View Full Version : Anyone wanna make a guess at how many calories this is ?

06-18-2005, 05:33 AM
This is pretty much what i've been eating every day for the past 8 weeks and i've put on 4 Kgs of weight with noticable gains. I supplement with fish oil, flax seed oil, creatine, whey and a multi v.

I'm 23 and i weigh 198lbs atm. I'm not sure how many calories it is and fitday doesn't seem to have alot of the food listed that i eat due to it being american and what not.

Meal 1 (Breakfast)

2 Slices Rye Toast
1 Tablespoon Natural Peanut Butter
6 Egg Whites
2 Tablespoons Flax Seed Oil

Protein Shake which includes
50g Protein
500ml Milk
1 Tablespoon Natural Peanut Butter
1 Banana
1 Cup Oats

Meal 2 (pre work out)

2 Slices Rye Bread
100g Tuna
Misc Leafy Veggies out the garden

Meal 3 (post work out)

Protein Shake which includes
75g Protein
500ml Water
1 Tablespoon Natural Peanut Butter
1 Banana
1 Cup Oats

Meal 4 (Lunch)

350-500g Chicken Breast
1/4 Cup Rice
Lightly steamed Veggies (broccoli, carrot, whatever i fancy)

Meal 5

6 Egg Whites

Meal 6 (Dinner)

350-500g Chicken Breast/Steak
Lightly Steamed Veggies

Meal 7 (Before Bed)

125g Low Fat Cottage Cheese
2 Tablespoons Flaxseed oil
Nuts - (i throw in almond, pumpkin, sesame, mixture really)

06-18-2005, 05:38 AM
You can try using calorieking.com to get the nutrional info of your food.