View Full Version : Need a training program + Diet for my GF

05-06-2005, 01:47 AM

My girlfriend is 5,6 height, she was always around 140 lbs with a low bf but when she stopped smoking, her weight jumped to 167 lbs in a small amount of time

She now have some strech mark du to that weight she gained so fast

Now her weigth is 150 lbs but the bad thing is she have beggining to smoke again :( that probably why she have loss 15 pounds, She want to stop smoking but have fear that she be around 167 lbs if she stop

So basically, She need to lower is bf and loss around 10 at 12 pounds what will you suggest for training and diet and for the strech marks

btw when the training will begin, she will stop the smoking

Thanks for any Help


*** sorry for my bad english :)