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08-30-2007, 05:10 PM
In this Post i intend to continually update, and add to, over the next 16 weeks (Sept. 1 - Jan 1st) , as i track my progress towards my goals. In this ithread i will included my workouts, diet, and stats updates, most likey not everyday due to time restraints and other unavoidable happenings, but as frequently and as detailed as possible. Any and all constructive critisism would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Quick Intro.

This is my first time posting here on BB.com, although i been browsing the threads for quite some time, i have just recently decided to start one of my own. Before anything else id like to thank everyone who contributes to this forum, it has been very inspiring and informational, and i know that with the knowledge ive gained from here, i can achieve my goals. Over the last few years ive made several attempts to get into shape, only to fall off the wagon or sucome to temptation. Ever since i can remember ive always held on to a few extra pounds and i know now, as i have for quite some time to be honest, that it was due to my horrendous eating habbits. Ive always been an active person, playing baseball, hockey, rugby, and soccer while growing up, and more recently, my new found love, boxing. The only problem was i ate like a friggin pig! I spent many a night binge drinking with buddys(15 beers and up a night), smoking like a chimney(just recently quit Im on the patch), eating anything and everything in sight, and all around ignoring any health concious thinking what so ever. More than anything else i want to start down a new road of healthy living, and a more health concious me. Ive now finally come to the point where i made the decision to go for it...100% this time i will achieve my goals!

Stats :

23 years old
Bodyfat % unknown (planning on buying callipers asap)

Current Workout Routine

7 days a week 1 hour boxing workouts including:
-heavy bag work
-hand focus mit training
-high volume abdominal workouts
-speed bag
-also a large variety of sport specific exercises, too many to remember off hand

Starting the first week of sept. i intend to start lifting weights again, preferably a 3 day split, as i enjoy boxing too much to give up any my intensity and focus during these workouts. If anyone has any suggestions as to what kind of split or workout routine that would be more suited to me please dont hesitate to chime in, it would be greatly appreciated.

Well i guess thats it for now, i will begin to chart my diet and everything else starting tomorow. Im hittin the club in a few hours here, amped as usual.

Thanks again to all the members for all the great information on this forum. It has been a great inspiration to me.


08-30-2007, 06:15 PM
Goal is to drop bodyfat and expose the abs i know are there for the first time, while at the same time toning up.

08-30-2007, 09:12 PM
Back from boxing, great workout, heavy sweat, pushed hard, felt good... i feel great...time for bed, zzzzzzzzzz

08-30-2007, 09:27 PM
Good luck with your goals! But as with everyone, I'm going to tell you to buy some measuring tape and measure that gutt and butt! It's just so much better than weight as a barometer of fitness. :)

Once you start lifting weights, don't do your boxing workouts on the same day, besides maybe 10 minutes of HIIT skipping (30 seconds regular 30 seconds sprint). If you do both on the same day, you will get injured, I promise. Boxing is an intense sport that is very hard on the body, even outside the ring.

As for a workout routine, if you don't go on more than a 500 cal deficit, then I highly recommend Rippetoe's Starting Strength. Here is the link:


I did this program for a couple of months, let me know if you have any questions.

08-31-2007, 03:37 PM
thanks for the reply foxfrost, i definately intend on investing in a tape or callipers asap. as for the workout, what if i were to do in in the early morning(6am) , before my boxing later n the evening(7pm)... would this be acceptable or should i try to avoid the two on the same day altogether?

08-31-2007, 03:38 PM
sorry *frostfox*
my bad

08-31-2007, 04:09 PM
Alright, while since i have the time right now i may as weel give my diet for the day, i havnt yet eaten meal 5 and 6 yet but its all ready to go for later, as i wont have time to post again this evening.

