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08-21-2007, 04:36 AM
This recipe is courtesy of Vegetarian and vegetable cooking-by Christine Ingram. An awesome encyclopedia of veggies to boot. I heart this book--so many of the recipes are keto friendly and keto adaptable! You can get this huge thing here cheap ...http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0681879351/ref=pd_bbs_sr_olp_1/002-7440046-3492869?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1187695353&sr=8-1

Brussel Sprouts Au Gratin

Serves 4:

1.5lb Brussel Sprouts, thinly sliced
2/3 cup heavy cream
2/3 cup milk(I sub almond breeze unsweetened)
2 T parmesan cheese
salt and freshly ground pepper
1 garlic clove, finely chopped

Blend cream, milk, cheese and seasoning. Place a layer of sprouts in buttered casserole dish, sprinkle with garlic and pour a quarter of cream mixture over top. Add another layer of sprouts and continue building layers in this way, ending with the remaining cream mixture.

Cover with waxed paper and bake for 1-1.5 hours at 300F. Halfway through cooking, remove paper and press sprouts under the liquid. Bake until golden brown on top.

Entire recipe made with Almond Breeze: 397 cals, 33g fat, 17 carbs (6 are fiber) and 12 g of pro.