View Full Version : Relationship of location and healthy lifestyle

08-03-2007, 12:54 PM
The last time I tried to lose weight I lived in a city with a long winter, a lot of greasy spoon restaurants and a rather self-destructive attitude about healthy living. Becoming fitter/thinner required a lot of commitment to overcome that attitude and the environment.

This time I'm on the west coast and I'm really finding it easier to remain on a diet, even though I eat out every lunch hour. It's summer now, but my winter is just rain so it'll be easy to continue doing outdoor exercise then. Finding good food is simple too- lots of organic choices even in a regular grocery store.

Plus there are a much higher number of really fit skinny people to emulate. :)

I'm curious how many other people have noticed a change in environment making a healthy lifestyle easier/harder.



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