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08-20-2007, 10:05 PM
Velocity Diet I, Day 1 of 18

I’m doing the velocity Diet for 18 days. After the eighteen day trial I am going on a four day weekend trip, I will be eating whole foods while on vacation. This 18 day period will be to break my poor eating habits, I work out pretty regularly but as far as the diet goes, well I have no diet. I eat poor foods and eat at the wrong times. During this 18 day period I will be fine tuning my workout routine and intake of “meals”, then when I return from my vacation I plan on restarting the Velocity Diet for a full month.

I am a long time reader of these forums, but just recently subscribed to start a BodyBlog. As many other people say making a log/BodyBlog helps them with sticking to their goals.

I have a Tanita digital scale that shows weight/BF%/water I know the BF% on these types of scales isn’t 100% accurate, but it should give me a baseline to work with. I’m thinking about taking my readings when I wake up and then again when I go to sleep and averaging them for my daily total of BF%.

My Supplements:
• ON Whey Protein per serving / Cal=120 Protein=24 Fat=1 Carbs=3
• Milled Flax seed per serving / Cal=90 Protein=3 Fat=7 Carbs=4
• Salmon Oil per serving / Cal=18 Protein=0 Fat=2 Carbs=0 EPA=360 DHA=250
• SciFit Thermogen pre-ban Ephedrine from a few years ago, works great.
• Carbo Gain per serving / Cal=190 Protein=0 Fat=0 Carbs=47

8/20/2007 Starting Stats:
• Starting Weight: 213lbs.
• Bodyfat: 30.3%
• My Velocity Diet Low Calorie target: 1525.8
• My Velocity Diet Hi Calorie Target: 1830.96

Today’s results:
• Calories=1524
• Protein =249g
• Fat =37g
• Carbs =42g
• Water intake = ? gallon

When I first woke up out of habit I was thinking, ok what am I going to make to eat, usually its crap. But a few seconds later I thought, WTF today I’m starting my diet no more procrastinating. I wasn’t starving for food, it was just a habit, and I’m glad I caught my thoughts before I had something to eat.

I need to increase my water intake to at least a gallon a day. I bought a gallon of Arizona Iced tea, not for the tea itself, but it will make a great container to hold my daily water, this way I can better gauge my intake. It’s a pretty solid plastic container, stronger than a milk gallon. I have some Xtend, it’s a powered amino acid supplement that I can add to my water to give it a little flavor making it more enjoyable to drink. It has no calories no fat etc… If anyone else has a problem with their daily water intake I would suggest getting one of these containers. I put it in the freezer every now and then to get it ice cold, since Ice water burns the calories a little better.

Today I was 306 calories under my workout day target, and it is getting to late to have another shake. On my next workout day I will add a little Carbo Gain to my before and after workout shakes. I took one Thermogen when I woke up with my first meal, I took the second capsule a little too close to going to the gym, because I was sweating my ass off doing squats.

Overall: I feel great, and excited that I am getting this going.

08-21-2007, 08:50 PM
Velocity Diet I, Day 2 of 18

I had the hardest time falling asleep yesterday, not because I was hungry or anything, but because I was not tired at all I felt like I still had energy to do something. I’m thinking that the Thermogens are what kept me up till 9am, my first day taking them in a long time so the initial effect is probably the most noticeable. So finally at about 8am I still was not tired, I remembered I had some Melatonin, I took 2 of these and an hour later was pretty drowsy and finally fell asleep.
Today I only took 1 Thermogen instead of 2 like I did yesterday; maybe I’ll take 2 on workout days only.

Im trying to decide how I want to list bodyweight or measurements and photos on here; daily, weekly end of program? As of right now I have my starting Pic from yesterday on my BodySpace page.

Days Water intake (aside from shakes) =3/4 gallon

Today’s Diet Intake:
• Calories = 1467g
• Protein = 163.5g
• Fat = 69.5
• Carbs = 44g
• Fiber = 19.5g

Today’s Exercise:
• 1 hour cardio 5.02mi on Elliptical

Overall I felt pretty good throughout the day. Today I got the fiber figured out a little better, yesterday I didn’t take in enough, and today I took in almost 20g and feel a little fuller from it. I added 6g the fiber to my drink before doing cardio, then again 9g to my post cardio drink, by doing this I do not feel hungry during or after my exercising.

