAR-Alpha - Unscored
Due to my limited scientific understanding of this attribute, I cannot accurately score it. However, my understanding is indeed that PPAR is activated by fatty acids, which are contained in the Red Acid REDuction complex.

Decreased Appetite - 10/10
Before starting Red Acid I was always checking the clock to see when the next meal time was. However, during my month log I ended up having to SET ALARMS to remind me to eat. They say part of appetite is mental, well regardless of that the Red Acid did help me to control my appetite. In addition, cravings were nil while on Red Acid.

Greater Focus - 9/10
I'm often a deep thinker when it comes to things, so it was not unusual for my mind to be drifting during workouts or even in the middle of a set! It could be due to the Nootropics or it could be a placebo effect, but while on Red Acid my focus was always keyed in on the task at hand.

Enhanced Blood Flow - Unscored
It is hard to gauge your Blood Flow, but I can say that my circulation seemed to be better while on Red Acid. I normally have cold feet (possibly due to bad circulation) however on Red Acid my feet were never cold. Again, this is speculation so I will not score it.

Insulin Regulation - Unscored
Again, due to limited understanding of the methods/function of Insulin Regulation and how it pertains to my Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, I will not score this benefit.

OVERALL - 9.5/10

Now, being a fan of Controlled Labs' Products, many of you may be suprised to see I did not give the product a perfect 10. My only reason for this is that I am not a big fan of not knowing how much of an ingredient is in a product. For example, I prefer to limit my daily caffeine intake, and I have no way of knowing (guessing yes, knowing no) of how much caffeine is in Red Acid.

Even though I have scored the product a 9.5, I will say that I found it to be a very beneficial product and it will remain a mainstay in my supplement cabinet for a long time to come.


04-25-2006, 01:17 AM
This is what happens when you don't agree with Controlled Labs:

<img src="http://technologyorgasm.com/upload/haterade2.jpg">


04-25-2006, 01:26 AM
Rule #1: NEVER, EVER dish it out if you aren't man enough to take it

Cheers.. might want to get your "review" back on topic ;)

That was not made by me and just another gross miscalculation by Controlled Labs. Here was the original post for anyone reading this review. It just shows how dependent Controlled Labs is on manipulating this forum and how they treat those who challenge them.

CL : Connecting men to men, one supp at a time.

<img src="http://www.technologyorgasm.com/upload/bbl.jpg">


04-25-2006, 01:27 AM
This is what happens when you don't agree with Controlled Labs:


Quit trolling

Cheers :)

04-25-2006, 01:38 AM
stonecoldtruth: GlycerGROW

" * Intracellular nutrient / electrolyte delivery
* Cell Volumization
* Vascularity
* Growth
* Recovery
* Intensity
* Improve thermoregulation and endurance

Full writeup available at: http://controlledlabs.com/

My Thoughts About Each Attribute:

Intracellular nutrient / electrolyte delivery - NOT SCORED
While on Glycergrow almost all of my other supplements had more potent effects. In addition,

Cell Volumization - 9/10
I'm basing this score when compared to my use of Creatine Monohydrate alone. I would have almost called myself a non-responded to Creatine Mono prior to my use of Glycergrow. However, the combination of the two allowed me to have greater Cell Volumization than ever before.

Vascularity - 8/10
I'm not at a point to where Vascularity is a big issue for me, but I did notice increased vascularity while using Glycergrow.

Growth - 10/10
I managed to add size onto my quads/calves while in a caloric deficit, can't get much more clear than that.

Recovery - 9/10
Glycergrow allowed me to keep my workouts intense and frequent. In addition, my estimated 4 month recovery time due to an injured RC ended up only taking 7 weeks to get a medical clearance.

Intensity - 9/10
PRs almost every workout. While again this is something that cannot be WHOLLY attributed to Glycergrow, it is easily said that it assisted me greatly. Most people experience a loss of strength/intensity while on a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, I experienced an INCREASE in both.

Improve thermoregulation and endurance - UNSCORED
Due to taking other products that effect both endurance and thermoregulation I will not score this category. However, I did find that my endurance levels were substantially higher at the end of this log than prior.

Overall - 9.0/10
My only problems with the Glycergrow product are a) the non-mixability and b) the lid used. If B were to be fixed (going to more of an Xtend lid) I would rate this instead as a 9. I believe the mixability factor is inevitable seeing as Glycerol just soaks up the moisture in the air. (UDPATE, TANK HAS INFORMED ME OF THE FIXING OF FUTURE LIDS, UPGRADED TO A 9)


04-25-2006, 01:53 AM
Here is the science or lack thereof of glycerol monostearate, the main ingredient in Glycergrow:


It seems odd that you have to slam a bunch of white powder doesn't it?

04-25-2006, 04:52 AM
deserusan: Green Bulge + White blood

"White Blood worked well for me. I would have bought another cycle but i was chosen as a tester for a different product. So sorry Controlled Labs!

EDIT: I bought two cycles of White Blood on my own along with Green bulge. They Rock!

"good stuff. I have tried many different brands have been most satisfied by this one."

"Personally, I have seen great results from the GB/ WB stack."

"I just started the stack yesterday. I bought it because I just want to up the intensity of my workouts a bit. I'm not too concerned with putting on much more strength or size, but rather quality muscle for an upcoming competition in mid-April. I have to say that on my first day I was really impressed. I did a tricep and hamstring workout and both felt like they were going to explode. Today I am sore as hell which is a good thing. One thing I like about White Blood is that it doesn't require a lot of arginine to achieve it's desired effect."

"If you really want an NO product that works than I would recommend White Blood. I have tried Xpand, Xplode, and few others and have to say it is the best when stacked with another creatine product. Furthermore, it doesn't require as much arginine as the other products because it is stacked with ornithine which makes it more effective."

"White Blood is good stuff. I like it because it doesn't require high amounts of arginine to be effective like all the other NO2 products out their. It is a much better formulation requiring lower quantities of the ingredients. I tend bash all the other NO2 compounds because to much AAKG is not a good thing!"

"I had a party at my apartment, was drunk, and decided to take some White Blood before going out to get a cheap pump. I washed it down with Ketel One and Red Bull. It worked but was a pretty lame thing to do. I did get a lot of comments though because my arms were way more pumped than usual."

"The best product I have tried is White Blood by Controlled Labs. It is formulated well and requires less amounts of the particular ingredients. "

This is how Controlled Labs thanks their customers as well:


<img src="http://technologyorgasm.com/upload/haterade2.jpg">


For all you testers watch out because they might use your pictures against you someday!

04-29-2006, 12:59 AM
FeelinHulkish: GlycerGROW

"personally ive been on glycergrow and xtend for about a month and ive gained about 5 pound, pretty solid and look alot fuller. i just take a gallon jug and mix about 5 scoops of glycergrow and 7 to 8 scoops of xtend and sip it b4 during and finish it off after workouts. hope that helped"

04-29-2006, 06:06 AM
mjfan23: Green Bulge

""OK so the last 14 days i have used no supplement(i dont consider protein powders, healthy fat blends, or greens+ supps but rather staples) besides GB 50-60 minutes preworkout with carbs and some protein. I must say while my weight hasnt gone up like it does when on other creatines, my strength has gone up tremendously.

In terms of simply gains i would rate it blew the traditional sugar filled/requiring creatine blends. But in terms of strength or pumps this **** is off the hook. And i am not even taking any additional CEE like most here recommend.

Top notch product. A big thumbs up to CL for this great stimulant free and very safe pre workout formula"

05-02-2006, 04:33 PM
y19mike77: GlycerGROW + Xtend

"Been a while since i have been on here.

I am done with my stack

Overall i am very happy. I have put on 4lbs and i look much fuller than i did a month ago.
Side effects i had are none(except for an upset stomach now and then)

My only sugg. would be to drink as much water as poss. Cause you are gonna need it.

I just recieved purple wrath and have another jug of xtend on the way i will be combining the two allong with gg."

05-02-2006, 04:35 PM
lift603: Purple WRAATH + Green BULGE + White BLOOD

"Measurements before taking this stack!!
(measured three times and took the average.)

* Arms-15
* Waist-32.5
* Calves-15.2
* Quads-22.2
* Neck-16.4
* Forearms-12.1
* Height-5ft 7inches
I weighed 163.8 on day 2 at 16% body fat.
*use scale for weight and body fat*

(measured threee times and took the average.)

* Arms-15.5 (+.5)
* Waist-33.5 (+1)
* Calves-15.2 --
* Quads-23.5 (+1.3)
* Neck-16.4 --
* Forearms-12.1 (+.1)
* Height-5ft 7inches
I weighed 173.8 on day 30 at 17% body fat.
*use scale for weight and body fat*"

05-02-2006, 04:38 PM
GSCampbell: Green BULGE + White BLOOD

"Well, I finished off both bottles of Green Bulge and White Blood this morning and wanted to get my "final impressions" down.

I took a look back over my logs and there are certainly some numbers to note over the past 30 days. Nothing earth-shattering by any means but I jumped around in terms of the split a bit and I definitely don't eat clean so I always need to temper my expectations a bit. That said, I did hit personal bests for deadlifts, shoulder press, and pulldowns over this timeframe so that says something in my opinion.

White Blood: I love this product! I have been on the NO bandwagon for a while and tried many of the "big name" NO supplements out there (NO2, Nitrix, etc.) and this one blows them away. I have been experiencing some of the best pumps I have ever had and excellent muscle hardness while taking White Blood. Add into that the fact that it has a very "friendly" price point comparatively speaking. As previously stated I have already re-ordered WB and my plan is to keep it in my stack indefinitely.