Meal 1 - 7:00am :
1 packet natural oatmeal from quaker

Meal 2 - 10:00am :
1 cup Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
1 apple
1 handfull trail mix

Meal 3 - 1:00pm
1 can sockeye salmon
1 cup fat free cottage cheese
1/2 cucumber

Meal 4 - 4:00pm
2 tblsp Peanut Butter
1 cup 2% milk

Meal 5 - 7:00 pm
1 Boneless skinless chicken breast
1 cup whole grain rice

Meal 6 - 10:00pm
3/4 cup fat free cottage cheese

As for a workout today, i will be takin a rest day due to my boxing gym being closed a day early for the long weekend. I am an industrial highrise electrian and my job is very physically demanding, so 5 days a week im sweating for 8 hours at work, so that will have to account for my cardio today, as i have made previous arrangements for the rest of this evening.

Please feel free to comment on my diet so that i may be able to improve upon any area that may be lacking. Thanks.

09-02-2007, 11:33 AM
Alrighty, well is sept. 2nd today, and i just woke up, plannin on eating helathy and tryin to get in a little exercis as well. Yesterday wasnt the best day for me diet wise, i thnk i ate arounf maintenance, so i kinda feel like sh!t today, but im gonna move on and start fresh. I will be back at the end of the day to post my diet and exercise info.

09-03-2007, 09:56 AM
Sept. 3rd, 10am, jus woke up, gettin ready for breakfast. Ive decided to post some pics today to help in monitoring my progress. This long weekend was by no means ideal for my diet, weekends have always been death for me when it comes to dieting, but i have to move forward, and keep on goin i know.

09-03-2007, 07:13 PM
Ok, heres todays food

Meal 1 10:30am :
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2 cup egg beaters

Meal 2 12:30pm :
1 green apple

Meal 3 2:30pm :
3/4 cup garbonzo beans (chickpeas)
1 can Tuna water packed

Meal 4 5:45pm :
1/2 cup green beans with E.V.O.O. and vinegar
1/2 cup brown rice
2 jumbo prawns
1/4 cup peas
6oz. Sirloin steak

Meal 5 8:45 :
2 multi grain corn thins (aprox 25 cals each)
2 tblsp Peanut Butter
1 cup 1% milk

09-04-2007, 05:01 PM
wadap. Sept. 4th, just got in from work an hour ago, gettin ready to hit the gym... feelin good today... will fill in the details later. Oh yea, think i might try n make a homemade protein bar, found a few good recipes... wish me luck

09-04-2007, 08:56 PM
Well im back from the gym, sweated my arse off.... but already lookin forward to tomorows workout. As far as i know my diet was pretty good today, i know i should throw some protein in with meal 2 but i havnt got around to gettin a good low carb protein powder yet. Which i know i neeeeeeeeeed !

Meal 1 - 7:00am
1/4 cup cottage cheese

Meal 2 - 10:00am
1 fat free yogurt cup
1 plum
1 necterine

Meal 3 - 1:00pm
1 cup brown rice
1/4 peas
6 oz. B.S. chicken breast

Meal 4 - 4:00pm
3 whole wheat corn crisps
2 tblsp peanut butter
1 cup 1% milk

Meal 5 - 5:45pm
1/2 cup non fat blueberry yogurt

WORKOUT 7:00pm-8:10pm (4 glutamine tablets 30min before & 6 30min after to help with recovery)

Meal 6 - 8:35pm
3/4 cup cottage cheese
10 baby carrots

Water intake today approx. 3.0-3.5L (will try to up this to a solid 4L daily)never realized really how much water that is, almost gotta force it in you. Is that normal?

Once again, anyone with any suggestions, comments, constructive critisism, on my diet or anything else for that matter are welcome to chime in... id really appreciate it

Coo, ill be postin up here again tomorow
Only at day 4 of my 16 weeks and i already feel better, and i know ill be lookin better soon

im out...

09-04-2007, 10:45 PM
You can split up the more cardio-related stuff with the weights on the same day, so long as you have at least a few hours separating the two. If possible though, I would separate them entirely and do them on separate days.

