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09-11-2007, 06:08 PM
well fellas im back, if you remember my old journal i was having a VERY hard time trying to lose weight. I was in fact STUCK. I could not drop a LB, it was very discouraging. So I tried new things, and hell I even tried the cut diet(which worked phriggin awsome) and i dropped 5 lbs in about 4 weeks. Im back at school now so refeeding is a bit of a PITA. so I decided to do my revised lifestyle type cut diet which im hoping will do well. I have learned a tremendous amount of imformation about my body the from thepast 3 years of serious lifting and dieting and I have a ways to learn. I feel a little ashamed at myself for "giving up" with my last journal. So this time, whether i hit a plataue or not. I promise you guys that I will STILL BE HERE NO MATTER WHAT. IM NOT GIVING UP and I WILL HIT my goal of 100 lbs total loss (which is 7 lbs away). Also, Since I am in college I do not have time to be doing 40 mins cardio. To me I think it is rediculous( the cardio room at my school is on the complete other side of campus which is a huge PITA). Weight training is what burns fat and builds muscle. Yes cardio can assist but Im sick and tired of doing it. I would rather preserve every amount of LBM I have without even risking it with LIC or HIIT etc. So, Im am going to lose the next 7 lbs WITHOUT ANY CARDIO. I live on Campus and workout ON CAMPUS so my gym is a 10 min walk there and a 10 min walk back, which gives me a good warm-up and circulates my blood plenty on the walk back. Many of you might be wondering how im going to push myself into a caloric deficit. I have found that one should not pay to much attention to maintanence. After a lengthy period of time, your body ADAPTS to what you have been eating, so no matter what, if your eating 2800 calories and thats 500 below your maintenance level and your still not losing (like I was) then you must dip lower. So my advice would be to decrease calls until you begin to see a 1-2 lb dip in the scale. Last week I consumed 2400 cals per day and lost .8 of a lb (went from 235.4 to 234.6). I was performing 35-40 mins LIC which was netting me around 400-500 cals. So I am cutting my cals down to 2100 with no cardio. Trust me when i tell you that if I notice the SLIGHTEST drop in LBM i will up my cals. But bieng an endomorph i feel i shouldnt have that much of a problem. I have also found that my arms respond very well having there own day, but my legs respond better having my hamstrings and quads split apart. I will be working out 5 days a week(I will show the split down at the bottom). As I hit a plataue or if I don't begin to lose weight I will decrease cals from my 2 off days. and MAYBE add in a cardio session or 2 on the weekends but im not a fan. I wanna prove a point here.(even tho its heart healthy to do cardio). here is my diet for the next few weeks and workout routine.

The Diet
Meal 1
3/4 cup oats
50 grams of whey
2 tbsp PB

9 egg whites
1 whole egg
20 grams whey
3/4 cup oats
12 almonds

Meal 2 (pre wo)
1 cup of vegetables
6.5 oz grapefruit
7 oz lean meat
12 almonds

meal 3 (post wo)
3/4 cup oats
50g whey
2 tbsp PB (32 g)

meal 4
1 cup veggies
7oz lean meat
12 almonds

meal 5
same as meal 4

many of you might not be a fan of the fat surrounding the workout. I have found that the whole absorption thing is COMPLETE BS (flame on but it has worked for me, the fat controls the insuline spike)

meals will be eating every 3-4 hours
total cals = 2120
total protein = 245g
total fat = 60g
total carb = 150g

seasonings will include
franks red hot
1 carb ketchup(in the mourning on my eggs)
walden farms
ls soy sauce

The workout
Monday - Chest
Tuesday - Quads/Calves/Abs
Wednsday - OFF
Thursday - Back/Hamstrings
Friday - Bi's/Tri's/Abs
Saturday - Shoulders/calves
Sunday - OFF

well theres the split. weight training will be 45- 60 mins per day and rest periods will be between 45-60 seconds. rep ranges will be between 6-10. If I am going home on the weekend from school which happens about twice a month i will workout straight through the week mon-fri and take the weekends off. if not it will look like it does above.

Hey if you guys have any tips feel free to add. Lets GET THIS CRAP STARTEd SO I CAN LEAN BULK ALREADY!

09-12-2007, 12:47 PM
todays workout
bent over rows 135x6 175x6 185x6 185x6 195x4
one arm dumbell rows 70x6 80x6 90x6 100x6
t-bar rows 1 platex6 2x6 3x6 4x6
dumbbell shrugs 35x10 40x10 45x10 50x10 50x10
over the head pulldowns 30x10 40x10 50x10
wide grip pulldowns 100x10 120x10 140x10 120x10 100x12

no cardio

09-12-2007, 03:11 PM
Welcome back my friend. Glad to see you have found a renewed passion for losing fat.

09-15-2007, 02:05 PM
Welcome back my friend. Glad to see you have found a renewed passion for losing fat.

hey man the gym will always be there. its up to you if you wanna get in there.

anyways, havent posted in 2 days cause i had a HUGE chem 3 test and finally im home for the weekend on thursday i did arms which was a great workout and then i had shoulders yesterday. I cannot wait to hit the gym next week. im taking the weekend off and again next week will be mon-friday straight through cause ill be comming home for the greek festival

09-16-2007, 07:13 AM
good to see you back, and good luck!

09-16-2007, 10:02 PM

i know its late sunday night BUT i figuered i would stop in and write down the routing ive got going on for this weeks mon-friday. I had a nice little
splurge" on some trail mix, nothing huge just a 2 bowls to munch on while watching the chargers pats game. so tommorow i will be starting right back up and I know ill be splurgin next week cause its the greek festival so i have to stay consistant. I will be weighing myself friday mourning, to see whats up. I would normall UP cardio from splurging this upcomming week and a little bit tonight but im not doing ANY cardio. Im heading back to campus in the mourning and ill be bringing my jump rope with me so i can get maybe 20 mins in if need be. heres the workouts for the rest of the week.

monday: chest/abs
5 sets incline
5 sets flat bench
3 sets butterflies
3 sets pushups(till failure)
then some ab work

Tuesday: Quads/Calves
5 sets front squats
3 sets hack squats
3 sets barbell lunges
3 sets leg extensions
4 sets standing calf raises
3 sets seated calf raises

wednsday: Back/Hamstrings
5 sets Deadlifts
3 sets bentover rows
3 sets one arm dumbell rows
3 sets t-bar rows
3 sets pull ups(till failure)
4 sets Stiff Legged Dumbell Deadlifts
3 sets lying leg curls
reps 6-10

Thursday: Arms/Abs
5 sets standing Barbell Curls
4 sets preacher curls
3 sets seated Hammer curls
3 sets overhead extensions
5 sets close grip bench/dips(supersetted)
reps 6-10

Friday : shoulders/traps/calves
5 sets behind the neck smith machine press
3 sets seated front raises
3 sets lateral raises
3 sets upright rows
3 sets standing calf raises
4 sets seated calf raises

saturday off sunday off

09-18-2007, 05:35 PM
just got back from my leg workout and WOW they were burning up good. felt good to hit the quads by themselves for a change. it was a nice short workout 45 mins. Got a great sweat going. Its much harder to increase your rep range when you were doing 4-6 and switch it up to 6-10 lol. can't wait for tommorow tho. DEADLIFTS. Es me favorito! haha and t-bar rowas ftmfw. I can't wait to weigh myself friday.