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08-10-2002, 06:59 PM
Hey guys...Some info about me 1st off;
I'm 16 and going to be a Junior this year, I've always had the talent and skill, but lacked size. I'm only 5'7 and looking to start point gaurd this season for basketball. I got into weight lifting when I finally got a membership to Bally's Fitness. I've been lifting for 4-5 weeks and have noticed some changes, but nothing significant I guess. I finally got myself into a (sorta) program, which goes; Chest/Triceps - Biceps/Back - Then Legs/Abs. Each on consecutive days. I've been shy from doing the bench press because I feel weird to ask people to spot me. Today was the first day I actually did it on my own and it didn't feel right at all. I can only bench like 80 lbs at max, laugh what you want, but I do not have a strong physique. If there is one strong point to my body it is my legs, I am very fast and have good 'ups'...About a 27 inch vertical running when I get my blood going in a game. I was on a pylometric program for about 3-4 weeks (airalert.com)

I just started taking creatine, 2nd day will be tomorrow, I'm using Creatine Monohyrdrate (pretty sure) and I'm doing the loading phase currently. I also take a Multi-Vitamin everyday.

My questions;
1) What is the best kind of program I could do to improve my phsyique for basketball(I weigh 145 LBS btw)...(Also explain the exercises that use free weights since I'm a newbie)
2) What kind of affects will Creatine have on my body...
3) How can I greatly improve my Cardio while I'm strength training...
4) Any people out there like me (great talent, but small)
5) Is it okay to lift during a season?
6) I have a little guy and I want to tone my stomach.
7) I'm looking to change my life, I look up to you guys now and If you could include your newbie stories that would be fine.

08-12-2002, 12:58 PM
Best program for adding mass or basketball specific?
If your just looking for mass do a bodybuilding type routine if your looking to increase vertical, sprint, jumping power then do olympic lifts. If your skinny it seems to me like you should already have a toned stomach?? Well you can do weighted ab crunches, roman chair situps etc.

08-13-2002, 10:29 PM
I'm 5'5 so im also always looking for ways to get the edge on the competition. Creatine is great in the offseason but it makes me feel more winded running up and down the court. For stamina just run alot.