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09-18-2007, 03:42 AM
well i am on a plan to lose 15 - 20 more pounds i want to be around 140 - 143 and around 13 percent Bf and start bulking
i Am currently about 160 pounds 18.2 BF i will mostly be doing cardio as a result i am a soccer player and i am in highschool and wont be having time to hit up the gym but here is my plan i want to consume low calories and a decent amount of protein

Workout Schudule
Monday : 2 Mile Jog in the Mourning Afternoon Soccer Practice
Tuesday : Soccor Practice in Afternoon World Gym at Night ( Working Arms and Chest )
Wedesday :2.5 Mile jog in the Mourning Afternoon Soccer Practice
Thrusday : Soccer Practice in Afternoon Night. World Gym ( Chest Stomach )
Friday : Soccer Practice in afternoon . World Gym at Night ( Strictly Arms )
Saturday ( Chest and Leg )
Sunday ( Off Day )

My Diet

Mourning after Jog : 2 boiled Eggs a Piece of Toast and a Gnorlla Bar
Lunch : 1 Piece of Chicken Breast . A Salad . Grnolla Bar . Yogurt
Dinner ( On stright Cardio Days ) 2 Grnolla Bars and A Bottle of Slim Fast
Dinner ( On Gym Days ) Whey Protein, Chicken Breast, and a Grnolla Bar

i think my plan is fairly well if u have anything to say comments or help that would be thankful.

Ps : Sorry if i made in rude or vulgar comments to anyone in the past considering it wasnt me in reality it was my friend who loggged onto my account LiLpops34 or something like that is his account and made stupid comments suchs as " i would rub u down in cream " but yea i had to change my password i had no idea he would do something as stupid as that when i had him create me an account.

But anywho thx u

09-19-2007, 05:14 PM
so far so good