View Full Version : Fell off the wagon... focused again

08-07-2007, 09:23 PM
It sucks when you allow stress in your life to distract you from your bodybuilding goals. I've been stressed out with life situations and as a result went from a strict diet in which I'd cheat once a week to gradually eating a burger here or some pancakes there.

My nutrition has gradually worsened because I haven't conformed to writing down a nutrition log. I would just eat whatever I wanted (within healthy limitations of course). I fear that it is the big quanitites that I consume that is the sole reason for my increased bodyfat % as of late. I will attempt to monitor my food consumption and hopefully this will lead to some fat losage.


- Oatmeal
- Banana

Mid Morning Snack

- Yogurt
- Apple


- Carrots
- Turkey Sandwich (Turkey, Whole Wheat Bread, Mustard)
- Cherries

After Work (3:15)
- Kashi Bar
- Peanuts

Before Workout
- 1 Scoop of Muscle Milk (I'm thinking of switching proteins, help needed)

After Workout
- 1 Scoop of Muscle Milk

Post Workout
- Chicken (Rotisserie)
- Brocoli
- Potato or Sweet Potato

Before Bed
- Cottage Cheese and Pineapple

How would yall suggest I change this nutrition plan that I devised?