Green Bulge: Excellent product as well. I have said before and will say again that I don't feel I am a particularly good creatine responder but I have had some pretty good response to GB. As noted above, my strength has improved on some key lifts and while I think some of it is attributable to staying focused on one split, some of it I can attribute to GB. I have not re-ordered GB at this point but not because I don't like the product - I do. I will continue to experiment with different creatine products (in search of the "Holy Grail" :D ) but I know GB will be back in the mix at some point.

Overall, I think this is a great stack and I would recommend it to anyone. It is very effective and budget conscious at the same time. I would love to see either of these products in a drink-able form but that is simply my preferred medium. That said, a big thumbs up to Controlled Labs on these products - good stuff!

Thanks to all for the input on this log - I appreciate it. Take care everyone."

05-02-2006, 04:43 PM
Gettinpumped: Blue UP

"Sup guys. I've been taking controlled labs Blue Up and after 2 weeks I can actually feel some strength increase. Libido is up and thats always a plus when ur married. Im taking the one with the caffeine and it does give me a little boost for my workouts. I was a little skeptical at first cus I've never really heard good things about natural test boosters as a standalone but this one is pretty good. Im 24 btw. One question guys how long should I take this for? I was planning on just taking it for the 30 days the bottle last but not sure if I should continue for 2 more weeks or not. Over all I think this is a solid product and gives good results not like phs but good for a natural test boost."

05-02-2006, 04:45 PM
sword_: Blue Rhino

"I recieved some Blue Rhino aka Blue Up (stim version) from Mr. Aeris last week. I decided to consume this preworkout one day to see how I responded to it. I knew there was a small amount of yohimbine and caffine in it, and my experience with yohimbine hasn't always been pleasant.

Well I decided to take it prior to my leg workout on Saturday and concluded I cannot mess with this stuff. I was sweating more than usually, increased heart rate, crazy in the mind, and also my amp music just made me more crazier. For me this gives adverse effects. I'd definitely not suggest this to someone who is sensitive to certain stimulants. I've tried HEAT, AMP, etc and those I didn't repond to. StimX (when I took 4) made me wild and anything with yohimbine makes me nuts."

05-02-2006, 04:46 PM
billypfl: Blue UP

"i am taking blue up right now also. im actually almost done with my bottle. i was kind of skeptical about this product too, but it seems to be working pretty good. i forgot to take it this morning and my workout sucked i had no energy i didnt even realize i had forgot it til i got home. i am taking blue up and zma and it seems to be working pretty good. i was going to order another bottle of blue up and take 3 blue ups before workout and 1000mgs of trib twice/day and then zma at night. i actually think this would be a good natural test boosting cycle. someone really ought to give it a shot and make a log. i just changed my mind because i am going to try something different, but i will be doing this... eventually."

05-02-2006, 04:48 PM
prototype01: Blue UP

"If them stimulants are cracking you out on your workout I say definetly try the Blue Up. I'm using it and I gotta say, feel damn good in the gym. I have been sweating crazy lately, but I'm also doing the OVT program which kicks my proverbial ass (lovin' it), so I could be sweating crazy from the sheer intensity."

05-02-2006, 04:57 PM
jjwendys: Red ACID + White BLOOD

"I just started taking Red Acid while trying to cut down some weight. I ended bulking at 232lbs and trying to drop down to 215ish...i think. I ordered White Blood at the same time as the RA. My hope was to use the White Blood preworkout to get a boost for the extra cardio, etc. I find that I have to take them at roughly the same time before workout. I tried this the other night (i workout at night) and I was up most of the night and felt pretty weird during my workout. Is this a bad idea? Any suggestions? I am also taking 4 caps of RA in the AM before breakfast as suggested.

......Ok.. Thanks for the clarification. As for the other comment about how it makes you feel, I am still taking it and it seems to be working great. I don't feel weird on just the Red Acid only on both! I just stopped taking the Red Acid at night. Thanks for the help!"

05-02-2006, 05:01 PM
Dr.P: Red ACID vs. Sesamin

"1.) If you need a very strong appetite suppressant and good stimulatory product that will help you to reduce caloric intake and keep a good diet, go for RA

2.) If you don't have much problems with cravings or if you don't plan to reduce your calories too much, go with sesamin since it has a nice "partinioning" effect, especially whan taken with omega3 fatty acids.

But again, if CAN afford, go with both since both are really excellent products!"

05-02-2006, 05:07 PM
ericpeavey: red acid, vaporize, c3, xtreme lean

"RED ACID has definately killed my appetite. Its great. It makes it really easy for me to keep my days around 1800-2000 calories"

05-02-2006, 06:17 PM
i got a question. should i take white blood on an empty stomach or not ?

05-04-2006, 11:48 AM
i got a question. should i take white blood on an empty stomach or not ?

Either way is fine actually :cool: Many have reported better effects when taking it on a empty stomach followed by carbs + EAA a bit later :)

05-04-2006, 11:49 AM
NumberTwentyTwo: Green Bulge + White Blood

"Ok finished up my bottle of Green Bulge and White Blood the other day so heres my assesment of them

Green Bulge
Other Creatines Ive used: Storm, Monohydrate, V12, Cell-Tech, Thunder, Cell Mass

Before I used this I was a bit skeptical. There is more Magnesium Creatine Chelate than CEE. Despite that I love that it has Taurine/AEE for a NO effect, Betaine Anhydrous and Glycocyamine which are creatine precursors, and and some K-R-ALA in it as well for an antioxidant effect.

I noticed great strength w GB. There was absolutely no bloat or cramps whatsoever. Along with the great strength, I noticed more endurence to push out more reps at a high volume. Now I cant comment on the NO effects from GB, because I was also using WB..... Great product. Ive used a good amount of creatines and Id say this has been the best so far, even better than Thunder, which was my previous favorite.

White Blood
Other "Pump Agents Ive used: Shock Therapy, SuperPump250, Gakic, SNS Arginine E3 Matrix, Lightning, GMS

I had never planned on getting White Blood because I always thought that it looked rediculously under-dosed. Despite that I always loved how CL has multiple antioxidants included, which is something I think ever company need to add to their NOs.

I had some great pumps w WB. The inworkout pumps were almost perfect, they were not too much / painfull and allowed me to continue pushing hard while enjoying the swoleness. I cant say this is the best NO Ive used, but then again I dont have a favorite one; it is def in the top 2 or 3 though that is for sure. One thing that I did notice w WB that I didnt w the others is that my pump lasted longer after the workout...often times up to an hour or so.Throughout the day I would notice a small pump while doin certain things like washing my hair or mowing which was awsome to notice (and showoff)......."

05-04-2006, 12:01 PM
Pt has any one ever run the full line of CL products in one log?

05-04-2006, 01:34 PM
Pt has any one ever run the full line of CL products in one log?

No, partly because we don't recommend stacking ALL of the following together:

Blue UP (Original)
White Blood
Red Acid

Potential blood pressure issues / not optimal IMO

05-04-2006, 02:12 PM
I am close all except the red acid I am taken Blue up/Glycergrow/Purple Wraath/White Blood/Green Buldge and the results have been unbeleivable.

05-06-2006, 01:18 AM
Silvia66532@****nutrition.com: GlycerGROW

"Product: GlycerGrow

Date: Sunday 26 March, 2006


This product will work and it does what it says if you have the ability to drink 32 ounces of water within 30 to 90 minutes before you go to the gym and actually be able to workout without being bloated or going to the bathroom every 10 minutes.

This is a waste to drink post workout and impossible to take during workout as it will NOT mix in water not to mention it takes time to work.

If you dont drink enough water it doesnt work as well if at all but with enough water great pump (even without any type NO supplement) seems to increase stamina but all that water before working out isnt for everyone. It wasnt for me after a couple weeks I had enough.

Again it does do what it claims but can you handle all that water if you can than its fine . I couldnt handle it. I found that if taken upto 90 minutes pre workout it worked great but all that water became a pain and not worth it . It upset my stomach first day but got used to it right away so that wasnt an issue and easy to take in the tiny scoop that comes with it just to much water to consume . I wanted to work out not go to bathroom all the time lol if thats not an issue for you than worth taking and will work upto 90 minutes pre workout.

First time you take it take it on day your not going to gym or out just incase it upsets your stomach . If it does you quickly get used to it if not for all the water you need to drink with it I would give it 4 stars . The ad isnt misleading and does say you need plenty water .

I prefer their white blood by far ."

05-07-2006, 08:36 PM
I've already got some Higher Power CEE, so I was curious whether or not I could/should take it post W/O since both GB and WB are Pre W/O supplements. Thanks.

05-08-2006, 12:57 AM
I've already got some Higher Power CEE, so I was curious whether or not I could/should take it post W/O since both GB and WB are Pre W/O supplements. Thanks.

There is no problem with taking some bulk CEE post workout while stacking GB and WB. That is what I am doing currently and I am getting great results.

05-08-2006, 08:12 PM
Good deal, thanks.

05-10-2006, 12:51 AM
NumberTwentyTwo: Purple WRAATH

Weight-172.....................174 (+ 2)
Height- 5'10....................5'10
BF%- 15-17.....................12-13 (- 3 to 4)

Arms- L 12.5 R 12.5..........L 12.5 R 12.5 (+ 0)
Chest- 38.5...................39.25 (+ .75)
Waist- 33.......................32.5 (- .5)
Legs- L 22.75 R 23.5.........L 23 R 23.25 (+ .25) (+ 0)
Calves- L 15 R 15.............L 15 R 15 (+ 0)

Bench 170........................190 (+ 20) keep mind im still recovering from a shoulder operation so some was def muscle memory

Purple Wraath Review
There are plenty of poeple out there who have been trying to discredit PW as a "bad" product because of certain factors (not disclosing exact amounts, not including tryptophan, carnitine, or simple carbs, including arginine, ect). These people havnt even tried it and spend half their time bashing CL and fail to notice that most other EAAs could be bashed by the same criteria.

