View Full Version : Teacher's Mushroom Oka Chicken

08-21-2007, 09:22 AM
Cut about 2/5 lb of chicken breast in small chunks and fry them in 0.5tbs of coconut oil. Add about 0.25lb of mushrooms. Keep frying. After a few minutes, add about 1.5oz of oka cheese cut in small chunks (i tried it with old cheddar too, if oka isn't available in your location. It's quite different but good too). Sprinkle about 0.5tsp of paprika, black pepper to taste and that's it. Wait until the cheese is melted and starts frying but not until it browns and sticks. You can also add 15g of ground walnuts for an extra crunch.

This one is nice because the mushroom get fried in the cheese. Paprika is dominant at first and coconut oil and walnuts leave a nutty taste. Softness of the cheese and fried mushrooms is in contrast with the crunch from the walnuts. It's terrific.

macros : 550cals, 53.6g pro (38.9%), 5.1g carbs (3.7%)