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08-03-2005, 01:41 AM
I am a 25 yr old male..and i would like some advice
i am pretty new to all this stuff so all feed back would be
appreciated also i have been hitten the gym for 2 months now here is my routine does this sound okay?
MONDAY - chest and triceps WEDNESDAY - back and biceps FRIDAY - shoulders and traps,legs 1hour 30 min each workout
and when should i increase going to the gym i would like to go 4 times a week but i want to do it proper
and not to cause any injurys

at the moment my stats are



what weight should i be reaching for?

what calorie intake aday?

at the moment i am taking a weight gain, Reflex Instant Mass
which contains the following i am currently taking 2 of these shakes a day morning 10am and night 7pm,should i increase?

Instant Mass
·Serving Size: 136gm - 20 servings per container
·Energy k Calories 482
·Protein 52 grams
·Carbohydrate 50 grams
·of which sugars 3 grams
·Fat 8.2 grams
·of which saturates 2.6 grams
·poly-unsaturated 3.6 grams
·mono-unsaturated 2 grams
·Fibre 2.2 grams
·Zinc 15mg
·Magnesium 225mg
·Copper 750ug
·Vitamin C 100mg
·Vitamin B6 5.25mg
·Chromium 200ug
·Calcium 301mg
·Sodium 123mg
·Potassium 390mg
·Digezyme 50mg
·Lactospore 50 million spores

through out the week i eat chicken, beef,turkey ,baked potatoes,brown rice, pasta,as much fruit & vegetables as i can manage,
cheese,milk,salmon,tuna,rainbow trout, oats,eggs, 6 litres of water aday.

since the last 3 weeks i have been feeling pretty much run down tired with,in myself this is a mystere to me
any suggestions why i am feeling like this again feedback would be appreciated