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09-18-2007, 10:08 PM
Hi, long time reader, first time poster... Thought I would throw a log out there of my cycle...

Supplements include;

- ErgoPharm 11-OXO 3/day MORNING/NOON/NIGHT
- S.A.N. Thyro-Cuts II 3/day MORNING/NOON/NIGHT
- S.A.N. Tight! Hardcore 4/day MORNING/NOON
- Syntrax Guggulbolic Extreme 3/day MORNING/NOON/NIGHT
- Syntrax Beta3 3/day MORNING/NOON/NIGHT
- Higher Power Chromium Picolinate 1/day (200mg) MORNING

These result in daily values of;

- Adrenosterone 225mg
- 3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine 300mg
- (4-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)butan-2-One) (99%),(1, 2, 4, 11, 12, 15, 16-Septahydro-10, 13-Dimethyl-3, 17-Dimethoxycarboxy- Cyclopenta[A]phenanthrene-7-One), Tyramine (96%), Hordenine (98%), Evodiamine (98%), Forslean? (96% Forskolin), Synephrine (98%) 778mg
- Caffeine 400mg
- Octopalean HCL 1500mg
- Pure E & Z Guggulsterones 90mg
- Guggul Resin Extract 1500mg
(Also some more caffeine, glucoronolactone, 3-GPA, etc from S.A.N Fierce)
(Would have loved to also add Yohimbine HCl but not available in my country)

Other Supplements include;

- S.A.N. Fierce 17g/day PREWORKOUT (CEE, CM, AAKG, etc.)
- Multi 1/day MORNING
- Dymatize ISO-100 90g/day MORNING(w/water)/NOON(w/water)/NIGHT(w/milk)
- Creatine Monohydrate

Current composition;
Male, 28, 91kg/200lbs, approx 15% bodyfat

Goal composition;
82kg/180lbs, approx 5% bodyfat (OK so I am a man with too high a expectation but will give it a shot!)

Training methodology;
BOMPA - Usual exercises of 30 reps/3sets@40%1RM (3-4 days/week)
30 mins cardio (treadmill/spinbike) - off days

AGAIN BOMPA - High Protein/Moderate Carb/Low Fat (<10g day)... Will post more on this later...

Am currently 2 days in (sorry for the late start on the log!) and from what I can tell, atleast some of these supplements work pretty darn well...

Lifts have not been affected and since I am pretty used to caffeine, the high amounts have not affected me too badly...

Currently down 1kg (2.2lbs) only 2 days in, but of course this could just be from transient shifting of water etc... but yeah so far so good... If anyone is interested I will keep them up to date...

09-19-2007, 08:11 PM
Had a good session yesterday afternoon....

Workout consisted of;

- 30 Reps/3 Sets Wide-Grip Decline Bench Press (50kg/110lbs)
- 30 Reps/3 Sets Preacher Flatbar Curls (30kg/66lbs)
- 30 Reps/3 Sets Narrow Grip Lat Pull-down (50kg/110lbs)
- 30 Reps/3 Sets Wide-Grip Seated Row (40kg/88lbs)
- 30 Reps/3 Sets Wide-Grip Military Press (25kg/55lbs)
- 30 Reps/3 Sets Flat Bench Dumbell Flys (15kg/33lbs)
- 30 Reps/3 Sets Tricep Extensions (30kg/66lbs)
- 50 Reps/3 Sets Sit-ups
- 25 Reps/3 Sets Push-ups

As far as supplementation goes;

Thermogenic *** (3/5) - Bit warm, not too much sweat unless training
Apetite Suppression ** (1/5) - Kinda hunrgy all the time but again controlable
Circulatory/CNS effects **** (4/5) - Feeling of high blood pressure but aspirin should fix

Am going to add some "duentric coated" aspirin (Cartia) to my regieme as I can just get a sense of pressure on the blood vessel in the eyes, brain, etc from all the caffeine... Don't want to have a CVA or Coronary episode etc...

Will be doing 30 minutes treadmill this afternoon... Will wait a couple of days before checking weight, etc..

btw I didn't say before but I'm 173cm (5'8") tall...

Feel free to comment

09-27-2007, 03:00 AM
OK an update (sorry it took so long, computer has been down!)

Have been running a regeime of EOD reistance training; (comprised of exercises much like ones above) Deads, BO Uprgt Rows, Prchr Curls, Mltry Prs, Chins, etc, etc..)

On off days, Cardio for 30mins on treadmill....

OK to progress;
-These supplements are ****te hot hey... Weight has really only gone down about 2 kg (roughly 5lbs) overall... Now that doesn't sound like much in 11 days but the thing that is most impressive the actual FAT loss

Body fat is down about 3-4% in 11 days whilst rather than actually losing weight & strength on a cutting cycle (which has always been my personal experience!), I have maintained strength and definatively increased in fat-free mass (FFM)

11-oxo is A MUST for anyone who wants to maintain FFM during a cutting cycle and I will definately include it in any future bulking cycle...

