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08-29-2005, 01:22 AM

Just posting some pics of myself to get some opinions...sorry if they arent the best quality, its off my phone.

I was 229 lbs, dropped to 174lbs now....That took about a year and a bit.

Clean diet, working out pretty much every day. Bar a rest day once a week (sometimes two). When I work out, it's non-stop, I don't mess around and talk to people, or read magazines during cardio. I sweat heavily and am spent after each session.

I do HIIT cardio for 24 mins (exhausting!!), a 30 min weights workout (before that I do abs on a swiss ball to recover from the HIIT), then finish off with 16 minute medium intensity cardio.

Since I've lost quite a bit, can u see from the photos, whether I will be able to lose that "I was once fat" look?....Please be honest.

I will still continue to work out, but obviously I don't want to delude myself or anything.

Also, any tips for improving my physique? Bottom half is looking nice due to the cardio, i'm not digging my torso....my arms are okay. Mainly the upper body I'd like to fix.

Thanks for any help you can give!!


08-29-2005, 04:30 AM
I would say start hitting the weights man. You still look young, muscle will be able to tighten up the skin. Your arms look ok, but your chest and abdominal region need's help.

Post your diet

08-29-2005, 05:29 AM
Here's a sample diet from Fitday, one of my average days:

Nutri Grain (BREAKFAST) 1 serving 382cals 1 69 22

Go Natural Organic Fruit/Yoghurt Cluster (SNACK DURING DAY) (3) 1 serving 108cals - 4 16 1

Beef Steak (LUNCH): Fillet, Grilled, lean - 100g 1 serving - 196cals 9 0 30

Rice (LUNCH): White, boiled 50 gram - 50cals - 0 15 0

Go Natural Organic Fruit/Yoghurt Cluster (SNACK PRE WORKOUT) (3) 1 serving 108 cals - 4 16 1

GNC 50 Gram Slam (POST WORKOUT) 1 serving 270cals - 2 12 50

Chicken Baked: Breast Meat (DINNER), no skin, no bones, baked 300 gram -471cals - 15 0 86

Milk (BEFORE BED), NFS 1 cup - 124cals - 5 12 8

Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter (BEFORE BED), Smooth 3 teaspoon - 129 cals 11 3 5

Total Calories 1838 - 51g fat 143g carbs 203 protein

Activities Done Today
Activity Time Spent Cals Burned

Bicycling, stationary, 250 W, very vigorous effort 0:24 mins 327 cals
Bicycling, stationary, 150 W, moderate effort 0:16 mins 114cals

Weight lifting (free weight, nautilus, or universal-type), power lifting or body building, vigorous effort 0:30mins 178cals

Total Calories Burned 618


Replace chicken with tuna on certain days, I interchange, but normally end up getting about 40g protein from that dinner meal at least. I average between 1800-2300 cals a day.

Just by the photos, around what fat percentage would I be, just curious :)

Also, what steps can I take to make my chest/abdominal region better? Am I doing too much cardio? It's 40 mins cardio in total per workout. I do all my weight training to failure, but is the cardio holding me back? I am much more focused in losing the remaining fat.

Should I be eating more? I am experimenting to see if I cut out the second portion of my cardio has any effect (same cals eaten though), I have been stuck on 79kgs (174lbs) for about 2 weeks. However, I found the second medium intensity cardio workout allowed my muscles to rest, and I could go back and lift more weights after that.


08-29-2005, 05:53 AM
bulk until it's not as noticeable. You have two options. Either keep cutting and hope the skin shrinks, or bulk up with muscle and fat and fill it out a little bit better.

08-29-2005, 06:34 AM
No guarantees on the skin shrinking though...

Realistically, are my goals "do-able"....I'm 22 y/o, 5ft 9, 175lbs...Dropped all that weight, but still looking fat. I want to for once in my life have a normal looking chest/midsection hehe, sad hey?

Have I messed myself up bodywise from when I was younger (lack of knowledge), to the point where I probably can't get normal?

