View Full Version : Losing Fat & Building Mass ... *reps for any help*

09-08-2007, 04:02 PM
I decided to make a journal in this section so I can get critiques everyday ... and so I will know how much I am eating...

Here's what I am eating tomorrow

meal one
1 1/2 cup organic cereal + 1 cup skim milk
300 calories

meal two
can of salmon
280 calories

meal three
low carb protein bar with only 2 g sugar
170 calories

meal four
whey w/ water
122 calories

meal five
1/3 avocado + tomato + cucumber + 7 chicken strips and raspberry vinegarette
260 calories

meal six(pre bed)
10 almonds + 1/2 cup cottage cheese
180 calories

TOTAL: 1,312 calories consumed

Protein: 137 g protein consumed


5-10 min, warm up cardio
45 min, weightlifting
20 min hiit cardio

09-08-2007, 04:10 PM
And I need some guys critiques ... Cause I want a physique with serious definition. None of this just toned bullcrap lol ... I wanna see veins, Here are photos of the type of body I am working towards.

I wanna see the little crease on my lower stomach and the striations and my forearms veins. I want it all popping out ... so will my diet help with that?