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The Director
09-17-2007, 05:24 PM
Loose 2 Pounds A Week For 9 Weeks, then hop on the Velocity Diet.

Gained some extra weight from the buffet season, but gotta lean down. Sitting at 215 Going to try to get down to 180 By December 24th.

How (Diet):

Workout Days 200g Protein, 110g Carbs, 25g Fat (1510 Calories)
Non-Workout Days 200g Protein, 30g Carbs, 65g Fat (1510 Calories)

Workout Day
59g Oatmeal
140G Cottage Cheese.

60g Oatmeal
55g Mint Whey

50g Whey

280G Cup Cottage Cheese, 5g Fish Oil

400G Cottage Cheese, 5g Fish Oil

Non-Workout Day
5oz Egg Starts
2.5 Oz Chicken Breast
15g Olive Oil

5oz Egg Starts
1.5 Oz Chicken Breast
15g Olive Oil

4oz Chicken
15g Olive Oil

360g Cottage Cheese
10g Fish Oil

360g Cottage Cheese
15g Fish oil

Every Saturday, Last workout day is my refeed day. I intake 3540 Calories: 200g Protein, 650g Carbs.

Workout - Heavy Sets.
Monday - Chest (4 Exercises. 3x8) + Calves
Tuesday - Back (4 Exercises. 3x8) + Forearms
Wednesday - Legs (5 Exercises 3x10) + Calves
Thursday - Off
Friday - Shoulders (4 Exercises. 3x8) + Forearms
Saturday - Arms (6 Exercises 3x8) + Calves
Sunday - Off

Cardio= 30 Minutes in the evening. 5 Min Warm up, 20 minute 15% incline fast walk, 5 Min cool down.

R-ALA (Second Meal)
Fish Oil

Pictures will be posted tomorrow morning. When the bloating goes down from last night. As you may have noticed, CC is my main food, because I have read experiments where Casein has far out done Whey in hypocaloric situations, I think the CC will do a good job holding onto my muscle mass.