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Bomb Squizzle
07-06-2005, 07:43 PM
Hey everyone, just wanted to share with you my recent experiences over the past month or so, lol. Used to be a very "good" bodybuilder making sure to eat 6 meals a day, high protein and generally nutritional. I also used to eat something RIGHT before bed i.e. peanut butter, glass or two of milk, protein shake, or even turkey cold cuts. Then i guess my stomach couldnt take the abuse anymore or something, haha. Memorial day weekend, i spent the entire night awake thinking i was gonna throw up, but the "stuff" only made it up as far as the top of my throat. So i'm thinking to myself, prolly just heartburn, took some rolaids and tried to fall back asleep. No go, needless to say, haha. Kept waking up to the feeling like my chest was on fire and my insides were about to explode. Uggh, it sucked anyway long story short, every night for a week was like this, couldn't barely eat anything, milk and anything high protein made things really bad. Couldn't lift cause it felt like i was full all the time, like REALLY full, about to explode. Then i went off to the doctor, cause of course i was completely freaked out, i mean i had lost 10 lbs in one week! I was stuck just eating bread, crackers, ginger ale, and water...what a lifestyle, lol. Anyway, the doc said i have "classic reflux" or acid reflux disease. Caused probably by my bad eating habits (eat larger amounts and eating right before bed). Put me on prilosec about a month ago and i'm back to eating "normally" again, just now i usually give myself an hour or so from when i eat something last till when i go to bed. The prilosec works well, just took a while to get going (like 2 - 3 weeks). The reflux is pretty much under control, no spicy foods or anything acidic and i'm going to the "gastroenterologist" this thursday. I'm expecting to get an appointment in the future where they stick a little camera down your throat and look around your stomach to make sure it's healed or something (called an endoscopy). Just giving y'all a good heads up about eating late at night..