Anyways real word results are what matter to me.....The two best things about PW to me are the energy you get and the recover between exercises. The energy was a nice constant flow and wasnt anything stimulant like that will make you jittery or keep you up all night. The recovery between sets was great as well. I usually just took a shot of PW b4 my workout and chased w water, then would sip on PW and Xtend mixed during my workout. Pw alone tastes ok, nothing good but nothing bad, but the PW and Xtend mixed together tastes amazing.

Throughout using this I was able to lose 3-4% bf (w out a fat burner), continue to gain strength, and even add a bit of mass. I find that very impressive. Living in Indiana I play a **** load of basketball (for my college and just for fun). This is really the only cardio I get. Often times I woudl take a serving of PW about 30 mins before I started. I noticed much more energy and endurence when I supplemented w PW b4 any games. When I didnt, I could definately notice that I became fatigued a lot easier and faster. Plus the fact of getting in the EAAs to help prevent (to some extent) catabolism that either was or was close to taking place is great."

05-10-2006, 02:15 AM
NATHAN518: Purple WRAATH + Green BULGE + White BLOOD + Blue UP


Final Stats:
Weight: 197 (+3)

Bench Press: 295 (1RM) (+5)
Squats: Up 15 lbs for reps
Deadlifts: Up 40 lbs for reps
Military Press: Up 10 lbs for reps

OK, here are my thoughts...I think it is a great stack. I feel like the Green Bulge, Blue Up, and White Blood kind of got lost because I loved the Purple Wraath so much. I think Green Bulge is a good creatine if you like caps...I am not a huge fan of capped creatine, and therefore it is not my favorite. As far as results go, I personally believe all that matters is that you are taking some type of creatine. This one is good, but it is no more impressive than any of the others I have tried. The Blue Up was my first experience with a natural test booster and I cannot say I was too impressed. The only thing I noticed from Blue Up was the energy from the yohimbine and that tapered off after about the first week. White Blood did give me some pretty impressive pumps.
The one I was truly impressed with was the Purple Wraath. I honestly noticed, from day one, increased energy/focus in the gym and even better increases in recovery. As i stated before, I have NEVER had a leg day that didn't leave me limping around from DOMS...this product is the first that has increased my recovery to any noticeable extent. Taking it pre-cardio was awesome too. Now, some might say, "but you were eating close to 4500 calories a day and only gained 3 lbs. in 30 days"
well, I would answer that like this
1. I do a lot of cardio
2. I am an ectomorph
and most importantly
3. I can visibly tell that I have lost bodyfat since I started...
I will get my after pictures up this afternoon...but, I gained three pounds while losing bodyfat which is very difficult to do. I measured with my calipers again (which I do not think are too accurate) and got 8.5, 8.5, 9.0. So, if you go with 9%, you are talking about 5 lb. gain in lean muscle mass. Although I do not think my calipers are very accurate, the fact that I used the same ones before and after (and took three readings both times)would lead me to believe that I have dropped 1% in bodyfat. Losing bodyfat while gaining lean muscle is awesome...the only other time I have done that is when i was megadosing BCAA's. For maximizing lean gains, I would say Purple Wraath and a megadose of BCAA gave me equally impressive results. The difference lies in the fact that I only had to take two scoops of Purple Wraath to achieve the same results I got from a megadose (25+g) of BCAA's. For me, Purple Wraath is a much more cost effective option for maximizing lean gains while bulking. Simply the best and most cost effective product I have tried for maximum lean gains on a caloric surplus.

...now I would like to see someone test Purple Wraath + Sesamin on a bulk....hmmmm...maybe I will try it...

or in a cutting stack with a lot of antioxidants..."

"I got similar results a few months ago taking 25g bulk BCAA+CM per day...I got 575g for 29.99...here is how the math would workout...

Bulk BCAA + Citrulline Malate
30.00 / 575g = .052 / g x 25g/day = $1.30/day

Purple Wraath
51.00 / 1035g = .05 / g x 21g/day = $1.05/day

For me, the Purple Wraath comes out cheaper by a quarter a day over bulk products which is truly amazing, as far as equivalent results are concerned. The price per gram for Purple Wraath is LESS than the bulk product I was using...pretty amazing considering there are no "filler" products in PW.
In case anyone is wondering, I have experimented on numerous occasions with BCAA and that is the only dose at which I noticed any results....

05-15-2006, 01:52 AM
AWA320Pilot: Red Acid, Blue Up (Stim free), Green Bulge, Glycergrow, Purple Wraath +

"To recap, I have been taking Red Acid, Blue Up (Stim free), Green Buldge, Glycergrow, Purple Wraath, Xtend, Sesamin, NOW Adam and Fish Oil. I also take ALCAR and Prima Force CEE (post workout).

I have been on a cutting cycle. When I first started this stack, I weighed approx. 187 lbs. today I weighed about 179 lbs. I probably would have lost more but sometimes due to my job, it is hard to eat clean.

My stack prior to this was the same with the exception of I was using White Blood and was not taking the RA/BU or ALCAR and Prima Force CEE.

Getting to the review, I have nothing bad that I can say about the supplements that I have been taking. I thought that I was going to lose a little strength but in fact have increased my strength and the amount of weight that I am lifting with this stack.

Energy and focus: probably due to a couple of the supplements such as the Red Acid and Purple Wraath. While on this stack, while not always in the mood to workout, it was never because I did not have the energy. I have always had energy and focus while taking this stack. Also it is worth mentioning, that some stims make you jittery with nervous energy, Red Acid never made me jittery at all! The energy I got from it was not a nervous energy, it was like I was focused and just had plenty of energy to work out, if that makes any sense.

Libido, well, I have already discussed this in previous posts but will mention libido again. I assume that the increase in libido and you will have an increase in libido, at least I had a noticeable increase, is due to Blue Up. While it is not uncomfortable, ie: walking around like a horn dog all day, you will notice the increase.

Overall, if you are looking for a good cutting stack, I think that you would be more than pleased with the stack that I am reviewing. I have used and done previous logs on Controlled Labs products and I believe that they put out some really good products.

If anyone has any specific questions, I will be more than happy to answer them. I hope that I have been somewhat informative on this particular stack.

Until my next one, I hope that everyone has a great weekend and great workouts.

Take care"

05-15-2006, 01:53 AM


Purple Wraath / White Blood / Green Buldge: /Blue Up: / GlyerGrow

Final pics on page 11 of this log
What can I say this has been a great stack. I must say probably the best stack that I have done. Not only did I gain muscle and size especially in my back and traps but I lost weight at the same time. I started at 236 and I am down to 230. Trust me this was an added benefit because I wasn't trying to lose weight just add some quality mass. Again, my back and traps grew like crazy. My t-shirts are alot tighter in my chest and my waist has gotten smaller. My pants are starting to fall off my waist and looking baggy all over. Strength what can I say it just blew up (no pun intended here) the last 3 or 4 weeks of the stack.

Starting 355 Ending 405 x 6 +50 pounds for reps
Starting 355 Ending 405 x 4 +50 pounds

WOW what can I say about this. The first time taking this stack pre workout you can feel it. You are ready to go. It gets in the zone and helps you focus on your goal at hand. I would always have to pull myself out of the gym in order to make sure I don't overtrain. Really you feel like you can left forever.

OK I have never gained so much strength in such a short amount of time. The strength increase truelly led to my overall growth. As my squats, deads, and preses all increased I could start seeing and feeling changes. I feel fuller all around and tighter. I am still in shock at getting 405 of squats and deads. Also a shout out to ddawg one of CL reps for helping me with some ideas on getting my lifts up. Thanks man!

What can I say Purple Wraath was not the best tasting supplement around. Actually after the first sip I was like how am I going to drink this. For me overall effectiveness is more important then taste. I did learn to drink PW with less water and actually by the end I have no problem with the taste.

Well found out the hard way with some leg craps and headaches that water intake is especially important while taking Purple Wraath and Glycergrow. I mean proper water intake is important anyways but especially with this stack your body will tell you when you need to up the intake.

05-27-2006, 09:00 AM
Brasmonky: GlycerGROW + Green BULGE

I just wanted to say this is an amazing stack! I had done a stack of Superdrol and Pheraplex and I think this stack was just as good if not better. The down fall of the SD/PP stack was that my joints where very sore towards the end. To the point where I couldn't lift as heavy was I wanted to...which hindered my results. The Glycergrow/Bulge stack didn't have any negative effects. I recently benched 225 twice which is just amazing for me considering i've had very bad shoulder injuries in the past. When im lifting I have amazing pumps to where I feel like im going to explode out of my skin which I love. I have to say i recommend this to any one.

Im thinking about doing another month but adding Blue Up, White Blood, and Purple Wrath. Any one have any experience with this and what did you think?

05-27-2006, 09:02 AM
newlifter87: GlycerGROW

I tried GG today too (along with creapure ive been taking forever), second day using it. Pumps I got were damn good considering I never really experience them, and my bench, curls, and squat all hit new pr's for my rep weight. Also I dont know if the GG helped this or not, but I was running out of time and the gym was closing so I supersetted 4 exercises for 3 sets and wasnt even that short of breath after even though I was working/sweating my ass off.

06-08-2006, 07:20 AM
Posted by: Itln Stln (in regards to White Blood at night)

Have been using this for about 2 weeks now. I am using it for upping GH levels, so I am taking it right before I go to sleep instead of using it for pumps. While I have been on it, I have been getting some good restful deep sleep. Also getting some morning wood like everyday too...lol. I can't say if it is making me perform better in the gym since I just got over a stomach virus 2 week's ago which I had lost close to 10 lbs. due to not eating correctly. I might do a second run of this now or later down the road to get the full benefit of it. Hopefully I won't get sick next time. Overall I do like this product.

