View Full Version : I need an example of a 3600 calorie day

01-08-2005, 10:47 AM
Can someone post an example of a 3600 calorie day of clean eating that I can use as a template to follow...I have breakfast at 7 and lunch at 12 and there isn't much time for a snack in middle (highschool sucks eh). I usually workout at like 8-9 PM or so because I also have a job but I really need help eating the right amount of food

01-08-2005, 11:00 AM
try subbing some things out for your efa's

Meal 1
10 egg whites
1c oatmeal
3 rice cakes

Meal 2
6oz chicken
1c grits
6oz yams
1c steamed asparagus

Meal 3
6oz tuna
1c brown rice
1c sliced cucumber

Meal 4
6oz perch fillet
1c barley
6oz baked potato
1c steamed greenbeans

meal 5
6oz pork tenderloin
1c brown rice
6oz baked sweet potato
1c peas

Meal 6
10 egg whites
1c oatmeal

About 3700cals
270 to 280g Protein
525 to 550g Carbs
26 to 28g fat
2300mil sodium

01-08-2005, 12:40 PM
heres my cutting diet its about 3500

meal1 10 eggwhites , 1.5c oats
meal2 (pwo) 2 scoopwhey 10tbsp dex
meal3 10 0z chicken, (precooked) ,1c broccoli, 3c rice (cooked)
meal4 10oz chicken, 1c broccolli, 2oz nuts
meal5 same as 4
meal6 1 scoop casein ,1.5 tbsp pb