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08-19-2005, 05:43 AM
I have read Jodi's article on refeed and leptin. Usually, eating clean is no problem on a clean bulking diet. Who needs a cheeseburger when i can have a cup of rice , coupled with steak, ff cheese and eggs?

I weigh 175lbs after bulking and got down to 166lbs now.. in 5 weeks.

However.. after getting to about 11 or 12% bodyfat, i decided it was time to cut. I cut my carbs to about 130 to 180g(more on training days), and have gotten down to about 9% now.. I did a refeed wrongly in my first 2 weeks(i was cheating instead... on burger or pizza once a week). However, during the last 3 weeks, I switched it to a refeed once a week. Lately, i have trouble getting through 6 days before starting a refeed.

On the 3rd of 4th day of the week, i am CRAVING for carbs. I read in a rather ambigous-looking article http://www.theministryoffitness.com...s/article18.htm
that at <10% bf, i should refeed for 3 continous days a week(dieting for 4 days a week). This seems to go against instinct. However, i am beginning to change my mind about this as i am constanly craving for carbs now.. this instant

So, do you all think i should increase my refeed days? Sorry about this long post, and i sincerely hope you all would enlighten me on what to do for the next step.

08-19-2005, 05:57 AM

I'm desperate!