Price: 5/5
Effectiveness(for sleep): 4/5

06-08-2006, 07:23 AM
you guys are taking review posts from other sites/users and posting them here? :rolleyes:


06-08-2006, 07:31 AM
not lame
its a good idea
too many people are lazy to use the "search" button
so might as well put it all together in one place

06-08-2006, 09:58 AM
How in the world is that lame? I think a centralized repository of all reviews for a company's products are a great idea.

06-08-2006, 10:54 AM
I agree, I wish all company reps would consolidate the reivew the way Controlled Labs has. It is so freakin useful.

06-08-2006, 07:51 PM
lame, I said.

do we really need to see review after review - constantly bumping the thread? I don't think it's necessary. sue me.

by the way - I didn't notice, were any of the negative reviews in here?

06-08-2006, 10:44 PM
I agree, I wish all company reps would consolidate the reivew the way Controlled Labs has. It is so freakin useful.

Great to hear :cool:

Don't mind the haters.. they are full of hate.

Make love not war I say :)
Don't worry, be happy.... DEADLIFT !!

06-09-2006, 05:11 AM
Don't mind the haters.. they are full of hate.

hardly a hater, so you can quit with the ''everybody hates on us'' bull**** - we won't even get into that. Just because someone has an opinion that is different doesn't make them a ''hater'', so knock it off.

I've never tried a CL product, so I've nothing to hate about it. Nothing except the constant reminder of how TOTALLY FRICKING AWESOME each and every product CL makes is!!!! :rolleyes: How about those negative reports - any in here? or are we just taking the positive reviews only? It wasn't enough that there were thousands of reviews on CL products - now there has to be a constantly bumped positive review thread only? I just think it's a bit overboard, even for CL's marketing tactics. That's my opinin, Im entitled to it, all you have to read it, and there's no hate behind it.

enjoy your day, I know I will.

06-09-2006, 05:17 AM
I am close all except the red acid I am taken Blue up/Glycergrow/Purple Wraath/White Blood/Green Buldge and the results have been unbeleivable.
I am on WB,GB GG,PW
And i have a question for CL
Why can't you make the powders disolve. Damn I hate chewing my drinks.
The GG i scoop right into my mouth, and i can get down that way. BUT......
PW tastes like liquid farts over pureed ass :(
I gag on every serving. Any suggestions on improving the taste. Right now i am mixing with water.
DAMN Gina.

06-09-2006, 05:19 AM
I am on WB,GB GG,PW
And i have a question for CL
Why can't you make the powders disolve. Damn I hate chewing my drinks.
The GG i scoop right into my mouth, and i can get down that way. BUT......
PW tastes like liquid farts over pureed ass :(
I gag on every serving. Any suggestions on improving the taste. Right now i am mixing with water.
DAMN Gina.

Purple WRAATH flavoring has been improved but I'm not sure if Version 2 has hit retailers yet... sorry to hear that it was so bad for you :(

06-09-2006, 05:21 AM
lame, I said.

do we really need to see review after review - constantly bumping the thread? I don't think it's necessary. sue me.

by the way - I didn't notice, were any of the negative reviews in here?

1) Don't read the thread then

2) Yes there are

3) Cheers :)

06-09-2006, 05:24 AM
1) Don't read the thread then

2) Yes there are

3) Cheers :)

sad pu12,very sad. I would have expected just a tad more thought put into your response. ''don't read it'' is the lamest of the lame n00b-style arguments.

and as I said, I DIDNT read it, but it keeps gettin' bumped up so I checked it out. ;)

06-09-2006, 05:27 AM
Purple WRAATH flavoring has been improved but I'm not sure if Version 2 has hit retailers yet... sorry to hear that it was so bad for you :(
Oh well
Improvement has it's price :)
6oz. water and 2 gulps later after the shivers have stopped and i have control of my bowels once again. I eat a breath mint and hit the weights :)
no worries. It was my first review. LOL

06-09-2006, 05:27 AM
I DIDNT read it, but it keeps gettin' bumped up so I checked it out. ;)

Ok.. well we are working on getting all the feedback organized on our website but that's a TON of feedback so this is what we have for feedback / testimonials right now.... again... sorry if it bothers ya :)

Cheers :)

06-09-2006, 05:28 AM
sad pu12,very sad. I would have expected just a tad more thought put into your response. ''don't read it'' is the lamest of the lame n00b-style arguments.

and as I said, I DIDNT read it, but it keeps gettin' bumped up so I checked it out. ;)

Lighten up Francis.
Lots of other threads to read. :)

06-09-2006, 05:28 AM
2) Yes there are


06-09-2006, 05:29 AM
Oh well
Improvement has it's price :)
6oz. water and 2 gulps later after the shivers have stopped and i have control of my bowels once again. I eat a breath mint and hit the weights :)
no worries. It was my first review. LOL

Well, it is a big deal to Controlled Labs

The price will be the same, but please keep us updated on your experience.. even with the taste. Most are noticing that they enjoy the taste after the first few servings... but again.. Version 2 will taste much better.

Blap Blaow
06-09-2006, 06:15 AM
I think my GB/WB review is in here somewhere and I didn't like WB too much (I did like GB).

And I hate to disagree with you, but I think threads like this are a good idea. It's away from the main supp section and is a good resource for newbies, although I think a thread of this size really needs consolidating to make reading the reviews realistic for most.

Plus this thread has been around for months and months. If it were an 'effective' marketing tactic you should've noticed it a little earlier ;)

06-09-2006, 08:51 AM
I think my GB/WB review is in here somewhere and I didn't like WB too much (I did like GB).

And I hate to disagree with you, but I think threads like this are a good idea. It's away from the main supp section and is a good resource for newbies, although I think a thread of this size really needs consolidating to make reading the reviews realistic for most.

Plus this thread has been around for months and months. If it were an 'effective' marketing tactic you should've noticed it a little earlier ;)

it's cool. I just thought it funny that they took all the positive reviews and posted them here. Doesn't say anywhere about how rancid purple wraath tastes, does it? That's what I was gettin' at. It annoys me to see companies skew results this way. I'd be on any other company that did this - it's nothing personal against CL. Gotta take the good with the bad, though. I just thought the dedicated review section would be enough, but I guess not. And hey, i'm no marketing genius so what do I know?!

I don't mind disagreeing with you, or them, or pu12, it's a message board - that's what we're here for. If I'm to be labelled a 'hater' simply cuz I disagree with what I see as a shady marketing strategy, then so be - I think I'll survive ;)

Go Paraguay! :p

06-09-2006, 09:04 AM
I am on WB,GB GG,PW
And i have a question for CL
Why can't you make the powders disolve. Damn I hate chewing my drinks.
The GG i scoop right into my mouth, and i can get down that way. BUT......
PW tastes like liquid farts over pureed ass :(
I gag on every serving. Any suggestions on improving the taste. Right now i am mixing with water.
DAMN Gina.

it's cool. I just thought it funny that they took all the positive reviews and posted them here. Doesn't say anywhere about how rancid purple wraath tastes, does it?

If you are gunna state your opinion you might want to read at least some of the thread. IMHO. It's not even that far back, post #203 on the previous page. I would say that covers the taste. :)

Oh well
Improvement has it's price :)
6oz. water and 2 gulps later after the shivers have stopped and i have control of my bowels once again. I eat a breath mint and hit the weights :)
no worries. It was my first review. LOL
And yet another opinion on the taste from me.:D

06-09-2006, 09:25 AM
if you are gonna be a wise ass - get your timeline straight as well as your comprehension ;)

I posted my question TO CL, not individuals, before you posted your ''review''

also, my question was about CL pasting only positive reviews.


ps, there are lots of other threads to read - true. I'll try to remember that next time I lose sight of the obvious, but I like drama and I'm having fun ,how about you? :D

06-09-2006, 09:51 AM
Looks like someone else feels like a smart ass today :)


My post today #203 7:17 am

I am on WB,GB GG,PW
And i have a question for CL
Why can't you make the powders disolve. Damn I hate chewing my drinks.
The GG i scoop right into my mouth, and i can get down that way. BUT......
PW tastes like liquid farts over pureed ass :(
I gag on every serving. Any suggestions on improving the taste. Right now i am mixing with water.
DAMN Gina.

your post today #213 10:51 am

it's cool. I just thought it funny that they took all the positive reviews and posted them here. DOESN'T SAY ANYWHERE ABOUT HOW RANCID PURPLE WRAATH TASTES,DOES IT? That's what I was gettin' at. It annoys me to see companies skew results this way. I'd be on any other company that did this - it's nothing personal against CL. Gotta take the good with the bad, though. I just thought the dedicated review section would be enough, but I guess not. And hey, i'm no marketing genius so what do I know?!

I don't mind disagreeing with you, or them, or pu12, it's a message board - that's what we're here for. If I'm to be labelled a 'hater' simply cuz I disagree with what I see as a shady marketing strategy, then so be - I think I'll survive ;)

Go Paraguay! :p

I think i have my time line somewhat in order ;)

As far as the drama goes..
Hells ya. I love this place for drama. Where else can you disagree civilly with someone and at the same place answer a "how big is your johnson" guestion

06-09-2006, 10:09 AM
Looks like someone else feels like a smart ass today :)

one last time, I was asking that of CL.

also, check this out :p '' I didn't notice...were there any negative reviews'' I asked, not told.


again, it wasn't about your single solitary review of bad taste that you just posted. It was a question, to CL, about not including reviews that mentioned bad taste since the inception of this whole post. I appreciate your post, sorry you don't like the taste - but you're not the only one who's said this. It would be nice if companies are gonna post reviews that they post from both sides of it, not just the positive stuff.

