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08-30-2007, 05:33 PM
Here's my new creation :

- 6oz diced chicken breast
- 2tbs natural pb
- 3tbs of milk
- optional sweetner
- optional spices

First cook the chicken in a pan or wok, with a little oil, butter or whatever you usually use for cooking.

While the chicken cooks, mix the milk with the pb to create the sauce base. That's a lot of stirring, but adding the milk gradually helps. You can add a very little amount of artificial sweetner and various possible other ingredients. Heat the sauce for 20 sec in a microwave.

When the chicken is ready, serve it and then poor the sauce on it. (You can also poor the sauce on the chicken in the pan/wok and save the microwave part, but it's a real mess).

Possible variations :
I tried adding plenty of different things in the sauce and it's all up to you. The plain version is great too. Here's what i tried so far :
- 1tsp vinegar
- 1 tsp hoi-sin sauce (this has carbs though)
- a little melted cheese
- etc.

With 6oz of chicken breast and skim milk, the plain version comes to 371 calories, 41g protein and 5g of carbs.

If you want to add more calories, you can switch the milk for half&half cream, but i wouldn't use heavy cream : 1st, because the sauce needs to be liquid and 2nd, because you already have plenty of fats in the pb and 3tbs of cream would throw off the macros.

08-31-2007, 01:27 PM
what about soy-sauce? That is more of an a traditional tasting asian-sauce

08-31-2007, 07:10 PM
what about soy-sauce? That is more of an a traditional tasting asian-sauce

Yeah, i thought about it. But it's not that great with the pb. Peanut sauces are usually sugary and not salty.

However, soy sauce is amazing with curry. I use it often with sauteed chicken.