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08-30-2005, 09:51 PM
hey all i wanted to post up my nutrition plan that im currently on. first of all i just wanted to tell u abit about me. im 19 from australia and ive been going through hell and still am with stupid eating disorders and other problems that we all face in life. i giv out so much love and support to all those others that hav eating disorders. as much as i love reading all of ure posts its great to hear bout all ure progress and sucess up n downs n wat not but i think u cant hav all ure focus of bodybuilding it will tear u apart mentally and u wil crash and burn like me! and so many other bodybuilders. its like a disease but it grabs u a million times harder and destroys everybit of u. its so bad but im trying to move on but yeh wat im saying is u need to let go abit hav sumthing else in ure life to focus on and im slowly learning that patience is the key! theres so much information bout nutrition fat loss muscle gain wat works best n stuff but its wats best 4 u and my advice is keep it simple and rather than reading heaps of stuf just get out there n do it! ive been into health n fitness my whole life iguess but thats not to say i no everything cos no 1 ever will sum might just b better than others hehe so here is my current eating plan aimed at losing body fat and gaining muscle

19yrs old
85kg or 187 pounds
183cm or 6ft
bout 17% bf calipers r on there way hehe

1. 120g tuna
salad (200-250g)
Banana or apple( zap it with sum splenda and cinamon 4 taste ;) hehe)

2. 120g tuna
salad (200-250g)

3. 120g tuna
salad (200-250)

4. 120g tuna
salad (200-250)

5. after workout usually
200g chicken
4 egg whites
salad (200-250g)

6. before bed
100-120 g tuna

i drink so much water i always hav its just been a habbit over the years . a good 1 to get into i guess lol. bout 6 to 7 litres a day!

2000mg vitiman c
2 calcium tabs
1 multivitman
3-5 cups green tea
antioxidant tab

i do weights 2 days on 1 off with cardio done on the days off weights. i duno i always crash n burn if i do cardio 6 days a week and i just wana hit the weights hard cos i find wen ido cardio on weight days by the time it comes to do weights i cant b bothered wich i dont want! so ill c how it goes it just might take sum extra time to drop fat levels but on the bright side i think i will gain muscle over a period of time wile reducing fat slowly. but yeh i usualy do weights 4 no longer than an hour and structure it that i cause myself as much pain as i can take within the hour get the hell out and eat my next meal wich is high in protein

im trying to keep things simple so i can stick to it as its so important for a person like me with my mind set. i do lack motivation but i no if i can stick to it ill b greatfull for it in the future. but we will c how it goes and ill keep use up to date with my progress and maybe post sum pics :) this program does change abit but its based on the same principles and i hav had sucess in the pass cos i got programs like this written up by a competitive bodybuilder that new his **** hehe so if any1 out there is like me u should giv it a go.....

id love to hear wat u all think

p.s all of u people who r struggling with eating disorders my love goes out to u id love to try n help i no how hard it is! hang in there!

08-31-2005, 09:40 AM
You must LOVE TUNA!

08-31-2005, 04:07 PM
hahah yeh well i dont reali enjoy it but u gota do wat u gota do. just think about how good tuna is 4 u. its basically pure protein with 0 carbs and ure essestial fats so u cant go rong. i try n add low calorie dressings etc but man sum days it just doesnt go down to well LOL