06-09-2006, 10:17 AM
one last time, I was asking that of CL.

also, check this out :p '' I didn't notice...were there any negative reviews'' I asked, not told.


I gottcha.
I have been enlightened. Actually i was kinda hoping for a fight. But you proved me wrong. so i concede :) This is really the wrong section for fighting. I shall retreat to the misc section. :cool:

06-09-2006, 10:31 AM
I gottcha.
I have been enlightened. Actually i was kinda hoping for a fight. But you proved me wrong. so i concede :) This is really the wrong section for fighting. I shall retreat to the misc section. :cool:

fair play. see, people, this is what message boards are all about - having a battle of words, a good time, a few laughs. it's not all about hatin' and flamin' :)

:D I try to stay outta that Misc section if I can.....it'll rot your brain!!!! ;)

06-09-2006, 10:35 AM
.it'll rot your brain!!!! ;)

To late ;)

Blap Blaow
06-09-2006, 11:15 AM
I'd be on any other company that did this - it's nothing personal against CL.
I'll make sure not to bump the SNS review thread while you're online :eek:

Go Paraguay! :p
<img src="http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/2245/domotwak4gc.gif">

06-09-2006, 01:05 PM
I'll make sure not to bump the SNS review thread while you're online :eek:

hey be my guest ;) - i gave my honest yet negative feedback on the product - albeit only a partial log. If you want people to read it, It's only fair to have it viewed I guess:) Only so much working out can be done with that schedule I was keeping then though, so its not all the product that lead to poor results :(

Blap Blaow
06-09-2006, 01:13 PM
I put your feedback in over a month ago :)

Heavily edited, of course ;) :D

06-16-2006, 04:36 AM
TDav: Green Bulge + White Blood + GlycerGrow + Purple Wraath

GreenBulge started: May8th
WhiteBlood / GlycerGrow / PurpleWraath started: May 10th
June 13- end one bottle GB aswell as WB/PW/GG (approx 37 days)

Age: 16
Height: ~5í11Ē
BF%: low/mid 20ís.
Start weight: 195 (approx)
End weight: 198.5 (approx)

Not sure about the weightÖwill check again tomorrow to see if its just water/food weight. And Iím fully aware that CL does not recommend their products for anyone under the age of 18.

Green Bulge comments:
Well my before and after measurements speak for this product. Also this lasted me 37 days. I donít know how that happened.

White Blood comments:
Noticed a whole lot more pump from WB then NO-Xplode, no mental focus which Iím pretty sure shouldnít be expected from WB anyway. Had much more stamina and endurance when doing certain exercises. Some increased vascularity. Amazing forearm/arm pumps.

Glycer Grow comments:
Nothing to say other than it most likely contributed to my gains. First week took the powder to the mouth, didnít like that so I mixed it with yogurt, which made it much better. Didnít notice it making me piss more being that itís a diuretic. Would need to take this by itself to see if itís true effects. Sweated a little bit more, donít know if this was the product that did that to me.

Purple Wraath comments:
First time I took this I put the powder in my mouth I gagged. Then mixed I mixed it with water. I gagged again. After about the third day I got used to the taste and it was fine. I can chug/drink it like itís nothing now. Mixed it with Crystal Light Peach Iced tea, made it a little better, but I can still take it without it now. Wasnít as sore as I normally was most days. If I was it was gone in a day. Sweated a little bit more, donít know if this was the product that did that to me. For me at least, this made my breath reek. Chew gum with it to make it better.

GB: 5 caps 45-60mins pre-workout, non-training 5 anytime w/o food
GG: 1-2 scoops about 10-15 mins pre (normally), first 2 weeks I donít think I got the full dosage. Not taken non-training days.
PW: 2 scoops sipped pre, during, post some days w/ peach crystal light. Bumped it to 3 scoops last week. Not taken non-training days.
WB: 3 caps 45-60mins pre-workout. Not taken non-training days.

Didnít keep a strict diet at all. Took ON 100% Whey Protein on days I wasnít lazy and had time. 2 scoops taken when I did.

Water intake:
Had at least 1 gallon a day. Normally Iíd say 2 gallons a day.

Other Supplements Taken:
None, other than ON 100% Whey. Did take BSNís Cell Mass and NO-Xplode for 3 weeks prior to taking these 4 products.

CellMass/NO-Xplode started: April 17th
CellMass/NO-Xplode: finished: May 5th

If you want to see what kind of workout and which exercises I didÖtell me.

Iíll keep this short. Iíd say about 21 days into taking these products I started to notice shoulders, back, arm and forearms get bigger. Family and friends started to make some comment about my shoulders getting a lot broader, arms more full, more of a widening back. Upper chest more full. Shirts that I didnít wear for a month felt a bit different particularly in the shoulder/back region. Some shirts I noticed my arms feeling in the long sleeves more full than they did before.

Iíll keep this short as well. Added 10 pounds to military dumbbell press. Added 15-20 pounds barbell bench. Went up about 15 pounds preacher EZ-bar curl. I could finally work out my triceps doing dips w/ my bodyweight. Couldnít do that before, I know sad. Overall went up about 5-10 pound in each exercise Iíd say.


Chest/Back: (measured around back and chest across nip)
Start: 102cm
End: 106.5cm
Total inches gained: 1.77inch

Right Arm:
Start: 31cm
End: 33cm
Total inches 0.78inch

Left Arm:
Start: 30.5cm
End: 32cm
Total inches: 0.59inch

Left forearm:
Start: 28.5 cm
End: 30cm t
Total inches: 0.59inch

Right forearm:
Start: 29cm
End: 30cm
Total inches: 0.39inch

Right quad:
Start: 51.50cm
End: 56cm
Total inches gained: 1.77inch

Left quad:
Start: 51.25cm
End: 55.6cm
Total inches gained: 1.71inch

Right calf :
Start: 38cm
End: 39.25
Total inches gained: 0.49inch

Left calf:
Start: 37.5cm
End: 38.5cm
Total inches gained: 0.39inch

Looking foward to either taking a break from these 4 amazing prodcuts for 3 months while I'm going to attempt to cut OR staying on GB and try GMAG while I'm cutting, not sure yet.

07-14-2006, 04:40 PM

hey, i just wanted to say that after finishing my first bottle of green bulge, ive really noticed a great increase in strength and size. not only is my strength in the gym, but also when i play basketball. i can just push and box people out so much easier, i was like ben wallace out there and i never was. green bulge definetly made me a believer

07-15-2006, 02:52 AM
edvanp: Red ACID

Well, back after a week of travel and I thought I'd wrap this up.

In summary, over the course of 5 weeks of Red Acid, not always at full doseage, I lost 6 lbs. I cut my calories back to 2500 on average per day and worked out with weights 3-4 times per week. Because of a bum knee, there was no cardio other then a couple of hockey games. That said, I think I added muscle and lost fat. I lost an inch off my waist and 2 inches around my stomach. The all important visual test shows more definition and my clothes fit much better. My t-shirts are tighter in the arms yet loser in the mid-section. My strength has gone up and I'm starting to see some definiation in the stomach area. Here are my ratings of Red Acid:

Energy: 8/10
-I never felt sluggish or slow going while on it and my workouts never lacked energy.

Appetite Control: 9/10
-Outstanding. I typically took 2 pills 30 min. prior to each meal and never felt like gorging or snacking. My body has now adjusted to eating less and this past week, without the use of RA, I was able to keep my calories in the 2,500 range per day.

Side Effects: 8/10
-I experienced 2 side effects. I had the "burps" while taking it, and I never burp and somtimes I'd get a little heartburn when taking full dosage. I drink a lot of coffee in the a.m., so maybe the combination of the two had something to do with it. On the plus side, I had my blood pressure tested 3 times over the course of this testing period and it stayed the same (124/78). I did not experience any difficulties sleeping, no mood swings, my appetite stayed under control (the best feature of this) and I never felt jittery or out of sorts.

Overall, I think this is a great fat loss supplement. I thought I might lose a bit more weight, but I think I added muscle during this time. I really hadn't lifted hard until the last 5-6 weeks so I think my body lost some fat but added some muscle. Had I been able to do some cardio, I think a few more pounds would have been shed. This is the only fat loss product I've tried, so I can't compare it to other ones, but I'm very impressed with it and would recommend it!

Starting June 1st, I'm going to do a 4 week Cut with Red Acid, San Sesamin and Omega Sports Cre-ethyl Thunder with 3 glasses of Grapefruit juice per day :-) (I like Grapefruit juice and recently read an article on it's weight loss effects..we'll see).

Thanks to all who commented on this.

07-15-2006, 02:55 AM
hotasice2003: Red ACID

Well, I have only 2 piils left, and will finish those 2morro, so I decided to go ahead and write my full review of Red Acid. I have no weight measurements or anything...... strictly testing by the mirror. I was going to post some final pics today, but I can't find my dag on camera! I will tear the house down lookin for it, and will post pics( hopefully ) 2morro. Anways, the review.......

The first thing CL says RA will do is control hunger, so let's look at that.....

Hunger...9/10...... This stuff is the BOMB at supressing the appetite. I am always starving in the morning, and want to down food immediately, but knew that I had to down the RA, and wait 30 min. Well, I would down the pills, and by the time 30 min was up, I can honestly say that the urge to eat was NEAR as close as it was when I first got up. I would then start to eat, and would never want to finish my eal, but always would, because I was testing how RA did for fat loss while kcal were at maintanence...... so, RA worked great for appetite.......

The nest CL says RA will do, is give you energy......

