View Full Version : Extremely easy keto chili

12-03-2007, 11:53 AM
This was inspired by the fact that Walden Farm's ketchup sucks.

All you need is:

Browned and seasoned ground beef (I used basil and tarragon)
Walden Farm's ketchup

Brown the beef and pour on the ketchup so it covers, but not too much.

I wanted to get rid of my fake ketchup, was craving chili, and had some cooked ground beef that needed something in it and this just kind of came together. It's actually not that bad. Maybe like a Wendy's chili or something (haven't had that in years). Definitely not the best, but it's kind of good. Also hellishly easy to make and a good way to get rid of that damned ketchup.

P.S. I just tossed in some hot sauce, and it's even better.