View Full Version : How many carbs per day???????

03-23-2005, 07:23 PM
Hey there is a thread on the fat loss forum about how many carbs you should consume in a day to lose weight but no one is answering it so I figured I would ask his question here since he didnt. If you weigh 305 lbs and are trying to lose about how many carbs should you try to take in?? he says he wants a 50 30 20 split? I dont even know what a split is (i know you were expecting more from the name and all, its a joke really, an old nickname) but how many should he take in a day if he wants to lose.
and also I am new to working out, I weigh around 207 w/ 15-18% bf-by my tanita and I am trying to bulk, how much should I take in??