Energy....8/10...... The first week, the energy here was unbelievable, and could really be felt, but it started to wear off towards the end of the cycle...... I don't know why, but it did...... you don't get the jitters or anything, just slow and steady energy all the way through the workouts...... it really helped with cardio.......

Fat Loss.........8/10 Like I said, I didn't have any weight measurements, so I don't know about that, but you can see in my pics that I lost some fat, as my abs are more defined. I ate at maintanence, so this proves that RA does indeed help burn fat........ my strength went up the entire time, and yet I looked more defined.......

Overall, I stinkin LOVED this stuff. I will deff try it again, but want to try some other things first. The only I have to compare this too is the old EC stack. For ME, RA suppressed my appetite more the the EC stack. I say that the energy was the same...... I think CL is a great company, and that they have truly made an AWESOME fat burner with RA. IMO it has the best and most ingredients out there. If anyone is looking for a great product to aid in fat loss, I DEFF recommend RED ACID!!!!! I hope this helps someone.

Will get pics up as ASAP..... here is my RA log....

edit: I 4got to write about side effects....... there were none, except of few times I noticed a "heartburn" feeling in the esophagus, but it was slight, and was nothing to worry over. I think this could be controlled by doing the 2-2-2 dosage......

07-20-2006, 09:05 PM
I finished my cycle of green bulge white blood a week or two ago and thought i would post it on this forum along with my usuals.
My stats are as follows:
17 years old
180 lbs
185 bench
18% bf

I used these products while i bulked and i was consuming probably around 4500 cals a day along wiht tons of carbs and protein. I used ON whey and muscle milk along with my multivitamin.

I have a strict routine of
sat/sun rest days

I went from 171lbs to 180 lbs on this stack along with strength gains too. My bench went up about 10 lbs and my back workouts skyrocketed for some reason and still are. Overall strength went up in pretty much every category as well. It has been round 2 weeks since and i have maintained my weight and strength gains and my bodyfat has dropped 2% since 6 weeks ago. I also look in the mirror and see the i have noticeably added some mass too.

Overall i give this product stack a 10/10 and am looking foward to using controlled labs products again in the near future.

p.s. Its not extremely detailed because i kinda just wanted to get my main points across.


07-28-2006, 04:22 AM
RU4A69: White BLOOD

"Review after about three weeks-

I was just curious, and I expected almost nothing from this product. After five days I noticed some vascularity. I've had strength gain while on this, but I'm also taking AST micronized creatine, which I STRONGLY recommend.

After two weeks-

Noticed an EXTREME increase in libido and other very welcome sexual side effects, like being able to finish every time easily(despite all the damn meds I take for a nerve condition), and what looks like 300% ejaculatory volume increase-no joke. This is the only concrete benefit of the product, but that makes it worth it to me, and that's why I bothered to review it even though I never post here anymore. :p

Thumbs up

*note*-the "pumps" are everything you've read and then some. I got snakes on my calves, and it hurts to walk up stairs so bad that I'm considering lowering the dose even though I'm 218lbs. Hope I saved someone some money on "no xplode". Have a good day. :)

07-28-2006, 06:01 AM
dilla.donuts review: PW, GB, WB

yo fellas,

First time poster (poppin that cherry), long time reader. Here's my quick .02 on these three products. I just wrapped up the GB and WB but I still have some PW left as it contains more servings. Anyway, lets get into it:

White Blood - I have mixed feelings about this product. On some days I would get some pretty sick pumps, but on others I didn't feel much of anything. However, when I did feel the pumps, they lasted quite some time and really jacked me up. Advice: consume a lot of H20 pre/during workout to really reap the benefits of WB. I noticed on the days (albeit few) that I did not intake a lot of water that the pumps diminished somewhat - this, however, is my fault and not that of the product.

Green Bulge - Dilla's seal of approval for this guy. Biggest gains came within the first week of use (which surprised me), but results fell off only slightly throughout the month. PR's on bench, flys, BB curls, leg press...the list goes on. No bloat, no cramps, just results. Legit prpduct without a doubt, and one which I would not hesitate to reccomend to anyone. Again, like the WB, drink your face off and just pound the water. I was hittin about two gallons a day which seemed to work pretty well.

Purple WRAATH - Definite Dilla seal of approval. I love this stuff. I purchased my PW prior to the taste reformulation, but I actually enjoy drinking it (to be honest, I dont get what the big fuss was about regarding its taste). Anyway, the benefits: I drink two scoops about 1/2 hr before I hit the gym. By the time I'm ready to lift, I feel hyped up and really focused. PW is great for energy (as many have stated) and really keeps me concentrated in the gym. When I do sets, it's just me, the wieghts and nothin else - really good feeling. Also, PW is great pre-cardio. I'm able to run my damn ass of on this stuff, and I stay intense and locked in the whole time. Out of the three CL products tested, this one takes the crown. 50 bills is a lot for a supp, no lie, but the serving amount is quite generous and the benefits are certainly wort it. Can't wait to wrap up this tub and pick up the "improved" taste version.

There it is boys, take it for what you will. Having finished the GB/WB duo, I am now just starting a Shock Therapy/Storm combo (and of course sticking with the PW still) - I'll let everyone know how they go for me.

Dilla done.

07-29-2006, 12:38 AM
QuickSwick: Green BULGE + White BLOOD

"Hello all, I just wanted to post my experience with Controlled Labs. When I started taking supplements I admit I fell under the hype category of supplement users and wasn’t really concerned about what was really in it, or how much of what was in it. By the end of my supplement bender I was taking the whole BSN mass stack, plus whey MAXX and animal pak,. Which I was getting pretty good gains off of. Then I started doing some real research that could have saved me some real doe, but anyways I came onto BB.com after researching CL white Blood and Green Bulge and asked anyone who has used both if I should switch from BSN to CL and everyone said yes. After using CL White Blood And Green Bulge for a few months I have to say, it was the best move I have ever made in the supplement department. I have saved money, gotten energy out of no where, that I have never gotten with BSN, put on some good gain’s - with a eating a diet that supports my goals. (Because while supplements help in the gym food helps in the gains) And I would just like to say thank you to Controlled Labs for putting out such a quality product and not jacking up the price and to all the people who pointed me in the right direction"

07-29-2006, 12:46 AM
miilkbone: Green BULGE + White BLOOD

"HANDS DOWN, WB/GB's thebest I've done so far. I even take superpump250 b4 hand, MANLEMMETELLYOU- I zone the f**k out. Sometimes I get so amped at the way i'm lifting and lookin while lifting, that I almost dont know when to say when. I'll do hammer curls till veins come from left field. But the best part is , wb helps alot with recovery. And from my experience, every gain remained..........BUT THE CHOICE IS YOURZ. LOL good luck"

07-29-2006, 12:49 AM
Travis71902: White BLOOD

White Blood

These are my final thoughts on White Blood after running it for 33 days.

Initial Bodyweight and Current Bodyweight


Weight: 152lbs


Waist(1 inch above belly button): 30.5 inches

Abdomen(1 inch below belly button): 32 inches


Weight: 159lbs +7lbs


Waist(1 inch above belly button): 30.5 inches NO CHANGE

Abdomen(1 inch below belly button): 31.5 inches -.5 inches

I weighed and measured myself this morning, nude and having just done my business, but before eating or drinking anything.

Initial Measurements and Current Measurements


Starting Measurements:
Neck: 15.5 inches
Shoulders(all the way around, middle of delt): 45 inches
Right Bicep(flexed at peak): 13.5 inches
Left Bicep(flexed at peak): 13.25 inches
Chest(across nipples, exhaled): 38 inches
Waist(1 inch above belly button): 30.5 inches
Abdomen(1 inch below belly button): 32 inches
Right Quad(8 inches above knee): 22.5 inches
Left Quad(8 inches above knee): 22.25 inches
Right Calve(4 inches below knee): 14.25 inches
Left Calve(4 inches below knee): 14.25


Current Measurements:
Neck: 15.75 inches
Shoulders(all the way around, middle of delt): 45.5 inches +.5 inches
Right Bicep(flexed at peak): 13.75 inches +.25 inches
Left Bicep(flexed at peak): 13.75 inches +.5 inches
Chest(across nipples, exhaled): 38 inches No Change
Waist(1 inch above belly button): 30.5 inches No Change
Abdomen(1 inch below belly button): 31.5 inches -.5 inches
Right Quad(8 inches above knee): 22.75 inches +.25 inches
Left Quad(8 inches above knee): 22.5 inches +.25 inches
Right Calve(4 inches below knee): 14.5 inches +.25 inches
Left Calve(4 inches below knee): 14.5 inches +.25 inches

My Final Thoughts On White Blood


If you want pump then White Blood is for you. This stuff gave me awesome pumps everytime...everywhere. I had great pumps in my lats, erectors, arms of course, delts, quads, chest, everything! The only I didn't get a pump in was my calves I'd say. The pump started almost as soon as I started lifting and lasted throughout the session. The effects did wear off pretty soon after lifting though I'd say. The bulk of the pump was gone 20-30 minutes after lifting. I did feel much fuller hours after lifting, just not "pumped".


Vascularity was pretty sick as well! I almost had veins popping in the upper chest and delt area. Arms do seem to more vascular overall too. Not just after lifting but on a regular basis.

Strength and Size

Hmmmmm....what do I put here? My size gains shown above speak for themselves, but I saw NO strength gains from this product. I didn't really expect to either. My routine was getting pretty stale and I started using 8 reps instead of six for my lifts so I figured strength would plateau at some point.

Final Scores

Vascularity: 8

Pumps: 9

Strength: 5

Size: 8

Value: I won't score value simply because a NO product is something that I would rarely buy if ever. The bottom line is it does what its supposed to so I'll leave value scoring to the consumer.

