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01-10-2005, 05:51 PM
k, ppl, if your really bored like me, here's something to try; i'm trying to find as many "calorie counter" links i can and then determine my BMR (RMR) and maintaince cals for each one. I'll post more links as i find them, but this is total craziness... like so far my "maintaince" ranges from as low as 1318 one on link all the way up to 2066!!!

Age: 23.8 yrs.
Height: 5'3.5"
Weight: 103.5 lbs.
Activity Level: cardio: 6x/week, 40-45 min/x; weights: 2-3x/week (full body routine; approx. 30-40 min/x); the rest of the day: sedentary :(

BMR: 1291.8
Maintaince (Assuming "activity" factor of 1.6): 2066.8

Average BMR: 970 (Method 1: 1016 Method 2: 1012 Method 3: 818 Method 4: 1033)

BMR: 1014
Maintaince (BF% <14 [so this will be slightly off for me]; Activity Level "Very Light"; Athletic Category "Adult Competitive Athlete": 1318 :rolleyes: (WTF!!! i dropped from like 14.6 to 10.7% bf on 1800-1850!!!)

haha... got side tracked reading articles... now time to go watch the uconn game (d@mn are they sucking this year!) but anywayz, i'll add more links later; feel free to add some...