View Full Version : Too many carbs - now what

01-30-2005, 11:46 AM
Every day for breakfast I've been eating over 100 carbs in oats.. it was a simple measuring mistake (now I feel like a dumbass). So I've gained fat a little quicker than I wanted to. What happens when I restrict the extra 30-50 carbs daily I've been eating (figuring on average since sometimes I have oats a couple times a day)? I figure with the way the rest of my diet goes, if I eliminate those carbs I should be still a little above maintenance. Do I have to drop below maintenance to lose bodyfat or can I still stay above maintenance and lose weight, albeit around 200 cals/day lower? Thanks for anyone's help.


01-30-2005, 11:55 AM
when u say eating 100 carbs of oats. as for maintenance, no one can say but you right now. if you expend more calories then u consume, you will lose weight. as for fat loss, it is possible to lose some fat as you "bulk" because you make more muscle which in turn burns more fat, as muscle is highly metabolic. but for more visible fat loss, more substantial fat loss, you might research how to lean down most effectively and go into a slight calorie deficit. also look into HIIT cardio for fat loss efficiency.

01-30-2005, 12:13 PM
No bro, I mean 100 carbs worth of oats. Like around 200 grams of oats wouldnt it be lol. This is my first bulk I've done but I have alot of knowledge thanks to reading around the web for hours and hours, and by reading this board. I used to be pretty cut but I have a rough job and I lost alot of muscle because I wasnt prepared for a crazy schedule. Anyway

The HIIT cardio I don't have much free time for because of my work.. but the caloric deficit I can definitely try. I'm just concerned about retaining muscle and making sure I get the best gains I can with upcoming workouts. I'll experiment for awhile with the deficit and I'll let you know how it works. Thanks for the help man.