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08-10-2007, 07:00 AM
Well here it goes, I thought I would post this so there is a record of my success ( hopefully )

Here is the situation, Ex college football lineman.

In the best shape of my life I was 285lbs

did 375 Bench for 3
580 squat for 6

ran a 4.8 40.


Bench is down about 100lbs
squat is down about 200lbs
drank a few 40s, but havn't run one in over 10 years
weight was 356 two weeks ago, down to 352

I am in the weight room 4 days a week at 5am ( the only free time I have )

Cardio is with my kids at the park right now. ( I am going to invest in a treadmill soon since I am in Wisconsin which means in about 2 months it will be freaking cold )

Goal is to get to 8% bodyfat ( I have never seen my abs so my goal is to see if I can have a six pack or if I am just a kegger kind of guy )

Goal is to also hit that by June of next year.

I do have a question, I gain and maintain muscle like nothing, even in college I made gains faster than most of the guys that were juicing. Problem with that is I also gain and maintain fat like nothing. I changed my eating to clean ( not really counting calories, but avoiding fast food and trying to eat several small meals a day. ) I counted calories one day after the fact to see where I was at and I fell at 2200. Basically the volume of food for that day was more than enough to keep me happy.

The question I have is everything I read says I need like 3k cals or something insane like that. I didn't eat that much when I was 19 and packing on muscle. Is that normal or do I have the metabolism that just won't go.

Of well, wish me luck, I am going to do it or die trying.

08-10-2007, 07:43 AM
It sounds like I am built a lot like you, and I have a background a lot like yours too. I also never at nearly as much as it says I am supposed to, and I always gained both fat and muscle easily. What worked best for me was changing my portion sizes and then eliminating refined sugars and starches. When I hit a plateau I go straight keto for a week or so, then start to work whole grains, brown rice, fruit, and oatmeal back into the diet.

I think the key is portion sizes more than anything else. I can handle higher calories and still lose fat as long as I eat small amounts throughout the day rather than slamming 2-3 1200+ calorie meals.

Good luck!

08-10-2007, 08:06 AM
drank a few 40s, but havn't run one in over 10 years

I know what you mean man...

Keep at it! You can do it!

08-10-2007, 09:39 AM
Thought I'd throw my workout in here so if you think it sucks please let me know, I am still stuck in the old lift heavy mentality

Mon, Legs

Squat 2x10@225,1x10@315,1x8@350,1x12@225
Leg Press 3x10@800,900,1000
Single Leg Ext 3x10@120,140,150
Leg Curl 3x10@160,180,180
Calf Raises(on Leg Press) 3x12@1000,1000,1000,1000

Tues, Chest/Tri's

Bench 2x10@135,185,1x8@225,1x6@245,1x12@200
Incline 3x10@135,185,185
DBFlys 3x10@60's
PeckDeck 3x10Don't remember
DBFrench Curls 3x10@75
Pushdowns 3x10@150

Wed Off

Thu, Back/Bi's

Deadlift (First time in 10 years )1x10@135,1x10@225,1X10@315,1x10@225
T-Bar 3x10,160,185,215
Wid Grip Pulldowns 3x10 Don't remember
DB Row 3x10 70's
Hammer Curls 3x10 45's
Preacher Bench 3x10 110
DB Shrugs 3x10 90's

Fri, Shoulders

Mil Press 1x12@115,2x10@145
DB Press 3x10@60's
DBLat Raises 3x10@30's
( Had to cut it short I woke up late )

This is what I did this week, Looking to tweek the shoulders and get more into the deads. I only have between 45min and an hour to work out if I get up at 5am. I have the kids in the afternoon while the wife is at work so afternoons are out.

Let me know what you think


08-13-2007, 05:55 AM
Ok, Monday, I hate Mondays. Bought a new scale this weekend since mine sucked. It was pretty close to mine, ( the new one was one pound light but i'll take it.

stepped on at 345 this morning. I know I should stay away from the damn thing, but I kind of like to see the number good or bad each week. With that I am at 11 pounds down, another 46 to get out of the 300 club.

I am actually suprised I lost anything this weekend the diet was a little off, but not that bad. Did chest and tris this morning, felt pretty good, it was supposed to be legs day, but I was tired and I never get a good leg workout tired, so I am moving legs to either Tomorrow or Friday depending on how I feel.

Oh well there is my Monday entry, I am going to try and update at least weekly so I can see my progress.

08-21-2007, 07:15 AM
Well here it is again, I didn't post yesterday due to the fuel pump in my truck going out so I spent the entire day getting that to the shop to get it fixed. In a couple of hours and $600 I should have it back.....

Last week was a gtood workout week, OK diet. I lost another 4 pounds so I can't complain. Hoping to get under 325 by Oct, so we will see.

08-23-2007, 07:50 AM
Man I hate my truck.

Fuel pump went out Monday at the gym, just got done doing legs and had to walk about 1 mile home. Man that sucked. Then they gave me a POS loaner for Tuesday, I over slept so couldnt get to the gym which was OK ( I work out 4 days a week to allow for one day of oversleeping). Wednesday did shoulders ( good heavy workout )thenI go to work, but 5 miles between two towns the fuel line pops off and the truck is dead. To add inslult to injurt I forgot my cell at home. Man was I pissed. I walked into town ( again 5 miles ) I did it in just over an hour swearing every other step in 80 degree muggy weather. I was actually amazed I made it, I guess quiting smoking and the workouts have helped.

Well, today did back/bi's good work out, and the truck got me all the way to work.

Next week I'm on vacation Saturday thru Wednesday so I won't be in the gym, hopefully I don't totally blow the diet.

See ya