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12-03-2007, 09:01 AM
I recently broke my jaw and had to get my jaw wired shut. The doctor suggested I lay off the weight lifting for a good ten days after the surgery to have my jaw wired shut and for good reason. I was highly medicated, and agonizing jaw pain that kept me immobile.
Now the 10 days have passed and I finally went back to the gym. Unfortunately the doctor's knowledge trying to weight lift well having a broken jaw is limited because after trying to a normals' day routine I find myself with more complications than the worry of a weight accidentally hitting my jaw. My teeth and jaw hurts when I lift (maybe from clenching them), and most importantly I can hardly breathe! I don't know about you guys but I get pretty light headed when I'm only able to breathe in 1/3 third of my lung compacity. The reason for this is because when you have your jaw wired shut (wires that connect to your top teeth and lower teeth each connected by two small metal plates than run across your gum line) your teeth get in the way when your body requires you to breathe in more oxygen. Watch next time you lift and try to go breathe grinning your teeth and not allowing your jaw to move.
Workout recovery between rests takes me forever now. And intense cardio, I don't even think about it. I don't want to be known as the guy at the gym that fainted on the treadmill that one time.
I'm thinking I must change to a routine that is low rep and stay away from high rep routines due to the constant breathing needed during high rep routines, and probably drop the weight.
On top of everything not only does my fitness level seems to go down, but my nutritional level as. All I can have is liquids. This all-liquid diet has me going crazy when I see roommates eating on a constant basis. I'm a health freak so my normal diet consisted of two meal replacement protein shakes but who doesn't like eating a T-bone steak once in a while or Pineapple Glazed Chicken? Everything I eat I must blend to a pure liquid. Even soups with noodles must be blended! I've lost ten pounds already due to this all-liquid diet and that's ten pounds of hard dedicated work lost.
Besides the complications of my broken jaw I think I will persevere and gain much knowledge from this experience.

Does anyone have any suggestions on routines I can use, nutritional advise, or anything that will help during my recovery? If so please reply. I would greatly appreciate any advise given.

Thanks for reading


12-03-2007, 09:07 AM
I had a quick scan through your post as Im quite busy but by the sounds of it. it seems as though shakes are the optimal choice in terms of nutrition! Add whole foods to a blender and make good whole shakes! Hope you get better soon mate....

12-03-2007, 09:18 AM
I feel your pain. When I had my tonsils out (Age 21) I had to have shakes for about 2 weeks. I could barely open my mouth and I remember being in Chicago after those two weeks trying to eat some amazing Italian food and I could barely eat anything. I could barely chew or swallow. Miserable, miserable, miserable. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

12-19-2007, 05:47 PM
i wasnt hurt or anything just wanted get the full ability to digest and have my body recover as fast as possible. i was about 23 years old. i started working out in a gym to add muscle and get defined. i was only 155 pounds at the time. i worked out alone and use dorian yates' principals of training ( he was the man back then) i took no hormones or roids at all. my ethnicity is afro american if that matters. im 5'7"

i thought long and hard about my diet choices and did the usual= chicken breast , egg white, fish and my main veggie was collard greens cooked. i came up with an idea about liquifying most of my daily meal intake. i got some tomato juice , chicken breast, potato, rice, spinach and collard greens. i also took some mega mass 4000 ( i loved that stuff). i made 2 large 64 once containers. one was of the blended food with the tomato juice and foods and the other was the mega mass.

in the morning i would eat egg whites and fruit or grits or rice. then during the day every 2 hours i would drink a 1/3 amount of the blended food and then the mega mass. that made for 3 meals within my work day and then to the gym for sweat. i would work each body part once a week like dorian. 40 minutes of weights and then 20-25 minutes of the heavybag boxing.
the heavybag work was mike tyson style of punching and defensive moves. 3 minute rounds and 1 minute rest. it is funny because a runner challenged the cadio of the bag compared to the running saying the running was better conditioning. i ran his workout in the treadmill. the i had him do the bag with me and he couldnt last 2 rounds ah ha ha ha ha ha.

anyway, in 2 months of this my friends and family notice my success already. they kept saying how big i was getting. i was getting defined also. on weekends i would eat solid food but mon-friday i was back on blending. i would eat a small solid meal after my workout in the evening too. after a year of this i weighed 180 pounds with good definition but not like i really wanted.

in two weeks i am going to try this again. i am 37 now and i am at 195. i have worked out a bit over the years off and on and realize this is my last chance for size so i am at it again in 2 weeks. and i am surprized that not many guys eat dried beans. there was a time when i was poor and that was the staple of my diet and i was more cut and defined than i have ever been. i have done research on them and the are a wonder food!! the only single food that has in all, vitamins, minerals, carbs, protien, and fiber. they also forgot to mention gas but i dont care about the gas because most fiber and dairy give us that anyway. my job was a very physically demanding job also. i only ate once a day and wasnt very hungry. they keep you feeling fuller longer.

this time around i will blend them also with, tomatoe sauce like prego, chicken breast(cooked), ground beef (cooked), potato(cooked) or brown rice ( cooked), fresh raw greens,tblsp olive oil per serving, tsp of apple cider vinegar, flaxseeds, tblsp of chorophyll, and a tblsp of lecthin granuals. (add water if needed) 64 once for 3 serving every 2 hours.

i will be taking a regular multi vitamin and naicin 250mg, zinc 250mg, tblsp of bcaa powder. i will eat a solid morning meal of egg whites and small amount of grits and an evening sold meal of fish, or turkey with green veggie. i will blend fruit protien shake also. 64 once for 3 serving every 2 hours.

but i need something without ASPARTEME!! any recommendations at all guys??

i will drink plenty of water also.

workout will be each body part 2x a week for one month and then back to 1x a month. no hormones or roids. what do you think guys??

02-24-2009, 09:45 PM
Liquid diets promote losing weight fast.The only reason someone should be on a liquid diet is when a physician prescribes it. Many gastrointestinal diagnostic tests require a person to be on a liquid diet for a short duration. Certainly, a person with a broken jaw could eat nothing but liquids. There may be other dental reasons when someone is placed on a liquid diet for a short term. These diets are short term and medically managed.

Most liquid diets are not just liquid. Some of them use replacement shakes for two meals and allow a small dinner. One of these liquid formula diets was recently taken off the market because of its side effects. It is dangerous to place your hope of losing weight fast on a liquid diet. Some of these diet products can cause headaches, stomach aches and other gastrointestinal side effects.

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