View Full Version : Anyone got a good truffle recipe?

11-30-2007, 05:10 PM
My daughter plans to make truffles as Christmas presents for her relatives. I was hoping someone would have a good recipe that would mean I could eat some of them too.

11-30-2007, 05:45 PM
If by truffles you mean the chocolate stuff...

Start off by making a basic Ganache using equal parts 35% cream and melted chocolate (melted over a double boiler). I assume for keto-ers, 99% cocoa would be ideal in this situation. I havent eaten such a chocolate before so I cant comment on taste, but I digress. Once the cream and chocolate is combined, cool it off overnight, optimistically in the fridge. Following day, you should have a hardened mixture thats noticably softer than the chocolate itself when it was started.

Prepare a tray of some sort with a sheet of wax paper on top. If you have access to a colder area, that would be ideal. Melt some more dark chocolate and keep it warm and/or work fast. Spoon some of the ganache you created the day before into your hand, a small amount, roll into a ball, dip into the melted chocolate to cover, and scoop it out with a fork or something else thats able to lift it out without alot of surface area contact (ie. Dont use a spoon, if you can pull it off, use chopsticks or stab with a toothpick to pull it out if the ganache is solid enough). Place onto the sheet, allow to harden (Should happen without any external help if worked fast enough from the cold stored already inside the ganache from the fridge).

Patterns can be made onto the truffles using whatever you'd like, from (unknown if keto-compatibles exist here on out, if applicable) sprinkles, a peanut, a cashew, an almond, grated chocolate, a seperate decoration using melted chocolate drizzled ontop once the truffle hardened, etc. Anything that requires attachment thats a firm object like said peanut should be done immediately after the ganache has been dipped in chocolate.

Alternatives in making the Ganache (Ive tried all these using regular and dark chocolate, successfully) All coatings are still purely chocolate:
• Peanut Butter, replace some of the cream with smooth peanut butter and incorporate well. Suggestion to decorate with a single peanut to signify its type.
• Citrus, using a fine rasp, zest oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruits, qumquats, etc. Into the melted chocolate, stir well. No change in cream. This one is interesting, and not everyone will like it, but the ones that have tried this enjoyed it, including both my Master Chef/Manager as well as the Executive Chef I worked for :)
• Rum. Add in rum to taste, reduce amount of cream to compensate for fluidity if same consistency is desired.
• Grand Marnier. Same as above.

Theres more complex ganache recipes im able to provide if required or preferred. These taste just fine though.

• Dry cloth and a bowl of cold water with ice in it to keep hands cold when working with chocolate
• Toss in the dipped mixtures into the freezer briefly to help them take shape quickly. Best for this is to have two seperate trays and change them out after every 5-10 truffles made.
• Amount of cream can be adjusted to fit desired needs. I personally use more of a 30-40% cream to 60-70% chocolate ratio since a firm ganache is easier to work with for me.
• May want to practice with small amounts. I brutalized these a few years ago when I started to learn them. Of course, its wrong for me to expect people to be as stupid as I am :p No arrogance :)

I hope this helps

11-30-2007, 05:49 PM
Just to add on, alternative is to mix cream cheese with the chocolate as well. Since cream cheese is naturally more solid than the 35%, wont need to coat it with chocolate and instead something else such as cocoa powder, ground peanuts, coconut, etc. They will be sticky to touch if they arent coated with a non-sticky item though.

They do fine in room temperature, both kinds, once coated.

12-01-2007, 03:08 PM
Wow, that's a lot more detail than I was hoping for. Thanks a million.

Yes, I was planning to use a combination of cocoa powder and 99% chocolate, and then dip in cocoa or hazelnuts or almonds.