08-29-2005, 06:36 AM
what skelooth said, the lower your bf% the faster the skin will shrink (asuming your still young and don't have terrible genetics), or you could just go on a bulk cycle and fill it with muscle.

08-29-2005, 06:44 AM
what skelooth said, the lower your bf% the faster the skin will shrink (asuming your still young and don't have terrible genetics), or you could just go on a bulk cycle and fill it with muscle.


Yeah, there is no guarantees of the skin shrinking man. Make sure you drink tons of water and eat lots of EFAs like fish oil, avocados, walnuts, etc. You can also try rubbing cocoa butter with vitamin e around on your body.

I'm very fortunate that my loose skin is on my ass where no one can see it haha. But it's starting to build up on my belly button like yours.

But personally, if I were you, I'd bulk and not really worry about fat gain. Fill up with some muscles until your skin looks 'normal' again, then cut again. But I've never been in your situation... I know it must be hard and frustrating.

You *could* get surgery but that's like 10,000 to fix all that (You seem to have gyno too).

Just hang in there bro! Pick one of the options and work hard on it! Hold on to hope, because not all hope is lost man! There's still plenty of time left to be a god on the beach :cool:

08-29-2005, 07:06 AM
Haha, I wish my loose skin was on my ass...

Don't think I want surgery, i'm vain....but not that vain :)

Will definitely take your advice, maybe try and bulk a tad more. This scares me though, because I worked so hard to get to the weight I am at now. Water and EFA's are harmless though, I can easily incorporate more of that into my diet, thanks!

Is it gyno? I have naturally big pec muscles, and it seems to be getting better with time. Or do the photos basically show 100% that its gyno? Just curious.

Thanks heaps for your kind words, will always keep at it, don't know if I'll ever be a Beach God, but I hope to just one day be able to go shirtless dammit hehe!

08-29-2005, 07:12 AM
It kinda looks like gyno to me, but it could also just be fat+loose skin. If it's getting better with time then forget I said anything about ;) lol

I know how you feel about bulking. I tried to bulk for a couple of weeks to 'reset my metabolism' and it killed me to be putting weight on. But put it this way, your skin will not only look better with some extra fat in there, but you will build up bigger muscles, and when it comes time to cut, you know how to do it already!

08-29-2005, 07:14 AM
bulk until it's not as noticeable. You have two options. Either keep cutting and hope the skin shrinks, or bulk up with muscle and fat and fill it out a little bit better.

I totally agree with skelooth: grow into your skin! Pack on muscle and fill that stretched skin.

Saeco Pink
08-29-2005, 08:56 AM
Good News: You do not have gyno. You are not screwed. You are young and are still producing plenty of collagen.

Bad News: You lost weight too rapidly. Loose skin is typical. Another likely problem is that rapid weight loss usually triggers the body's survival mechanism into overdrive. You're likely deep in the woods on this one.

Great News: Make muscle to fill in that honestly tiny amount of loose skin and thank your lucky stars you didn't have 300 lbs of fat.

Cut back a little bit on your cardio and eat more protein.

Research all there is to know about collagen and how to stimulate it. You young lucky baxtard.

Read up on starvation response and how to avoid fat gain.

You'll be just fine.

08-29-2005, 10:23 AM
add some weights into your ab routine and switch from working them daily after HIIT to 2-3 times a week. Build some muscle underneath that loose skin and you should see it fill out...I started at the point as you, 225 and im down to 200 about 5'10, 24 years old and i started to notice some loose skin forming about 2 months ago, so i started adding weighted ab excercises and ive seen the loose skin kinda disappear, i also apply cocoa butter and make sure i take my efa's and vitamins daily...

weighted ab excercises:

rope pull downs
declined sittups with weights
swiss ball with weight crunches
and weight side bends

08-29-2005, 10:26 AM
Thanks for any help you can give!!

Great transformation, bro!

But, it is entirely possible that the loose skin will not tighten up and you may have to remove it surgically. Just keep pluggin' along...;)