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01-08-2005, 06:08 AM
I need your help once again to evaluate my new diet, if you have the time.
Note that it is only a rough draft and not everything adds up perfectly, nor is it completed fully.
Anyway, my stats are- 5'11, 77Kgs (170lbs i think?), fairly active and train 5 to 6 days a week doing either cardio, weights, circuits or martial arts. The diet I have constructed is not for bulking or cutting, its just meant to keep me going and be as well balanced and healthy as possible to suit my needs.
The actual diet is based around a p/c/f percentage of 35%/40%/25% and rounds to about 2500calories. I have 4 set meals a day and 3 meals left only with the macronutrient content which I try to stick by, this gives me some variety in my meals (still healthy foods). I only calculated the foods that I know the nutritional info of, the calculated foods add up to 2500calories, but I leave up to 500calories a day to fill in with fruits, vegetables, nuts and other items I cant calculate correctly.

So thats the general information, the link below is to the actual plan I hope to follow. Any comments, criticism, feedback, ideas are much appreciated.

> http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/~keanes/tt/Modified%20Diet.doc <

Thanks everyone.

1 breakfast. 32/51/17 – 509cal
- ½ cup oats (50g) 6/28/3 – 183cal
- 1 slice bread (40g) 4/16/1 – 99cal
- 2 eggs (120g) 15/0/12 – 171cal
- 125ml milk (½cup) 6/6/0 – 55cal

2 lunch 35/50/15 –

3 dinner 35/30/15 –

4 sleep stack. 19/10/15 – 257cal
-1/3tub cottage cheese (166g) 18/10/3 – 150cal
-10ml flax seed oil (dessert spoon) 0/0/10 – 77cal
-1scoop ground flax (8g) 1/0/2 – 30cal

5 pre workout. 24/46/4 – 356cal
-4scoops {¼cup} skim milk powder (25g) 8/13/0 – 90cal
-1scoop whey (13g) 10/1/0 – 50cal
-½cup oats (50g) 5/30/4 – 185cal
-1scoop natural unprocessed bran (12g) 1/2/0 – 31cal

6 postworkout. 38/33/1 – 310cal
-3scoops whey (40g) 30/3/1 – 151cal
-1scoop gelatine (10g) 8/0/0 – 35cal
-3scoops glucose (40g) 0/30/0 – 124cal

7 post-postworkout. 35/30/3 – 287cal