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01-29-2005, 11:09 PM
Can some people post when and what they eat on a typical day on a cutting diet, I want to get some ideas please. Thanks.

01-30-2005, 07:23 AM
Wake up at 6:45am
Breakfast 7am
-half cup oats (160 cals 29carbs,6 protein)
-half scoop whey (55 cals, 11 protein)
-cup of fat free cottage cheese (26g protein, 14 carbs)

workout 9am
Post workout
-half cup oats
-1.5 scoops whey with water

Lunch at 12:15pm
-Medium sized yam or sweet potato
-8oz chicken breast
-spinach with calorie free dressing

snack at 3:30pm
-cup of fat free cottage cheese
-roughly 10 almonds

Dinner at 7pm
-lean steak, fish, or chicken
-spinach salad

Pre Bed at 10pm
-either casein protein powder or cup of fat free cottage cheese

01-30-2005, 09:49 AM
when i cut 4 my competition last year, i lowered my calorie intake from 4000 to 2500 for 8 weeks. i wouldnt recommend cutting this many calories cause i felt like absolute **** 4 the last 2 weeks and had no energy. anyways, some good cutting foods r: egg whites, shrimp, chicken tenderloins, turkey, tuna 4 protein and brown rice, yams, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, apples 4 carbs.
i also like milk while cutting cause even 1 glass makes me feel full
this cut me down to 4% bodyfat and i took 2nd place, but it was hell.