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08-31-2007, 04:56 PM
I wasn't getting much use in the workout log section, probably because my goal is more geared toward fat loss. So I've decided to start my log here, especially since I'm switching up the diet to gear towards fat loss.


I began lifting back in high school for football. I was an offensive and defensive lineman for football so my weight typically tipped the scales around 240, and than I'd drop the weight immediatly after to around 220 for basketball season to play Power Forward. My lifting seemed to cease during basketball season and would pick up again during baseball season to increase my power hitting and my pitching. After high school, I fasted my way down to 180 pounds, moved home, gained the weight back up to 210, and began to lift and do cardio religously without eating healthy. I dropped the weight fast because I wasn't eating well and you could tell. I was deathly looking in the face. I gained the weight back, and have steadily decreased it through correct dieting and weight lifting/cardiovascular activity. I'm currently sitting right around 200 pounds and roughly 16% body fat. I'll move my pics over to this log so all can see.


My goal is to reach the 10-11% BF range so that my abs will show through before I begin to bulk over the long winter, and than cut back down for summer. This is going to be an on going process, but by next March/April I want to be roughly 200 pounds at 8% BF.


Meal One
6 Egg Whites
3 Slices Fat Free Chaddar Cheese
3 Fish Oil Caps

Meal Two
3 oz. Salmon
1.75 Cups Green Beans

Meal Three
3 oz. Chicken
1.75 Cups Green Beans

1 Scoops Whey Protein
3 Fish Oil Caps

Post Workout
2 Scoops Whey Protein
3 Rice Cakes

Meal Four
1 Cup 1% Cottage Cheese
1 oz Almonds

Workout Plan

I'll be using the Optimized Volume Training method. I've tweaked it a bit with my expirience and body type, I know the volume I can handle so I added some additional lifts in certain areas. Also, I'll be hitting each body part twice a week. My body tends to heal quickly. Mondays will always be my day off, and the split will go as follows:

Day 1: Chest
Day 2: Back
Day 3: Shoulder
Day 4: Legs (Morning) / Arms (Evening)
Repeat With Mondays off.

Hopefully all goes well! Any comments, please post!

09-01-2007, 12:01 PM
A plan is the most important part.

Good look, today is day 1.

09-01-2007, 06:09 PM
Today went well. Got in a solid Chest workout. Felt really good today, although I've noticed that I had serious stomach issues because of the re-introduction of eggs to my diet. This always happens when I re-add them into my diet after not using them for awhile.

Weight this morning was sitting at 197, after I played basketball for a couple of hours, and than it sat at 203 after I was done lifting.

Tommorow is day two. Probably won't have time for much cardio tommorow, I'll probably do 30 minutes to warm up before I lift, but other than that I may take a bike ride in the evening.

I am going to lift on Monday because of the holiday. Typically it'd be my day off during the week, but what the hell? I don't have **** else to do, might as well be productive, no?

09-03-2007, 02:07 PM
Two great lifting days in a row. A lot less cardio than normal. The gym wasn't open extended hours so I did a 20 minutes warmup on the cross trainer and than lifted today, same as yesterday. I think tonight I'm going to hit a bike ride once it cools down to close the night out. Weight is staying in the 200 range right now. That's to be expected. Hopefully I can drop some good weight by next Monday!