09-05-2007, 04:19 PM
Yea, i agree with u totally, i think that im going to stick with just my boxing workouts 7 days a week for the 16 weeks fat loss phase as it is high endurane with a mixture of various resistance type training. At the end of the 16 weeks my plan is to split it up, to serious lifting days and boxing days in an attempt to put on some lean mass. But as of right now, im'a stick with the boxin, its not walk in the park by any means, and i know it will accomplish what i want if i keep my intesisty high and my diet in check.

As for todays diet, jus got in from work, so ill post it later this evening.
im out

09-05-2007, 06:52 PM
Sept. 05 diet info

I feel like i may have eaten too much today, but im not really sure, im not counting calories exactly, jus kind of roughly, but i am making sure that everything i eat is as healthy

Meal 1 - 7:00am
1 packet natural oatmeal
1/2 banana

Meal 2 - 10:00am
1 fat free yogurt cup
4 medium slices watermellon
5 baby carots

Meal 3 - 1:00pm
1 cup brown rice
7.6oz. sockeye salmon
5 baby carots

Meal 4 - 4:00pm
5 eggs(2 whole, 3 just the whites)
1 slice whole wheat bread
1.5 tblsp low fat cream cheese

Meal 5 - 6:00pm
1 tomato
1/2 cucumber
2 tblsp chopped onions
30g feta cheese
2 tblsp zesty italian dressing
3 Omega 3-6-9 gel tablets (suggested serving)
3 gingko balboa tablets (suggested serving)

7:30pm - 8:30pm
WORKOUT (5 glutamine caps 30 min before and after workout)

Meal 6 - 9:00pm
6OZ boneless skinless chicken breast


09-06-2007, 05:45 PM
baahh... long day at werk today, i dont think i wannnnnnaaaaa.... naw! u know im pumped to hit the gym. ill post todays diet when i get home from boxin
and im out!

09-06-2007, 09:25 PM
Sept. 06 diet log

Meal 1 - 7:00am:
1 bowl of fibre 1

Meal 2 - 10:00am
1 fat free yougurt cup
1 apple
a plum

Meal 3 - 1:00pm
1 cub of brown rice
8oz chicken breast
2 tblsp montreal chicken spice

Meal 4 - 5:00pm
6oz roast beef
2/3 cup mixed vegies (corn, peas, beans, carrots)
1 cup salad (1 tblsp E.V.O.O. & balsamic vinegar and 20g feta cheese)
3 Omega 3-6-9 capsules

7:00pm-8:25pm WORKOUT (5 glutamine caps before and after workout)

Meal 5 - 8:15pm
1/2 cup mashed potatoes
6oz. roast beef
2/3 cup fat free blueberry yogurt
2 slivers of watermellon
Vitamin c chewable

The reason for the large gap between meal 3 and 4 is because i put in a few unexpected extra hours at work today. And wasnt able to eat untill i got home.

Im assuming its the name of the thread i chose, but i havnt been gettin any feedback...

09-08-2007, 12:10 PM
Sept. 07 diet log

Today was a cheat day. Went out with friends had a few beers, didnt go completely crazy with what i ate, but had pretty much what ever i wanted throughout the day. Now that thats outta my system, i can get back to the nitty gritty.

09-08-2007, 01:05 PM
just weighed myself @ 183, thats down 5 pounds from 188 in jus over a week. I must be doin something right. Ill be back a little later this evening to post up todays diet. A little hung over, had a few too many yesterday, but its back to the grind.

09-09-2007, 09:54 PM
Well forget this weekend... diet was garbage, went out drinking friday, hung over sat and ate like crap, and sunday wasnt that much better. Im starting to see a cycle here, mon to friday im fine, but the weekend comes around and i just fsll right off the wagon... i know its hurting my progress big time.... i need more discipline... now im all pissed off cuz i pretty much turned another whole week of work to **** cuz of my weekend... this has got to stop if i wanna see results sooner... we'll try again next weekend.

Ill be back tomorow posting my diet again

09-10-2007, 10:43 PM
alright, well ill be startin a new thread tomorow, gettin nothing in the way from input, im assuming its the thread name. Tomorow ill be gettin a new one going in hopes to get some response