View Full Version : Effects of creatine after cutting for long time

09-02-2007, 09:02 AM
hey ive just finished cutting after about 2-3 years worth and started raising my calories the last 2 weeks to get a little bit above maitnence. i was eating 2500 - 2700 a day(my expenditure i think is 3000+. I workout almost 13-15 hours a week.) and i started taking creatine. well in 2 weeks ive gaind 10 pounds and not an inch on my waiste. i know most will say its water weight but i was already drinking a gallon a day when cutting so is the creatine causing the weight gain? below is pics of me at the end of cut till now.

End of cut


i dunno why but it looks like my stomach is more defined then the first one does this mean my abs may be increasing in size a tiny bit? or does this mean im still loosing weight (even though im 10 lbs heavier?)