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12-17-2001, 07:26 PM
can anyone give me some insight into rice or noodles soup because I am trying to go on a low carb diet but it seems all my family cooks for me is rice and I usually eat one aveage size meal a day usually at the end of the day, by the time I eat I have already worked out and I am usually extremely hungry.

12-17-2001, 09:58 PM

12-20-2001, 12:03 AM
If you're on keto (the "low carb" diet you were referring to) then tell your mom not to cook so much rice/noodles and add more meat, chicken or fish to the dining table.

You chinese? It's not often then western families eat rice and such.

12-20-2001, 10:11 AM
I have rice every night (we're chinese) but I don't always eat it if we end up eating late. Try only eating half a bowl and fill up on chicken, beef or fish instead. My Mom is trying to lose weight too, but she won't eat rice at all at dinner. Eat carbs earlier in the day, and try not to eat them late at night (after 6pm) becuase your body is more likely to store those carbs as fat.

12-20-2001, 04:39 PM
I eat rice or noodle sometime during the day mostly between 11;00-4;00 this is normally my biggest meal throuhout the day, occassionally I may eat one or two smaller meals when I say smaller I mean more like a snack type of meal.
so you being asian you know that mostly our meals are rice or noodle!
So if I eat rice and noodle can I still lose the fat?
I heard that Pho was low in carb so I thought about trying this for awhile but as you know you cant eat this everyday because restaurants can get expensive.

I also heard that if you eating noodle you can wash the starch out by placing the noodle in a bowl and emptying the water by doing this a few times you are washing the starch from the noodle, and if eating rice steaming the rice.

12-20-2001, 09:52 PM
LOL I'm a chinese too. As you can see here it's just pretty hard for us to adjust our diet! Noodles, rice, noodles, rice. Worse, I'm living in Malaysia, where almost none of the restaurants/hawker stalls cater healthy food. Too bad. Gotta face rice everyday night.

And, know what? Drinking soup while you eat (dunno how's there in your country, but we do so here) is pretty bad. I once read an article saying that we shouldn't drink while and immediately after eating. Coz it will dillute our digestion enzymes.

Yeah, in a Men's Health issue, it says: eat two apples a day coz the fiber in the apples promotes weight loss by helping to block the body's digestion of fat and protein.

Well, I'm just 16 actually. But been pretty conscious about health lately. See ya!

12-21-2001, 09:43 AM
So is it really all that bad I have a friend of mine who recently got out of prison andd man is he cut. He tells me that it all depends on the type of workout that you are doing so if you are trying to lodse weight to do at lease 30 minutes a day of cardio and then hit the weights or dip bars or pushups whatever the case may be.
He also says that in prison besides the three meals that the prison gives every inmate some inmates eats spreads which are usually nooodles and rice with mayo and whatever you can find to put into the meal. So tell me if they were able to lose their weighyt using this program why is alittle rice or noodle so bad?

Please help because all I get around my house is either rice or noodle?
It is so hard for me or my family to get any special type of food that is low in carbs?
So what can I do?

12-24-2001, 02:36 PM
So can someone help me if I am trying to lose the weight around my stomach and my family only feeds me rice or noodle soup and it is my understanding both of these are high in carbs?
I either eat a bowl of rice(avg. size bowl) or noodle soup in the early afternoon and then maybe a smaller meal in the late evening topped with a glass of soda.
How can I cut up with the foods that I am being fed?
Basically, if I dont eat the rice or noodle that I am being fed I DONT EAT.

01-13-2002, 07:59 AM
try laying off white rice and eat brown..it might take longer to cook and taste a little diffrent but its worth it

01-15-2002, 01:37 PM
Rice is full of carbs and so are noodles, you need to eat things like cheese, meat, try to limit your carbs to 20g per day, and Soda is the worst for you on this diet you get about 40-50 carbs per can of that stuff, try water.

01-16-2002, 08:47 AM
Don't forget to eat your protein. You should be getting at least 1g protein per pound of bodyweight every day. So your meals consist of only rice or noodles and no meat? All a high-carb, low-protein diet will do is make you lose muscle and gain fat. If your mom doesn't cook meat, buy protein powder or something so that you get your protein in. If you get enough protein, limit the amount of rice and noodles you eat, and do lots of cardio, you can still lose weight without too much muscle loss.

01-17-2002, 09:21 AM
Do more cardio man and eat like you normally do. Sure all this low carb stuff works, but it's not the way to live for a lot of people including myself. Increase your exercise instead of dropping your carbs. Do cardio every morning for 45-60 minutes. You should be breathing hard during your cardio and really working, not taking it easy. Keep lifting weights and increasing your strength also. After I lift I usually swim also, which is another cardio workout. This keeps me pretty lean and I eat pretty much whatever I want. Just make sure you get enough protein. You dont' have to go low carb to lose fat. I think some people on this board might have gotten that impression from all the keto/low carb talk.

09-29-2010, 03:43 AM
shouldnt eat noodles or rice or pasta ,, eat vegetables.. cooked in owen ..thats low carbs.

09-29-2010, 04:36 AM
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