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01-10-2005, 01:44 PM
This is my current bulking diet... i was wondering what you guys think since u have a heck of a lot mroe experience than me. I am trying to do about 2500 calories... at a 40/40/20 ratio..... i tried this today and was insanely full... felt like i was going to puke most of the day... should i cut down to 2000 calories?? or just let my body get used to this much food... thanks..

i am 6'0

171 lbs

21 yrs old

01-10-2005, 01:46 PM
Need more info, 2500 is a cutting diet to a good chunk of the posters here.

Height? Weight? Bodyfat%? Lifting Routine? etc...

01-10-2005, 01:50 PM
This is my routine

Monday: Legs/Calves/Shoulders
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Chest/Tri/Abs
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Back/Bi/Traps
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

Incline barbell bench 5x5
Flat dumbell bench 2x 8-10
Weighted Dips 2x 8-10

Close grip bench 5x5
Skulls 2x 8-10

Leg Raises 2x 10-12
Cable Crunches 2x 8-10
Weighted Crunches 1x 8-10

Deadlifts 5x5
Pullups 2x 8-10
Dumbell rows 2x 8-10

BB curls 5x5
DB curls 2x 8-10

Barbell shrugs 5x5

Squats 5x5
Leg Press 2x 8-10
Stiff leg Deads 2x 8-10

Seated smith military press 5x5
Cable lateral raises 2x 8-10 reps
Seated dumbell press 2x 8-10 reps

Seated Calf raises 2x 8-10
Standing calf raises 2 x 8-10

I would say i am probably about 15% bf.. maybe a little more.... haven't had it officially measured though.. idiots at my gym don't do it

01-11-2005, 10:00 AM
bump... any recommendations??... or should i try cutting to get lower than 15% bf then bulk?