View Full Version : Making "slushies"?

02-08-2005, 12:51 AM
Off the top of their head, does anyone here know how to get ice into a slushy-like consistency? Similar to a daiquiri or slushy? How much ice do I need, how much liquid? Do I need to be buying smaller bags of ice cubes from the store, or are regular sized cubes from my freezer okay?

Everytime I try I end up with a bunch of big chunks of ice and the liquid isn't very evenly dispersed at all. Maybe blender just sucks.

My idea was to make a diet slushy as treat during my cutting phase using diet soda or Crystal Light.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

02-08-2005, 02:32 AM
What kind of blender do you have? You either need a good blender or you can buy one of those slushie/ice shaving machines. Target sells them for like $15.

The smaller the ice, the easier it is for a blender to crush them. Just keep adding in more and more water and see if it gets to how you want it. The problem might just be the blender though. I make them with a blender but it's also made to crush ice.