Honestly so far so good for 11 days.... Am looking forward to seeing what results will be after a month...

Just a question if anyone in the know reads this, does anyone know what a good, safe, dose would be for 3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine (T2)??? (Just I am thinking about up'ing the dose progressively over the cycle)

At the start there was a noticable increase in heat production and I was wondering how much more T2 could be taken to try and decouple this oxidative phosphorylation further.... At a last result I have some 2,4-DNP but I am not sure I really want to decrease efficiency in the electron transport chain that much (Not sure I want to go this hardcore just yet lol)


09-28-2007, 04:20 AM
Completed a 1/2 resitance training & 1/2 cardio session today;

Exercises consisted of Dead Lifts; Squats; Military Press; Upright Rows, Lateral Shoulder Raises & 30 minutes treadmill

All is good, weight is going up though whilst cutting but there is still an obvious and noticable decrease in body fat... The mechanisms for this I am unsure of but I am sure of one thing... FFM up and body fat down... So far so good...

Upped the T2 to 5 tabs a day and am going to go for 6/day... Was a noticable increase in body temperature throughout the day, I would assume due to this fact...

10-01-2007, 04:05 PM
Progress is still good....

Had to stop taking the supps on Day 14 as I pulled an intercostal muscle (rib muscle) and it was hard to even breath let alone train that day... Took a really strong NSAID (indomethacin) to ease the pain of breathing and so supplementation was stopped that day as it may have been counterproductive to recouperation...

Day 15 & 16 though I had recovered supplementation was restarted and worked out both days; Exercises included Bench Press; Seated Row; Tricep Extension; Preacher Curls; Flys; Lat Pulldown; Upright Rows; Military Press; Squats, Dead Lifts and Sit-ups/Gut Busters

At this point there has been about a 5% loss of strength over the majors but that is to be expected with the changes in training methodology and the lack of fat in the diet...

Added some 2g ALA, LA, OA (3,6,9) blend into the mix also

Weight is also still around the same although in caloric defeceit.. This is concerning BUT with that being said, I think most of the weight is coming from my legs from doing more cardio and leg exercises than I used to because the upper body tone is very noticably improved in definition and actual fat loss is obvious....

At this point my fav supps out of this would be 11-oxo, Tight! Hardcore & Thyrocuts... You could probably do without the octopamine HCl (beta 3) & EZ Gulg and it wouldn't make much difference...

On another note though I wouldn't do without SAN fierce (Pre) & Dymatize ISO-100(Post) cause these two supplements ROCK... Fierce is just an excellent pre-workout matrix, OK it doesn't give the "puffy" feeling I have felt with some others like ****'s WTF Pump'd but the Neurological Boost that Fierce gives is second to none... Sometime you are 9-10 exercises into a workout and you still feel great, a phenomenon that is new to me....

IMHO the best cutting cycle (if you could get all these products which I can't!, no yohimbine HCl in oz!) would consist of MD6/T2/11-oxo/stanozolol/oxandrolone (4 weeks) (+clenbuterol for last 14 days) followed by 6-oxo for PCT

I can always dream! but yeah with my current cycle, everything is going along really well for what it is... Probably a touch better than a straight ECA stack IMHO...

btw... This is a totally unsponsored log

10-07-2007, 02:52 AM
All is going great, bitch tits & handles are competely gone... V shape is starting to appear from the front now...

Weight is about the same as the very start of the cycle...

BodyFat -5%
LeanMass +5%

I am attributing all the lean muscle mass gains to the 3,5-T2 which increases growth hormone by upto 500%!!!! 11-oxo probably helps alot too...

The workout regeime has been solid... worked out all days (splits)... Lots of deads, military, squats, decline bench, flys, etc etc

I found out the 3,5-T2 does suppress TSH almost as much as T3 though which is a bummer, so I have decided to add epistane at the end of week 4 and run till week 10 and taper off the 3,5-T2 after about week 6...

Would highly recommend this cycle though....

10-07-2007, 12:17 PM
Thanks for the update, I was thinking of using 11-oxo because I have heard great things about it, but the people I know who use it are bulking, not cutting. I certainly hope you post before and after pics. It should be something to see.

10-07-2007, 02:00 PM
Unfort I didn't take before photos... I know I know, I am a wanker... BUT I will take some now photos and some end photos at post them... cutting is going to go for 10-12 weeks so still 9 weeks out....

I would definately use 11-oxo for bulking cycle aswell as cutting (I will be using for bulking next time)... It really is a great supplement in it's own right that doesn't seem to interect with any other supplement you take...

10-14-2007, 12:23 AM
Ok so 1 day shy of 4 weeks... The body recomposition is really coming along... I probably underestimated how much bf% i was carrying, more like 18-20% and now i am prbably down to like 11-12%.. I have lost about 5-6kg (11-13 lbs) in 4 weeks... This is all without losing really any strength at all... Would highly recommend this cycle to those who are hard conditioners