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08-20-2007, 03:20 PM
This is one of those recipes that you can adapt endlessly.

Pour 1/3 boiling water (or other liquid) into a jug.
Add a packet of gelatin (used to make up 1 pint), sweetener to taste and whatever flavourings you are using.
Stir till dissolved.
Add lots of ice, at least 1/2 pint of them and stir till the liquid starts to gel.
Throw into a blender along with around 75-100g of soft white cheese.
Blend on high for a couple of minutes, until you can't hear any ice rattling.
Pour into bowls or moulds and chill in fridge.

So far, I've made this using lemon juice, stewed rhubarb and cinnamon, ginger (I used the Lazy Ginger, couldn't be bothered peeling it), and a mocha version using hot coffee and a couple of squares of chocolate instead of boiling water.

You can use any amount or kind of cheese to make up your macros for the day, from mascapone to regular cream cheese, to low fat cream cheese to ricotta.

You can change it around a lot but the trick to getting a very light frothy moouse effect is to make sure you have more ice than hot liquid.

09-14-2007, 05:03 AM
this turned out great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the recipe.. reps.. :D