Wow, my inner bad habits really wanted to kick in when I was doing cardio, I went in with 1 hour as my goal. About 25 minutes into it I almost convinced myself to settle with 30 min. The remaining 35 minutes were mentally tough, fighting off excuses to stop every couple minutes; I did end up completing 1hour. Hopefully after a few weeks of doing cardio for 1hr on my non workout days it will become habit. One of the many positive things I thought of to keep me going was “am I just going to be another one of the many people who start a diet log and just drop out and vanish?” No! Not me, that’s not what I want to be about; I have an Ideal image of myself and I want to do what it takes to reach that image.

Well, I’m going to be taking a couple of those Melatonin tonight, I need to get on a normal sleep schedule, I start College full time in two days.


08-22-2007, 07:15 PM
Velocity Diet I, Day 3 of 18

Today I really feel good that I’m on this Diet, and that I’m documenting my journey here.

Today’s Intake:
• Calories = 1745
• Protein = 205.5g
• Fat = 16g
• Carbs = 89g
• Fiber = 13.5
• Water = .5 gallon

• Incline Bench = 3sets / 12,8,8reps
• Incline Fly’s = 2sets / 10,10reps
• Seated Decline Press = 3sets / 12,10,8reps
• Flat bench press = 3sets / 10,8,8reps
• Overhead tricep extensions = 3sets / 12,10,10reps
• Standing tricep extensions = 3 sets /12,12,12reps
• Seated Dips = 3sets / 12,10,10reps
• CARDIO = 20min / 1.6mi on elliptical trainer

I felt a lot better today than I did 2 days ago (my first day of Velocity Diet) during training, I believe it was because I added carbs to my pre- and post-workout drinks. The Maltodextrine did make my calorie intake jump up, so I had to cut back on the milled flax a little putting me off my target 20g/day of fiber. I guess it’s a good tradeoff though; I like the effect of the added carbs to my pre workout shake.

I think 20 min of cardio is good on workout days, we’ll see.

I need to stay conscious of my water intake; I want to drink at least a gallon a day.


08-22-2007, 08:33 PM
Good job, though you may want to cut down on the cardio a little bit if you're lacking energy. Subbed. :)

08-24-2007, 08:33 PM
Velocity Diet I, Day 4 of 18

Whew after about 8 months of "vacation" I realy was unprepared for Starting my classes, I barely got any sleep before having to wake up to get ready to go to classes. I got home late.

Didnt take in anywhere near the right amount of shakes to college thursday. I will need to start preparing myself for class days and take a cooler to leave in my car with shakes for breaks.

08-24-2007, 08:43 PM
Velocity Diet I, Day 5 of 18

Im not gonna kill myself or dwell on this, but today was an unplaned "Cheat day" Family came over we spent time togather; and well, when someone offers you a meal that smells so damn good its hard to refuse.lol.

Oh well. I will be keeping to the diet again starting tomorrow contnuing till Sept. 06 . Not to make any excuses but this 18 day period is my learning curve for the diet.

When I start Sept.11th I plan on continuing steady for one month.

todays ease of cheating decision may have been due to yesterday not getting nearly the right amount of nutrients throughout the day due to not taking shakes to College. I did not feel "starving" or anything I just made the choice to eat today.

I could of just not posted the truth, but documenting my fitness/diet journeys is something that I am commited to doing, and it will help me in the process.

08-29-2007, 01:45 PM
Ok, I?ll admit it, I kind of been eating crappy foods again. I started the Velocity Diet kept at it for about 4 days. I felt well i wasn't starving or anything, and for no specific reason I fell off the diet. I have still gone to the gym, but I feel the weight loss is going to be a tougher challenge than I thought.

I'm going to make a new log somehow, but I'm not going to name it after a specific diet or training program; that way my plan can change, although my goal of fat loss will stay the same.