Overall: 8

White Blood gave me exactly what I expected....Sick ass pumps and firehose like veins! It also game me nothing that I didn't expect. I expected that my strength would not increase because of a NO product and thats exactly what happened. I will say again though, my routine was very stale and my body had pretty well adjusted to my program. As a product simply used for and only expected to give pumps I'd say White Blood is 9. I give it the 8 because many feel NO products should yield strength gains, yet I saw none.

07-29-2006, 01:20 AM
Dizzymofo: Green MAGnitude + GlycerGROW

"I'm currently doing a GlycerGrow/Green MAGnitude stack and it's better than my Nitrix/NO-Xplode ever was. Check it out if you want energy and a good pump"

07-29-2006, 01:25 AM
eddied27: GlycerGROW

"GG....excellent product!! Thank you pu12 for recommending it some time ago. Seeing some nice results from it frankly. Just about to finish first tub, will take a break from it for about 3-4 weeks and work on the second tub I bought. For me, being very heavy/obese most, if not all, of my life....to see the vascularity in my arms and the pumped look when I'm at the gym is worth the cost of the product which, when compared to others, is cheap for the amount of servings you get.

In terms of mixing, I have it preWO with water and during with gatorade and I do alright with it. Have to "rinse out" the container with water and chug the rest that gets left over but not an issue for me."

07-29-2006, 01:47 AM
jaymdubbs: Green MAGnitude

"I have always responded well to creatine products, so I wasn't worried about Green Mag not working, especially since I responded well to Green Bulge.

So here it goes, THE REVIEW

Taste: 10

Kudos to the flavoring system of GM. It tastes like Kool Aid. The sourness of the green apple depends on how much water you add. You can White Blood to it and it wont affect the taste. You can even add the GM to PW for a fruity refreshing recovery drink.

Mixability: 10

Not gritty at all, mixes perfectly.

Effects: 10

I did two experiments. I took the GM pre workout, including cardio. During resistance training, I would stack the GM with Glycergrow, and experience insane pumps. During cardio i would still feel a slight pump while doing plyometrics and my MMA workouts.

Overall, I will give the GM a 10. IT was a great volumizer and definetely helped with the endurance of my cardio and workouts. (also because of the Purple Wraath too)

I am grateful for Controlled Labs letting me put its product through the wringer. I can honestly say Green Magnitude will be a STAPLE in my workout supplementation because of its plain and simple effectiveness.

Other results:

I am enclosing NEW photos taken today. I just had a carb refeed this weekend, so im carrying a little more water than usual. lol.

I posted the other day my biceps were up to 15 1/8.

to make it simple, i gained about 1/4 of an inch in all my measurements except my waist and abdomen. I lost 8 pounds, and during the GM i made all new PR's in ALL my lifts. i contribute this to the synergy of my proper diet, nutrition, AND supplementation to these gains and weight loss."

07-29-2006, 07:36 AM

"ive seen very good results from green bulge"

dhatcher: Green BULGE

"I've been using Green Bulge for a couple of weeks now and I like it. I'll be buying more."

08-05-2006, 08:17 AM
SeP: Green BULGE:

"A few months ago I decided to use CL's very own green bulge after hearing so many extatic reviews on it. I had a poor diet but still walked away with 5 solid pounds and +10-15 lbs on all my lifts. I was quite pleased. The only downer of this product was taking 5 of the most disgusting tasting pills ever.

I took a break off of creatine for a few months then stumbled back onto the forums in search of a new one. GB was out like last weeks fad and I started hearing great things on XCEED. I decided to try it. I was pleased of the taste compared to the capsules of GB, but was not pleased with the results. I gained 2 lbs, water weight pretty much with very minimal strength gains. Only lift that went up was bench. I feel as if I wasted my 40 something dollars.

My next product will be omega thunder, it used to be GB's competetor back in the day and is VERY cheap."

08-15-2006, 09:25 PM
dhatcher: Green MAGnitude

"My Green Magnitude just arrived yesterday. Couldn't wait to get it out of the box and see how it smelled & tasted.

Got the lid off and to my surprise it smelled just a little sweeter than I imagined it would. Took the recommended half-serving via powder in the mouth chased with ice water.

As some of you may have seen in other posts of mine I hate, despise... really do not like dealing with powder substances. I decided to give GM a try because so many people on here (in the threads I found through searching) mentioned the taste was actually pretty good.

And they were right! This stuff does not have a bad taste at all (or after taste I should mention also). I had tried NO-Xplode before and it has an initially good taste but an unforgiving bitter after taste. GM has no such thing.

I thought GM tasted a little sweet for "Sour Green Apple," but then a buddy of mine tried a full dose (he's a big guy and drinks tons of water so we figured it was safe) and he said it was pretty sour, but tasted good.

I will write another review in a month or so to discuss how I feel about the strength gains I get from it as well as any side effects if they pop up (bloating or what have you)."

08-15-2006, 09:27 PM
dappledachsund: Green BULGE, White BLOOD, Green MAGnitude, Purple WRAATH

"while on controlled labs green bulge, white blood, green magnitude, purple wrath stack i gained a solid 4 pounds in a month with only working out 3 days of the week most of the time with this all of my lifts had increased and i have been quite satisfied with the results will definately consider using again ...if you wanna try it than definately go for it cheap effective satisfying results, what more could you ask for in a stack besides a beautiful women to come in each bottle"

08-15-2006, 10:20 PM
OneBetter: Purple WRAATH: New and Improved Flavor

"First off, I'd like to thank pu12/Controlled Labs for their great customer service and speedy response. I had done a review of Purple Wraath, before the improved the flavoring, (Seen Here) (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=863148) and they said they had improved the taste. They gave me a chance to try out the better flavoring system. I'm going to do a 3 part review on it. Part 1 will be 2 scoops mixed with 12-14oz water like the first review I did, and sipped on during the workout. Part 2 will be 2 separate scoops put directly in the mouth. Part 3 will be the smallest amount of water I can mix it with, and I will just drink it all as quickly as possible 15 minutes pre workout.

Part 1

Taste: 8/10
The last time I tried this I gave it a 5.5 out of 10. It has definitely improved. As soon as I got the package, I opened it up and all I could smell was the grape flavoring. So Sunday night, I tried it out with 14oz of water and sipped it through my workout. I had no problem sipping it for 45 minutes during my workout. With the old one, it had a bad aftertaste.. This one had no aftertaste at all, and the grape flavor as a whole seemed a little better. Although, I still don't think it's a "juicy" grape flavor, more of a tangy grape I guess is how I would describe it.

Mixability: 8/10

I still give it an 8/10, it was pretty easy to mix with 14 oz of water in a shaker bottle. Took a few minutes though, and I had to let the bottle sit for a few minutes while the foam went away.

I'll have Part 2 up by tomorrow night, and Part 3 by Tuesday night."

08-15-2006, 10:27 PM
storm shadow: Purple WRAATH (Old Flavor)



Yes, its finally here. There will be two parts to this review. I'll post the second part shortly after this.

3/10 - Tastes pretty bad in water alone, almost to the point of gagging but not quite. If you mix it with gatorade the taste dramatically improves and it is good. According to Controlled Labs the next batch of purple wraath will taste much better.

8/10 - Doesn't mix too well right away, but let it sit in the fridge for 30min. and it should dissolve almost completley

9/10 - 50 bucks for 90 servings is a great deal, it can last you very long depending on your dosage and how many days a week you work out. Very cost effective IMO.

"Explosive Strength, Power, Energy":
9/10 - Most of the time I felt great in the gym after taking it. I saw some of my greatest strenght gains during my log. The energy from this supplement is also very nice, it helped me squeeze a lot of those last reps that sometimes you're just not up for.

"Increased Endurance, Stamina, Focus, Muscle Recovery":
8/10 - I didn't really get to test endurance so much, all I can say is that it got me through every workout without feeling depleted of energy. Focus was a slightly better. What I really liked was muscle recovery, during my log I rarely felt sore the next day, every now and then I would be sore for the next couple of days but it never lasted more than that. Excellent Recovery.

*Next post: results and possibly pics.

08-15-2006, 10:29 PM
Zebinator: Purple WRAATH (Old Flavor)

"Ok a little update here and what I've noticed so far with the Purple Wraath. I took the advice that I read in another thread about mixing up the Purple Wraath (2 scoops in 12oz of water) and then putting it in the fridge for a half hour. It dissolved nicely. Kinda tasted like ass but it wasn't that bad, I've had far worse tasting supps than PW. It was more like a weak flavor grape coolaid with sand in it LOL. Anyways, I took that about 20min pre-workout and it was all good. Mondays workout I beat the crap out of my chest and tri's and as of today they are only slightly sore. I thought for sure I wasn't going to be able to move on Tuesday but not bad at all. Same with today, I killed my Back and Bi's yesterday and today only slight pain. This is nice, shows me that this stuff is working quickly. Also felt that under the skin tingle I've heard about, pretty cool.

Purple Wraath is an awesome supplement for pre workout energy and drive. This stuff is suttle, you don't really notice it too much when you start lifting but the energy seems to just keep coming at a steady rate throughout the entire workout. Just when you think you're done, all of a sudden there is more energy building in you. And the recovery is VERY nice. Although I hammered my cavles a little too hard this week and they are still killing me 3 days later LOL! I tried James "Flex" Lewis's hybrid calf routine.....All I can say is INSANE! Holy **** did my calves burn when I was doing it and they are killing me still. Should be good to go though in another day."

08-16-2006, 11:08 AM

"I must chime in and say that I love my GB, WB, and GG! I have taken other products and liked the results but I was impressed that these products provided me what I needed to get to the next level. Great job CL...Keep up the great work!"

