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08-01-2005, 05:59 PM
This is the real review because I finally go the manual and was able to put it together.

Pic and can be bought here:

http://img.epinions.com/images/opti/ae/ab/sprtAllExercise_EquipmentUniversal_CS1000_Free_Wei ght___Body_Conditioning_System_With_Upper___Lower_ Pulley___Vkr_Station_752401.jpg

Price: $249

Shipping: $99

From: SportsAuthority.com

How Long to put it together: 6 hours.

Missing Parts?: Came w/out manual (the manufacturer, universal, UPS overnighted me the manual w/out much hassle), missing chain for lat bar, missing two screws, nothing too serious.

Why did I choose this?: Best bang for the buck, For $350 shipped, I recieved a lat bar, seated rows, bench press w spotter capabilities, squat wrack with spotter capabilities, and dip station. Other racks were upwards of $800 for all of this.

My opinion on the shipping service?: The oversized freight delivery was on point, complete online tracking with online chat specialist person if you have questions about your order. They said 4 - 7 business days to leave the warehouse, it left in 2. They said 7 - 14 business days for delivery, it arrived in 2 after leaving the warehouse. Very fast service. The trucker offered to help me bring it inside even tho not required by his job.

Now, my opinion on the system itself: I am a newbie.. well not really, but a newbie in terms of having been off from lifting for like 3 years. Anyway, I did not choose powertech or any of those other ones because of the price issue. My only concern was that this rack better be sturdy and able to handle the weight. Personally, I know I cannot lift crazy amounts of weight, therefore, I knew I did not have to go crazy worrying about a rack that could support all of the weight that I needed.

That being said, I am very very pleased at how sturdy the rack is. Does nto rattle, shake, or bend. Also, you can do pullups on the top bar. Anyway, the pully system is a bit weak but that was expected. Also, the spotter system seems to be a bit week, even though they are adjustable, it seems that it may move. The frame is steel and comes with a lifetime warranty.

What else... its a bit of a pain to put the damn thing together, especially the pully part. Make sure you have two good wrenches because that is esentially all you will need to put it together. Also be advised that it does not come with the bench portion in the pic (I already knew this when buying), but just make sure you know that. I have an old one that I use w/ it.

I wanted to write this thread because of all the other ones, especially that golds gym wal-mart system, this is a good alternative in my opinion. I by far am an expert, and if i was capable of benching 250+ pounds, I maybe would review diff, but I can't so this is it.

Hope this helps anyone.

08-01-2005, 06:07 PM
Looks decent for the price, nice review.