View Full Version : Review of www.flavourspraydiet.com

09-15-2005, 04:37 AM

Well I got my package delivered yesterday, I chose flavours cookies+cream and parmasen cheese I decided on those two as in reality they are two very high cal/fat products and couldnt see the sense in paying for mustard and ranch spray when we have very good low cal subsitutes here.

Cookies and Cream isnt as strong as I would like it too be but none the less it's quite tasty on my oats in the morning.

I had some parmasen cheese and on my cauliflower last night, VERY strong and salty...not sure if I would order it again as the smell kinda was a turn off you know how some people that absolutely despise parmesan cheese say the smell of it smells like.... and it makes them want to ....
Well... that about sums up that scent.

Anyhow thats my review anyone else tried them?