08-17-2006, 11:08 PM
jaymdubbs: Green MAGnitude


I have always responded well to creatine products, so I wasn't worried about Green Mag not working, especially since I responded well to Green Bulge.

So here it goes, THE REVIEW

Taste: 10

Kudos to the flavoring system of GM. It tastes like Kool Aid. The sourness of the green apple depends on how much water you add. You can White Blood to it and it wont affect the taste. You can even add the GM to PW for a fruity refreshing recovery drink.

Mixability: 10

Not gritty at all, mixes perfectly.

Effects: 10

I did two experiments. I took the GM pre workout, including cardio. During resistance training, I would stack the GM with Glycergrow, and experience insane pumps. During cardio i would still feel a slight pump while doing plyometrics and my MMA workouts.

Overall, I will give the GM a 10. IT was a great volumizer and definetely helped with the endurance of my cardio and workouts. (also because of the Purple Wraath too)

I am grateful for Controlled Labs letting me put its product through the wringer. I can honestly say Green Magnitude will be a STAPLE in my workout supplementation because of its plain and simple effectiveness.

Other results:

I am enclosing NEW photos taken today. I just had a carb refeed this weekend, so im carrying a little more water than usual. lol.

I posted the other day my biceps were up to 15 1/8.

to make it simple, i gained about 1/4 of an inch in all my measurements except my waist and abdomen. I lost 8 pounds, and during the GM i made all new PR's in ALL my lifts. i contribute this to the synergy of my proper diet, nutrition, AND supplementation to these gains and weight loss."


08-22-2006, 05:20 AM
Great feed back.

08-29-2006, 10:15 PM
WSUcougs: Black HOLE

Controlled Labs Black Hole: Final Review

It's been a hectic weekend, so sorry for the little delay :D Thanks again CL for the opportunity to review Black Hole!

I'll base my review off the "Key Attributes" claimed directly by CL, plus whatever I feel is important.

Fast Absorption/Fast Acting:

I found the effects to kick in after about 40-45 minutes. My results were best when taking the caps before my 2nd meal. After taking the caps I felt 'good.' By 'good' I mean nice and relaxed, almost tired but alert at the same time :D Kind of hard to actually describe the feeling, but I liked it a lot. The feelings of hunger peaked around the 10th day or so and slowly became less intense, still there just not so strong.

Eat More Than Ever Before:

Whether it was placebo or not I definitely was able to eat more food than normal. Oats are always tough for me to get down, but they seemed to go down a little easier. I never felt any stomach aches or discomfort while using Black Hole either. In the beginning of the log I noticed I was VERY hungry in between my 1st couple of meals. It didn't matter what I ate I felt like I couldn't have enough.

Helps Indirectly Add Mass:

I don't really have to write anything here. I ate more, so I got bigger :D My final weight gain was +5.5 lbs, coming in at exactly 191 lbs.

Legal, Safe, and Effective for Men and Women:

I cannot say for certain that it is in fact legal since I never tested that but I'll trust CL on this one. One of the greatest things I noticed about Black Hole is that I experienced absolutely NO side effects. Plus Black Hole seemed to do exactly what it said it would.

Stimulate Metabolism to Lose Body Fat:

Not sure on this one since I was bulking. BUT, I was more hungry than normal between meals. So my metabolism seemed to be working a bit quicker than normal.

Natural Digestive Aids for Increased Calories:

As mentioned previously I was able to eat more calories while experiencing no discomfort associated with eating too much.

Natural Joint and Pain Supplement:

Didn't really notice much here. But I don't notice anything from Glucosamine either so I don't know. However, I have been having a lot of discomfort with my right wrist. Happened around last Wednesday. Coincidence? Probably not, but who knows :D

Other Things to Note:

-Leaves a little 'herby' after taste. Not bad, I just notice it sometimes.
-I had no trouble driving after taking the caps. But that doesn't mean you won't, so follow the directions until you know its safe.


Black Hole is definitely more of a 'luxury' supplement. Stick with the basics 1st. But if you have a problem (hardgainers) stuffing all those calories down Black Hole is something worth looking into. Even if you don't have a problem Black Hole still makes it a lot easier and comfortable.

Would I buy Black Hole? Yeah, probably. If I had some extra cash and already had the basics I feel it's a great addition to any 'stack.'

So because the product did what it claimed with NO sides I would rate Black Hole an 8/10.

***Will get pics up ASAP!***

08-29-2006, 10:17 PM
warriors: Black HOLE

First off I wanna thank Tank and Pu12 for choosing me to test Black Hole. I really appreciate that I was one of the first few to test it :)

Here is the link to my log if you are interested in reading it: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?p=11286487#post11286487

Now at first I was skeptical that there would ever be a legal, over the counter supplement that could improve your appetite and help you eat more that was safe and actually worked but I have to give CL props on this one b/c they did it.

Here are the main things I noticed with Black Hole:

1) I was able to eat more at one sitting without feeling stuffed or full. Most of the other users have reported this effect as well and it seems to be the most noticeable of the effects. There were sometimes I felt like I was never going to get full no matter how much I ate. Def. helpful to get those last few bites down that ppl struggle with when bulking. Black Hole never really seemed to lose it's effectiveness either. I thought it was losing effectiveness there after about 10 days but then took a day off from it and when I took it the next day it worked fine. Also want to note that the effects seemed to last a good three hours most of the time for me.

2) Not only could I eat more at one sitting but I actually got hungry again within 25-30 minutes after eating huge amounts of food. Normally without Black Hole I would eat a meal and be stuffed and have to wait at least 2 hours before even thinking about trying to down another meal. With Black Hole it was no problem.

3) For about the first 10-14 days I got a calm and relaxed feeling after taking the Black Hole. After that I hardly noticed it anymore but it nice while it lasted. After reading the other reviews only a very few experienced this. Plz don't buy Black Hole expecting to get a huge "high" b/c you will be wasting your money and you will be disappointed. The euphoric feeling you get, if any, is just an added bonus.

4) Another little added bonus that I noticed was that once you started taking it for about a week or two was that you didn't have to take it everyday. There were a few times where I didn't take any for a day or two b/c my stomach was either upset for unknown reasons or b/c I was out doing something and didn't have access to a lot of food so I just didn't take it b/c I didn't want to waste it. If you can try this and see if it works b/c if it does you can save a little money and one bottle can last you 35-40 days or maybe even longer with an every other day dosage or just whenever you need it. Don't expect to take it for two weeks though and then stop it for 8-10 days and once you take another dose expect it to work like it did when you was taking it continuously. It might work like that but I doubt it. The longest I ever went without taking it was 3 days and it worked fine once I took the next dose.

5) NO side effects :)

I def. give Black Hole the thumbs up. A lot of ppl don't like CL's marketing practices or just don't like CL period but I will continue to buy Black Hole b/c it def. does what it says and works for ME which is all that matters and there are only a few supps that I've tried I can say that for. Good job with this one CL.

If you have any questions about my experience with Black Hole then either PM me, leave them in this thread, or hit me up on AIM.

Now I know not everyone responds to every supplement they try but based on MY experience with Black Hole here is a few tips for future users that may not be experiencing the effects from Black Hole and trying these tips may help.

*Switch up the dosage times. I tried three different dosing times throughout my log (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and found that dinner was by far the best time for me. So try taking it a few days at breakfast, a few days at lunch, and a few days at supper or any other time during the day and see what time works best for you.

*Try to take it on an empty stomach if possible. I know that having to take supps on an empty stomach is a pain in the ass but if you're not seeing anything with Black Hole than try it on an empty stomach. Supper time or my post workout meal(same thing for me) was perfect to take Black Hole b/c my stomach would be empty for the most part besides my protein shake but I always waited an extra 25-30 minutes after my shake to take the Black Hole.

*Don't expect it to give you an appetite like marijuana b/c it's far from that. IMO nothing can touch mary jane for a good appetite increase :D So don't expect to start eating everything in sight after taking it b/c more than likely you're not going to.

*Another thing to try is to experiment with how long it takes to "kick in" after your dosage. For me it was 40-45 minutes and bam I was ready to eat. You'll know when it kicks in when you get halfway through with your meal and you feel like you haven't eaten anything.

*If you've been on Black Hole for 10-14 days and still not noticing anything or you feel it's losing it's effectiveness then take a day or two off from it and see what happens.

08-31-2006, 10:42 AM
hordeall: Purple WRAATH (improved flavor system)

Upon opening the container I thought "Did they send the new batch" because the smell was still alittle potent. So I sniffed it closer and it clearly was changed. I could actually stick my nose near it without gagging it smelled grapey. So I took a scoop full and mixed with 10 oz of water and it stirred up pretty well with a spoon (all my shaker bottles leak). I sipped it and was like thats not bad. Im trying to think of a comparison but I cant really. In honesty Universal Storm is the best grape flavored product Ive had but this was pretty good to. It has a milder taste to it, a bit stronger than Grape Xtend for those of you who have tried that product. I recommend giving it a try for those that dredded the taste of the old batch. I liked it so thumbs up.

08-31-2006, 03:55 PM
fighteveryone@*************.com: GlycerGrow Review

Product: GlycerGrow
Date: Thursday 01 June, 2006

taking this with Green Bulge and White Blood pre-workout. getting unbelievable pumps, endurance, and reps out of this stack. i highly recommend this. i havent ever had the amount of vascularity as i do on this stack. Controlled Labs is clearly the best of the best as far as legal supplements go.

the only bad thing i would say is the doseage isnt correct... for me at least. i upped the dose to 3 scoops 30 min pre-workout and 3 scoops during my workout in my carb drink.

i've used every pre-workout supplement on the market and this is the only one i'm going to stick with from now on!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars